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In early life I loved the society of aged people, and com- 
mitted to writing many facts relating to our family. After- 
ward, during a residence of thirty years outside of my native 
state, I learned to value these records, and enlarged them from 
time to time. 

The secretary of the New England Historic-Genealogical 
Society, John W. Dean, Esq., suggested to me the idea of 
including in these records, so far as possible, all the known 
descendants of our ancestor, John Foulsam ; and I soon found 
others willing to aid in the difficult work of collecting materials 
to be published and preserved. To none am I more indebted 
than to the collections of the late Judge John Kelley, published 
in the Exeter News- Letter from 1S38 to 1S50. Edward P. 
Coffin, Esq., late of Skowhegan, Me., the Rev. Moses Folsom, 
late of Effingham, deceased, Charles Burleigh, of Portland, 
author of the Burleigh Geneatogy, Joseph Foster, of the U. S. 
Navy, and many others, whose names will be found in the fol- 
lowing pages, deserve the thanks of the family for their contri- 
butions to the work. 

Of the imperfections of this work none can be more sensible 
than the writer ; but after so many years of toil, it seems best to 
offer the results of his researches to the family, who can never 
know the amount of time and labor he has spent on it. 

The names of many will not be found on these pages, because 
they would not take the trouble to send me their records. I do 
not know as they belong to our family, although I have found 
none of the name, except in the Southern states, who can trace 
their origin to any other than our ancestor, John Folsom^ It 
has been impossible to fix all the dates exactly correct. Many 


have been careless in copying their records ; and when records 
differ, I have not often any means of correcting the errors^ and 
deciding which is the true record. When I have found evidence 
of an error, I have corrected it. 

Some will be disajDpointed that they and their friends receive 
"no more extended notice in this work. Had I given full bio- 
graphical sketches of all the good people named in this volume, 
I should have madej'fz'e volumes instead of one. Would those 
^who complain be willing to pay their proportion oi Jive times 
the expense ? Besides, if they are able and vv'illing to pay five 
times what I ask for this volume, the expense of such a large 
work would put it beyond the reach of hundreds who would 
gladly pay for this volume, and highly value it. So I have 
ibeen obliged to abridge many interesting sketches that I have 
in my possession, and have not obtained others that I might 
have procured. 

It would be interesting to trace back our family into the place 
from which they received their surname — Folsham — in Norfolk 
county, England ; but more than one hundred years ago the 
records of that old church and parish were destroyed by fire, 
so that manv old families, descended from citizens of that place, 
are unable to trace their ancestry. Our ancestors left Folsham 
some centuries before John Folsham came to America. 

After long and perplexing study of the records of families and 
of chvnxhes, of towns and of counties, I have succeeded in trac- 
ing many of the descendants of Israel"^ and Nathaniel^'^ whose 
connection with their ancestors, we supposed, had been lost 
beyond recovery. Many of the earlier generations would re- 
ceive more notice, as they really deserved ; but I cannot repro- 
duce the records which have been lost. 

It might be interesting to some to know the authorities upon 
which I have founded some of the statements which are con- 
tained in this book, and the long and laborious processes by 
which I have reached the conclusions found on these pages ; 
but it would require much more space and labor to describe and 
refer to all these authorities, and to explaiii all the evidences 
which have led me to the conclusions that I joresent here. The 
majority of readers, I presume, would not read all these par- 
ticulars, or would not thank me for them, if they did. 


The introduction was prepared by Rev. N. S. Folsom, d. d. 
(now of Lawrence, Mass.), for the article upon the "Folsom 
Family " in The New England Historic- Genealogical Reg- 
ister^ in April, 1S76, which was reprinted in a pamphlet. I 
much regret that he has not been able to continue his valuable 
assistance in the remainder of the work. In the body of this 
work I make use of the materials collected by Dr. Folsom and 
Judge Kelly so frequently that I do not often use quotation 
marks when I copy their language. 


Exeter, N. H., September, 18S2. 



On the 26th of April, 163S, the ship ''Diligent, of Ipswich," 
Eng., of 350 tons burden, John Martin, master, set sail from 
the mouth of the Thames for Massachusetts bay, having on 
board nineteen families and six or eight single persons, — in all, 
one hundred and thirty-three. Twelve of these families, num- 
bering eighty-four souls, were from old Hingham — the rest 
from the immediate vicinity ; and they had all embarked for 
the purpose of joining a colony settled in Hingham, Mass. 
(1633-37), consisting often families and five single persons (in 
all, forty-nine), who had been their friends and neighbors in 
old Hingham. Among those now emigrating were John Foul- 
sham,* of Hingham, then twenty-three or twenty-four years of 

* As to the original derivation of the name Foulsham, Hon. George 
Folsom, in one of the MSS. left by him, says, — "It arose, upon the 
adoption of surnames in England, from the town of Foulsham, a village 
in the county of Norfolk, England [six or eight miles north of Hing- 
ham], in which county the family was seated for many centuries, pos- 
sessing estates in fifteen different places." Thus, John of Foulsham 
became John Foulsham. 

The orthography and pronunciation of the name have varied in the 
family itself, as well as among others writing and pronouncing it._ The 
first Anglo-American bearing the name spelt it " Foulsham." His son, 
Dea. John, wrote it " FuUsom" in 1709; and it is signed " Foullsam " 
in his last will — J715. In one instance, in the Hingham town records, 
it is spelt " Fulsham," but always afterward " Foulsham." In the Exe- 
ter records it is uniformly written " Folsom" from the year 1659, '^^'■''^ 
one exception in i68r, when the town clerk wrote " Foulshame." In 
the records ot the first parish, Haverhill, Mass.,— 1749-64, —it is spelt 
" Foulsham," " Foulsam," " Folsham,*' and " Fulsom," on occasion of 
the baptism of children of '-Josiah Foulsham." Originally it was doubt- 
less spelt " Foulshame," its etymological significance being the/^w/'j 
home, or breeding-place or mart. The old syllabic division must have 


age, and his young wife, to whom he had been married about a 
year and a half. They were attended by two servants. His 
wife's father and mother (Edward and Mary Clark Gihnan, of 
Hingham), three younger brothers (Edward, not quite twenty- 
one years old, John, and Moses), two younger sisters (Sarah, 
and Lydia who married Daniel Gushing — 1645), and three 
servants of the family, were fellow-passengers. The rector of 
the parish, Rev. Robert Peck, with his family, consisting of 
wife, two children, and two servants, also formed part of the 
company. The immediate occasion of their departure seems to 
have been trouble in ecclesiastical matters. Their rector, doubt- 
less with the sympathy and aid of most of those constituting the 
emigrating party, had pulled down the rails of chancel and 

been Fouls-hame, the final syllable becoming shortened into "ham," 
with the first letter silent, pronounced like 21711, as may now often be 
noticed in words of that termination. A further shortening appears in 
1504, — how extensively practised is uncertain, — in a Latin inscription 
on a monumental stone in the floor of the church of Repps, Norfolk 
county, which, translated, is, " Pray for the soul of Mr. Thomas Fol- 
sham, Baccalaureate of the Chapel." (Hist, of Norfolk Co., vol. xi, p. 
182.) This last mode of spelling appears on modern maps of England, 
designating the town ; but everywhere it is now written Folsoj/i by those 
bearing the name. 

In regard to the pronunciation of this word, it is now generally pro- 
nounced by the family quite like w/iolesojne. The writer has never 
known but one exception. And we suggest that this is a preservation 
of the old way of pronouncing the name : that in the first syllable, 
" Fouls," the diphthong " ou " was sounded as in " souls," " poultry," 
&c. Certain it is that this old spelling — fouls (or foules) — of our mod- 
ern word " fowls " occurs in Chaucer, as in his " House of Fame," and 
in his " Legend of Nine Good Women," — 

"As this foule, when hit, beheld." 
" I hear the foules sing." 

Our suggestion is, moreover, fully borne out by similar phenomena of 
pronunciation in modern times. We hear " bowling-alley" (once writ- 
ten bouling-aWty, and the sphere or ball, boule) pronounced in two 
ways, with the first syllable like " ow " in howl and in the drinking-ves- 
sel bowl. "Johnson, Elphinstone, and Perry declare for the former, — 
i. e., as in horvl \ Sheridan, Scott, Rennell, and Smith pronounce it 
\\V& hole. Garrick corrected Walker for pronouncing it like 'howl.'" 
(Early English Pronun., vol. i. p. 152.) Even the pronunciation of 
the word, when written as Dea. John Folsom wrote it, " Fullsom," has 
authority in the old pronunciation of the word "Cowper" like that of 
wound, a hurt, as now heard, with the on as in "group," or, possibly, 
nearer the sound of 0-00, the sound of the ow in " Cowper," as in howl, 
being " given it only by those who do not know the family." 


altar, and levelled the latter a foot below the church, as it 
remains to this day. Being prosecuted by Bishop Wren, he 
left the kingdom, together with his friends, who sold their es- 
tates at half their real value, promising to remain with them 

The party having landed at Boston. Mass.. August lo. 163S, 
immediately proceeded to their place of destination, about four- 
teen miles south-east from Boston. An Adam Foulsham. prob- 
ably a son of the Adam who died in 1627. and a cousin, if not 
brother, of John P'oulsham, came from Hingham, Eng.. to 
Hingham, Mass.. in 1639. but returned to England and died — 
1670. Their rector remained about three years, when, hearing 
that the bishops were deposed, he returned to England in 1641* 
(the date given by Daniel Gushing), resumed his rectorv, and 
died in 1656. Edward Oilman had with others obtained a grant 
of land eight miles square in a place now called Rehoboth, near 
the Rhode Island line, in 1641. In 1647 ^^^^ name is recorded 
in Ipswich. Soon afterward he went to Exeter, N. H., where 
his sons were already established in business. John Folsom 
and wife, with their children, followed her father and mother to 
Exeter, probably not earlier than 1650, the first authentic rec- 
ord of their residence in that town being in the year 16^5. 

During the twelve or fifteen years' residence of John Foul- 
sham in Hingham, Mass., he was not without tokens of the 
good-will of the people. He received, in 1638, a grant of land, 
and soon built himself a house. It is quoted from Daniel Cush- 
ing's records in Sprague's Genealogy," Appendix, p. 50, that 
" There was given him by the Town four acres of Land butting 
upon the Playne eastward and upon the Gommon westward ; " 
and the author of the Genealogy mentions that " The house stand- 
ing upon this lot [182SJ was built by Foulsham before Daniel 
Gushing was Town-clerk [1669] — the frame is of sawed oak- 
timber. My grandfather," the author adds, "bought it in 
1744 of Daniel Beal — my father left it in 1800; the Spragues 
own it at present." This house was taken down in 1S75. and 

* In Mr. Blomefield's " County of Norfolk," vol. 2. p. 425. it is stated 
that he " came back to Hingham in the year 1646, after ten years' vol- 
untary banishment." 


some of its sawed oak manufactured into memorial chairs. 
Another record is quoted of the 30th of January, 1645, that 
"The seven or nine men chosen to order the prudential affairs 
of the town shall be chosen out of the body of the To~u;n, as 
well non-Freemen as Freemen ; " and the seven chosen were 
"Thomas Josselvn. George Marsh, Thomas Gill, John Tower, 
John Smith, John Foulsham, William Sprague." And, again : 
"It is ordered & agreed upon by the town that Capt. Joshua 
Hubbard and John Foulsham shall have libei'ty of the two riv- 
ers. Rocky Meadow & Bound Brook Rivers, so far as the town 
hath property, to build & maintain a saw-mill or mills." 

It is related in the Exetei' News genealogy, that in 1645 there 
arose some "troublesome business," as Gov. Winthrop calls it, 
in reference to himself personally, — a man named Emes, who 
had been lieutenant of Hingham, having been appointed cap- 
tain by the government, but rejected by the people, who elected 
Allen in his stead. Winthrop, then lieutenant-governor, insist- 
ed that Emes should be obeyed as commanding officer. The 
people insisted upon having Allen for their captain, and, 
"speaking evil of dignities," asked, "'What have magistrates 
to do with us?" protesting, also, that they would die at the 
sword's point if they might not have the choice of their own 
officers. The result was a requisition on some of the leaders 
to give security for appearance at court, and on their refusal, a 
commitment to prison. In turn, the friends of the imprisoned 
arraigned Winthrop for assumption of power and illegal impi^is- 
onment. The affair terminated in the acquittal of the deputy 
governor; and a fine of £155^ was imposed on about ninety 
persons, iEzo of which John Foulsham was sentenced to pay. 
By some means he was finally exeinjDted, for his name does not 
appear among the censured and fined. , 

After his removal to Exeter, the name of " Goodman Fol- 
som" appears in 1659 on the list of " selectmen." He obtained 
a grant of land in 1660. His sons also all obtained similar 
grants in years following. He was a juryman in 1663. In July, 
1665, being one of a committee representing Dover, Portsmouth, 
Exeter, and Hampton, to consult on certain political grievances, 
he presented "a petition to the King's Majesty," for considera- 
tion by the committee, praying that they " might be governed 


by the laws of England." and expressing " joy that the Kino- 
had sent over Commissioners into these parts," and '^sorrow- 
that the Commissioners were evilly entertained by the Bay Gov- 
ernment." Connected with this, and showing further action in 
the matter, it is recorded m Vol. I of the Provincial Papers of 
New Hamps/iire, p. 280, without date, but about 1665, that 
"testimonies of selectmen are made that John Foulsham, Sen., 
and three others, Abraham Corbitt. Robert Burnham and Ed- 
ward Hilton, are principal actors in trying to procure hands to 
be taken oft' [/. e., to sign oft"] from the Bay Government." In 
1676 he and his brother-in-law, Moses Gilman, disagreed about 
their boundary lines, and the latter, in a passion, pulled up a 
parcel of fence that stood between their lands. '■•John Sen'r." 
instantly entered his complaint. The case was '• respited" a 
few days at tiie recjuest of Moses. Intercession on the part of 
mutual friends, •' persuading to peace, meantime proved fruit- 
less." John felt that an insult and a wrong had been commit- 
ted, and he pressed the trial. The decision was slightly evasive 
of the question of real line of boundary ; but so for as it went, it 
was against Moses, who was required to bear the cost of com- 
plaint (16 shillings), and where, by pulling down the fence, he 
had made gaps and exposed his neighbor's crops to injury, he 
must put it up and keep it up •• until after next Indian harvest," 
when, of course, the matter in dispute might be opened again, 
and a more intelligent decision be given. Mr. Commissioner 
Dalton, however, ''does advise to peace and love in the mean 
time, as their relation and duty requireth." 

From focts like these, the descendants of the Anglo-American 
John Folsom mav learn what were some of the traits of char- 
acter in their ancestor. He was enterprising, courageous, prom- 
inent in the communities in which he li\ed. a leader in public 
affairs, determined on simplicity in religious worship and equity 
in the state. — a solid, independent, righteous, and true man. 

The earliest period in which the name appears in history is 
the first half of the fourteenth century. There was a John Foul- 
sham, of Foulsham. prior of a Carmelite monastery in Norwich, 
and "praeses provincialis" of all England. In all probability 
he belonged to a familv of which the Folsoms are lineal descend- 
ants. He was D. D. of Cambridge, and, according to Pitt, is 


spoken of in John Bayle's "Catalogue of Eminent Writers" (p, 
421) as follows: "After an acquaintance with Aristotle's meth- 
ods, and lia\ing <^ot a smattering of the original scriptures [gus- 
tatis scripturarum corticibus], he became no mean proficient in 
controversial theology, knowing how, by means of syllogistic 
tricks, to turn white into black and men into donkeys." He died 
in the great plague at Norwich, in 1348. Richard Foulsham, 
also of Foulsham, and probably the prior's brother, was much 
in the court of John XXII at Rome (1316-34), with whom he 
corresponded, and some of his letters to whom were published.* 

* There is in existence in the Norfolk (formerly part of Essex county, 
and part of the Province of New Hampshire) records of deeds, book 2, 
leaf 291, a copy of a deed given by the first John Folsom, for the two 
following paragraphs from which we are indebted to the kindness of the 
family of the late Mr. Charles Folsom : 

"John Ffulsham of Exiter [N. H.] in respect of y' paternall love and 
affeccon and fatherly care and good will of my trustie and well beloved 
sone Peter Ffulsham of Exiter afores'd and for ye future good and ben- 
efit of him and his posterity," gives him 

"40 or 50 acres of land in Hingham in y'^ county of Norfolk [Eng.] 
near Norrald Comon and formerly cald by y'' name of Ffulsham at y^ 
Boxbushes; — bounded W. w"' Norrald Comon, E. with great Lang- 
hames and little Langhams, N. with Hardingham Comon. S. E. with 
land of John Buck formerly and Edward Ffiower formerly." "10 April, 

In possession of the same family is a fac-simile of an autograph of 
John Folsom, penned the year he died, and showing another way of 
spelling the name, as follows: "John FouUsam, 1681." 

The definite location of the " land in Hingham " is worthy of notice. 
It may assist in gaining a correct conception of it to consider that " Hing- 
ham was once the head town of a deanery, and contained 43 parishes." 
"Ffulsham" seems to have been one of these outlying parishes; and 
the deed proves that the first John Folsom had land there as well as in 
" Hackford-by-Hingham," as the latter place was sometimes called by 
way of distinction. The appellation "Ffulsham at the Box-bushes " sug- 
gests a site where the box-shrub abounded, and was planted as an orna- 
ment of garden and lawn, perhaps an ancient home of his ancestors, — 
the buildings long gone, — -one of the freeholds gained by purchase or 
gift in the parishes in which the manors of the noblemen were a moiety 
only. The DeMarshalls and Morleys had " manors in Folesham " from 
1202 to 1580. The DePoinings had "fees" there in 1324. (See, for 
these various statements, " Blomefield's County of Norfolk," vol. 2.) 
It was also an " advowson " (/. e., with right attached of appointing to 
a church-living), a "demesne" (the nobleman's tenants being exempt 
from tolls and taxes), &c. ; and the names of the bordering parishes of 
Hardingham, Langham, and Norrald (Northwold, where it is stated 
that the " site of a manor" had become " a pasture-close "), can be all 
identified. Perhaps the land had been kept so long because of the dear 



The first traceable ancestor of John Foulsham is (i) Roger 
Foulsham, of Necton, county of Norfolk. Eng., whose will is 
dated 1534. (2) William, his son, married Agnes Smith, 
alias Foulsham, of Besthorpe. and was father of (3) Adam, of 

Besthorpe, who married Emma , and whose will is dated 

1565. He owned lands in Besthorpe, Wymondham (Wind- 
ham) , Bunwell, Hingham, and Hackford. (4) Adam, his son, 

was baptized in 1560 ; married Grace : had a home in 

Hingham and lands in Besthorpe. He died in 1630. (5) 

Adam, of Hingham, son of the latter, married Agnes . and 

died in 1627. The facts in the preceding paragraph, and thus 
far in the present, are given on the authority of the MSS. of 
Hon. George Folsom, who visited England and explored every 
possible source of information. He next states that "'Adam," 
the fourth in descent from •'■Roger." left a son named ""John," 
— /. e., the first Anglo-American John Foulsham. From this 
first Anglo-American John Folsom. of Exeter. N. H.. and his 
wife, Mary Gilman Folsom, are descended, so far as we know, 
all the Folsoms in America, with the exception of one familv, 
with which is connected a story curious enough to be given in 
a note below.* 

associations connected with it. He remembered the fragrance and 
greenness of its shrubbery; and now, eight years before his death, he 
will not alienate the ancestral possession from this family, but bestows 
it on one of his sons. The father's tribute to the good qualities of the 
son supplies valuable testimony of character, in the absence of any 
other record. 

* Mr. Abraham Folsom, of Boston, has related to the writer the fol- 
lowing: That his younger brother, James Madison Folsom, who went 
to Savannah, Ga., in 1829, and died before the Rebellion, had two 
sons, — Dr. Robert W., who fell in the battle of the Wilderness, the 
colonel of his regiment, and James M , a young lawyer, and colonel on 
the staff of Gov. Brown. As Col. James was passing with a Georgia 
regiment through Sumter, S. C., a crowd of gentlemen and ladies had 
gathered at the depot to greet them, the ladies throwing bouquets to the 
officers and soldiers. Col. James caught one, and on his departure 
found in it a slip of paper, on which was written the name "Rosa 
Folsom.'' His curiosity being greatly excited, he wrote to know about 
the family, and received the following reply from the young lady's 
father: "We are descended from one who espoused the cause of liber- 
ty under Crom^Nell, but who died during the Protectorate. At the 
Restoration his estates were confiscated ; and soon afterwards the sons 
embarked for America, and landed at Albemarle Sound [this must have 


[There has been a tradition that the father of the Folsom fam- 
ily was, in England, yohn Smith, and that his name was changed 
(huing the voyage to America. I find little ground for this 
opinion. John Foulsham, son of Adam, was baptized in Hing- 
ham, Eng., in i6i'^. In 1627, Adam Folsham, alias Smith, 
made his will, naming three sons, — John. Adam, and Peter. 
John Foulsham married, in Hingham. Eng., October 4, 1636, 
Mary, daughter of Edward Oilman, who was baptized August 
6, 1615. In 163S they came to Hingham, Mass., and in 1639 
Adam Foulsham followed them. If the family name was ever 
Smith, it seems it must have been changed before the birth and 
baptism of John Foulsham, the emigrant to Hingham, Mass. 

In 1842, "The History and Antiquities of Foulsham, in Nor- 
folk," by Rev. Thomas Quarles, m. a., was printed in London. 
He gives but little information respecting the Foulsham family, 
as they seem to have settled in Hingham and vicinity at least 
four hundred years ago. He quotes from "Blomefield's History 
of Norfolk" the statement that "John deFoulsham was an elo- 
quent, unflinching opponent of the corruptions of the times." 
In a "Treatise De Matrimonio" he zealously defends the mai"- 
riage of priests, in an age so debased that such a doctrine was- 
totally at variance with the teachings of the Roman church. 

Another of his works was " De Arte Praedicandi," or, " The 
Art of Preaching." " In this he strenuously urged the utility 
and necessity of public preaching," which was little practised 
in that age. He is reported to have been himself a model of 
pulpit eloquence. — J. C] 

[John Folsham^ sold his land in Hingham, Mass., about 1655,. 
and removed with his family to Exeter, N. H. He lived on the 
west side of the river, where the first settlements in Exeter were 
made ; but three of his sons lived in the east part of the town. 
His sons and grandsons owned much land upon what was called 
"Rocky hill." He was engaged as a surveyor in running the 

been, if at all, at the settlement of the second colony at that place — 
1667]. Two of the brothers married in America. Shortly after they 
simplified their name by spelling it 'Folsom.'" Col. James M. is the 
author of the " Heroes of Georeia." 


lines between Exeter and Dover, and while in this business dis- 
covered a meadow, some eight or ten miles north-west of the 
village, which was supposed to be of much value on account of 
the hay which could be made on it. 

Some of his children, when old enough to leave home, return- 
ed, probably to their relatives in Massachusetts, and married 
there ; but all eventually settled near their father in Exeter. 

In advanced life he became unfortunately involved in his 
pecuniary affairs, but was fortunate in having sons able and 
willing to afford him the aid he needed to retain a home for 
himself and his aged companion, who lived about ten 3ears 
after his death, in 16S1. 

Judging him in the light of the period when he lived, we 
must consider him a very intelligent, earnest, enterprising man. 
He may have been sometimes more enthusiastic than judicious, 
and so have been found in advance of his age ; but he was a 
decided Christian, ready to sacrifice wealth, ease, and popular- 
ity for the sake of principle ; — and he successfully trained up 
six sons to become efficient laborers in laying the foundations 
of the commonwealth of New Hampshire. — ^J. C] 


The dates before 1752 are in old style, and therefore, when 
from January 1 to March 35 I find double date, — e. g.^ Feb- 
ruary 15, 1725-6, — I use the last figure to indicate the histor- 
ical year, in preference to the civil and ecclesiastical year which 
began March 35. 

The order in which I name the children is not always the 
order of their births. The birth dates cannot always be found. 
In giving the birthplace of a family often children, the name is 
not repeated ten times, but only in connection with the first 


As most of the family remained in New Hampshire for one 
hundred and fifty years from their settlement here, the name of 
this state is not often given in connection with the towns in it. 
Towns in other states are usually attended with the names of 
the states. The full-faced figures in parentheses on the left side 
of the page show the order in which the same name is found as 
the head of a famil}'. 

The small figure at the right of a name denotes the genera- 
tion of the person, dating from the emigrant, John-^. 

Abbreviations. Abt., about; b., born; bapt., baptized; 
ch., child or children; d., died; m., married; unm., unmar- 

The children of the families are numbered by the Roman 
capitals., as I, II, III. 

T\\& grandchildren by Arabic figures., as i, 2, 3. 

T\'\& great-grandchildren by figures, as ^) , -) , ^). 

A passage followed by an interrogation point ( .^) enclosed in 
brackets [ ] indicates that the words included are doiibtful. 

In spellings I usually follow the briefest and latest form. 

The name of the family is spelled in some eight or ten differ- 
ent ways, the same person spelling his name difterently at dif- 
ferent periods of his life. 


No. 1. 

JOHN FOLSOMS bapt. 1615, in Hingham. Eng. (a town 
abt. 14 miles W. S. W. of Norwich, and 97 N. E. of London, 
in the neighborhood of a small lake abt. a mile in circumference, 
and having a fine old stone church with a tower and a chime of 
eight bells), m., 4 Oct., 1636. Mary, oldest ch. of Edward and 
Mary Clark Oilman ; d. at E.xeter, N. H., 27 Dec, 16S1. His 
widow survived him 8 or 10 years. 

The names of the ch. of yohn Folsham and his wife, Mary 
(Oilman) Folsham, are found in the diary of Rev. Peter Hobart, 
of Hingham. Mass., who recorded the date at which he baptized 
each of them. 

(2.) I. Samuel'^, bapt. 3 Oct., 1641. He m., 22 Dec, 1663, 
Mary (dau. of Judge Henry) Robie, of Hampton, and d. in 
1700. We suppose he was b. in 1638 or 1639. There is a tra- 
dition that one son was b. on the ocean during the voyage. If 
so, probably he was the one. He was a " hu.sbandman," and 
engaged less in public affairs than his father and some of his 
brothers. He was probably not so successful in pecuniary mat- 
ters as some of his younger brothers. He dealt some in lumber, 

and in 1667 promised a large quantity to Mr. Cutts, of 

Portsmouth. Being paid in advance, he mortgaged his land to 
secure the delivery of it. In Jan., 1692. he was appointed ad- 
ministrator upon the estate of "John & Mary Folsom both de- 
ceased." In the performance of this business, he provoked his 
brother, Dea. John, who in his passion, by violent language, 
exposed himself to prosecution for a violation of the law ; but 


after some deliberation the trouble was amicably settled. Sam- 
uel had 6 ch.* 

(3.) II. John-, b. [1640-41.?] bapt. 3 Oct., 1641. The two 
marks in the diary, which have been read ''11" (/. <?., Oct. 11), 
I read as commas standing for idem — "the same" (/. <?., the 3d 
of Oct., the same day with Samuel). 

He is called in the records Deacofz John, to distinguish him 
from his son, his nephews, and his grandsons named John. He 
m., 10 Nov., 1675, Abigail (dau. of Abraham) Perkins, of 
Hampton ; made his will 24 Nov., 17151 ^"d d. before Dec. 6, 
1715, aged about 75. A copy of his will is contained in the 
Appendix, Note A. 

Dea. John Folsotn^ was a man of high standing and good 
property, active both in church and in political aflairs. He is 
amonsf the worthies of the first centuries of Exeter, of whom 
Judge Smith, in his centennial address, July 4, 1S3S, says that 
"they filled acceptably the municipal and public offices con- 
ferred upon them." He was frequently sent to the general as- 

In the first volume of " Provincial Papers," already quoted 
with reference to his father, there is a deposition (pp. 554"~7) 
from the son, as constable, bearing date 16S4, "that he had re- 
ceived a list of names in Exeter, with fines annexed, amounting 
to "^o^ ; that he was required by the Governor & covnicil to go 
& demand the sum ; but the people refused to pay, saying the 
taxes should be raised by the General Assembly, which answer 
he gave to Gov. & council : whereupon they took the scroll out 
of his hands & delivered it to Thos. Thurton. provost marshall, 
& he was ordered by a warrant from the Secretary to aid the 
said Thurton." 

This summary treatment was honorable to him from such a 
government as that of Cranfield's, and shows how " acceptably," 
at least to the people if not to the party in power, he filled that 
special office of constable by forbearing to push the demand for 

* Samuel was doubtless the eldest, for his name stands first on the 
record, and he m. some 12 years before John, and d. 15 years before 
him. The office of administrator on his father's estate was given him, 
in accordance with the custom, which was to offer it to the widow or 
oldest son before any others of the family. 



oppressive and unconstitutional taxes and fines. The following 
quotation from the same portion of the "Provincial Papers" 
will show the sort of "aid" he gave to the provost marshal, and 
that he could turn with wrath and contempt on the public foes, 
deacon though he was. Under date of December 29. 1684, 
there is a deposition of this Thurton, that "being sent to collect 
those fines, and one of 50 shillings on John Foulsham for neg- 
lecting the duty of his office as constable, Foulsham told him 
that if he came to levy execution at his house, he should meet 
him with a red-hot spit and scalding water ; and bade him go, 
like a rogue as he was." The women of the Oilman family 
must also have some of the fame of this affair ; for the provost 
marshal adds, that "being at the house of Edward Gilman [son 
of the first Edward, and lost at sea abt. 1653] the wife of James 
Gilman [grandson of the first Edward, b. 1659] ^old him she 
had provided a kettle of scalding water for him. if he should 
come." He thought it rather rough treatment, especially as no 
money had yet been demanded of them. In one instance, in 
which Dea. John's wife had been slandered by his sister-in-law 
Hannah, wife of his brother Nathaniel, he was determined the 
offender should smart for it ; and accordingly, making com- 
plaint before Mr. Commissioner Dalton, he obtained sentence 
against her that she should " make acknowledgment at some 
public town-meeting." 

(4.) III. Nathaniel^, bapt. 2 June, 1644, m. (i), June 9, 
1674, Hannah (dau. of John) Farrow, of Ipswich, Mass. 
Her name has been written "Faxon," but it is evidently a mis- 
take. In 1677 he took the oath of allegiance, and was admitted 
a citizen of Exeter ; had a son Safmiel^ b. in Exeter, iS April, 
1679, who seems to have been taxed liere in 1714. after which 
his name disappears. 

It has been difficult to obtain much more satisfactory infor- 
mation about the family of Nathaniel'^, except that in 1796 he 
had a second wife, Mary, who signed with him a deed of land 
in Exeter. He was living in 1714, but in 1725 his widow, 
Mary, was taxed. I suppose he had, by both the first and the 
second wife, a large family. Under the Family No. 4 I shall 
give the names of some who were probably his children. 


(5.) IV. LsKAKL-, bapt. 36 April, 1646, who m. , 

and had Israel^, b. . Israel^ received a grant of land, 10 

Oct., 1664, and is supposed to have d. not long afterward. 

Israel^, a farmer, on land perhaps the same granted to his 
father, lived in Newmarket, south of the village, near his cousin 
Jeremiah^. He was in 1730 ti proprietor of the town of Not- 
tingham, and owned lands in various places. April 5, 17 18, 
Israel Folsom deeded to Joseph Judkins land in Exeter, near 
Lamprey river, formerly owned by Moses Oilman. This may 
have been Israel", more probably Israel^. 

(6.) V. PETER^ bapt. S April, 1649, m., 6 May, 1678, Susan- 
na Cousins (Coffin, Kelley says), of Wells, Me. He lived 
on the Hampton road, east of the village, on the south-west 
corner where the road leaves the Hampton road and goes to 
Kensington. It has generally been in possession of the Folsom 
family. He had 6 ch. ; was an active business man, and he 
seems to have acquired a large amount of property. He has 
always borne the title of "■Lieut. Peter." He d. at Exeter in 

VI. Mary'^, bapt. 13 April, 1751, m., 12 June, 1672, George 
Marsh (son of Hugh), of Newbury, Mass. On the iSth of 
May, 1672, her father ''gave sd. Geo. & Mar}' 100 Acres of 
land" in the south part of Exeter. They had 13 ch, b. in New- 
bury. The father d. in 1699, aged 53. The children were 

1. George^, b. 6 Oct., 1674, and d. probably unm. 

2. yo/iH^, b. 18 Aug., 1676; m. (i), 1700, Alary Angier, of Reading, 
Mass., and had Johii^, b. 27 Feb., 1702. He m. (2), Martha . 

3. Mary, b. 1678; d. an infant. 

4. Stephen, b. 19 Sept., 1677, and d. 10 Feb., 1684. 

5. James, b. 19 June. 1681. 

6. Israel, b. 4 April, 1683; m. dau. of Joseph Hall, of Greenland. 

7. Sarah, b. 6 July, 1685; m. H. Bearing, of Winter Harbor. 

8. Stephen, b. 16 Nov., 1687; d. unm. before 1718. 

9. Henry, b. 31 July, 1697; d. young. 

10. George, b. 24 April, 1698; m. Abigail ; d. 17 Nov., 1761. 

11. Jane, b. 8 May, 1699; d. young. 

12. Hugh, b. (probably the eldest) ; m. Sarah (dau. of Joseph) 


13. Mary, b. ; m. Jacob Hook, of Salisbury, Mass, 

(7.) VII. Ephraim^ b. 28:12:54 (Hingham records), prob- 
ably 23 Feb. 1654 (O. S.) ; bapt. 25 Feb., 1654; m. Phaltiel 


(dau. of Lt. Ralph) Hall, of Dover. She administered on his 
estate, and lived his widow 25 years after he was killed by Ind- 
ians. They lived in the part of Exeter since called South New- 
market, and owned land which still remains in possession of 
their descendants. He was shot by an Indian as he was riding 
home from the village of Exeter. 11 June, 1709.* Their ch. 
were 7. 


No. 2. 

SA^IITEL FOLSOM'^ (John^). 1639-1700, and his wife, 
MARY (ROBEY). had b. in Exeter 

I. Marv^ b. 27 Sept., 1664; m., 30 Nov.. 1687, Ezekiel 
(son of David and Ann) Ladd. b. in Haverhill. Mass., 16 
Sept., 1654, and had b. in Haverliill 

I. Lydia, b. 18 Feb., 16SS. 2. Mary, b. 17 Jan., 1690. 

3. John, b. 6 Ma)-, 1693. 4. Nathaniel, b. 12 Nov., 1695. 

They lived in Haverhill, Mass., but in 1697 "^^^le in Exeter, 
and sold their land in Haverhill. 

II. Ebenezer^ b. [1666.?] ; m. Hannah [Smith, of Exe- 
ter.'^]. Sold to Abr. Folsom. in 1706. his land in Exeter; re- 
moved to Hampton, where he bought land, in 1712. In 1718, 
his seat in the meeting-house was the second long seat men- 
tioned in the records of Stratham. where he lived till 1749-50, 
and where he d. -"Hanah foulsom [his wife] had the third 
long seat" in the same house. I am not able to learn that he 
had any children. 

III. RuTH^, b. abt. 1670. m.. 4 March, 1692, Moses Norris, 
b. 4 Aug., 1670. On the 9 April, 1698, her father deeded land 
in Exeter to her husband. 

IV. Samuel^. When his mother and his elder brother Ebcn. 

* In 1684. April 14, for Robert Mason, proprietor of the province, the 
saw-mill at Pickpocket, witli logs, boards, &C., was attached as the 
property of John Gilman and Ephraim Foulsham, of Exeter. This was 
probably an attempt to collect money in payment for their land, which 
had been paid for fifty years before this date. 


refused to administer on the estate of his father, on the 27 Feb., 
1700-01. he was appointed administrator. In 1705 he bought 
land in Hampton, and settled near the line of Portsmouth. He 
and his neighbor. Elias Philbrook, were taxed some years in 
both towns ; but the legislature voted that neither of them should 
be taxed any more till the towns fixed the line, and found where 
they belonged. They belonged to the parish of Greenland, 
when that was incorporated. Samuel m. Abigail (widow of 
Thomas) Foss, and dau. of Abr. Cole, of Hampton. In 1723 
he united with the Greenland church, and d. leaving property, 
but no ch. 

V. Israel^, b. , m. Rachel . Was a weaver, and 

owned land in Exeter and Stratham. He removed to Ashford, 
Conn., about 1720, where he purchased lands between 1724 and 
1730. In Oct., 1734, IsraeP joined the Congregational church 
in Ashford; and Nov. i, 1724, his 4 ch. were bapt. 

(8.) I. Samuel'*, b. in Exeter abt. 1716, m. Ann Bingham, and had 
9 ch. Abt. 1740 he went from Windham to Stratford, Conn.; lived on 
a farm, and had a blacksmith shop; d. in Ohio abt. 1800. He was 
father of Gloriana, who m. Sir John Sterling, of Edinburgh, Scot. 

2. Nathaniel^. 3. Mary. 4. Israel*. 
5. Ebenezer'^ \v^% bapt. 31 March, 1728. 

Samuel and his wife (Anne) were members of the Episcopal 
church in Stratford, Conn., which was organized abt. the time 
they removed there. 

VI. Deliverance^, single woman, lived with her brother 
Samuel in Greenland. In 1723, she, with her mother, Mary, 
and her sister-in-law, Abigail, united with the church thei"e. 

No. 3. 

DEACON JOHN FOLSOM^ (Jn.^), 1640-1715, and his 
wife, ABIGAIL, had b. in Exeter, — 

I. Abigail^, b. 23 Dec, 1676; m. Edward Oilman. 

(9.) II. JoiiN^, b. abt. 16S0 ; m. Mary Sewall, and d. 1724-5. 
They had 4 ch., — the youngest b. after the death of the father. 
In 1 715 he lived in the south-west part of Exeter, south-west of 



the river and of the road to Kingston, on a farm near Kino-s 
Falls, and was called " Kings Falls John." 

By a special act of the legislature, Dec. 2, 1743, a committee 
was appointed to divide the real estate, which the widow, by 
her industry, had preserved '' near 20 years, tho. the voungest 
child, Josiah, was not yet of full age." 

III. Sarah^, m., before 1715 (2d wife). Xath'l Stevens, 
of Salisburv, Exeter, and Stratham. She is thought to have 

I. John^. 2. Abigail^. 

3. Catharine^, w. oi Richard Sinkler. 

4. Sarah, \v. oi Eben Barker. 

5. Ann^ m., 11 Sept., 1745, Jonatha7i True. 

6. Mary, w. of Joseph Biirley. 

7. Betijaniin, b. 19 May. 1716. 8. Daniel, b. 30 Dec, 1717. 

IV. ]SIary^ m. , and d. before her father, leavins: 

2 children, who are mentioned, not by name, in her father's 

A". Lydia^ m. RoBT. Stockman, of Kingston, and had 

Mary"^, b. 27 Dec, 1722. 

Johana*, b. 5 Aug., 1726, who m., 3 Jan., 1745, Ti>n. Blaisdel. 

VI. Mercy^ m. Jas. Dudley (son of Stephen, grandson of 
Rev. Sam'l D.). Their children, b. in (what is now) Brent- 
wood, were 

1. James^, b. 1715, m. Deborah Bean, and d. 1761. 

2. Abigail, b. 1716, w. of Dea. Aaron Voung, of Kingston. 

3. Samuel, b. 1720. His 9 ch. settled mostly in .Maine. 

4. John*, b. 1725, who m. Elis. Oilman, and went to Raymond, and 

was judge of superior court, 1776, till his death in 1805. 

5. Joseph*.h. 172S; m. Susanna Ladd, and lived in Raymond; had 

7 ch. 

6. Joanna* m. Daniel Ladd, of Deerfieid. 

7. Mercy* m. Emerson. 

(10.) VII. ABRAHAM^ b. abt. 167S (I suppose), m., (i) 
1703, Anna (dau. of Aquila) Chase, of Newbury, and lived 
on the north side of the road to Hampton. At his death, in 
Exeter, Dec, 1740, he left a widow (Elizabeth) and 4 ch., 
who inherited much property. 

(11.) VIII. Jeremiah^ [b. 16S0.-]. m. [1705.?] Elizabeth 


, and settled, abt. 171 3 on one hundred acres of land inher- 

ited from his father, just south of Newmarket village, where in 
1 719 he built a brick house, which stood till 1S74. He was an 
enterprising business man, and left by will much land to his 8 
ch. at his death in 1757. 

(12.) IX. JoNATHAN^ b. abt. 16S5, m. Anna (dau of Nath'l) 
Ladd, grand-dau. of Hon. John Oilman. He inherited the 
homestead in the east part of the town, where he became 
wealthy and influential. At his death, in 1740, he left a large 
estate to his 12 ch. His widow (Anna) administered. He was 
the father of Gen. Nathaniel and Col. Samuel, prominent citi- 
zens of Exeter, who both d. in May, 1730. 

No. 4. 

NATHANIEL FOLSOM- (Jn.^) and his wife, HANNAH, 

I. Samuel^, b. iS April, 1679, who disappears after 1714. 

(13.) 11. A Nathaniel^, b. abt. 16S0 (see Note B, Appen- 
dix), m. Susanna , and settled in Qiiamscot before 1709, 

which became a part of Stratham. In Aug., 17 10, he was sen- 
tinel in Capt. John Oilman's company. Abt. 1730 he returned 
and bought lands on the road to Copy Hole, in the part of Ex- 
eter which in 1743 became Brentwood. He and his family for 
many years continued to spell their names in the old way — 
Foulsham or"Folsham." In 1743 he sold his homestead to 
his son John*, and was soon after killed by the Indians in Not- 
tingham, whither he had gone to aid in protecting the settlers. 
When his companions returned, he remained alone, and was 
murdered at the same time with Robert Beard and Mrs. Eliz- 
abeth Simpson. The menwere at their dinner in Beard's house 
when they were shot. 

III. [A Jereme Folsom.''] m. Mary . and bought land 

in Stratham. We find no records of his children. 

IV. [Edward Folsom.''] He received a grant of land in 
1725, and again in 1732, but disappears soon afterward. 


No. 5. 

ISRAEL FOLSOM^ (Jn.^), 1646, had a son 

(14.) I. Israel' [who?] m., before 1738, Sarah (dau. of 
Francis) Durgin, and had several ch. It seems that he m. (2) 
"Joanna (dau. of Lydia) Rawlings, of Stratham, sister and 
heir of Benj. Heard, of Dover." Tradition in the family says 
he m. perhaps (3) Polly Rand, and had 3 ch. [She lived a 
widow with her son Israel*, and d. at Tamworth, 22 April, 

No. 6 

Lt. peter FOLSOM^ (Jn.^), 1649-1717, and his wife, 

SUSANNA, had b. in Exeter,— 

I. Elizabeth' m. (i), 13 Sept., 1704, Lt. Samuel Col- 
cord, of Kingston, and had 

I. Feier*, b. 27 June. 1705. 2. Elizabeth, b. 13 June, 1708. 

3. Samuel, Jr.. b. 22 Aug., 1710 [who d. 22 June, 1783?]. He m., 28 

Dec, 1732, Mehitable Lad, and had 7 ch. b. between 1733 and 

4. Beiijafnin, b. 15 Jan., and d. Jan. 30, 1714. 

5. Mary, b. i Jan., 1715, m., 1736, Col. Eben. Stevens, and had Eben., 

Jr., b. 18 Feb., 1739. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Colcord' m. (2) 19 Aug., 1718, Lt. Samuel 
Sanborn, of Kingston. By her second husband she had 

I. Benjamin, b. 20 May, 1719. 2. Dorothy, b. 3. May, 1721. 

3. Elizabeth, b. 7 April, 1723. 

She d. S April, 1756. 

II. Susanna' m. Caleb (son of Moses) Oilman, grandson 
of Edward-^, and had David^ and Caleb Gilman^. _j_ 

III. Mary', m. Joseph Thing, b. March, 1684, who d. in 
March, 17S4. She had 

I. Mary*. 2. Susanna*. 3. Joseph. 

4. Peter. 5. Elizabeth. 6. Mehitable. 

(15.) IV. Peter', b. abt. 16S2, m. Catharine (dau. of Hon. 
John) Oilman, grand-dau. of Edward Oilman^. He d. in 
1718, leaving 6 ch. He was a man of talent, influence, and 


wealth. After many years his widow m. Richard Calley, of 
Stratham, but had no other children. 

(16.) V. JoiiN^ [b. 16S5?], m. (i) Hannah (dau. of James) 
Oilman; m. (3) [Sarah Lyford?]. The}' lived on a farm 
in the north-west part of the town, and had 7 ch. In 1722 he 
is called John Folsom, Jr. He d. in 1757. In his will his 
wife is called "Mary," perhaps a third wife. 

(17.) VI. Benjamin^, b. in Exeter in 1696, and d. in March, 
1752, aged 56. He m. Rachel (dau. of James and grand-dau. 
of Moses) Oilman, b. 1699. She d. 16 March, 1785. He was 
a farmer, and owned much land in the north-west part of the 
town, near his brother John's place. He left 2 ch. 

No. 7. 

EPHRAIM FOLSOM-^ (Jn.^), 1 654-1 709. and his wife, 

I. Elizabeth^, b. , m., at Exeter, i Feb., 1725, John 

Robinson, of Exeter. 

II. Dau., m. York. (In Kingston, 7 Nov., 174S, John 

York and Sarah Foulsham were m.) 

III. Lydia^ m. Glidden. 

IV. Abigail^ m. Joseph Judkins, of Newmarket, a prom- 
inent citizen and a deacon in the church, who left a silver gob- 
let, still in possession of the ch. in South Newmarket. 

V. Sarah^ m. Thomas Young, Esq., who d. in May, 1767. 
They had 

1. Joseph'^, who owned lands and part of the mill in Piscassic' (New- 


2. Thomas^, who had a son, JoJm Young. 

(18.) VI. Ephraim, JR.^ b. abt. 1672, m. Taylor, and 

had 3 or 4 sons. He is supposed to have had a ^owjoseph'^^ 
a trader, who d. before 1741, in Newmarket, and Ephraim ad- 
ministered on the estate. 

(19.) VII. William' m. (i) Hannah Oilman, of Exeter, and 


(2) Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin Sanborn. All his 7 ch. 
but Dudley^ are supposed to have been ch. of his first wife. He 
-was for 20 years one of the selectmen of the town of Newmar- 
ket, and d. in 1755. Will dated 3 Jan. 1755. 

No. 8. 

SAMUEL FOLSOM* (Isr.^, Sam.^, Jn.^), 17 16-1800, and 
his wife, ANN, had b. in Stratford, Conn., 9 ch. 

I. Anna^ b. 19 Aug., 1740, m., II Oct., 1777, Abr. Tom- 
LiNSON, and had 

I, Elizabeth^, b. 8 Jan., 1778, who m. Nathan Peck, and had i) Na- 
thaiv, 2) Charles', 3) Elizabeth' (b. 1810), 4) Mary, b. 1815,— 
the last two living. 

(19 a.) 11. Samuel, Jr.% b. 9 May, 1742. m. Persis Mon- 

III. Darius^, b. 24 Dec, 1743, m., 24 July. 1766, 

Wheeler, and had 

1. EphraijH^, b. 13 Jan., 1767. 

2. William'°, b. 3 Dec, 1768. He went to sea. 

3. Gloriamia'^, b. 23 July, 1773. 4. Abigail^', b. 7 July, 1779. 

5. Nayicy^, b. ic March, 1790, m. Eliphalet Hotdikiss, of Derby, Conn. 

IV. Cirus^, b. 4 Dec, 1745, m. Ann Curtis, and had 2 ch. 

I. Mary^, wife of Samuel Southard; lived in Greenwich, Washington 
county, N. Y. 

(20.) 2. Araspus*', b. 1768, m., 26 Dec, 1802, Susan Pendleton. 
For years he lived and traded at what is now Greenwich. Wa.shington, 
county, N. Y., where he had 6 ch. In 1817 he went to Tioga county, 
Penn.,upon a farm, and soon removed to Steuben county, N. Y., where 
he d., in 1821, aged 53. His widow m. (2) John Walters, and had 
2 ch. 

V. Abigail^, b. 15 Oct., 1747, ni. Belden, of Water- 
town, Conn. 

VI. Mary% b. 4 March, 1750, m. Hawkins, and re- 
moved to Maine. 

VII. Nathaniel^ b. 6 July, 1752, lived and d. unm., at 
Albany, N. Y. 


(21.) VIII. Anna^ (or Glorianna), b. 24 Dec, 1753, m., at 
Stratford, Conn., 1772, Sir John Stirling, of Edinburgh, and 
lived near Stirling castle, and afterwards in Edinburgh, where 
she d. 4 Jan., 1827. She had iS ch. Her life was [attended 
by many interesting events?], and has afibrded material for dif- 
ferent articles in the newspapers headed "Romance in British 
Life." &c. Instead of copying any of these interesting stories, 
I shall give a record of the facts. See Appendix, Note C. 

(22.) IX. JoHN^, b. 17 May, 1756, left home at the age of 14, 
learned the trade of a silversmith, and settled in Albany, N. Y., 
where he joined the Presbyterian church. He m., 18 July, 
1 781, Elizabeth File, and became a merchant; but meeting 
with reverses, he closed business there, went to Union Village 
(now Greenwich), Washington county, N. Y., and in 1806 to 
Glen's Falls, N. Y., where he had a farm, and engaged exten- 
sively in the lumber trade. In the midst of his business he 
continued to be an earnest, active Christian, and at the organ- 
ization of the church was chosen elder, and afterwards licensed 
to preach the Gospel. He d. Aug. 4, 1839, ^g^d 83. His me- 
morial remains in the history of the church for which he freely 
contributed his money, his time, and his talents. He had 13 
ch. His widow, Elizabeth, b. 10 May, 1761, d. 12 April, 1840, 
aged 79. 

No. 9. 

JN. FOLSOM^ (Dea. Jn.^, Jn.i) and his wife, MARY, 
had 3 ch. b. in Exeter. Among original papers in the probate 
office of this county (not recorded) , I find the following, dated 
26 Nov., 1745 : 

"By virtue of an Act of the Gen'l. Court, — to make Division 
of the Estate of John Foulsam, late of Exeter dec'd., We have 
surveyed — & divided — as follow^s — " 

(Signed) "Benj. Thing, Daniel Gilman & John Gilman." 

They describle the homestead, near King's Falls, &c., which, 
if not the same, was near the spot occupied by the above John 
Folsom^ thirty years before. It seems as if it must be the same 
man who had a wife Mary, wdio petitioned for this act of the 



general court. They name only 3 ch., — Sztsantta, Mary, and 

By long and perplexing study of the records, I find that there 
is a mistake in the Folsom Family, p. 15 ; that John Folsom' 
(Jn.2, Jn.^) was not father of Peter*, of Newmarket, b. 1718, 
who had I3 ch., nor of Abr.*, a joiner, who m. Sarah (dau. of 
John^ Peter-), but that John Folsom^ (Dea. Jn.^ Jn.^). a farm- 
er in 171S near King's Falls, — 167S-1725, — m. Mary Sewall, 
and had b. in Exeter 4 ch., and d. 1724-5. 

I. SusANXA*, b. 10 May 1718, m. (i), at Kingston, 2 Nov., 
1738, Lt. Jonathan Bradley, b. in Haverhill, Mass., 1717 
(son of Abr. and Abi. Philbrick Bradley). He settled first with 
his father in Penacook, and afterwards in Exeter. They had 
4 ch, 

1. Mary^, b. 2 Sept., 1739. 

2. Susanna^, b. 10 Aug., 1741, m. (i) Emerson, of Chester, (2) 

Virgin, of Concord. 

3. Ann^, b. 11 Feb., 1743. 

4. yosiah^, b. 20 Sept., 1745, d. in Chester; had 2 sons. 

The fiither, Jonathan Bradley, was killed by the Indians at 
Penacook (Concord), Aug. 11, 1746. In 1760, when closing 
the administration of the estate, she is called the wife oi John 
Bradley. In 1748 she owned land from her father's estate north- 
west of the road to Kingston, near King's Falls. 

II. Mary*, b. 1719, m. Samuel (brother of Jonathan) Brad- 
ley, b. 1 72 1, and had b. in Penacook. — 

1. Hon. John^, b. 13 Feb., 1743, m. Hatttiah Aver, and lived with his 

widowed mother at the house of his grandfather, and inherited the 
homestead. He had 

i) Robert, of Fryeburg, Me., b. 1772. 2) Samuel, b. 1774. 
3) Mary. 4) John. 5) Moses. 6) George. 7) Anna. 
8) Richard, b. Feb., 1790, lived on the homestead, and erected a monu- 
ment where his grandfather was killed. 

2. Mehitabel^, b. 16 Jan., 1745. 

Their mother was a woman of great energy and superior ed- 
ucation, having been brought up in the family of Nicholas Gil- 
man, father of the governor. Her husband was a man of enter- 
prise, of piety, and of much promise. She used to tell his 
children of the last chapter he read in the Scriptures, and repeat 


expressions he used in his hast family pi"ayer before he was shot 
by the Indians, ii Aug., 1746. She m. (2) Robert Calfe, 
of Chester, and lived there much respected thirty years, but re- 
turned to Concord to spend her last days with her grandson, 
where she d. 10 Aug., 181 7, aged 98 years. 

III. A child that d. early. 

(23.) IV. JosiAH*, b. 24 July, 1725, m. Elizabeth (Betty) 
Bradley, sister to Jonathan and Samuel, the husbands of his 
sisters. Before Sept., i749i ^^ ^i^t^ removed to Haverhill, 
Mass., and probably may have lived in Canaan in 179I5 where 
Josiah Folsom sold land in Atkinson to Bailey Bartlett, of Ha- 
verhill, Mass. He had a son Josiah, who may have made that 
deed. He had 9 ch. bapt. in Havei-hill between 1749 ant^ ^7^4? 
according to the records of the first parish there ; but he had 
only one son in 1764. 

No. 10. 

ABRAHAM FOLSOM^ (Jn.^, Jn.^), [i67S?]-i740, had b. 
in Exeter, — 

(24.) I. Daniel*, b. abt. 1704, m. (i) (probably) a dau. of 
Nathaniel Folsom^ (Nath'F), who had Daniel^ Ann^ and Abt- 
gaih and d. He m. (2) Huldah Eastman (dau. of John E.), 
17 Aug., 1742, b. I Oct., 1714, who had 6 ch. On 4 March, 
1749, they sold their homestead in Exeter, and removed to 
Epping, where he d. of a fever in 1756. He was a man of 
great strength. In i775 ^^i^ family removed to Gilmanton, and 
became quite numerous, furnishing many preachers for the 
Free-Will Baptist church. 

II. Jonathan*, a joiner, went to Sheepscot (then in York 
county. Me.), but d. between July and Dec. 35, 1745, unm. 
His brother Daniel administered on his estate. 

(25.) III. Abraham*, b. abt. [1715?], settled in Exeter and 
then in Epping ; had 3 sons and 2 daughters. He was a joiner ; 
m. Sarah (dau. of Jn.^, Pe.-) Folsom*, and d. before Aug., 
1799. (See No. 16, V.) Sarah inherited from her grand- 



father Dudley much land, which is described in deeds to differ- 
ent persons at difterent dates. 

IV. Mary* m. James Rundlet, and was a widow in May, 

Abraham Folsom^ may have had older sons, who d. without 
issue before i740' 

No. 11. 

JEREMIAH FOLSOM^ (Jn.S Jn.^), 16S5-1757, a farmer, 
of Newmarket, had b. in Newmarket, — 

(28.) I. Nathan*, b. abt. 1717, m. Elizabeth , and d. in 

176S, leaving much property to a widow and 3 ch. His farm, 
lately owned by Tuttle, of Newmarket, was a little south of 
Wadley's Falls ; and he owned part of the mills there. In his 
wmII he made provision for the education of his son Asa, then a 
ch. ten years old, 

(29.) II. Col. Jeremiah, Jr.*, b. 25 July, 1719, in the new 
brick house not finished. He m., 28 March, 1742, Maio' Mer- 
sey, and had 10 ch. In 1767 he was an innholder in Newmar- 
ket. He was a devoted follower of Whitefield, and punctual in 
attendance upon public worship. He d. in 1S02. 

III. Elizabeth* (perhaps the oldest) m. Walter Bryent, 
Esq., of Newmarket, and had 5 ch. 

I. Walter, Jr. 2. yerejuiah. 3. 'John. 

She had 2 daughters, who m. respectively Edward Smith 
and Eddy Hall Burgess^ of Newmarket. 

IV. Susan* (or Susanna) m. John Mead, of Stratham, and 
had Benjamin., of Newmai'ket, John, of Deerficld, Levi., of 
Northwood, a.nd Jeretfiy., of Newmarket, b. 1760, and d. 11 
Aug., 1839, ''^ged 79. 

V. Abigail*. 

VI. Sarah*, wife of Jacob Low, of Stratham, had 7 ch. 

I. Sarah., b. 1754. 2. Elizabeth, b. 1756. 3. Mary, b. 1758. 
4. Mehitable, b. 1762. 5. Jacob, h. 1764. 6. Jeremiah, b. 1766. 


(29 a.) VII. Ann*, b. Au<^., 1731, abt. 1753 m. Joseph* (son 
of Thomas^ and Sarah) Young, of Newmarket, ,b. 34 Aug., 
1726, and d. 11 April, 1S06. 

(30.) VIII. Col. John,Mj. 7 July, 1723, m., (i) Jan., 1748, 
Sarah (dau. of Samuel) Veasy, of Stratham, who d. in 1756; 
and he m. (2) 17 March, 1757, Mrs. Martha Bracket, dau. 
of Thomas Wiggin, b. 1729. He had S ch., and d. 17 April, 
1787, aged 64. Col. Folsom was highly esteemed, and often 
elected to office in Stratham. His grave is in an orchard at 
the west side of Stratham hill. In 1766 he had removed to 
Greenland, and w^as for some years an innholder at Greenland 

No. 12. 

JONATHAN FOLSOM3 (Jn.^ Jn.i) and his wife Anna 
(Ladd) had b. in Exeter 12 ch. He d. in 1740. 

(31.) I. John*, b. abt. 1713, m. (i) Elizabeth Huston, of 
Newmarket, (2) Abigail (dau. of Theophilus and Mary Wig- 
gin) Smith, of Exeter, sister of Theophilus Smith, teacher. He 
had 7 ch., and d. iS Jvily, 1775. His home was east of the 
village, on Rocky hill, where Mrs. Fellows lived in 1S39. He 
owned part of the -saw-mill " N. E. of Exeter Fresh river, upper 

II. Mary*, b. 17 Feb., 1722, m. Peter Folsom* (Pe.^, Pe.'^) 
(Nos. 15 and 44). She d. i Oct., 1791- They had 10 ch. ; 8 
lived in Gilmanton. 

(32-) III. Lt. Jonathan*, b. 1724, lived in Newmarket and 

Epping ; m. (i) Gilman, (2) Deborah (dau of Joseph) 

Hall, and had 7 ch. Late in life removed to New Durham, 
where he d. in the fimily of his eldest son, Jonathan^. For a 
sketch of his eventful life, see Note D, Appendix.- 

(33.) IV. Gen. Nathaniel*, b. 1736. He m. (i) Dorothy 
Smith, by whom he had 6 ch. She d. Feb., 1776, aged 50. 
He m. (2) Mrs. Fisher, of Newburyport (formerly Mary 
Sprague, of Boston), who had one dau. He d. 26 May, 1790, 



aged 64. He lived where Hon. George Sullivan d. in 1S39, 
now owned by Samuel C. Lawrence (1882), See Appendix, 
Note E. 

V. Anna*, h. , m. David Oilman (probably), son of 

Capt. ( John^ Moses^ Edward^) . 

(35.) VI. Col. Samuel*, b. zzd Feb., 1732, m. (i) Anna 
Thing, who d. childless, 12 Sept., 1779, aged 46. He m. (2) 
April 30, 1780, Elizabeth Emery, b. 13 Jan., 1750, and had 
4 ch. He d. 22 May, 1790, and his wife 29 Sept., 1S05. "He 
was Lt. Col. of the Exeter Corps of Independent Cadets, Com- 
manded by Col. John Phillips." He was selected by the gen- 
eral court to present to Col. Joseph Cilley, in behalf of the 
state, a pair of pistols which had been the property of Col. 
Stephen Holland, the tory absentee. He kept a public house, 
as his widow continued to do after his death. (See " Exeter in 
1776," by Hon. C. H. Bell.) 

It was at his house that Gen. Washington stopped when he 
visited Exeter, in the autumn of 1789. He lived on the south- 
east corner of Front and Water streets, in the house now owned 
by Dr. George W. Deai'born. 

(36.) VII. Trueworthy*, b. abt. 1734. "Not so well to do 
in the world as his brothers, the Colonel & the General, but 
superior to them both, in humor & wit." Married Mary West, 
of Boston, and had 5 ch. It seems that Jonathan', their father, 
though wealthy, believed in giving his sons each a trade. The 
General was a mechanic. Col. Samuel a tailor, Trueworthy a 
cordwainer, &c. 

(37.) VIII. JosiAH*, b. 5 Nov., 1735, a hair-dresser and wig- 
maker, fond of travel, and not very successful in gathering 
worldly gear. He m., 27 May, 1762, Elizabeth (b. 23 April, 
1742), dau. of Dr. Josiah Gilman, of Exeter, son of Judge 
Nicholas Gilman. "Their Home was in Dover, on the rising 
ground southwardly from the village, & had a fine outlook, over 
fields & village, & toward river & sky & distant hills ; but it 
was very humble. — & the income of its owner — quite meagre. 
He had indeed rich stores of anecdote, & of results of obsen-a- 
tion, — making him one of the most entertaining men of his 


day ; but this did not bring comforts to his household, nor ad- 
vantages for his children. His four sons, one by one, early left 
the cabin-home, & went forth into the great world." "And 
God was with the lads." The parents found a home in their 
old age with their youngest son (Nathaniel), in Portsmouth, 
where the mother d. 3 Aug., 1S12, and the father Feb. 12, 1S16, 
aged 81. 

IX. Sarah*, w. of John Nelson, ship-carpenter, who d. at 
middle age, in Exeter, leaving 7 ch. He is supposed to have 
been a descendant of Thomas N.^, one of the twenty families 
that emigrated with Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, in 1638, from Row- 
ley, Yorkshire, Eng., to Rowley, Mass. She d. abt. 1800. 
Their ch., b. in Exeter, were, — 

1. Jotiathati, b. 17 May, 1751. 

2. Sajmiel, drowned in Exeter river while rescuing others. 

3. Lydia, wife ol Jai}ies Nutter, of Portsmouth. 

4. A dau., m. Gihnati, of Gilford. 

5 and 6. Deborah and Molly, d. unm., quite aged, in Newburyport. 
7. Unknown. 

X. Lydia*, wife of Moses Lougee, of Exeter, a joiner. 

XI. Elizabeth*, m. John Bowden, of Exeter, a joiner, 
who became a settler of Gilmanton. They had 3 daughters. 

1. Elizabeth, m. [1766V] Samuel Kelley, of Brentwood, joiner. 

2. Sarah. 

3. Stisamia, m. Joseph Neally, of Nottingham, and was grandmother 

of Col. Joseph Cilley, of Nottingham, and Hon. Jonathan Cilley, of 
Thomaston, Me. 

XII. Abigail*, m. Ebenezer Sinclair, of Exeter, a farmer, 
who d. in 1754, leaving a son Richard^ ^ for whom his uncle, 
Gen. Nathaniel Folsom, was guardian. A dau. m. William 
Hacket, brother of Col. Hacket. 

No. 13. 

NATHANIEL FOLSHAM^ (Nath.^, Jn.^) [.?] and his wife 
SUSANNA had b. in Stratham,— 

I. A dau. (I suppose), who m., abt. 1738 (first wife) Daniel 
Folsom* (Abr.^, J"-^)i ''^"tl had 3 ch. (See Nos. 10 and 24.) 

FOLSOM GENEALOGY. A 28 1 08f>35 

II. SusAXXA* (b. in 1721. and d. 17 Nov., 1778), who m., in 
Kingston, 30 Jan., 1739, Henry Morrill (b. in 1715, and 
d. 9 Oct., 1799), and lived in the part of Exeter now Brent- 
wood, and in Hawke, now Danville. They united with the 
Kingston church in the time of the great revival. They had 

I. Mary, b. 24 IMay, 1742. 2. Susantta, b. 10 April. 1744. 

3. Miriam, b. 14 July, 1746; d. July, 1754. 

4. Henry, b. 22 April, 1749. 5. Apphia, b- 22 June, 1752. 
6. Miriam, b. 17 May, 1755. 7. Sarah, b. 20 Sept., 1757. 

8. N'athaniel, b. i Nov., 1762. 

9. Henry, b. in Hawke, 13 March, 1768. 

Morrill was one of the proprietors of Salisbury, N. H., and 
removed there, where he aided in killing two Indians, who 
boasted of having shot Folsom (his father-in-law) and others in 
Nottingham. He was arrested and thrown into Portsmouth 
jail, but was released by a mob. and returned to Hawke with 
his family. (See Appendix, Note E.) A son of his became a 
Baptist preacher. 

III. [Miriam Folsom*.?], who m., in Kingston, 13 Nov., 
1734. Joseph Bean, Sen., and had S ch.. was (I suppose) dau. 
of NathanieP. They had 

I. Margaret,\i?i-^\.. 13 Aug., 1738. 2. Daniel, 1740. 
3. Jonathan, 1743. 4. Miriam, 1749. 

5. Jeremiah, 25 Aug., 1751, and others. 

Joseph Bean d. 24 March, 1753. 

(38.) IV. John*, b. abt. 1718, m., in Kingston, 16 Oct., 1741, 
Abiel Car, of Exeter ; lived in what is now Brentwood, near 
Kingston. Joined Kingston church, and had 8 of his ch. bapt. 
there. In Jan.. 1751, he and his wife were dismissed, to unite 
with the new church in Brentwood. He was often in office in 
the church and in the town. In 1775, although a citizen of 
Brentwood, he was moderator of a Baptist church-meeting in 
Gilmanton. He probably spent his last days in Meredith, where 
his sons had settled, one of whom was a Baptist preacher. 

V. Martha*, b. abt. 1727, m., in 1747, Paul (son of Nath'l) 
Ladd, b. in Exeter in 1725. They settled, first, on a farm 


in Stiatham, Init in 1751 removed to Epping. They had 9 

I and 2. Pmtl and Dudley, twins, b. in Stratham in I749- P^"^ d. 
unm. in Epping, May, 1845, aged 96. 

2. Dudley^, m. Lydia Haines, of Epping, wlio d. May, 1817. He was 

deputy sheriff. 

3. Si)?ioiv', b. 1752, m. Hines, of Nottingham, and had 3 sons, 

Thoffias, Paul, and Si?/iofi, — and i dau., Mercy. He d. in Win- 
throp. Me., in 1823. 

4. Lois^, m. her cousin, John Folsom^, of Brentwood, who d. in a few 

weeks. She d. Feb., 1816, aged T},. 

5. Martha^, b. 1758, m. Stephen Sjiiith, and had 5 ch. She d. in Deer- 

field in 1846. Her sons were Benjamin. Josiah, and Stephen. 

6. Nathan ier°, b. 1760, m., 1782, Polly Smith, of Epping. He was a 

shoemaker ; went to Gilmanton ; was deputy sherilTin Strafford and 
Grafton counties. He d. in Stanstead, C. E., in 1821. His dau., 
i) Lois Folsom, b. 1786 and d. 1879, '^^ J<^fnes Harvey, of Notting- 
ham, and had D. L. Harvey, who has aided in collecting these rec- 
ords. 2) Ma?y, m. Rowe in Brentwood. 3) Samuel Greeley, 

m. Martha Fox. 

7. Josiaii^, b. 1762, m. Gale, of Gilmanton, where he lived until 

his death in 1824. They had Dudley, Henry, and others. 

8. Mercy^, b. 1764, d. in Epping, 1779, aged 14. 

9. Susanna, b. 1765, d. unm., Oct., 1849, aged 84. 

VI. Jeremiah^, b. in Stratham, settled, first, in Exeter. A 
man of this name m. (perhaps second wife) in Kingston, 14 
Dec, 1753, Ann Lougee, of Brentwood. Before 1765 he had 
removed to the south-east part of Deerfield, near what was in 
1870 Robinson's mill, where he was killed by a falling limb 
while felling a tree. He left 2 sons. 

I. J-ere/niah^, cordwainer, who m. Olive , lived in Kingston, New- 

buryport, and in Farmington. He lost in 1810 his only son, John 
Clark^, a pious and promising man, who d. aged 21. His widow 
d. in Farmington, 3 Sept., 1848, aged 86. 

(39.) 2. Ahithaniel^, b. in Exeter in 1748, was a blacksmith ; sold in 
1780 in Deerfield, and followed his uncle, Capt. Benjamin, from 
Deerfield to Mt. Vernon, Me.; m. his dau. Susanfia, and had 7 ch. 
She d. Dec, 1828. He m. (2) Betsey (widow of Peter S.) Folsom. 
(See No. 40.) 

(40.) VII. Capt. Benjamin*, b. abt. 1730, was abt. 15 years 
old when his father (Nathaniel) was killed. He m. (i) Mercy 
Taylor. In 1769 settled in Deerfield, in district No. i, near 
Folsom's mill, as a blacksmith. In i779 ^^^^ hi Deerfield, 
and removed to Mt. Vernon, Me., where he bought a large 
farm, and had 6 ch. He served as captain in the Revolution- 
ary War, and d. abt. 181 5. 


No. 14. 


ISRAEL FOLSOiSP (Isr.\ Jn.^) and his wife SARAH 
(DURGIN) had b. in Newmarket,— 

(41.) I. IsRAEL^ b. 1739. m. abt. 1764 [Ariel, dau. of Jx. 
FoLSOM*?]. of Brentwood; (2) Mary or Folly Philbrook, 
of Newmarket, and had 12 ch. He sold L-^nd received from 
his father in Newmarket. Settled in Brentwood ; removed to 
Epsom, and abt. 17S0 to Tamworth. In 1777 he m. Polly 
Ladd. b. 1754. He d. 3 Jan. [iSoS, aged 69.^]. His widow 
d. 8 July, 1808. 

II. Bexjamix*, b. abt. 1741. In 1758 received land from 
his father, IsraeP. Jan. iS. 1763, he lived in Nottingham, 
where his father owned land ; and his wife (Mary) signed \\ ith 
him a deed of land sold. They left no ch. 

HI. Mary* m. Philbrook. 

No. 15. 

PETER FOLSOM^ (Pe.^. Jn.^), 1682-17 18. and his wife 
CATH. (OILMAN) had b. in Exeter, on the south side of 
the Hampton road, — 

I. Susanna*, b. 37 Sept.. 1704. 

II. Elizabeth*, b. 20 Maixh, 1706-7, m., i Feb., 1726, 
John Robinsox, and had 

1. Mehetable, b. 27 March, 1729, d. 1731. 

2. Peter, b. 19 June, 1731. 3. Elizabeth, b. 5 Nov. 1734. 
4. John, b. 6 Aug., 1736. 5. Mehetable, b. 6 April, 1738. 
6. Catharine, b. 20 June. 1742. 7. Daniel, b. 14 July, 1745. 

8. Mary, b. 7 Feb., 1748. 

9. Hiram (or Simon), b. 18 Dec, 1752. 

(42.) III. JoHX*, b. 14 March, 1709. m., 14 June, 1731, Hax- 
XAH (dau. of \Vm.) Saxborx, b. 4 Jan.. 1713. In 1735 he 
was John Folsom. Jr., and lived east of the road from Exeter 
to Kensington. Bv his first wife he had a dau., who m. in 
Exeter. He was a house carpenter, skilful with tools, but not 
familiar with books. He is said to have kept his accounts by 


notches made in his timber. He was one of the proprietors of 
Gihnanton, where some of his descendants settled. In 1737 
he bought land in Chester, probably the part now Ra3'mond. 
He m. (3) Elp:anor, and had a dau. Eleanor, who in 17S0 
was a widow, with 5 ch., in Raymond; removed in i^jo, late 
in life, to Raymond, where his ch. lived. In 1785 h^ li^^d m. 
(3) Martha, who signed with him a deed to his son Eliphalet. 

IV. James*, b. 16 Oct., 171 1, m., 18 June, 1735, Eliza- 
beth (dau. of Capt. Jonathan) Thing. He d. in 1748, leaving 
I son. 

(43.) yames^, b. 27 June, 1737, who m., Dec, 1763. Elizabeth (dau. 
of Thomas) Webster, b. 1740, and d. 1824. They had 7 ch. 

(44.) V. Peter*, b. 27 July, 1714, m. Mary (dau. of Jona- 
than) FoLSOM^, sister of Gen. Nathaniel (No. 12). He d. 11 
July, 1792 ; his wife, i Oct., 1791- They had 10 ch. In 1773 
he removed to Gilmanton, where 8 of his ch. settled. 

VI. Catharine*, b. 24 Jan., 1716, m. Samuel Lamson. 
It is said one Lamson, of Exeter, m. a Folsom, and went to 
Vermont, and his wife was b. in Exeter ; that he had a son 
Joseph living in Boston. 

No. 16. 

JOHN FOLSOM^ (Pe.^, Jn.^), 1 685-1 757, lived in the north- 
west part of Exeter, owning land in Newmarket and Epping. 
He m. (i) HANNAH OILMAN and (2) [SARAH LY- 
FORD ?] (dau. of Francis^), grand-daughter of Capt. Theoph- 
ilus Dudley, from whom his ch. (Sarah and Susanna) inherited 
lands, which they deeded in 1748 and 10 Oct., 1749, to others. 
She d. before 1748; and his wife at his death was MARY 
. His ch., b. in Exeter, were, — 

(45.) I. Peter*, b. 1718, m. Hannah Morrison; lived in 
the part of Newmarket called Piscassic, near the Exeter line. 
A part of his farm was in Exeter, where he paid taxes many 
years. His lands are described in his father's will ; and the 
cellar remains where his house stood. He had 12 ch., and late 



in life followed them to Gilmanton, where he made his will in 
iSoo, and d. in 1815, aged 97. 

II, Elizabeth*, m. Thirston, and had a %o\-\ John Zl, 

named in her father's will in 1756. 

III. Mary*, m. William* (son of Ephraim^) Folsom (Eph.^, 
of Newmarket, and had 10 ch. (See No. 18 — IV.) 

(46.) IV. Joshua*, b. in 1719, m. [1743?] Abi. Mead, b. in 
1722, and d. in Epping in 1796. He settled after 1750 in Ep- 
ping, where he inherited a mill and lands. He was a ship- 
wright, a miller, and a mill-wright. He built many mills in 
the new towns of New Hampshire. He adopted the doctrines 
of the Qiiakers, and became a public speaker in the society. 
He was an ingenious mechanic, and a man of much energy, 
highly respected in the community. He had 7 ch. His will is 
dated 2 Dec, 1793 ; and he d. 20 Dec, 1793, aged 74. 

V. Sarah*, m. Abraham Folsom* (Abr.^, Jn.-), a joiner, 
who removed to Epping, and had 2 sons, — one (^Abrahani) that 
removed to Meredith, and one {Josia/i) remained in Epping, — 
and 2 daughters. The parents were both living in April, 1795. 
On the 19th of June, 1800, one daughter {Anna) relinquished 
her rights to the estate of her father, Abraham Folsom, late of 
Epping, deceased. (See No. 25.) 

VI. Susanna*, m. Nathaniel Bean, of Exeter and Warner. 
She was the mother oi Nathaniel Beaji^ Esq.^ of Warner. In 
1777 a Susanna, dau. of John Folsom, had m. Richard Moul- 
ton, of Hampton Falls, and deeded land received from her father 
to Josiah Folsom. 

(47.) VII. Josiah, Jr.*, b. 25 Sept., 1725, who inherited 
the homestead. He m., in Kensington, 17 or 9 May, 1755 
or 1754, widow Martha Gould, dau. of Jere. Eastman, b. 
1727, and d. 27 Feb., 1804, and had 8 ch. He was a farmer, 
and deacon of the church, and spent his last days on the south 
side of the Hampton road, abt. a mile from the village. He 
made his will in 1816, and d. 27 July, 1820, aged near 95. 

There has been much confusion by not distinguishing him 
from Josiah, Sen.*, b. 27 July, 1725 (Jn.^ Jn.-). whose father 


owned lands, which he inherited, on the road to Kingston, lying 
on both sides of the river. 

No. 17. 

BENJAMIN FOLSOM8 (Pe.^, Jn.^), 1696-1752, and his 
wife RACHEL had 

(48.) I- Thomas*, b. 2 Dec, 1737, who m. his cousin Eliza- 
beth (dau. of Nehemiah) Oilman, b. 13 Sept., 1739, and d. 
5 Aug., 1819. He d. 9 Dec, 1794. He was called "• Capt. 

II. Rachel*, b. 5 June, 1741, m., 20 March, 1760, James 
Sinclair, of Brentwood. She d. 20 May, 1764, leaving 

1. Benjamin F.?\i. 16 Nov., 1761, who had a son Henry Sinclair^, a 

worthy citizen of Brentwood, b. 1791, who d. in Exeter 25 Sept., 
1841, aged 50. 

2. James^, b. 23 April, 1764. 

No. 18. 

EPHRAIM FOLSOM, Jr.« (Eph.^, Jn.^), 1672 , had 

b. in Newmarket 

I. Ephraim* m. Eunice Smart, and lived in Newmarket. 
He had 

1. Joseph^, b. , m., 9 Jan., 1774, Martha Gove, of Newmarket. 

2. John^. b. , ni. , and had 

i) Joshua^ 2) Mary'^, wife of Richardson. 

3) Elizabelh^^viiitoi Sanborn. 4) Rhoda^, wife of Sanborn. 

5) Eleanor^, who m. Smith. 

II. John*, who lived and d. in Durham before Dec, 1764. 

(49.) Ill- Andrew*, b. 1720, m. Eleanor (dau. of Rev. 
Henry) Rust, of Stratham, who d. 13 Jan., 1792, aged 61 years 
and 8 months. They had 7 ch., and lived in Newmarket until 
abt. 1784, when they went to the home of their only son, A?i- 
dreiv^^ of Ossipee, where he d. 12 April. 1799, aged 79. 

(50.) IV. William*, m. Mary Folsom* (Jn.^, Pe.^), of Exe- 
ter. They had lo ch. He made his will in 1786, and d. early, 
1787. (See No. 16— III.) 


V. Sarah*. In Dec, 1764; a spinster. She received from 
her brother Andrew land in Durham owned by her brother 
John, deceased. 

No. 19. 

WILLIAM FOLSOAP (Eph.^ Jn.^). d. in Xewmarket Jan. 
or Feb., 1755, had 

I. Abigail*, d. unm. in Dorchester, aged over 90, in the 
family of her nephew, James Folsom. 

II. Mary*, m. Dea. James Cram. 

III. Lydia*, m. John Lyford. 

(51.) IV. James*, m. Margaret Firnal Cotton. In 1772 he 
went to Gilmanton. and d. in 1776 of camp fever, leaving 6 
small ch. His brother, Maj. David Folsom. of Epping, admin- 
istered on the estate, which. June 5, 17S7, was divided among 
6 children. 

(52.) V. William*, m. Mary Low, of Stratham, and had 9 ch. 
In 1755 he administered on his father's estate. He d. in Feb., 

(53.) VI. Maj. David*, of Epping, m. Sarah (dau. of 
Thomas) Oilman, of Exeter, and had 10 ch. He was major 
in 17S0, and d. in 1791. He was a man of business, and influ- 
ential in the town. 

VII. Nathan* (or Dudley*), perished of cold 21 Nov., 1774, 
at night, on a gondola laden with boards between Portsmouth 
and Newmarket. Two others were badly frozen. 

No. 19a. 

SAMUEL FOLSOM^ (Sam.*, Isr.^ Sam.=. Jn.^), 1742- 
— , and his wife PERSIS had 2 sons and 6 daughters b. in 

Arlington, Vt. 

I. Azuba", m. Moses McKee. of Arlington, and had S ch. 

I. Eliza', d. unm. 2. Mary Ann", m. yas. Eldridge. 

3. Laura Azubah'\ unm. 


4. John Folsom~ , m. and had a family. 

5. Per sis Adelia', m. Charles Thing, and left 2 daughters. 

6. Clarissa A., m. OZ/jt Wheeler. 

7. Twin sister to last : d. an infant. 8. Cyrus Fuller, m. Louisa Ballar. 

The McKee family live in Delaware, Wis. 

II. Anna®, d. unm. 

III. Mary®, m. Robt. Lewis, of New York, and had 9 ch. 

I. Maria. 2. Al»iira. 3. Cornelia. 4. Jane Ann. 5. William. 

6. Ca7-oline. 7. Cathari?ie. 8. Elisabeth. 9. George R. 

IV. Samuel®, b. in Arlington, 29 April, 17S9, m. Susan B. 
Hunt, b. 37 Oct., 1790, and had 

I. SatnneP, d. in infancy. 2. NathanieP , d. in infancy. 

3. Lucy'', unm. 

4. Susan Fidelia'^, m. Obed Blower, and has 4 ch. 

5. Beliza H!^ , m. Booth N'. Curtis, and has 4 ch. They are in Bloom- 

ington, 111. 

V. Nathaniel®, m. Mary Hubbard, of Riga, N. Y. They 
had no ch. 

VI. Esther®, d. young. 

VII. Glorianna®, b. 26 Feb., 1796, m. Samuel Cranston, 
of Kingston, R. I., and had 12 ch. 

1. Sa7miel F"^ ., b. 14 March, 18 19. 

2. Sarah Glorianna"^, b. 7 Sept., 1820. 

3. Edwin'', b. 21 April, 1822. 4. William'', b. 31 March, 1824. 
5 and 6. James and Jane, twins, b. 1826. 

7. Mary Anti'. 8. Calef . 9. Adelia"'. 10. Amelia''. 11. Anson. 
12. Abbie. The last two d. young. 

No. 20. 

ARASPUS FOLSOM® (CyrusS Sam'l*, Isr.s, Sam'P, Jn.^), 
1768-1821, merchant, &c., had b. in Greenwich, Washington, 
Co., N. Y.,— 

I. Charles A.'', b. 29 Dec, 1S03, m. Martha Finley, of 
Memphis, Tenn., and lived in Mississippi ; d. in 1S63, leaving 
3 daughters, — ]\Iary^^ Susan^., and Virginia^ , — whose husbands 
were killed in the rebel army. 

II. Emily'', b. 28 Jan., 1806, m,, at North Urbana, N. Y., 24 


Dec, 1826, James Bruxdage, a farmer, b. at Painted Post, 
N. Y., in 1798. She d. in 1875. They had 11 ch, 

I. Elouisa, b. 27 Sept., 1827. 2. Altiiira S., b. 1829. 

3. Zebulon P., b. 1831. 4. Emily, b. 1833. 

5. Mary, b. 1835. 6. Jiilia, b. 1837. 

7. Lewis, b. 1839. S. James A., b. 1841. 

9. Hiram IV., h. S Oct., 1843. 'O- Susan, h. 1845. 
II. ^/zV^, b. 7 May, 1848; d. 2 Oct., 1859. 

III. Elouisa'', b. 19 Feb., 1S08 ; d. abt. 1825. 

IV. Lewis Y.'', b. 22 April, 1810, who " has had a check- 
ered life." At the age of 21 he was clerk in a store for his un- 
cle, in Lawrence Co., Miss.; then a teacher; travelled in 
Texas ; and traded in Gainsville, Miss ; — m. Sarah Russ, and 
had 2 daughters, who in 1S57 came North with him, and are 
m. in Michigan. 

V. Otis W.^ b. 17 Sept., 181 2, settled in North Urbana, 
N. Y. ; m. Harriet Holley, and had a large family. He d. 
in 1875. His ch. were 

C/iaries^. Martha^. Horace^. Frederick^. Rebecca^. Leonard^. 
Etnily^. Otis^. Frank^. 

VI. Mary H.'^, b. 28 May, 181 7, m. Horace Mather, and 
lives in Rathbonville, Steuben Co., N. Y. Her ch. are 

Lewis. Maty. Emily. Hertnan. Eliza. Jetinie. Carrie. 

No. 21. 

SIR JOHN and LADY STERLING^ (dau. of Samuel Fol- 
som*, Isr.^, Sam'P) had iS children, — 2 b. in Stratford, Conn., 
and 16 in Scotland. 

I. Mary®, b. abt. 1773. m. Aitchison, a farmer, and had 

13 ch. 

II. Jane^ b. abt. 1775, m. John MacKenzie, of Glasgow, 
a manufacturer, and had i ch. 

III. Elizabeth^ b. in Edinburgh, Scot., m. Lapsley, 

a minister, and had 10 ch. One son d. in America. 

IV. Alexander,® b. , came to America in the army 


under Prince Edward ; visited his relatives in Albany, N. Y. ; 
was shipwrecked on the way home, and lost with all on board. 

V. Babbara®, m. Rainy, a minister, and d., leaving 6 

sons — one, a surgeon in London — and 3 daughters in Glasgow. 

VI. John, b. March, 1778, d. 31 Aug., 1789. 

VII. Sir Samuel, unm., lost his estate and went to France. 

VIII. ToHN went aboard a man-of-war, and then to the West 

IX. Margaret, m. and d. without issue. 

X. Capt. George, m. a lady with a small fortune, and had 
8 ch. He lost most of his property by the failure of a firm. 

XL James entered the navy, and was killed at the age of 18. 

XII. A dau. who d. an infant. 

XIII. Ann, m. Napier, a West India merchant, and had 

I son and 2 daughters. She was a woman of superior ability. 

XIV. William was killed at the Caj^e on his way to the 
East Indies. 

XV. Robert went to Tobago, then to St. John's, N. B., 
and m. there. His wife d. in Canada, leaving 4 ch. He visit- 
ed Glen's Falls in 1832, and in 1839 was in Cincinnati, where 
he d. 

XVI. ~) Joseph, brought up in the church. 
and > Twins. 

XVII. ) Sarah, m. and had 7 ch. 

XVIII. DuNDAS, m. , and d. ; left a son b. 

in 1821, 

No. 22. 

REV. JOHN FOLSOM^ (Sam'l*, Isr.^, Sam'P, Jn.^), 1756- 
1839, of Glen's Falls, N. Y., had b. in Albany, — 

I. Anne*, b. 26 Aug., 1782, m., 3 May, 1S03, Solomon P. 
Goodrich, teacher. She d. 6 Dec, 1854, aged 72 ; he d. in 
1831, aged 74. They had 9 ch. 


1. Eliza Gloriantia', b. 1805, m. George Gay Hawley in 1832, and had 

3 ch. He d. 2 May, 1882. 

2. Harriet Catharine'^ ,h. 1807, m. John Jay Berry, of Warren, Penn. 

3. A7itia Maria, b. 1809, m. (i) Calvin Ellis, of Troy, (2) Francis 

Carrol, of Syracuse. 

4. Horace, b. 181 1, d. 1832. 

5. Jane Augusta, h. 1813, m. (i) William Cook, (2) J. J. Berry. 

She d. 1878. 

6. George, b. 1816, m. (i) Hannah Wooley, (2) Leonora Hutchinson. 

7. Charlotte L., b. 18 19, m., 1842, ^. T. Wilson, a lawyer. 

8. Helen, b. 1821, m., 1858, Z. Hawley, and d. 1874. 

9. William W., b. 1824, m., 1849, y«^2« -^- Osborne. . 

II. ELlZABETH^b. 8 Jan., 1785, m., 21 Dec, 1812, Sidney 
Berry, farmer and lumberman. She d. 29 April, 1865. They 

had 3 ch. 

1. Elisabeth F."^ , b. 1819, m., 1838, D. C. Pratt, a minister, and had 

4 ch. 

2. Frances E., b. 1823. 

3. Alida McCrea, b. 1825, m., 1843, ^'^- ^- Perrine, a lawyer. 

III. Gloryana^ b. 10 May, 1787, drowned 28 March, 1827. 
She was a devoted Christian. 

IV. Catharine^ b. 30 April, 17S9, m., 8 Oct., 1816, Levi 
RuGG, M. D. She d. 21 March, 1872. They had 3 ch. 

1. George,"^ b. 1817, m., 1850, M. M. Sherman. 

2. John Folsom^ b. 1819, d. 1839. 

3. Elizabeth F?, b. 1820, m., 1850, William Taylor N'orris, booksell- 

er, lumberman, farmer, &c. He was lieutenant of Co. E, 

Reg't N. Y. Vols., and was killed 30 Aug., 1862, at the second bat- 
tle of Bull Run, leaving 3 ch. Mrs. Norris has given valuable aid 
in this work. 

V. Maria®, b. 17 April, 1791, m., 8 March, 1814, Royal 
Leavens, a lawyer, and d. 30 Sept., 1822. She had 

1. John F.'^, b. 1815; a printer; m. Mrs. A. Barnes, of Mobile. Ala. 

Both are dead. 

2. Addison'^, b. 1817 ; a cotton shipper in Mobile ; m., 1845, his cousin, 

Harriet B. McPhersoii, of Albany. N. Y. They had 4 ch. 

3. Eugene', b. 1818, d. at the age of 3 years. 

4. Maria Susan'', b. 1820, m. (i) 1840, J. Lee Stoddard, M. D., (2) 

L. C. Hamilton. 

5. Mary G lor iamia'', b. Aug., 1822, d. Aug., 1825. 

VI. Harriet Byron®, b. in Union Village, Washington Co., 
N. Y., 12 July, 1793, m., 8 Feb., 1814, George McFuerson, 


tobacconist, of Albaiw. N. Y. He d. 31 Dec, 1833. His 
widow was living in 18S1. Their ch. were 

I. John F.\ b. 1815. 2. Isabella', b. 1817, d. 1857. 

3. Geo?-i:;e', b. 18 19, d. in Alabama in 1841. 

4. Charles', b. 1821, d. an infant. 

5. Harriet Byron' , b. 1823, m., 1845, Addison Leavens. 

6. Matilda'', b. 1827, m. James M. Norton, of Chicago. 

7. Marsraref, b. 1829, m. T. F. Humphrey, 2i leather dealer. 

8. Elizabeth, b. 1831, m. Josiah B. Kendal, of Boston. She had 4 ch^ 

9. William'', b. 1833, m. and d. in Boston, leaving a dau. 

VII. Jane Stirling®, b. 1795. 

VIII. JoHN«, b. 1797. 

IX. John Stirling^ b. 179S. 

X. Jane Augusta®, b. May, 1800. 
(The three last named d. unm.) 

XI. Jane Martina®, b. 25 Aug., 1S03, m., 26 April, 1832, 
Rev. Caleb Branch Tracy, a worthy preacher in the Con- 
gregational church, who d. in 1881. She d. at Wilmot, N. H., 
12 Feb., 1S69, leaving a son, Edwin S. B. Tracy''., in Ver- 

XII. Alexander®, b. 1S04, d. 7 Sept., 1806. 

XIII. Alexander®, b. at Glen's Falls, N. Y., 17 June, 1807, 
not m. in 1881 ; is a Christian merchant in Bay City, Mich. Of 
the 56 descendants of his father (John Folsom) , he alone bears 
the name of Folsom. 

No. 23. 

JOSIAH FOLSOM* (Jn.^, Jn.^ Jn.^), 1725 , and his- 

wife ELIZABETH (BETTY) BRADLEY, had bapt. ia 
Haverhill, Mass. (see records of first parish) — 

I. Abigail^, 3 Sept., 1749. 

II. Elizabeth^, 24 Nov., 1751. 

III. MARY^ I May, 1756. 

IV. Susanna^, 31 Oct., 1756. 

V. DoLLY^ 12 Feb., 1758. 


VI. RuTH^ S April. 1759. 

VII. JosiAH^, II Jan., 1 761, d. an infant. 

VIII. Dolly*, 14 Nov.. 1762. 

IX. JosiAH*, 6 May, 1764. 

I have not been able to trace the descendants of any of these 
nine children. 

No. 24. 

DANIEL FOLSOM* (Abr.^, Jn.S Jn.^), [i704i']-i756, and 
his wife [ FOLSOM?] had b. in Exeter.— 

(54.) I. Daniel, Jr.*, b. 27 Aug.. 1739, m., abt. 1764, Mary 
(dau. of John) Moody, of Kingston, a Qiiakeress. He d. 2 
March, 1S17. In 1772 he was in Gilmanton. then settled in 
Grafton, and abt. iSoo in Tunbridge, Vt.. with some of the 
sons of his deceased brother Abraham. He had 2 daughters 
and 7 sons, of whom it is said five became preachers and two 
exhorters. The fruits of a union of a Congregationalist and a 
Qiiakeress were Free-Will Baptists. She lived to be nearly 100 
years old ; was a great walker and a great talker. When over 
90, she used to address the Free-Will Baptist quarterly meetings 
with earnest and able exhortations. She spent her last davs 
with her son, Dea. Daniel Folsom®. 

II. AxN*, b. 2 April. 1 741. 

III. Abigail*, b. 27 Feb., 1742. 

Daniel Folsom* m. (2) 17 Aug., 1742, Huldah (dau. ot 
Jn.) Eastman, who was b. 7 Oct., 1714. They had 

IV. Betsey*, m. Joseph Hoit and settled in Sandwich, 
where they had b., 26 Oct., 177S, Da7iiel (^Hon. Daniel Hoi f)^ 
usually called '^ General" Hoit, a Christian merchant connected 
with the Methodist church. He d. 11 Aug., 1S5S. His wife 
was Sally Flanders^ and his ch. Albert G., b. 1809, William 
H.^ and others. 

V. Mercy*. 

VII. Huldah*, b. in Epping, 10 June, 1753, who m., 24 


March, 1774, George Weymouth, of Gilmanton, and had 

12 ch. 

I. James, b. 1774- 2. John, b. 1776. 

(54 a.) 3. George, b. 21 May, 1787. m. 181 1 : d. 1849. 

4. Joseph. 5. Daniel. 6. Betsey. 7. Hannah. 8. Abigail. 

9. Anna. 10. Huldah. 11. /l/^r/. 12. 6"^//^, b. 1797. 

The mother, "a large, strong, & grave woman," lived to be 
quite aged. 

(55.) VI. Abraham^, b. [Exeter, 3 April, 1741?], m., 10 
Nov., 1772, Elizabeth (dau. of John) Moody, sister to Mary, 
his brother's wife, and lived in Gilmanton, where he d. in 1785, 
leaving 6 ch. His brother Daniel was in 1791 chosen guardian 
to the three younger ch. In 1796 his estate was divided, and 
in iSoo the sons {yacob -AWiX Asa) removed with their uncle 
Daniel to Tunbridge, Vt. In 1749 Daniel and Huldah sold 
their homestead in Exeter and removed to Epping. 

(56.) VIII. Jonathan^, b. abt. 1750 in Epping, m. Joanna 
WiLLEY, of Exeter ; lived in Gilmanton. He had 8 ch. In 
1793 removed to Wheelock, Vt. 

(57.) IX. John®, b. abt. 1755 ; a farmer; lived and d. in Gil- 
manton. He m., 27 Aug., 1778, Mary (eldest dau. of Jere.) 
Conner, b. in Exeter in 1754, and had 8 ch. Her father went 
to Gilmanton in Jan., 1763, where they endured many hard- 
ships. She was 90 vears of age in 1844, and had a vivid recol- 
lection of the toils and sufferings of the early settlers in Gilman- 

No. 25. 

ABRAHAM FOLSOM" (Abr.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), a joiner, m. 
SARAH (dau. of Jn.^), of Exeter ; removed to Epping. They 

(58.) I. Abraham®, b in Epping, 29 April, 1744, m., 1765, 
Hannah (dau. of William") Folsom, of Newmarket (Eph.^, 
Eph.^, Jn.^). She was b. 29 March, i744- He made his will 
25 April, 181 1, in Meredith. He had 3 sons — perhaps others. 
He lived in Meredith, and had a mill on the river between Gil- 
manton and Meredith. 



(58 a.) n. JosiAH% bapt. 29 Sept., 1765, m. Sarah Page; 
lived in Epping, and was selectman in 1802. Abt. 1808 Josiah* 
removed to Litchfield, Me., where some of his ch. had settled. 

III. Anna^, bapt. in Epping, 29 Sept., 1765, m. Joiix S. 
Harper, of New Hampton, where she lived in 1800. 

IV. Susanna^, bapt. 1763, in Exeter ; lived in Epping ; unm. 
In 1784 she received land from her parents. 

No. 28. 

NATHAN FOLSOM* (Jere.^, Jn.^), 1717-176S, of Wad- 
ley's Falls (Lee), and his wife ELIZABETH had 

I. Elizabeth^ m., before 1768, (i) Edward (son of Rich- 
ard) Hilton, of Newmarket, who d. in 1776, leaving 5 ch. 

I. Josiah^. 2. Edward^. 

3. Betsey m. Smart. 4. Mary m. Brackett. 

5. Love m. Pickering. 

She m. (2) 21 July, 1778, Col. David Oilman, of Tam- 
worth, and had b., i Sept., i779' -Betsey 6'., who d. in 1864. 
She m. Col. Jacob Gilman, of T., and had 

i) Alfred, d. 1827. 

2) Alexander Hamilton, b. 25 Dec, 1805, d. 1873 i^ Skowhegan, Me. 

Elizabeth^ d. at Newmarket 25 Maixh, 1810. 

(59.) II. Capt. Asa*, b. 24 Sept., 1757, inherited the home- 
stead, a fine farm south-east of Wadley's Falls, and shares in 
the mills. He was a blacksmith, active, but not very success- 
ful in business. He m. (i) 30 March, 1779, Sally Board- 
man, b. 2 May, 1760, who d. 17 Feb., 1796; m. (2) 17 Nov., 
1796, Betsey GiLE,b. 28 March, 1778, who d. 16 Oct., 1802 ; 
m. (3) a Mrs. Durgin, a widow, of New Durham ; m. (4) 
Mary Gove, of Nottingham. He removed from Stratham to 
Deerfield, where he d. 15 July, 1S43. His widow d. 12 Sept., 
1855. She was a worthy woman. Capt. Asa served his coun- 
try in the War of the Revolution, and had the reputation of be- 



ing an intelligent Christian man. He was connected with the 
Methodist church. 

III. Abigail^, b. 30 Aug., 1760, m., 29 March, 1778, Capt. 
Israel Oilman, of Newmarket, who removed to Tamworth, 
where he d. 16 Jan., 1797, leaving 3 ch. 

1. Israel'^, b. in Newmarket, 1779, m. Susan Gilman,2Sidi. had i) Han- 


2. Sa/ly^, b. in Tamworth, 1787, m., 1805, Joseph Shepard. She had 

3 ch. 

3. Abigail^, h. 2() May, 1796, m., 27 Nov., 1806, Arthur L. Cox, of 

Holderness, and had 8 ch., of whom l) Azubah m. Ira N. Folsom"^ , 
of Lowell. (See No. 163— II.) 

AbigaiP, widow of I. Oilman, m., (2) 12 Oct., 1797, Maj. 
Richard Shepard, of Holderness. 

No. 29. 

COL. JEREMIAH FOLSOM* (Jere.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 1719- 
1802, and his wife MARY (HERSEY) had b. in Newmar- 

I. Jeremiah^, b. 20 June, 1743, m. Nancy ; lived in 

Rochester and in New Durham, where he d. He had no. ch. 

(60.) n. Col. JoIIN^ b. 12 Oct., 1745, m., 13 Dec, 1767, 
Elizabeth (dau. of Col. Joseph) Smith, b. 1750, d. 1S28. 
He d. on his farm, half a mile east of Wadley's Falls, in 1S20. 
They had 5 ch. 

(61.) III. Feter^, b. 13 Dec, 1747, m. Sally Dam, and had 
10 ch. He lived and traded in Lee and Madbury, and abt. 1780 
removed to Limerick, Me., thence to Harpswell, Me. Abt. 
1 790- 1 800 he was drowned in Small Point harbor, Phipsburg, 
Me. Having entered the harbor, he left the ship in a small 
punt or wherry, which was upset by a rough sea. He righted 
the boat, put the other man into it, where he was saved ; but as 
he was swimming toward the shore, he was chilled and sank. 

IV. Simeon^, b. 7 April, 1749, m. Sarah Rust, of Ipswich, 


Mass. He was a teacher, and d. of palsy at Exeter i6 Jan., 
1810. Their ch. were 

I. Jacob^, who d. early in the West Indies of yellow fever. 

(62.) 2. Hon. Simeon^, b. in Newmarket 19 June, 1776; came to Ex- 
eter at the age of 18, and let himself to perform in a year a stip- 
ulated amount of nail-makino; for a fixed sum of money and board. 
Then, having done the work in half the time, he spent the other six 
months at the academy, when he set up nail-making for himself. 
In 1800 he m. Mary (dau. of Capt. James) Leavitt, of Exeter; 
opened a store; became a politician; was in 1813 elected senator 
to the state legislature. In the midst of his distinguished career he 
was suddenly struck down at Wolfeborough, and d. 23 Aug., 1816, 
leaving 8 ch. 


V. JosiAH^, b. 30 June, 1751, m. Haxnah (grand-daughter 
of Rev. Jonathan) Gushing, pastor of the church in Dover, 
1717-1769. They lived in Rochester, where he owned the 
mills and much other property. Their ch. were 

1. Peter^ m. A bi Hartford, widely known as a public speaker. He d. 

in Rochester in 1865, aged 80, where for many years he was a mem- 
ber of the Congregational church. 

2. Hannah^ m., 15 Jan., 1798, yo/ni Clont/>taii. of Wakefield, and had 

I) Mary\ b. 1799; 2) Jo/m F.\ b. 1803; 3) A/fred C.\ b. 1805, 
m. Hor7i; 4) Naticy"^ , b. 1808, m. Thomas Brown, long sta- 
tion-agent at Rochester; 5) Caleb Gil/nan', b. 1810, m. and lived 
in Durham, &c. ; 6) Peter Hersey' , b. 18 13, m. and lived in Farm- 

ington; 7) yere. Augustus'^, b. 1815, m. Davis, and lived in 


3. Polly^ d. 1854, in Rochester, unm., aged abt. 62. 

4. Nancy^, b. 1782, m. N'athaiiiel Run>iels, of New Durham, merchant 

and innholder : moved to Exeter. Me. Their ch. were )l Nailian- 
ieP, b. 1813 ; 2) Leonora FJ, b. 1814; 3) John', b. 1816; 4) Rox- 
ana"', b. 1817; 5) Samuel Newmarsh' , b. 1820; 6) JosiaJi F'\ b. 
1823. She d. in Garland, Me., 27 Dec, 1847, aged 65. 

(63.) VI. Levi^. b. 12 July, 1753, m. in Newmarket, 4 Dec, 
1777, Joanna Weeks, of Greenland. She was an orphan dau. 
of Dr. John and Martha Wingate Weeks, of Hampton, brought 
up and educated by her brothers and sisters. She was b. 31 
Dec, 1755. They removed in 1779 to the new settlement in 
Tamworth, where she d. 17 July, 1826, aged 71. He lived till 
21 June, 1844, being nearly 91 years of age. Both were born 
in affluent circumstances, but received scarcely anything from 
the estates of their parents, and found it hard, in a new settle- 
ment, to provide for their 9 ch. Mrs. F. was better qualified 
to instruct them in the knowledge of books than to provide for 




their material wants. She left them the influence of an intelli. 

gent Christian mother. She was much beloved and highly . 

respected by those who knew her best. 

VII ENOCII^ b. 20 Feb., 1755, was for a while a trader ; m. i 

a widow Foss, and had no ch. He lived near Wadley's Falls, 
and d. abt. 1835. ,<^ 

VIII. JACOB^ b. 23 Oct., 1758, d. unm.. in the army, in 1777. 

IX. Marv^ b. 2^ Sept., 1761, m. Peter Hersey, of Piscas- 

slc (Newmarket), where she d. 21 Aug., 1839, aged 78. Her j 

husband d. 17 Feb., 1831, aged 80 years. They had 5 ch. b. - 

in Newmarket (now South Newmarket). > 

r PMv^ (Mary), b. 6 May, 179I' d- unm. 19 Oct. 1852. _ -^ 

I J^erLlTMl Sept., /793, ".„ 8 Nov., 1849, Anna W. Wtggtn, of 

Stratham. and d. n Dec, 1851. They had no ch. 
3. mncy\ b. 26 July, 1796, d. unm. 6 Aug., 1862. 

A '7aines^ b. I7q8, d. an infant. ) 

t ?Xe,'b 15 May, .800, d. at his birthplace 8 Oct., 1871. unm. 
6. 7rt^^^6,b. 9 Dec, 1803, lives unm. on the homestead (1882). c 

Peter and Jacob were successful farmers, men of property, and 
useful citizens. 

X. SAMUEL^b. 20 July 1765, did not marry. He d. abt. 
1787 of a fall from a load of hay. 

No. 29 a. 

JOSEPH YOUNG" (son of Thos.^ and Sarah), 1726-1806, 
of Newmarket, and his wife ANNA (FOLSOM*) had b. in 

I. Josephs b. 5 April, 1754, m. Dorcas (dau. of Rev. Ga- 
maliel) Ewer, and d. 6 July, 181 2. 

II. Benjamins b. 8 July, 1756, m. (i) , (2) Re- 
becca Bickford. 

III. Jeremiahs b. 15 Nov., 1758, m. Sally Cram, and d. 
14 July, 1793. 

IV. JohnS b. 3 Dec, 1760, m. Mason, and d. 25 June, 



V. Sarah^, b. 35 March, 1763, m. Eben Meader, and d. 

25 April, 1844. 

Mrs. Anna (Folsom) Young d. Oct., 1763. Mr. Young m., 
(2) 1764, Mary Foss, and had 8 more ch. 

No. 30. 

COL. JOHN FOLSOM^ (Jere.^, Jn.^ Jn.^), 1723-1787, of 
Stratham, and his wife (i) SARAH (VEASY) had,— 

I. Samuel^, b. 1749, d. 1750. 

(64.) II. DAViD^b. 20 May, 1750, m., 1775, Dorothy (dau. 
of Rev. Wm.) Johnson, of Newbury, Mass., and of Windham, 
N. H., 1 742-1753. He had been a clerk for Gen. Jonathan 
Moulton, of Hampton, and aided in laying out the town of 
Tamworth in 1776, where he became a prominent citizen, hold- 
ing the office of major and various civil offices. He is said to 
have been the first to make cut nails by machinery. In 1788 
he removed to Harrisburg, Penn., where in about six months 
he died of small-pox. In 1792 his widow and two sons returned 
to New Hampshire, and she opened a boai"ding-house in Exeter, 
where in 1794 she m. (2) Hon. Joseph Blanchard, of Ches- 
ter, at which place, with her two sons, she spent the remainder 
of her life. 

III. Hannah^, b. June, 1753. d. 1755. 

IV. MARY^ b. 1755, d. 1759. 

By his second wife MARTHA (WIGGIN) he had 

V. SARAH^ b. 10 Feb., 175S, m., 2 Nov., 1777, John Poor, 
of Stratham, b. July, 1752. She d. 3 Aug., 17S4. They had 

I. John^, b. 2 Nov., 1778. 2. George^, b. 1780. 

3. Charles^, b. 1782. 4. Ann^ {or Nancy), b. 1784. 

VI. Martha^, b. 11 Jan., 1760, m. (i) Tnos. Bracket, 
and had 

I. Nathaniel^. 2. Thomas^. 



She m. (2) Shadrach Robinson and had 
3. Jeremiah^. 4. Shadrach^. 5. George^. 6. James^. 
She d. 37 May, 1835. 

VII. Ann^ (Nancy), b. 16 June, 1763, m., 11 Jan., 1788, 
John (son of Rev. Joseph) Adams, of Stratham. .She had 

1. Sally^, b. 1788. 

2. yo/in /■'.", b. 23 May, 1790, well known in Maine, New Hampshire, 
and parts of Vermont as a Methodist preacher for 60 years, and for 
some years presiding elder. He m. (i) Mary (dau. of Jabez) Lane, 
who d. abt. 1866. She had 5 ch. He m. (2) Mrs. Sarah {Tread- 
Tvell) Locke. He d. in Greenland 11 June, 1881, aged 91. 

3. Mary A»n'^, b. 7 May, 1792; unm. 

4. Joseph'^, b. 26 April, 1794. 5. Caleb^. b. 26 June, 1796 ; d. at 13. 
6. DavuP, b. 30 April, 1798. 7. Beiij. F.^, b. 27 Nov., 1799. 

8. Martha^, b. 10 Aug., 1801. 

9. NatJian^, b. 23 Sept., 1803 ;m. ; isafarmer on the home- 
stead; has no ch. 

ID. Eliza^, b. 7 May, 1805, m. Capt. Caleb Wiggin. 
II. Charles'^, b. 24 Jan., 1808, m. Sarah (dau. of Rev. H.) Porter, oi 
Rye, and became a popular preacher in the Methodist church. 

VIII. Elizabeth^, b. 23 June, 1769, d. 8 March, 1800. She 
m. (ist wife) Winthrop Hilton,*' of Newmarket, (Ichabod^, 
Winthrop*, Col. Winthrop^, Edward^) . She had 

I. John F^. (Hilton), of Lynn, who m. Lydia Moore. 

Martha (widow of Col. John Folsom*) m. (3) Gen. 
James Hill, of Newmarket, and ched a widow in 181 2, aged 
83, and lies buried beside her second husband at the west side 
of Stratham Hill. 

No. 31. 

JOHN FOLSOM" (Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 1713-1775, and his 
I St wife ELIZABETH (HILTON), had b. in Exeter,— 

(65.) I. JoIIN^ b. Exeter abt. 1740. A soldier at Bunker Hill, 

and in 177S enlisted as a privateer. He m. '■ , and 

settled, first in Sanbornton, and afterward in Parsonsfield, Me., 
where he d., having had 6 ch. His step-mother, Abigail, a 
widow, was, in 1787, in Exeter, but had removed to Sanborn- 
ton, and sold "her dower of thirds" in 1791. 


II. Emma^ (or Amy), b. 1744. d. 29 Jan., 1825, aged 81. 
Married Winthrop Odlin, of Exeter, b. 23 Oct., 1734, and 
d. 27 Feb., 1803, aged 681^, leaving 4 ch. 

1. Patty^, m. J71. Tilton, b. 1764, who d. 1852, aged 88. 

2. Naticy^. 3. Betsey^. 

4. Jn. F.^, of Exeter, b. 1783, d. 27 Dec, 1859, aged 76. 

By his 2d wife, ABIGAIL (SMITH) , Jn. Folsom* had 5 ch. 

Ill and IV. Mary^ and Elizabeth, = ist and 2d wives of 
John Shaw, of Pittsfield, and had 7 ch. 

I. Williatn^. 2. Sjftilh^. 3. Polly^. 

4. Nancy^, m. a Berry. 5. Betsey^. 6. Abigail^. 7. Sally^. 

(66.) V. TheophilusS b. [1755?], a farmer, m. in Exeter, 
12 Dec, 1780, Sarah Fogg. In [1782-3?] removed to 
Wheelock, Vt., where he had 5 children. In 1789, Oct. 31, 
he lived in Sanbornton, and sold land in Kensington to Edward 

(67). VI. James^, b. 30 Nov., 1764, m. in Kensington, 31 
Dec, 1785, Sarah (dau. of Joseph) Robinson, b. in Exeter 
24 Nov., 1764. He was a cabinet-maker, painter, and farmer. 
About 1803 he removed from Exeter to Cornville, Me., where 
he d. 28 Dec, 1849. ^^^ w'li^ d. 31 Oct., 1847. -^^ ^^'''^^ a very 
intelligent man, fond of books, and, after hard labor during the 
day, often read late at night. Seven of their 9 ch. were b. in 
Exeter, N. H. 

VII. Ann Bradstreet^, b. , m. 28 Feb., 1786, Joshua 

Bangs, a tailor, and afterwards a preacher. 

No. 32. * 

LT. JONATHAN FOLSOM* (Jonth.^, Jn.^), 1 724-1 Soo, of 
Exeter, Epping, and Newmarket, had, — 

(68.) I. Jonathan^, b. (Newfields) Newmarket, 12 Jan. 
1747. He m. (i) 1774, Sarah Bickford, of Newmarket, 

* See Note C, in Appendix. 


who d. in New Durham 29 April, 17S4. In 17S9 he m. (2) 
Mary Young, of Newbinyport, b. in Wiscasset, Me., 12 June, 
175S, and d. in Moriah, N. Y., Jan., 1854, aged 66. He was 
brought up by a Mr. vSmith, and lived in Newmarket till 1770- 
In 1773 he was settled in New Durham, '' on the road from the 
Ridge to Alton Bay," on what has since been called "the 
Grace place." He took 240 acres in the wilderness, and 
toiled hard to produce a fruitful field. He was a firm supporter 
of Elder Randall, the founder of the Freewill Baptist church. 
He had 8 ch., most of whom settled in northern Vermont and 
in New York. 

(69.) II- MosES^, b. in Durham or Newmarket 1749, m. 

, removed to a part of Shapleigh (now called Acton), Me., 

where he d. in 1832, aged 83. He had 8 ch. 

(69 a.) III. Benjamin^, b. abt. 1751, was a farmer in New- 
market, andm., April 1 1. 1779, Mary Baker, b. 1754, who d. 
in Newmarket 5 Jan., 1S06, aged 52. He d. 21 Feb., 1790. 
They had 6 ch.. the oldest abt. 10 years old at his death, and 
the youngest born 6 months after his father's death. 

IV. James^, b. abt. 1753, made a will July, 1805. d. 1819. 
Kept a public house in Durham, near Fiscataqua bridge. He 
m. Mary Smith, and had no ch. His brother Moses, of Shap- 
leigh, Me., administered on his estate in 1821. 

V. Dolly^, b. , m. NoRRis, of Epping, where she 

lived and d., leaving a dau. who m. Gordon. 

VI. Hannah^ , m. Dea. Joshua Lane, of Epping, 

and d. there. Children, — 

1. Jonathan^, m. his cousin, Ha)inah Ularston. 

2. Dolly^, m. Hoyt, of Epping. 

3. Hannah'", m. Jesse Rowe. 

VII. Nancy^. m. Marston, of Sandwich, where she 

d. Her ch. wei"e ^ ~ * 

1. Hannah^, m. J. Lane, of Epping. and lived in Sandwich. 

2. Betsey^, ni. Heath, of Sandwich. 

3. James^, was drowned. 

4. Nancy^, m. Aaron Bennet, of New Durham and Dover, and had 

no ch. 


No. 33. 

his wife DOROTHY (SMFrH), had b. in Exeter, N. H., 

(70.) I. NATHANIEL^ b. , m., (i) 26 Nov., 1 77 1, 

Mary Stoodly, of Portsmouth. She d. 27 May, 1784. He 
was a merchant. In Aug. 24, 17S9, he m. (2) Olive Husk 
RiNDGE, who d. 22 Nov., iSoo. He had 7 ch., and d. 
before 11 March, 1799. 

XL MARY^ b. 25 Aug., 1751, m. (i) S Dec, 1774, Caleb 
G. Adams, and had 

1. Dolly^, b. 1776. d. 30 Jan., iSio. 

2. Nathaniel F.^, b. 19 Mar., 17S2. 

She m. (2) Gov. John Taylor Oilman, a 2d wife, and d. 
15 Oct., 1812. 

III. Deborah^, b. 1753, m. 13 Jan., 1776, Gov. John 
Taylor Oilman. She had 5 ch., and d. 20 Feb. , 1 791 , aged 38. 

1. yo/in Taylor^, b. 9 Nov., 1778 (D. C. 1796), a merchant in Boston. 

He went South for his heahh, ;ind died unm., in Charleston, S. C, 
21 Feb., 1808, aged 29. 

2. Mary^, b. 1786. m. "Joseph Green Cogswell, LL. D., of the Round 

Hill School, Northampton, Mass., and afterward superintendent of 
the Astor Library, N. Y. She d. 6 July, 18 13, having no ch. 

3. Afin Taylor''', . m. 1807, Hon. Nicholas Emery, of Port- 

land, Me., a judge of the supreme court, in Maine. 

4. Elizabeth Taylor^, b. 14 Aug., 1788, m. i June, 1815, Hon. Charles 

S. Davis, an eminent lawyer of Portland, whose dau. is the wife of 
Rev. D. G. Haskins, of Cambridge, Mass. She died 3 April, 

5. Dorothy'^ (Dorothea), m. May, 1810, Rev. Idiabod AHchols, D. D., of 

Portland, and had 

1) George H.' (M. D.), of Boston. 

2) Rev. John Taylor Gilman' , pastor of Unitarian church, Saco. Maine. 

She d. in 1831. 

IV. Jonathan^, lost at sea. 

V. Anna^, b. 1762, m. Gen'l Nathaniel Giddings, of 
Exeter, and d. 27 April, 1794, aged 32. Her children were 

1. Eliphalet^, b. Dec, 1783, d. at St. Mary's. 

2. Dolly^, b. 1785, d. single, in Brunswick, Me. 

3. Polly^, b. Aug., 1786, m. Bailey, of Newburyport. 

4. Harriet Andia'^, b. 25 Feb., 1789, m. Boardnian. 

5. Nathaniel^, b. i Aug., 1791, d. unm. 


VI. Arthur*, b. 1764, d. 1766, aged 2 years. 

VII. Dorothy^, m. S. Blodget, and was mother of Mrs. 
West, of Baltimore. 

By his second wife, MRS. M. FISHER, Gen. N. Folsom 

VIII. Ruth WEARE^ b. 30 May, 1780, d. 21 May, 1854, at 
Judge Emery's, in Portland. 

No. 34 .—Omitted. 

No. 3 5. 

COL. SAMUEL FOLSOMS Exeter, 1 732-1 790, and his 
second wife, ELIZABETH (EMERY), had born in Exeter,— 

I. Anna*, b. 4 Feb., 17S1, m. Joseph Tilton, of Exeter, 
and d. 10 March, 1837, childless. 

II. Samuel*, b. 7 June, 1783. Lost at sea. 

III. Betsey* (Elizabeth), b. 26 March, 17S5, m. (i) 181 1, 
Noah Emery, who d. 181 2. She m. (2) in 1819, Rev. Isaac 
HuRD, D. D., of the second church, Exeter, " who was afavorite 
with the students of the academy, not simply because his ser- 
mons were short, but because he was a most amiable, scholarly, 
and accomplished man ; short in stature, but the largest and 
finest in culture of any clergyman whom they knew." He was 

b. , and d. , 1856. His wife d. 34 July, 1874. They 

left a son, Francis P., b. 3 Feb., 1820 (H. C, 1839, ^- D., 
Penn., 1845), who lives in Wakefield, Mass., a farmer, unm. 

IV. Joanna*, b. 25 June, 1787, m. 37 Aug., iSio, Samuel 
Bingham Stevens, a merchant of Newbur3'port, who in 1815 
settled in Exeter. She d. 18 May, 1873. Their ch. were 

I. Samuel Folsom'^', b. Newburyport 10 Sept., 1811, and d. at 
Baranquilla, S. A., 22 Dec. 1862. He m. July, 1836, Harriet S. 
Delacroix, and had Joseph T., b. 1837, Charles D., 1840, Samuel 



E., i343. N'aticy T., 1848, whom., 1877, William E. Major, and 
d. 1878. 

2. Elizabeth Emery^, b. in Exeter, 18 16, m. 15 Jan., 1839, Prof. Will- 

iam A. A^orton (of Yale College), b. Bloomfield, N. Y.. 25 Oct., 
1810, and graduated at West Point in 1831. 

3. Nancy Tilton^, b. 6 July. 1821, d. unm., Nov. 2, 1842. 

4. Solon B.^, b. 1823, d. 1824. 

No. 36. 

TRUEWORTHY FOLSOM* (1734-1822), and his wife, 
MARY (WEST), had 

I. John WEST^ b. 175S. Printer and publisher, 30 Union 
street, Boston. Was master of the Columbian Lodge, in 1799- 
1801, secretary of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic As- 
sociation, justice of the peace in 1810-32, &c. ; d. 1S23, aged 
(>6 or 68. He is said to have married and left ch. 

II. Samuel^, b. abt. 1760, and in 1778 enlisted on a priva- 
teer, and his father sold in advance, for £30, y^ of his share of 
the prizes to be taken. 

III. Mary^, m. in Exeter, 8 Oct., 1786, Benjamin Silsbee. 

IV. Ann^, m. 21 May, 1789, Dudley Kimball. 

V. Elizabeth'% m. 7 Jan., 17S7, Thomas Svs^azey,* a car- 
penter of Exeter. 

No. 37. 

JOSIAH FOLSOM* (Jonth.^ Jn.^, Jn.^), 1735-1S16, and 
his wife ELIZABETH (OILMAN), had b. in Dover,— 

(71.) I. JosiAH Oilman®, b. 7 Feb., 1763, lived in Portsmouth, 
and m. (i) Mary Perkins, of Ipswich, Mass., and (2) Jan. 
13, 1813, Sally Hull, of Durham, b. 6 Feb., 1775, and d. 
Sept., 1829. He was a nail-cutter and chair-maker, and traded 
in West India Goods. Fie had 6 ch., and d. 31 Dec, 1S37. 

II. Elizabeth®, b. 20 July, 1765, and d. unm. 183-. 

*NorE. Their yih son Geo. W. Swazey, M. D., b. lo Aug., i8i» (B. Coll., 1837), d. 

Deerfield, Mass., 8 Sept., 1877. 


III. Nancy^, b. i6 Aug., 1767, d. 21 Oct., 1791. 

(72.) IV. Samuel^ b. 30 Jan., 1770 ; went in 17S9 to Marietta, 
Ohio, where he met his kinsman, Benjamin Ives Oilman, 
and engaged in the purchase of peltry and furs. In 1802 he 
m.. in Gallia count}', O., Catharine Smith, formerly of Lon- 
donderry, N. H. In 1S05 he purchased 217 acres of land, in 
what is called '' The French Grant," Scioto county, O., where 
he lived till his death, in 1813, leaving 4 ch., of whom the 
eldest, James S??nth^ a wealthy farmer and trader, lives on the 

V. Abigail^, b. 13 April, 1772; lived with her brother 
Nathaniel, in Portsmouth, till 1S16, when she m. Deacon 
ScATES, of Milton, where she died childless. She was a promi- 
nent member of Dr. Buckminster's church. 

(73.) VI. Jonathan^, b. 12 June, 1779, m. 20 Oct. 1802, in 
Gilford (where he then lived), Sarah Rowe, b. 27 May, 1778, 
and d. 9 May, 1845. He moved across the river, into what is 
now Laconia, and settled on a large farm, running down to the 
bay, still continuing his trade as house carpenter. He d. 32 
Jan., 1872, aged 93. "He was tall, large, and a thoughtful 
man, intelligent, righteous, and good, beloved by ne^Dhews and 
nieces as sincerely as by his own family." He had 9 children. 

(74.) VII. Nathaniel^ b. in Dover 13 Feb., 17S2, and d. 
in Portsmouth 13 March, 1S66 ; called Nathaniel F., Jr., to 
distinguish him from his cousin Nathaniel, son of Gen. Fol- 
som. He m., 10 April, 1805. his 2d cousin, Mary (dau. of 
Theophilus) Smith, of Stratham, a farmer. The 5th of the 
name descended from the ist, who settled in the part of Strat- 
ham called Winnicut. Nathaniel F., the youngest child, 
when a lad of 1 1 years, began to earn money for his parents. 
At 12 or 13 he became the apprentice of Col. Woodward, a 
baker, in Portsmouth, and at the age of 19 set up business for 
himself. He prospered, and purchased a home for his parents 
and sister. He soon became a merchant, a ship-owner, &c., 
but in 1836 retired on the income of a small capital. His only 
wife was a true helpmeet. " rising while it was yet night, to give 
meat to her household," " stretching out her hand to the poor," 


*' showing hospitality," " eminently religious, a great reader 
and thinker, as her father and mother were before her, stimu- 
lating her children to honorable endeavors in life." Thev had 
8 ch. 

No. 38. 

JOHN FOLSOM* (Nath'F. Nath'P, Jn.^) [1718-1790.^], 
and his wife ABIEL (CARR) . had b. in Brentwood,— 

I. Susanna^, bapt. in Kingston, 16 June, 1743. 

II. Sarah^, bapt. 22 June, 1746. 

(75.) III. Nicholas Carr^ bapt. 12 June, 1747, [m. Me- 
HiTABLE Flanders, of Poplin?] before 1781, and settled in 
1768 in Meredith, where, in Aug. 31, 1782, he was ordained a 
preacher and pastor of the Baptist church. In 182^ he had 
married 289 couples, and baptized 297 persons. He d. abt, 
1827, aged near 80. He had 6 ch. Some years after remov- 
ing to Meredith he dropped the word " Carr " from his name, 
and wrote it " Nicholas Folsom." 

IV. Nathaniel^, bapt. 2d April, 1750. and d. [in Meredith, 
181 1 .''], leaving 2 ch., i\ndrew and Abiel, of whom his brother 
Nicholas was guardian. 

V. JoHX^, bapt. 8 April. 1753, is said to have m. his cousin, 
Lois Ladd, of Epping, and to have d. abt. 1789, childless. 

VI. Abiel^, bapt. 12 Oct., 1755. 

VII. Elizabeth^, bapt 5 May, 1757. 

VIII. Joseph Seccomb^, bapt. 28 Sept., 1760. 

No. 39. 

NATHANIEL FOLSOM^ (Jere.% Nath'P, Nath'P, Jn.^), 
1748-1828, and his wife SUSANNA, had b. in Mont Vernon, 

(76.) I. Jeremiah®, b. 11 Aug., 17S2, m. Nancy (dau. Nathan) 


Thomas, who came from Marshfield, Mass., to Maine, and had 
8 ch. He d. 31 July, 1864, aged near 82. He was a farmer in 
Mont Vernon. 

II. Mercy®, b. 24 Aug., 1784, m. Mr. Ladd, of Winthrop,- 
Me., and lived in Readfield, Me. Ch., Harvey, Warren, Hiram. 

III. Nancy®, b. 25 Feb., 1789, m. Rev. Robert Lambert 
(Bapt.), of Monroe, Me/ Her sons died childless. 

IV. Charlotte®, b. 20 Aug., 1791, m. Benjamin (son of 
Jn. Dearborn) Folsom^, of Machias, Me. (see No. 145), d. 26 
Aug., 1877, aged 86. 14 ch. 

V. Warren®, b. 30 Sept., 1793, m. Patty Harvey, of 
Winthrop, Me., and had 

1. Samuel H!^, b. 1816, a preacher and farmer, in Winthrop, Me. 

2. Cyrus'' ^ b. , of New Sharon, Me. ; a farmer. 

3. John H? , a farmer. 

4. NathanieP , and others, living in Aroostook, Me. 

VI. Betsey®, b. iS Aug., 1796, m. Lambert, and d, 


VII. Isabel®, b. 26 April, 1799, m. (i) Stephen Quimby, 

and had ist, Ambrose ; 2d, ; m. (2) Curtis, and had 

7 ch. ; lived in 1877 in Lowell, Mass. 

No. 40. 

[i73o.?]-i8i5, and his wife MERCY (TAYLOR), had b. in 
Deerfield, — 

I. Tristram S.^, b. 1761, m. Sarah Gordon [or Folsom], 
b. 1775, d. 1S45. He d. in New Sharon, Me., 10 April, i8ii, 
aged 50 ; had 

1. Joseph G^, b. 1804, drowned in Livermore, Me., 5 Sept., 1813,. 

aged 9 years. 

2. Hanna/f', b. 5 July, 1807. m. Henry Wood^ of Augusta, Me. 

(77.) 11. John DearboRx\^, b. 2^ Dec, 1762, m. (i) Mimia 


Bray, and had 6 ch. Settled a farmei- in or near Machias, Me., 
and d. abt. 1S54, aged 92. When quite aged he carried the 
mail from E. Machias to Cooper, some 20 miles. He had 6 ch, 

III. Nathaniel^, b. in Deerfield, abt. 1764, m. 

(78.) IV. Peter Sanborn^, b. abt. 1766. m. Betsey Phil- 
brick, of Exeter, and had 5 ch. After his death she m. (2) 
Nathaniel Folsom^ (see No. 13 : VI). 

V. Susanna^, b. , m. her cousin Nathaniel Folsom® 

(Jere.*, Nath'P, Nath'P) , and had 6 ch. (see No. 39) . He was 
a blacksmith and farmer ; went early in life from Deerfield to 
Mont Vernon, Me., where he d. Dec, 1S2S. 

VI. Betsey^, b. 26 May, 1769, m. Stephen_Philerick, a 
farmer, b. 16 May, 1763, of Rome, Me., and had 

I. James^. a teacher, d. 2. Joseph^, m., and had sons. 

3. Stephen^, a farmer. 

4. Benjamin^, b. 24 Nov.. 18 10, m. Hannah M. Gaffev, b. 20 April, 

18 1 2, d. 1874; had Charles, Morris, IVillev, and dau. Silotne. 
b. 1837. 

5. Lemuel^. 6. Alary Ann^. 

No. 41. 

ISRAEL FOLSOM* (Isr.^ Isr.^ Jn.^), 1739-1S08. m. (i) 
abt. 1765, ABIAH FOLSOM, of Brentwood. His ch., 

(79) I. Benjamin^, b. in Brentwood, 16 April, 1766, afiirmer ; 
went to Tamworth and m. there Abigail (dau. Deacon 
William) Eastman, b. 1761, d. in Stark, Me., 1S45. About 
1802 he removed to Industry, Me. He d. in Stark. Alarch, 
1834 or '5. 

II. Israel, JR.^ b. 26 Aug., 1767, m., 1795, Sally Merrill, 
of Deerfield, and had 3 ch. ; d., aged abt. 35. His ch., 

1. Gili/ian^, b. in Tamworth, 30 April, 1797, m. Mary Moulton, \\'\\o d. 

24 Aug.. 1833. and had 

1) MerrilP, drowned with liis father, in Shelburne 

2) v^/t'/w/z"^, d. July, 1832 unm. 3) 7?//,fj6'//', d. childless, a,^ Angeline? 

2. David'\ a doctor, b. 24 March, 1800; settled in V'assalborough, Me. 

3. Israel, Jr.^, b. 19 June, 1802. 


III. Nathaniel^, b. in Brentwood 27 Feb., 1770, m. Sally 
Peasley, settled in Henniker, and d. abt. 1S20. 

IV. Abiel^ (or Abiaii), b. in Epsom 39 Nov., 1774; ni. 16 
Nov., 1798, Joseph Morrill, of Sandwich, and died abt. 1849. 

Israel Folsom*, m., (2) 1777, Polly Ladd [or Mary 
Philbrook], b. 1754, who died 8 July, 1808, by whom he 
had, — 

(80.) V. JoHN^, b. in Epsom 23 Ma}-, 1778 ; m. in Tamworth, 
iSth Aug., iSoi, Sally Jackson, of Nottingham, b. 19 Oct., 
1776. He was a farmer, lived in Tamworth, and had 9 ch. 

VI. Mary^ (Polly), b. in Epsom 15 Dec, 1779; m. 16 
Nov., 1798, David Moulton, of Tamworth. She d. in 1807, 

aged 28. 

(81.) VII. Deacon David^, b. in Tamworth, 20 Dec, 1781 ; 
m., 1807, Hannah (dau. Jonathan) Philbrook, of Tamworth, 
who d. in 1843. Abt. 1827 he removed from Tamworth to 
Great Falls. He d. in Lowell, Mass., in 1857, '^g^d 76 — a 
worthy Christian man. They had 9 ch. 

VIII. Sarah^ b. 17th Feb., 1784, d. 22 April, 1784. 

IX. JosiAH^, b. 7 Mar., 1785, d. 1804, aged 19. 

X. James^, b. 16 May, 1787, m. Jane Bryer, went to 

Maine, and d. in Stark in 1850, aged 63. 

XL Nancy^ (called Anna), b. 23 Mar., 1789, m. (2d wife) 
David Moulton, and d. 1819, aged 30. 

XII. Stephen Philbrook^, b. 23 May, 1791, m. Hannah 
MuDGETT, of Tamworth, and d. in 1812 in Maine, aged 21. 
They had one dau. 

No. 42. 

JOHN FOLSOM* (Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), [i 709-1 790?]. I have 
had much difficulty in getting information about this family, 
and some of the records may be incorrect. He m. (i) in 1731? 
HANNAH (dau. of William) SANBORN, b. 4 June, 1713. In 


1735 he bought land in Gilmanton, and in 1737 in Chester, per- 
haps the part afterward included in Raymond, where three of 
his ch. settled, about 1770. Soon after he went to Ray- 
mond, and d. there. In 1765 his wife ELEANOR signed a 
deed with him. He had 5 ch,, perhaps more. 

I. ELEANOR^b. , m. FoLSOM, in Exeter. In Oct. 

29, 1780, she lived a widow in Raymond, and with her three 
daughters, — 

I. Eleanor. 1. Mary. 3. Rhoda. 

" owned ye Covenant and were Baptized " in Epping. She had 
4. yoshua, and 5. Elizabeth, bapt. Oct. 24. 

(82.) II. Eliphalet^ b. in Exeter, i mile east of meeting- 
house ; m. Mary (dau. Jn.) Fullonton, and settled a farmer 
abt. 177°' i" Raymond, and had 9 ch. 

(83.) III. JoHN^ b. in Exeter ; a farmer ; m. Betty Carr, 
settled in Raymond, and had 5 or 6 ch. b. there, whose names 
are in the town book. Abt. 1796, he removed to New Sharon, 
Franklin county. Me., and m. (2) Sarah Hutchins, who had 
3 ch. and d. He m. (3) Betsey Turner, and d. leaving her 
a widow, with 3 small ch. 

IV. SusAN^, m. a Mr. Clough, of Poplin. 

V. Sarah^, m., 2 June, 17S6, Reuben Prescott, of Ray- 
mond, who was born in 1764 and d. in 1812. 

No. 43. 

JAMES FOLSOM^ (Jas.S Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1737, and his 
wife ELIZABETH (WEBSTER), had b. in Exeter,— 

(84.) 1. James®, b. 12 Aug., 1765, m. 15 Oct., 1786, Sarah 
(dau. Josiah) , Oilman, and grand dau. of Rev. Nicholas 
Oilman, b. 8 July, 1766, & d. 11 July, 1805, leaving 8 ch. 
He m. (2) Harriet Wedgewood, and had three other ch. 
[Exeter records, 22 Sept., 1810.] "James Folsom, 3d, of 
Exeter, and Olive Wedgewood, of Greenland, were published." 

II. Elizabeth^ b. 5 Mar., 1767. 



III. Thomas® (of Kennebunk, and of Poi'tland, Me.), b. lo 
May, 1769, m. Edna Ela, and had, — 

I. Louisa'. 

(85.) 2. Ho7i. George', b. Kennebunk, Me., 23 May, 1802 (H. C, 
1822), LL. D., i860, an eminent author and antiquarian, m., 1839, 
Margaret Cortielia (dau. of Benjamin) Winl/irop. He d. in 
Rome (Italy), in 1870. He was 3 years a member of the New 
York Senate, and in 1850-3, United States Minister to Holland. 

3. Charles'. 

(86.) 4. Clarissa Edna'', b. 1801, m., Aug., 1823, Edward Worthy 
Baker; lived in Portland, Me., and had 7 ch. 

IV. Nathaniel®, b. 2 April, 1771, m. in Exeter, 6 Nov., 
iSoo, Mary Rand, and had, — 

1. Thomas Oliver'', b. 1801 ; M. D. (Harvard), 1825 ; d. in Exeter, 3 

Sept., 1827, aged 26. 

2. Mary. 3. Elizabeth'' . 4. Clarissa'. 

V. Peter®, b. 22 Feb., 1775, m. Susan Jenkins; lived in 
Kennebunk, and d. there in 1S17. 

VI. Mary®, b. 12 July, 1776, m., 1S02, Nathaniel 
Jefferds, of Wells, Me. 

(87.) VII. John®, b. 5 Nov., 1777, m. Hannah Swazey, and 
had 4 ch. 

1. John Fnlford'', b. in Exeter abt. 1805. 

2. Hannah'', m. Jn. A. Brown, of Portsmouth. 

3. Benjamin''. 4. Charlotte'' . 

No. 44. 

PETER FOLSOM* (Pe.^, Pe.S Jn.^), 1714-1792, and his 
wife MARY (dau. Jonathan) FOLSOM, had b. in Exeter,— 

I. Mary^, b. 31 Aug., 1744, m. 4 July, 1764, in Kensing- 
ton, Samuel (son of Henry) Clark, of Greenland. They 
settled in Gilmanton, and had 12 ch. b. there. 

I. Mary^, who m. Thomas Fellows. 2. Enoch^. 

3. Anna^\ 4. Catharine^. 

5. Elizabeth^. 6. Kezia^\ 

7. Samtiel''\ b. 23 Feb., 1776, m. S. Swett., of Loudon. 

8. Catharine^. 


9. Elder Peter^^h. I Oct., 1781, m. 28 Nov., 1805, Mary Morrison-^ 

ordained 10 Jan., 18 10, minister of the 3d Free Will Baptist 
church in Gilmanton, where his labors were attended by revivals, 
and his services were especially sought at funerals. 

10. Lydia^. ir. Sarah^. 

12. Dea. Joseph^, b. 17 Jan., 1789, m. Mary Fretich, of Loudon. 

II. Catharine^, m. Theophilus Wadleigh, of Exeter. 

III. Anxa^ (Nancy), b. Jan., 1749, "^- i" Exeter 24 Feb., 
1 77 1, Joseph Young, of Gilmanton, who was 9 years repre- 
sentative, and II years selectman of the town. They had, — 

I. Henry^. 2. Naiicy^. 

3. Mary^, m. 10 Feb., 1800, Allen Hackett, and was mother of Hoft. 
W. H. Y. Hackett, b. 24 Sept., 1800 — a lawyer in Portsmouth, 
widely known and highly esteemed, who d. 9 Aug., 1878. A 
memoir of Mr. H. was printed in the N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, 
Jan., 1879, and afterward in a separate volume. He was much 
interested in the early history of his ancestors, and encouraged 
the author of this work, when many others were indifferent. 

(88.) IV. Peter^ b. 24 June, 1750, m, in Kensington 6 Oct., 
1776, Jemima (dau. of Lt. Josiah) Folsom*, b. 7 Mar,, 1755. 
They lived in Gilmanton, and had 8 ch. Both d. there in 1S32. 
She d. Jan. 2 ; he d. Aug. 7. 

V. Elizabeth^, m. i April, 177S, in Exeter, Lt. Jona- 
than Perkins, of Gilmanton, an officer in the Revolutionary 

(89.) VI. Jonathan^, b. in Exeter, 1753, m., in Exeter, 29 
May, 1781, (i) Lydia (dau. Lt. Josiah) Folsom, who d. child- 
less in a few months. He m. (2) Sarah Green, of Strat- 
ham, and had 5 ch. He died in Gilford in 181 2, aged 59. He 
is said to have been in early life a tanner, and did not leave 
Exeter till more than 50 years old. 

(90.) VII. James^, b. in Exeter, 23 July, 1756, m. 2 Dec, 
1784, Mary (dau. Lt. Josiah) Folsom, b. £7 Mar., 1763, and 
had b. in Exeter 10 ch. He was a joiner. 

(91.) VIII. Nicholas^, b. 29 April, 1759; a farmer; moved 
into Gilmanton in 17S7 .? He m., 3 Sept., 1784, Dorothy, 
(dau. of Joseph) Leavitt, b. 1763, d. 1851. He d. 20 Jan., 
1847. S^^^ ^^'^^ ^ cousin of Dudley Leavitt, who wrote the 


(92.) IX. SamueiJ, b. 3 Nov., 1761 ; settled at Deerfield 
Parade, a blacksmith, abt. 17S6. Married (i) Anna (Nancy) 
(dau. of Isaac) Shepard, who d. 1804; and he m. (2) Mercy 
(dau. of Dea. Benj.) Green, of Stratham, and had 10 ch. 
Abt. 1815 he removed to Cornville, Me., and d. there 27 Dec, 

X. Nathaniel^, m. 28 Apr., 1799, Nancy James, and 
lived and died in Gilmanton. Their children were 4. 

1. Nathaniel G^., b. r6 June, 1800, and was drowned. 

2. Peter^, d. an infant. 

3. Polly^, b. 17 Nov., i8c4, and d. 4 Feb., 1842, aged yj \ m., Sept., 
1824, Stepheti Hjtnt, and had 3 ch. 

i) NatlCl F? , b. 24 Jan. 1826, in Upper Gilmanton; stone-cutter in Ran- 
dolph, Ms. ; d. 1864. 

2) Chas. AJ, b. 23 June, 1827. 

3) Mary Antf , b. 2 Jan., 1829, m. yas. D. Kelley, of Concord, 25 Nov., 

1847, and had John P.^, b. 1849. 

4. Nancy^, b. 6 Dec, 1808. 

No. 45. 

PETER FOLSOM* (Jn.3, Pe.^, Jn^), 1718-1815, and his 
wife, HANNAH (MORRISON), had b. in Newmarket, near 
Exeter line, 12 ch. 

I. Benjamin^, b. 5 Sept., 1740; is said to have traded and 
kept tavern in Piscassic or Newfields, near Pike's tavern, a short 
time, and removed to Gilmanton. He had a dau. Hannah^ 

who m. Pease. Benjamin^ was killed by a falling tree, 

Dec, 1773. He may have been the Benjamin of Wolfebor- 
ough, carpenter, deceased, on whose estate Winthrop Oilman, 
of Gilmanton, administered, 30 July, 1788. In one of the 
newspapers of that time the town of Wolfeborough is repre- 
sented as sustaining a great loss by the death of this useful citi- 

II. Mary^ b. 1742, d. an infant. 

III. Peter^, b. 1744, d. an infant. 

(93.) IV. PeterS b. 8 Aug., 1745, called Lt. Peter, m. (i) 
Betsey (dau. Oliver) Calef, of Exeter ; removed from New- 


market to Gilmanton in March, 1773, and d. there March, 
1827. He had 13 ch. He m. (2) 1794, widow Eliz. Bean. 

V. Hannah^, b. 1747, d. young. 

VI. Lydia^, b. 22 Feb., 1749, d. young. 

VII. JuDITH^ b. 2 Feb., 1751. 

VIII. Mary^ (Polly), b. 17 June, 1754, m. Swett. 

IX. Hannah^, b. 10 Oct. 1756, m. (i) Fifield, (2) 


X. John Folsom^, b. 29 Apr., 1759, m. Miss Weymouth ; 
is said to have moved from Newmarket to Limerick, Me. Had 
9 ch. Was living in 1800, and named in his father's will. 
Drowned in Newport Lake, Newport, Me. Children, — 

(93a.) I. Mark^, b. in Limerick, Me., 19 July, 1785, m. in Dixmont, 
Me., Polly Staples, and had 16 ch. He d. in Dixmont, 29 Jan., 

2. yohn^, m. Sally Hatnmond. 

3. Peter^. 4. Asa^, lived in Stetson, Me. 

5. Wyre^, of Newport, Me. 

6. Sarah'', m. Joseph Ellitigwood, dec'd. 7. Abby^, dec'd. 
8. Betsey^, m.. French. 9. Benjamin'", dec'd. 

XI. Lydia^, b. 1761, m., 16 Oct., 1783, John (son of Rev. 
Wm.) Parsons, and had 9 ch. born in Gilmanton. He died 
31 May, 1838. 

1. Williatn Parsons^, b. 7 July, 1784, m. (i) Mary Dudley, (2) 

Mary Davis, (3) Ruih Chaptnan, of Parsonsfield, Me. 

2. yiidith^, b. 9 Oct., 1786, m. William Leavitt, of Wakefield, and 

d. 18 Apr., 1829. 

3. John^, b. 7 Aug., 1789, d. 17 Jan., 1805. 

4. Sarah^., b. 4 Sept., 1791, m. Simeon Hatch, of Meredith, and d. 11 

Sept., 1845. 

5. Hannah^, h. 22 Dec, 1793, m. yames Clay, of Sanbornton, d. i 

Dec. 1861. 

6. Lydia^, b. 13 March, 1797, m. Lawrence Folsovi, and had Lydici' . 

7. FAizabeth^, b. 3 June, 1800, m. James Martin, of Brookfield, N. 

H., d. 23 Sept., 1841. 

8. Joseph^, b. i Feb. 1804, m. Mary Lamprey, of Northwood. 

9. Jotiathan^, d. young. 

(93b.) XII. Mehitable^, b. 7 Apr., 1764; m., at Parsons- 
field, Me. (by Rev. Sam. Weeks), between ist Apr. and ist 
Aug., 1785, to Jesse (son of Jn.) Wedgewood, b. in New- 
market, 10 Apr., 1761. Both d. at Parsonsfield, Me. She d. 


17 June, 1S24, and he d. 17 Aug., 1837. They had, b. in P., 
10 ch. 

No. 46. 

FRIEND JOSHUA FOLSOM* (Jn.^, Pe.S Jn.^), 1719- 
1793, and his wife, ABIGAIL (MEAD), had b. in Exeter 
and Epping, — 

I. Abigail^, b, in Exeter, i744i d. in 1763 unm. 

II. Thomas'^, b. in Exeter, 4 June, 1746 ; m., 1789, 25 Feb., 
Hannah (dau. of John) Peaslee, of Newton, and settled on 
a farm in West Ei^ping, where he d. without issue June 4, 
1820. Though a successful farmer, he inherited the mechani- 
cal talent of his distinguished father, and when his labor was 
not needed on the land, he turned his ingenuity to profitable 
uses. He made ample provision for his widow, gave about 
$3,000 to the Friends' School, in Providence, R. I., and left 
to his nephew, Thomas Folsom®, his farm of 220 acres. 

HI. Betty^, b. in Exeter, 18 July, 1748, and d. unm. in 
Epping, 14 Aug., 1793. 

(94.) IV. JosHUA^ b. in Epping, 3 March, 1750. At the 
age of 21 he went into Maine and labored in a sawmill 15 
months for $70. With this small capital in his pocket, and a 
pack on his back, he went ^o miles west and built him a camp, 
near the north-east corner of what is now Deering, six miles in 
advance of any settlement. On 22 Dec, 1779, he m. 
Mary Blackenbury, b. 22 March, 1760, who d. 28 Dec, 
1S46. His energy and integrity soon gave him wealth and 
influence. The wilderness became a fruitful field, and the 
owner was well known in Exeter and in Portsmouth for his 
stock of fine cattle, and for the products of the farm and the 
dairy. They had 12 children. 

(95.) V. JoHN^ b. 1753, m. [17S3 ?] Mary Fowler, of 
Smithfield, R. I. ; lived a while in Epping, and settled on a 
farm in North Sandwich. It is said "he began his camp on 
the dark day in 17S6." He had 5 children. To distinguish 
him from others of the name he was called '' Qiiaker John 


Folsom." Died in 1826. Tlie writer well remembers him, 
and his pleasant, quiet home in North Sandwich. 

VI. Mary^ b. 1755, m. Silas Frye, and had 6 children. 

1. Benjamin'^, a public speaker, and a prominent member of the 

Friends' Society. 

2. Joslma^, married in China, Me. 3. Elisha^, m. Gove. 

4. Hannah^, m. (i) Southworth ; (2) Rogers. 

5. Coinfort'°, m. a Gibson. 6. Mary^, m. Nichols. 

(96.) VII. BENJAMIN^ b. I June, 1757, m., 3 Dec, 17S5, 
Abigail (dau of Jn.) Peaslee, of Newton, b. 3 Dec, 1760, 
d. 28 Apr., 1846, aged %<). He d. 23 Aug., 1850, aged 93. 
He was a farmer in Epping on the homestead, and had 6 ch. 

<97.) VIII. SAMUEL^ b. 7 Dec, 1759, m., 17 Sept., 1785, 
Hannah Peaslee, b. in Newton, 3 Sept., 1765, and d. 1800. 
They had 4 children. He d. 30 Sept., 1794. 

IX. Abigail^, b. 19 Dec, 1753, m. Daniel Alley, of 
Henniker. They had 6 ch. 

Daniel. yohti. Joshua. Abigail. 

No. 47. 

LT. JOSIAH FOLSOM, JR.*, of Exeter (1725-1S20), and 
his wife MARTHA, lived first on the homestead of his father, 
in the north-west part of the town, afterward on the south of 
the road to Hampton, near a mile east of the village. They 
had 8 children. 

I. Jemima^, b. 7 March, 1755, m., 1776, Peter Folsom* 
(Pe.*, Pe.3, Pe.2). [See No. 88.] Lived in Gilmanton, had 
8 ch., and d. Jan., 1S32. 

II. Martha^ b. 7 Dec, 1756, m., 27 Apr., 1777, in Exeter, 
Jonathan (son of John and Mary Folsom) Nelson, b. 10 
May, 1751, a farmer in Exeter and Gilmanton. They removed 
to the new farm, in Gilmanton, in 1778, the wife riding behind 
her husband 50 miles on a pillion, and carrying her infant son 
John. After a wedded life of 53 years, he was taken away on 


the 29th of April, 1830. She died 9 Oct., 1S39, ^S^^ ^3- 
Their children were, — 

1. John^\ b. Exeter, 4 May, 1778; entered Exeter Academy 1796, 

Graduated at Dart. Coll. 1803; was a lawyer in Haverhill; m. (i) 
1810, Susan Brewster, (2) Lois B. Leavcrett. He had, — 

I.) Eben B. 2.) John A. 3.) Mary Sewall, b. 1819, m. Judge Ira 

Perley, LL. D. 
4.) Susan Brewster. 5.) Jn. Leverett. 6.) Martha, b. 1823. 
7.) Lois Leverett, \i. 1824. 8.) John L. 9.) Thomas L.,h. 1827. 
10.) Eben Brewster, b. 1828. 11.) William, b. 1829. 
12.) Sarah, b. 1831. 13.) Frances, b. 1832. 14.) John, b. 1833. 
15.) Elisabeths. 16.) /i/z«<z /e., b. 1836. 

2. Josiah^,h. Gilmanton, 23 Jan., 1780, m. Jemima Folsom. [See 

No. 88, I.] 

3. Jo}iathati^,h. 2 Dec, 1781, m., i March, 1806, Lydia N. Potter., 

and died in Westbrook, Me., May, 1852. They had, — 

I.) John S.,h. 1806. 2.) Lydia F. 3.) Jonathan. 

4.) Israel, h. 1810. 5.) William, h. 1812. 6.) Martha A. 

7.) Lrene B. 8.) Mary F. 9.) J^wM. W^. 10.) 7tfj/a>^ /-f'., b. 1827. 

4. Nathaniel F.'^, b. 5 Aug., 1791, m. (i) Z-j^/fl Folsojn, (2) Martha 

Folsom. (See No. 88, VIII.) 

5. Dudley'^, b. 4 June, 1794, m. Martha Folsom. 

6. Martha'^, b. 22 July, 1799, "■■• 7"- ^- F^^ber, of Farmington, and 

had 5 ch. 

III. Lydia^, b. 1759, m., 29 March, 1781, Jonathan 
Folsom^ (Pe.*, Pe.^, Pe.^), and died of throat disease 20 Dec, 
1781, aged 22. 

IV. Mary^, b. 17 March, 1763, m., 2 Dec, 1784, James 
Folsom, Jr.^ (Pe.*, Pe.^, Pe.^). They had 10 ch., and she d. 
Dec, 1831. (See No. 90.) 

(98.) V. Dea. Josiah, Jr.^, b. i June, 1765, m., 29 Oct., 
1795, Sarah (dau. of Dea. Joshua) Lane, of Stratham, b. 6 
Sept., 1774. They lived on a farm east of his father's land, 
south of the road to Hampton, and had 7 ch. He d. 9 June, 
1846, aged 81. She d. Sept., 1862. 

VI. Dudley^, b. 15 Dec, 1767, m., 1796, Lucretia (dau. 
of Joseph) SwAZEY, of Exeter. He was a doctor in Gorham, 
Me., where he died in 1836. Their children were, — 

I. Charles^, d. at .sea, unm. 2. Martha^, m. a Waite, and had ch. 
3. Caroline^, d. single. 4. Harriet^, m. Crockett, a farmer. 


(99.) VII, JoHN^ b. 26 June, 1770, m. Orpha Meloon, of 
Epping, b. 1774, d. 1851. They left Exeter abt. 1790,300! 
lived on a farm in Sanbornton. He d. 15 March, 1864, aged 
near 94. They had 10 ch. He was a captain in the militia, 
and an earnest supporter of public worship. His house was a 
home for the Baptist ministers. 

VIII. Deborah", b. 12 May, 1772; m., 23 Nov., 1794, 
James Lane, of Stratham, b. 17 Sept., 1770, and d. 31 Mar., 
1833. They had 9 ch. 

1. William Frederic'', b. i Oct., 1795, lived in Hallowell, Me. 

2. Elizabeth'^, b. 18 July, 1799, "''• ■Samuel Sinclair, of Stratham, a 

joiner, and had 5 ch. 

3. Martha^, b. 27 May, i8or, m. Jn. Thompson ; 2 ch. 

4. Charlotte^, b. 18 Nov.. 1803, not m. 

5. Sarah^, b. 2 May, 1805, d. in Ouincy, III.; m. Sartelle. 

6. Lydia^, b. 23 May, 1809. 

7. Joshua James'°, b. 9 March, 18 10; m. ; a farmer in Stratham. 

8. Josiah^, b. 19 Aug., 1813. 9. Adaline Augusia^^h. 11 July, 1819; 

not m. 

No. 48. 

CAPT. THOMAS FOLSOM* (Benj.^. Pe.^. Jn.^), 1737- 
1794, and his wife, ELIZABETH (OILMAN), had,— 

I. Mary*, b. 14 Oct. 1760. d. unm., 30 May, 1846, aged 85 
years and 7 months. 

II. Benjamin*, b. 19 Jan., 1764, died 29 Apr., 1775, aged 

III. Nehemiah*, b. 16 June, 1767, m. Betsey (Eliz- 
abeth) Taylor, and d. 21 Apr., 1832, aged 65. She d. 21 
March, 1836, aged 67, leaving no children. 

IV. Rachel*, b. 24 Dec, 1769; m., 29 May, iSoo. Na- 
thaniel Neal, of Tuftonborough. 

V. Tpiomas*, b. 12 June, 1772, m. (i) Nancy (dau. of 
Josiah) Adams, of Newmarket. She d. 27 Sept., 1820, leav- 
ing one son. 

(100.) I. Rev. Albert A. Folsom^, b. in Exeter, 4 Apr., 1809, who 


m. (i) i6 Jan., i83r, Harriet Sawin, who d. 3 Apr., 1845, ^S^d 40. 
He m. (2) 30 July, 1845, Mary S. Mudge. He preached for the Uni- 
versalist society at Freeport, Me., Hingham, and Springfield, Mass., 
and d. 12 Nov., 1848, aged 39. 

Thomas^, m. (2) Elizabeth Leighton, and d. in Exeter 
26 Nov., 1845, aged 73. He was a hotel-keeper, and lived in 
Newmarket, Portsmouth, and Exeter. 

VI. Elizabeths b. 29 May, 1775, and d. 20 June, 17S7. 

VII. DeborahS b. 29 Apr., 177S; m. 4 Aug., 179S, Dan- 
iel Thurston, b. 6 Aug., 1776, and had, — 

1. Elizabeth^, b. 6 Nov., 1798, who d. 1820. 

2. Mary Jane^, b. 3 Sept., 1801, and died. 

3. Mary Jane^, b. 15 June, 1804. 

VIII. LucRETiA^, b. 6 June, 1781, died 12 July, 1817, unm. 

IX. Lydia^ b. 2 June, 1787 ; m., 17 Apr., 1809, Jonathan 
FoLSOM* (Jona.^, Pe.*, Pe.^, Pe.^), of Portsmouth, who was 
b. 1785, and d. 1825. She d. 5 June, 1834, aged 47, leaving 
4 ch. (See No. 89, I.) 

No. 49. 

ANDREW FOLSOM* (Eph.S Eph.^, Jn.^), 1720-1799, 
farmer, and his wife, ELEANOR (RUST), had b. in New- 
market, — 

I. Elizabeth^, b. 24 Nov., 1754, d. 8 Nov., 1757. 

II. Anna^, b. 4 Apr., 1757, died between 1795 and 1804, 

(101.) III. Andrew^, b. 15 March, 1759; m. 29 Jan., 1789, 
Anna [Nancy] (dau. of Wm.) Folsom, of Newmarket, who 
d. 25 July, 1848, aged 88. He lived till 9 Feb., 1852, aged 
nearly 93, in Ossipee. He was one of the early settlers of the 
town, and while opening a farm in the wilderness, he endured 
many hardships. He did not fail to secure the reward of his 
industry. Tradition says he kept a large amount of "hard 
money" in a chest, with which he was able to accommodate 
many of his friends when they were in want. They had but 
2 children, Eleaiior^^ and Andrew^, b. 1806. 


IV. Eleanor^, b. 27 Sept., 1760, m. Abraham Thomp- 
son, of Stratham. 

V. TuBELAR^, b. 23 Aug., 1762, d. I July, 1S03. 

VI. Sallie^, b. 5 Apr., 1765, d. 7 July, 1776. 

VII. Deborah^ b. 23 May, 1767, d. in Ossipee, 28 July, 

No. 50. 

WILLIAM FOLSOM* (Eph.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), of New- 
market, 1723-17S7, farmer, and his wife MARY, had b. in 
Newmarket, — 

I. JoHN^, b. , m. , d. of small pox in Revolutionary 

war, and left a daughter, Sztsan^, who m. La?nson^ of 

Exeter. ' 

II. Edward^, b. , went in 1779 to Gilmanton, m. 

Mehitable Burley ( ?) and had heirs mentioned in 17S6. 
Estate divided 25 May, 1792, to widow Mehitable, and daugh- 
ters Polly^ and Sallf". 

III. Hannah^, b. 29 March, 1744; m., 1765, Abraham 
FoLSOM'^ (Abr.*, Abr.^, Jn.^). They lived in Meredith, and 
had 4 ch. (See No. 58.) Their home was on a farm, near 
the bridge over Winnipiseogee river, at Folsom's Mills, near 
where Lake Village now stands. 

IV. Sarah^, b. , m. Dearborn. 

V. Jonathan^ b. , m., 7 Dec, 1786, Prudence 

Weeks. No ch. 

VI. Rachel^, b. , m. Kimball, and had before 

1786 a son, William^. 

VII. Mary^ 

VIII. Elizabeth^, both single in 17S9. 

IX. Ephraim^ (supposed), m. Dorothy . and settled 

in Durham; a joiner, who made a will in 17S0, and d. 17S1, 
leaving 2 sons, John^ and Ephraim'^. 

X. BENJAMIN^ b. 1761, d. in Newmarket, 25 Sept., 1S43, 
aged 82. Was blind 20 years. 


No. 51. 

JAMES FOLSOM^ (Wm.^, Ephi.), of Newmarket and 
Gilmanton, d. 1776. He and his wife, MARGARET FIR- 
NAL (COTTON), had b. in Newmarket,— 

I. Joseph^, lived in Fahnyra, Me., and was m. He had 
3 sons and 3 daughters. 

I. Joseph^. 2. John^. 3. Greenleaf D.^ Greenleaf D.® had 
I.) 'Joseph'', m., and lives in Palmyra. 2.) Frank'', not m. 

II. Mary^, m. a farmer in Centre Harbor. 

III. Judith^, b. in Gilmanton, 2 Jan., 1775 ; m., 6 Sept., 

1793, Jere. Sanborn, who lived in Sanbornton, and d. 19 

May, 1847 ' ^^^ ^ large family, of whom 2 were sons, Jaities 

F.^^h. 3 Apr., 1797, and Hirarn^., b. 13 Sept., 1805, who 

were stone-cutters and farmers. Dea. James d. iS Apr., 1876. 
Hiram m. Sarah C. Burleigh, in 1836, and settled on his 

father's farm. He d. 3 Sept., 1869. 

(102.) IV. James^, b. Newmarket, 2 June, 1770, m., 17 
Nov., 1791, Susanna Piper, b. 15 May, 1766, and had 6 ch. 
b. in Gilmanton. 

V. Betty^, m. Sutton, of Northfield, and had no ch, 

(103.) VI. JoHN^ b. in Newmarket, 25 Oct., 1772, m. (i) 
21 Sept., 1794, Anna Smith, of Deerfield, b. 4 Sept., 1775. 
He was an enterprising farmer in Alton and in Gilmanton. 
Jan. II, 1843, he m. (3) Hannah Bean, b. in Candia, 8 Feb., 
1793- Late in life he went to Sangerville, Me., where he d. 
24 Nov., 1857. ^^ ^^ ?>'\\^ to have been a deacon in the Free 
Will Baptist church. 

No. 5 2. 

^ WILLIAM FOLSOM* (Wm.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), b. in New- 
market (near the four corners), and his wife, MARY (LOW), 
had b. in Newmarket, — 

I. Elisha^, d. young. 


II. ANNA^ b. 1760, m., 17S9, Andrew Folsom, of Ossipee 
(see No. loi), and d. in Ossipee, 25 July, 1S4S, aged 88. 
(See No. 49, III.) 

(104.) III. Jacob^, a farmer in Wolfeborough, who m., 4 
June, 1787, Elizabeth Smart, of Newmarket, and had 8 ch. 
He was a friend of Elder Randall, and active in the Free Will 
Baptist church, which in 181 2 was in the north-west part of 
Wolfeborough. He d. 22 Oct., 1S26. 

IV. MaryS. 

V. Lydia^, both d. unm. 

VI. Mehitable^, m. Robert Smart, and had, — 
I. Robert'^. 2. Charlotte'^, w. of T. Pendergast. 3. Jacob^. 

VII. Hannah^ m. Daniel Cooley, of Exeter, who went to 
Penn. They had, — 

I. Deborah^. 2. Lydia!°. 

VIII. Betsey^ b. 1775, m. J. Brackett, of Wolfebor- 
ough, b. 22 Feb., 1767. Their ch. were, — 

1. William^, b. 1802, m. Eleanor Folsom, of Ossipee. (See No. loi.) 

2. Hannah^, d. unm. 

3. yohn M.^, a well known business man in Wolfeborough, who d. abt. 


(105.) IX. JosIAH^ b. Jan., 1774 (or Nov. 9, 1777), a farmer 
on the place owned by his great-grandfather, Ephraim^, in 
Newmarket, where he d. 28 June, 1856. He m. (i) Abigail 
Ham, of Durham, the mother of his 4 children, and (2) widow 
Elinor Batchelder, dau. of Haines. 

X. Sally^, m. Joseph Furber, of Wolfeborough, and 
had, — 
I. Williafn^. 2. Mark^. 3. Mary Ann^. 4. John^. 

No. 53. 

MAJ. DAVID FOLSOM* (Wm.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), of Ep- 
ping, 1755-1 791, and his wife, SARAH, had b. in Epping, — 

{106.) I. Thomas^, b. 6 Dec, 1752, m. Sally (dau. of 


Benj.) Watson, of Nottingham, and went West. He was 
a cooper, and about 1806 settled in Vermont, whence he 
removed to Gustavus, Ohio, where he died in the faith, with 
his Bible under his head. He had 8 ch. 

II. Sarah^, m. Hackett, and had a daughter in Bos- 
ton, Mrs. Besent^ who had a son, Gibnan Folsom Besent^ of 

III. Abigail^ (bapt. Nabby), ii June, 1758. 

IV. David, Jr.^, bapt. 1761, d. Dorchester, unm. 

V. WiNTHROP^, bapt. 1763, m. (dau. of Thomas) 

Noble, of Lee, and had, — 

1. Noah^, who went to Buffalo. N. Y. 2. . 

3. Nancy^y b. in Dorchester, N. H.; m. Alex. Caldwell, of Groton, 
and had, — 

I.) Ebeti^^ who went West and was lost. 

2.) Betsey^, wife of Charles G. Eastman, of Dorchester, whose 6 ch. 
live in Bethlehem. 

VI. James^, b. 23 Dec, 1767, m., Nov. 1791, Abigail 
(dau. of Asahel) Blake, of Northwood, and had 3 ch. 

(107.) I- IVinthrop^, b. in Epping, 27 Jan., 1794, a farmer; m. in 
Dorchester, 18 16, Mary Noyes, of Goffstown, whose father was 
killed in 1812 at the battle of Plattsburg, N. Y. They had 3 ch., 
and he d. in Iowa City, 18 Sept., 1856. 

2. Sally^, b. 8 July, 1797, d. 24 Dec, 1822. 

3. Asahel Blake^, b. i Feb., 1802, d. 6 Nov., 1821. 

James® is described as tall, straight as an arrow, and at the 
age of 75 al^le to leap from the ground upon a horse. His 
wife, Abigail (said to be descended from the English Admiral 
Blake), in the war of 181 2, gave for bullets every pewter dish 
she had but one. They lived on the homestead. He d. in 
Dorchester, 31 March, 1S45, aged 78. 

VII. Anna®, m. Moses Davis, of Epping, and had, — 
Moses^. Sally*'. Susan^. Abigail^. 

VIII. Hannah®, m., 3 Dec, 1773, Noaii Dow, and had, — 

I. Sally^, b. 3 Sept., 1773. 2. John^, b. March, 1776. 

(108.) IX. Oilman®, b. 1765-70, m., abt. 1795, Ruth (dau. 
of Rev. Thos.) Page, of Hebron. They had 2 sons. In 


1790 he was in Dorchester ; in 1S07 he went to Buffalo, N. Y., 
and thence to Cleveland, O., where he d. abt. 1843. 

(109.) X. EzEKiEL^, b. in Epping, m. Mary Norris, of E., 
b. 35 Oct., 177S, and d. at Raymond, 8 Feb., 1869. Ezekiel^ 
left home on account of pecuniary and domestic troubles, and 
is supposed to have d. in Montreal, Can. They had 3 ch. 

No. 54. 

DANIEL FOLSOM5 (Dan.S Abr.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 1739-18 17, 
farmer, Tunbridge, Vt., and his wife, MARY (MOODY), 
had b. in Epping, Gilmanton, and Tunbridge, Vt., 7 ch. 

I. Dea. Daniel®, b. in Epping [1765 ?], m. Piiebe 
FiFiELD, and d. 1832. Their ch. were, — 

1. Cynthia', b. , m., 12 March, 1839, Geo. Weymouth (2d wife), 

at Tunbridge, Vt., and d. 16 Dec, 1845. 

2. Mary'', b. 20 March, 1793, m., 26 March, 1811, at Tunbridge, Geo. 

Weymouth (istwife), had 7 ch., andd. 16 Aug., 1838. (See 54a.) 

3. AbigaW, b. 1799, m. (i) Arad Benson, and lived at Ludlow, Vt. 

She m. (2) Richardson, and (1882) lives in Bethel, Vt. 

4. John''. 

II. JoHN^ b. [1768.?], d. in Tunbridge, Vt. ; m. Anna 
FiFiELD, and had, — 

1. Judith'', b. in Tunbridge, 28 Jan., 1799, m., 1830, in Boston, N. Y., 

Elijah Folsom'' (Jere.'', Dan. 5. Dan.*), [see No. in], and had 7 
ch. She was living in 1879. 

2. Zena'', not m. 3. Jeremiah'' , had i.) Riley^. 2.) Alma^. 
4. HuldaJv . 5. Chloe''. 6. Clarissa'', m. Ami Whitney. 

7. Anna''. 8. DatiieP . 9. Maty''. 

III. David^ b. [1771-1773 .?], m. Mary (Mollie) (dau. of 

William) Weeks, of Grafton, N. H., ch. all born in Tun- 
bridge, Vt., where he d. in 1815. 

1. Matthias'', b. in Tunbridge, 1791, d. Jan., 1864. 

2. Annie'', b. 1793, d. June, 1877; m. Arctas Haskel. 

3. DanieP , b. i Sept.. 1795, m., 22 Jan., 1832, Philinda Ordway, ot 

Strafford. Vt., b. 23 June, 1807; she d. in Rochester, Vt., 28 
March, 1877. The father, Daniel", d. at Tunbridge, 8 Dec, 1865. 
Their ch. were, — 

I.) Betsey Jane^, b. 17 Nov., 1823, m., i Jan., 1861, in Strafford, 
Geo. H, Martin, a farmer; no ch. 


2.) Mary Ann^,h. ii Sept., 1835, m., at Strafford, 2 March, 1858, 

Wallace Fuller, farmer, and in 1880 moved to West Randolph, 

Vt, and have Lizzie A.,h. i860. 
3.) Frank //.*, b. 7 Oct., 1837, a millwright in Baltimore, Md., who 

m. in Alexmdria, Va.. 10 Sept., 1872, Mary (dau. of Allen) 

Dozier. of Westmoreland Co., Pa. Resides at No. 182, No. Bond 

street. Baltimore. 
4.) Susan Cordelia*, b. g Oct. 1839, d. 13 Aug, 1881. She m. 27 Nov., 

1866, Marlin Sargent, and had Myra E., b. 1868. and Mary L., 

b. 7 March, 1874.' 
5.) Sarah Celestia*, b. 14 May, 1845, ^lot m. 

4. Joshua'^ , b. 1797, m. Lucy Andrus, d. [1S51 ?] 

5. David"^ , b. 1799, m. Mehitable Fellows, and d. [185 1 ?] 

6. Olive' , b. 1803, m. John Hale, and d. Nov., 1876. 

IV. Stephen®, b. [1773 .^], m. Abi. Fifield, d. 1S15. 
They had 8 ch. 

I. Moses'' . 2. Peter''. 3. Hannali' , m. Win. Noyes. 

4. Sally'' , b. , m. Win. C. Drew, and lives in No. Tunbridge, Vt. 

5. EW , m. Amanda Knox. 

6. Maria'', b. , m. (i) Richard Noyes, (2) Phineas Smith. 

7. Abi.'' , d. in infancy. 

8. Smitlf', m. Betsey Cumings, who lives with her son, Eli S., in Tun- 


V. Rev. PETER^ b. 5 July, 1775; Free Will Baptist 
preacher; m., 21 Oct., 1800, in Gilmanton, Hannah Wey- 
mouth ; abt. 1S04, went to Tunbridge, Vt. Their children 
were, — 

1. Shadrach W.'', h. 26 June. iSor, m., i Jan., 1823, Asenath King., 

and d. 17 Sept., 1853. Their ch. were, — 

I.) Amanda^, m. Solon Bean, lives in Wisconsin. 

2.) George F.'*, m. Lizzie Andrews, and have a large family in 
Chelsea, Vt. 

2. Mary'' , b. 1803, d. Dec. 31, 1872 ; m., 31 Dec, 1822, Moses Adatns, 

and had 2 ch. 

I.) y?t. L. Adams'^, m. Frances Broughtoft. 

2.) Martha^, m. (i) LL. M. Satiborn, deceased; she m. (2) John F. 

3. Htcldah'' , b. 5 Feb., 1809, m. 18 Nov., 1827, Seth Adams, and d. 

r July, 1871. Their ch. were, — 

I.) Hannah^, b. 29 March, 1832, d. 6 Sept., 1834. 

2.) Luna^, b. 30 Jan., 1836, m. A. J. Button. 

3.) Arthur C^ b. 5 Feb., 1842, m. 18 Apr., 1865, Rosa Lee. 

Rev. Peter Folsom® d. 14 Feb. 1S33. 


(110.) VI. Rev. Jeremiah®, b. in Gilmanton, 1781, m. there 
16 Nov., 1S03, Abigail (dau. of Jn.) Bean. In Feb., 1816, 
he moved from Tunbridge, Vt., to Boston, Erie Co., N. Y., 
where he d. June, 1824. They had 10 ch. 

(111.) VII. Rev. Abraham®, b. 9 Aug., 1784, was a black- 
smith, and in [1S03?] was ordained a Free Will Baptist preach- 
er. Married in Gilmanton, 1S13, Miriam (dau. of Jn.) 
Bean, b. 5 May, 1786, d. Waterloo, Wis., Jan., 1866. He 
went to Tunbridge, Vt,, and thence to N. Y. in 1828 ; became 
pastor of a Free Will Baptist church in Cuba, Alleghany Co., 
N. Y., where he faithfully labored 21 years, — "a man of sin- 
gular modesty and simplicity," regarded by his people as an 
"eloquent preacher and a very remarkable man." Though 
called to the office of a teacher and preacher, he did not en- 
tirely forsake the business of a mechanic, but showed his ability 
to use his tools when his services were desired in manual labor. 
He died in Waterloo, Wis., 19 March, 185S. Their children 
were 9. 

VIII. Mary®, b. , m. Andrew Bennet, lived in Tun- 
bridge, and had Andrew. 

IX. Anna®, b. , m. Jn. Bean, 

54 a. 

GEO. WEYMOUTH* and MARY (dau. of Dea. Daniel) 
FOLSOM% m. 1811. Their ch. were,— 

I. HuLDAH F.^ b. 6 May, 1S12, d. 17 Aug., 1826. 

II. Hannah F.^ b. 25 Aug., 1S14, m. T. B. Prentiss, 
merchant at Aylmer, Ottawa, C. E. 

III. Phebe*, b. 18 Apr., 1816, m. E. S. Hacket, and is a 
widow at Royalton, Vt., with children. 

IV. Daniel F.®, b. 22 June, 1818 ; studied law at East Ran- 
dolph, Vt. ; lived 5 years in Bethel, Vt., 25 in Jefferson, Wis., 

* George Weymouth was deacon in the Free Will Baptist church, and cleric of the yearly 
meeting; was a magistrate, settled many estates, and was guardian of many minors. "He 
was a blameless man and a very fervent Christian." 



and is now on a farm near Marshall, Minn. Has been married 
3 times, — (i) Mary Rebecca Blodget, (2) Mrs. Linda 
Flint, (3) Mrs. Harriet E. Blanchard {nee Howell), — 
and had 8 children. 

V. Mary F.^ b. 33 Oct., 1821, m. (i) A. Cleveland^ 
(2) Jn. Haywood ; lives in Ludlow, Vt. 

VL Cynthia F.^ b. 25 July, 1825, d. 1835, 

VII. Abigail F.^ b. 26 Apr., 1829, m. Royal Cook, who 
was killed in the Rebellion. She is living in Brandon, Vt. 

No. 5 5. 

ABRAHAM FOLSOM^ (Dan.^ Abr.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 1748- 
1791, of Gilmanton, and his wife, ELIZABETH (MOODY), 
had b. in Epping and Gilmanton, — 

(112.) I. Jacob*', b. 11 June, 1773, m., 1793, Mary Fifield, 
b. in Kensington, 31 May, 1770; she d. in Washington, Vt., 
30 Dec, 1862. He went to Tunbridge, Vt., was deacon of 
the Free Will Baptist church, and had 12 ch. Lie d. in 
Washington, Vt., 23 June, 1861. 

II. Amos®, b. 5 Feb., 1775 ; went to learn the blacksmith's 
trade with his uncle, Joseph Hoit, of Sandwich ; left, and was 

HI. Abraham®, b. 17 Nov., 1776; he engaged in the lum- 
ber business on Lake Champlain, and is supposed to have been 
impressed into the British naval service, and to have d. on a 
man of war. 

IV. Ruth®, b. in Gilmanton, 25 Oct., 1778, and m. Benja- 
min LouGEE, of Gilmanton, and had, — 

I. Elisabeth'. 2. Susan''. 3. Alary' . 

4. Abraliam' , of Washington, Vt. 5. Levi' . 6. Jtdins' . 

V. Elizabeth®, b. 30 July, 17S0, m. Dea. Simeon Hunt, 
of Tunbridge, Vt., and had 3 dan. Of these Ruth Hioit m. 
Rev. E. G. alley., of Tyrone, Mich., and their dau. is a 
returned missionary from India, nov/ living at Tyrone, Mich. 


(113.) VI. AsA^ b. 30 Aug., 1783, m. Fanny Bennet. He 
went in iSoo to Tunbridge, Vt., then went to sea, and in iSio 
settled on "the HoUand purchase," Warsaw, Wyomino- 
coimty, N. Y., where he d. 28 Jan., 1813, leaving 3 small sons, 
the oldest not 7 years of age, who became prominent men in 
that part of the county. All are still living in 1882. 

No. 56. 

JONATHAN FOLSOM^ (Daniel*, Abr.^ Jn.^ Jn.^j, 1750, 
of Gilmanton, and his wife, JOANNA (WILLEY), had,— 
I. Daniel^. 

n. JOHN^ 

III. William®. 

IV. Abraham^ 

V. Hannah''. 

VI. Rhoda«. 

VII. Abigail^ 

VIII. Polly®, b. in Gilmanton, 27 Dec, 1789. In 1793 
her father went to Wheelock, Vt., where she m., 6 Dec, 1810, 
Dudley Clark, Esq., a farmer, son of John and Lydia, b. 
in Campton, 18 Apr., 17S7. They had b. in Wheelock, — 

1. Lydia?, b. 11 Sept., 181 1. 

2. Malinda^, b. 6 March, 1815, d. 11 June, 1846. 

3. John'', b. 1818, d. 1842. 4. Kesia/f, b. 1821, d. 1844. 

5. Leonard P.\ b. 1823, d. 1824. 6. Mary A.\ b. 1826, d. 1828. 

The mother d. 10 May, i860, and the father 14 Nov., i860. 

No. 57. 

JOHN FOLSOM^ (Dan.^ Abr.», Jn.^, Jn.^), 1755, of Gil- 
manton, farmer, and his wife, MARY (CONNOR), had b. in 
Gilmanton, — 

I. Hannah®, b. 26 July, 1779, m., 17 May, 1S04, Benja- 
min Rawlings (or Rollins), of Gilmanton, and had, — 
I. Maria F.'^, b. Oct., 1807, m. W?n. Waits, of Chelsea. 


2. Sally' (Sarah), b. Nov., 1810, d. 1856. 

3. Charles A?, b. March, 1813, d. 1825. 

4. Hannah F?, b. 8 Oct., 18 16, m. James A. Williams, of Boston, 

March, 1849; '^- Apr., 1850. 

II. HuLDAii'"', b. 6 Aug,, 17S1, m. Nathaniel Avery, and 

had, — 

I. A^ancf' . 2. Sally'' . 3. Betsey' . 4. HuldaJi' , m. JoJin Dearborn, 
merchant, and settled in Rumney. 

5. Nathaniel' . 6. Daniel F.' , ni. M. A. Boswell, lived in Tilton. 
7. Mary''. 8. HannaJi'. 9. J oh 71' . 

III. Anna®, b. 13 Sept., 17S3, m. Kinsman Hart, and 
had, — 

J. yohti' . 2. SamueP. 3. Nancy''. 4. Louisa'. 5. William''. 

IV. John*^, b. 15 Aug., 1786, m., in Gilmanton, 13 March, 
181 1, Betsey Oilman, and had 6 ch. 

1. Levi G?, b. 19 Mar., 1813, m. (i) Percy Cox, of Quincy, Ms., (2) 

Leah or Rachel (dau. of Jn. S. and Leah) Osgood. No ch. 

2. John' , b. 23 Feb., 1815, d. unm. 

3. William' ., b. 3 Oct., 1818, m. Elizabeth Boas. No ch. 

4. Betsey'', b. 18 May, 1823, m. David Rtindlet, of Exeter. 

5 and 6. Twins, b. 4 Apr., 1825. Aiui Maria'' , m. Weeks j her 

reason was impaired, and they separated. Benjamin G.'' , lived 
unm. witli his unfortunate sister till his sudden death in Gilford, 3 
Nov., 1878, of heart disease. 

V. Dudley Connor®, b. 9 Feb., 1789, m. Hannah Gil- 
man. Their children were, — 

1, Nancy''. 2. Mary''. 3. Alva''. 4. Almirci' . 5. Alberf. 

6. Sally''. 7. Hannah''. 8. Dudley''. 

VI. Mary", b. iS Feb., 1792, m., 23 Nov., iSio, Levi 
Oilman, b. 17S6. They lived in Oilford, where he d. near 
the village. She d. 8 Nov., 18S1, aged 89}^ years. Their ch. 
b. in Oilford were, — 

/I. Betsey F.'', b. Oct., 181 1, m. Williajn Wadleigh. 

2. John\ b. 9 Aug., 1816. 3. Sally H?, b. Oct., 1818. 

4. Mary Ami' , b. 22 Dec, 1823. 5. Freeman L.' , b. 1828. 

VII. Betsey®, b. 1795, m. Joseph Hoyt, of Sandwich, 

VIII. Sally®, b. 1798, m. Moses Lakeman, a farmer in 
Pembroke, b. 1794, and d. 1875. They had, — 

1. Mary Elisabeth'', b. 21 June, 1842, m., 18 Aug., 1873, Gustavus 
Gray, of East Tilton. 

Mrs. Sally L.® died 18 Oct., 1861, aged 63. 


No. 58. 

ABRAHAM FOLSOAP (Abr.S Abr.s, ]n.\ Jn.^), 1744- 
181 1, farmer in Epping and in Meredith, and his wife, HAN- 
NAH (FOLSOM), had b. in Epping,— 

I. Jonathan®*, b. 17 Sept.. 1766, m., in Epping, Betsey 
Brown, and d. in Fishkill, N. Y., 1801. They had, — 

(114.) I. Jo7tathatf ,\). 1793, m. Naticy Robinsoji, of Epsom, and 
had 3 ch. He d. in Gilford, 1861, aged 67. 

2. Hannah', b. 20 June, 1794, m., in Gilford, 11 Nov., 1S13, Afat/ian- 
iel Folso7n^, a farmer, b. in [Epping ?] 21 Sept., 1791, who d. in 
Gilford abt. 1877. They had b. in Gilford 11 ch. 

I.) Jonathan^, b. 6 Apr., 1814. m. , d. in Boston. 5 Mar., 1872. 

2.) Betsey Ann*, b. 30 Mar., 1816, m. Wm. Thompson, and divorced. 

3.) Phidelia*, b. 11 July, 1820, m. Dame, and d. . 

4.) Nathaniel'^, b. 17 Jan., 1822; a farmer; lived in Tamworth, then, 

after the death of his father, on the homestead. 
5.) Josiah*, an engineer at Wolfeborough. 

6.) Abram Harvey^, m. Nancy Jane Thompson, and lived in Laconia. 
7.) Peaslee H.^, of Laconia. 8.) Otis D.^ 
9.) Ira*, went to California and returned. 
10.) Adaline M* 11.) Hannah*, m. Blakely, of Alton. 

II. William®, b. 13 July, 1771, d. unm. in Canada, 20 
Nov., iSoi. 

III. Hannah®, b. 17 IMarch, 1775, m. Simon Johnson, of 
Sanbornton, b. in Epping, 14 May, 1768. Their children 
were, — 

1. Polly Folsotn'^ , b. 12 Aug., 1792, m. (i) Thomas Dearborn, (2) E, 

C. Caver ly. 

2. William Folsotn"^ ,h. 24 March, 1796; a stone-cuttter in Quincy, 

Mass. ; m. Lydia Thompson. 

3. Abigail M?, b. 3 Nov., 1798 ; m. iVathati Johnson; lived in Mon- 

roe, Me. 

4. David F.', b. 15 July, 1801, d. 24 July, 1854; m. Lncretia Hodg- 

don in 1 83 1. 5 ch. 

5. Simon'^ , b. 7 Apr., 1804, m., 19 Jan., 1832, Nancy Hoyt. He was a 

clockmaker, skilful and ingenious, a faithful workman, and a use- 
ful citizen. Died 9 Oct., 1870. Three of his sons, Robert S., 
George W., and Richard D., have become excellent workmen 
upon clocks and watches. 

(115.) IV. Abraham Folsom®, b. in Meredith, 8 Oct. 1777, 
m. 12 Apr., 1806, Mary Libbey, b. 28 Sept., 17S9, and d. in 

* When JonathanG died his widow Betsey m. soon (3 Feb., 1801) Moses Rowcll, of Gil" 
mantcn, and their grandfather, Abraham Folsoni5 tool-, charge of the two small children, 
brought them up in his family, and gave them a share in his estate. 


Meredith, 28 Feb., 1S24. Their home was on a farm in the 
north-east part of Meredith, near the outlet of Lake Winni- 
piseogee, at the mill seat, now Lake Village. The widow 
brought up the 6 children, of whom Capt. Joseph L. Folsom, 
of San Fi^ancisco, Cal., was the fourth. (See No. 115 and 
note.) She lived 40 years after the death of her husband, and 
d. 12 Ma}', 1S65. 

No. 5 8a. 

JOSIAH FOLSOM^ (Abr.*, Abr.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 1755, 
farmer, of Epping, and his wife, SARAH (PAGE), had b. in 

L Daniel*^, b. 10 Feb., 1780, farmer, m. Abigail (dau. of 
Theophilus) Blake, and abt. 1S18 removed to East Mon- 
mouth, Me., where he d. 10 Feb., 1843. His ch. were, — 

I. Harrief , b. in Epping, 10 June, 1806. 

(115a,.) 2. George^, b. in Epping, 4 Jan., 1808; a fanner; m., in 

East Monmouth, 3 July, 1831, Lttcretia (dau. of Benj.) Zisw/^, and 

had II ch. 

3. Blake', b. 1814, d. in Epping, 10 June, 1817. 

4. Abbie', b. in Monmouth, Me., 4 Jan., 1820. 

II. Josiah'', b. , m. Miss Blake, and went to Maine. 

III. Catharine*', b. , m. Robey. 

IV. Hannah", b. , m. Peaslee Hoyt. 

V. [Nathaniel®, b. 21 Sept., 1791 ; m., in Gilford, 11 
Nov., 1813, Hannah (dau. of Jona.) Folsom, had 11 ch. 
Died abt. 1877, on his form in Gilford .? (See No. ^^.) ] 

(116.) VI. Jonathan®, b. in Epping, 15 x\ug., 1794, m. 
Abigail K. (dau. of Thomas) Lord, of Litchfield, Me., and 
d. July, 1S59. They had 8 ch. 

VII. Sallie®, m. Thing. 

VIII. Dau., m. William (son of Jn.) Wedgewood, of 
Newmarket, and settled in Maine. 


No. 59. 

CAPT. ASA FOLSOAP (Nathan*, Jere.^, Jn.^), 1757- 
1S43, aiid his wife, SALLY (BOARDMANj, had b. in New- 
market, — 

(117.) L Nathan Boardman®, b. 1780, m. Sarah (dau of 
Edmund H.) Quincy, of Portsmouth, where for many years 
he was engaged in trade. He removed to Bangor, Me., where 
his wife d. in 1844, aged 53. He d. at the house of his son in 
Putnam County, 111., March, 1863. They had 10 ch. 

(118.) IL Betsey^ (Elizabeth), b. 17 June, 1782, m., 16 
Aug., iSo3, Dea. Daniel Mathes, of Durham, b. 27 Nov., 
1777, who d. 26 June, 1856, and had 6 ch. 

IIL Sally®, b. 22 Oct., 17S4, m., 1800, Samuel Coch- 
rane, of Pembroke, and had 7 ch. She d. i Sept., 1867. 

IV. Nancy*', b. 16 Sept., 1786, m. Tash, of New 

Durham. ' 

V. Hannah®, b. 5 Dec, 1788, and d. 25 Feb., 1873; she 
m., 19 June, 181 7, Charles Robinson, b. 29 Jul}-, 1792, who 
d. 21 May, 1866. Their ch. were, — 

1. Charles'', b. 31 May, 1818, who m., (i) 1846, Flavilla S. Ney, who 

d. 15 March, 1870. They had, — 
I.) Flavilla F.^ b. 4 March, 1849, d. n July, 1867. 
2.) Frank Wallace^, b. 17 Apr.. 1851. 
3.) Helen A^ey^, b. 10 Apr., 1857. 
4.) Charles Stanley^, b. 23 May, i860. 

Charles' m., (2) Sept. 25, 1871, Mrs. Maria (Parker) Shackford, 
dau. of Dr. G. B. Perry, of Groveland, Ms. He was Deacon of the 
Congregational church, Portsmouth, and d. 4 Sept., 1880. Was much 
interested in this work. 

2. William B.', b. 2 July, 1823, d. 31 Dec, 1857, unm. 

VI. Polly (Mary) B®, b. i June, 1790, m. Samuel Piper, 
of Stratham, and had, — 

1. Stephefi Howard', b. 1815, m. Anna Maria (dau. of Geo.) Smith, 

of Exeter, and had ch. 

2. Richard Up I on' , M. D. (D. C), m., 1841, Elizabeth Frances (dau. 

of N. B.) Folsom, of Portsmouth. (See No. 117.) 

3. Satnuel Folsom'\ b. , m., in Exeter, Harriet Leavitt. 

4. Walter"^ , d. an infant. 


5. Simeon Furnald' (or Francis), m. Mary Butterfield, of Tyngs- 

boro', Mass. 

6. Mary Boardman' , d. single in Kingston. 

7. Anna B.' , d. in Exeter, single. 

8. Sarah B?, m. Charles A. Brown, of Northwood Narrows. 

9. Victoria Florence'^, m. Rev. J. Whitney (Bapt.), of Maxfield, Me. 

10. Lizzie M? , m. C. W. Sanderson, and d. leaving a son George. 

VII. Patty (Martha) B.®, b. i June, 1792, m. 19 Feb., 1S31, 
John (son of Moses) Leavitt, a farmer in Allenstown, and 
d. 31 Dec, 1S62. 2 ch., Sarah E. and yohn F. 

By his (2) wife, Betsey Gile, Capt. Asa Folsom had, — 

VIII. Asa'', d. at sea, aged abt. 20. 

IX. Charlotte'', d. an infiint, 

X. Nabby® (Abigail), m. (i) Joseph Gate, of Allenstown, 
and (3) Daniel Leavitt. She d. May, 1862, childless. 

No. 60. 

GOL. JOHN FOLSOM^ (Jere.*, Jere.S Jn.^, Jn.^). New- ^ 
market, 1745-1S20, and his wife, ELIZABETH (SMITH), 
had b. in Newmarket, — 

I. John F., Jr.", b. 30 Jan., 1769, m., 22 March, 1798, 
Anjsia Odlin, of Exeter. Settled at Wadley's Falls, Lee, 
where he was" drowned 23 Oct., 1802. They had, — 

I. Mary^ , b. 1798, m., in Deerfield, 1824, Capt. John W. Morrison, 

of Pembroke. She d. 1874. 
(119.) 2. John O.'', b. in Lee, 24 Nov., 1800, m., 15 Feb., 1835, 

Mary F Colt, of Hadley, Mass.; lived in Henniker, and had 2 

sons, John M.^, and William O.^ He d. in Henniker, 8 Apr., 

1882, aged 8i4 years. 
3. Eliza Amf , b. 22 March, 1803, m., 1853, Capt. Zebulon Foster, of 

Henniker. ~ — 

% The widow of Jn. F.* m. (3) Jas. Ham, of Deerfield. 

II. Jeremiah®, b. 19 Jan., 1772, m., 14 Dec, Betsey 
Hersey, and had, — ~" 

1. Nicholas"^, b. 1808, d. unm.. May, 1848. 

2. Eliza M."', b. 30 June, 1815, d. 19 Feb., 1880, unm. 

III. Joseph Smith^ b. 30 Oct., 1774; a merchant in Lee; 
d. unm.. May 24, 1804. 





IV. WiNTHROP^, b. 3 Aug.. 17S4, m.. 3 Nov., 1S06, Nan-cy 
Tash, and d. 37 March, 1823, leaving, — '' 

I. John S.', of Newmarket, Manchester, and Greenland, a merchant, 
who m. Martha Fields, of Strafford, and had b. in Newmaritet, — 

I.) James Albert^, b. 13 March, 1842, m. (i) in Manchester, 1862, 
Georgie E. (clau. of Dr. A. B.) Smith, who d. 16 Sept , 1878, 
aged 34, leaving Haitie B.^, b. 17 Nov., 1870. He m. (2) Sept., 
1879. Mrs. Mary Tilton (dau. of Jn. T. Locke), of South New- 

2.) Elizabeth^, d. aged 15. 

3.) Ella^, m. Jn. O. Ajers, of Portsmouth. 

4.) John Edward^, b. in Manchester, Sept., 1853, m., 1874, in Rock- 
land, Me., Edith A. (dau. of Robert) Spead. They have Bertie 
Z.9, b. Apr.. 1876. 

5.) Charles Wells'^, b. March, 1859. 6.) Belle Florence'^. 

V. Betsey®, b. 10 Sept., 1790, m., 14 Oct.. 1S12, Rev. 
Israel Chesley, of Lee (a Chr. Bapt.), who lived with lier 
on the homestead till her death, May 23, 1S66. He d. 29 
Sept., 1S66. Their ch. were, — 

1. Joseph S.', d. 1826. 

2. /srael jR.\ m. (i) Oct. 1847, Elizabeth Glass, and (2) Ruth A. 

Boardman. He d. 1862. 

3. Elizabeth A.', m. (i) Luther Merrill, and (2) in Sept., 1880, Rev. 

Daniel Pike, of Newburyport, Mass. (Chr. Bapt.) 

4. Mary NeaP^ m. James M. Berry, and d. a widow 26 Nov., 1866, 

leaving a son, James Munroe Berry*. 
5- Joh'i F.', m. Abbie S. George, of Salisbury, Mass., where they 

ir\ed in 1882. having 3 sons and a daughter. 
6. Ora G.', in 1882 unm. 7. Hannah S.', unm. 

No. 61. 

PETER FOLSOM^ (Jere.^ Jere.^, Jn.-, Jn.^), [1747- 
1785 .?], and his wife, SALLY DAM, had b. in New- 
market, — 

I. SALLY^ b. 20 July, 1 77 1, ni.. 28 May, 1794, Joshua 
DuRGiNj^of Limington, Me., who was b. in Limerick, Me., 
23 Oct., 1 77 1. Their ch. were. — 

1. Susanna', b. 12 July, 1795- 

2. Benjamin' , b. 22 July, 1798, m., 11 Sept., 1825. Martha U'ingate 

(dau. of Levi) I^olsom^, of Tamworth, and had 4 ch. (see No. 
63, Vni), and d. in Brownfield, Me., abt. 1866. 


3. Sarah'', b. 28 June, 1801. 4. Joshua' , b. 25 May, 1804. 

5. Jatnes Brooks' , b. 12 Oct., 1807. 

6 and 7. Mary Ann' and Elizabeth'' , twins, b. 181 1. 

(120.) II. Peter'', b. 18 June, 1773; a farmer in Limerick, 
Me. He m., 30 Nov., 1797, Betsey (dati. of Jn.) Durgin, 
of Cornish, Me., and had 14 ch. He d. 10 Nov., 1S39, ^^ 

(121.) III. Betsey^, b. in Madbury, 1780, m. Capt. James 
Brooks, of Portland, Me., w^ho was b. in England abL 1788, 
and d. 1814, by shipwreck at sea, leaving 3 ch. She m. (2) 
18 1 7, Joseph Dudley, of Portland, and had George W.^ now 
a doctor in New York city, wearing the name Brooks^ who has 
two sons. She d. Nov., 1850, in New York, at the house of 
her son, Hon. James Brooks, aged 70. 

(122.) IV. Joseph®, b. in Newmarket, 1783, m., in Harps- 
well, Me., Deborah (dau. of Michael) Sennet, who d. 7 
Dec, 1853, '^ged 76. He was a seafaring man, settled in 1809 
in Eastport, Me., where he d. Nov., 1820. He had 6 ch. 

V. Jeremiah®, b. in Madbury, 1784, was a shipwright in 
Limington, and in 1819 in Scarboro', Me. He had, — 

I. Calm''. 2. Major'. 3. Eleanor''. 4. Roberf. 

VI. John®, b. 17S6. 

VII. Libia®, b. 1788. 

VIII. Mary®, b. 1790. 

IX. Samuel®, b. 1796. 

X. Nancy®, b. 1798, m. Dr. Lea der DAM,__of_Portland 
and Boston. She had 8 ch. 

1. SaraJf , m. Frank Childs, of Vermont. 

2. Maria Augusta' , m. Reuben P. More, of Northampton, Mass. 

3. Eliza' , m. Bennet. 

4 and 5. Charles F? and Leade?-'' , twins, d. infants. 

6. Leader'' ., b. 23 Oct., 1832, m. 7. Emily'', m. Pike. - 

8. AUce Caroline' , m. Porter Ntitting, ofNorthampton, Mass. . 

No. 62. 

HON. SIMEON FOLSOM® (Sim.S Jere.S Jere.s, Jn.^, 
Jn.i), of Exeter, 1776-1816, and his wife, MARY (LEAV- 
ITT), had b. in Exeter, — 



I. Sarah Rust% b. 10 Apr,, iSoo, ni., Aug., 1826, Thomas 
Hardy, Esq. (D. C. 1S13), a teacher in Boston, and in Dub- 
lin. N. H., from which he was sent to the X. H. lesfislature : 
b. 23 Oct., 1784, d. 3 March, 1S64. She had 4 ch. 

1. Charles Carrol^, b. 5 July, 1827, m. Evieline Foss, of Saco, Me., 

and lives in Dover. 

2. Laura Cordelia^, b. 11 Nov., 1831, m. William Vinton. 

3. Ma7y Z.^ b. i Dec, 1835, m., 2 Nov., 1858, Jo/in S. Pinkham, b. 

1833, who d. 1863. 

4. Capt. Washington Webster, b. 1838, m. Elizabeth Bickford. 

II. Isaac Lord'^, b. 1802, m. Lydia Titcomb, of Dover, 
and had, — 

I. Charles Edward^, of Boston, a merchant; m., in Exeter, 12 Nov., 
1849, Mary A. Payson, and has, — 

I.) Lydia T.^ 2.) Charles'^. 3.) Willie^. 4.) Fred^. 
5.) Mary'^. 6.) Helen^. 

III. Jacob', b. 1S04. m. Eliza Newell, and lived in 
Bridgewater, Mass. Tlieir ch. were. — 

1. George William^, m. Susan Christian. 

2. Mary i:.**, m. James Parker, of Boston, Mass., and has, — 

I.) George"^. 2.) Helen^. 

IV. Abraham", b. 1806, m., 5 Sept., 1S32, Abbie S. (dau. 
of Andrew) Peirce, of Dover, where he commenced life an 
enthusiastic artist, and then united the practical with the ideal, 
and adorned the homes of men by spreading his painted canvas 
on the floors of their halls. For many years his home and his 
business have been in Boston. They have 5 ch. 

1. Simeon Peirce^, b. 1833, "i- Lucia Nason, and d. leaving a sea, 

Harry^. living in South Berwick, Me. 

2. Mary Leavitt^, b. 1835. 3. Lydia Ellen*, b. 1837. 

4. Abraham Wilbur*, b. 1843 (?), associated with his father in 


5. Grace Osborn*. b. 1852. 

V. James Madison", b. in Exeter, 1808, m., in 1834, Mary 
Caroline Hoy, of South Carolina, b. 181 2. He lived in 
Charleston, S. C, and in Savannah, Ga., and died in Gor- 
don, Ga., in 1852. He was a" bookbinder, bookseller, and 
merchant, was a Democratic politician, alderman, and after- 
ward mavor of Savannah, and held an office among the 
Masons. He was a great suflerer from rheumatism, but was 


kind and generous to the poor and afflicted. His widow died 
at Gordon, in iS6i, much himented by friends of all classes 
and both colors. They had 4 ch. 

1. Col. Robert Warren^, b. 28 Aug., 1835; a physician. He was 

opposed to secession, but yielded to the popular vote and was 
Colonel of the 14th Regiment, Georgia Vols., and mortally 
wounded 6 May, 1864, in the Battle of the Wilderness, and d. the 
day following. He did not marry. 

2. Col. Jaj)tes Madison*, b. 10 February, 1838, m. Feb., 1861, Mary 

M. Roberts, of Burk County, Ga., but has no ch. An original 
secessionist, colonel of volunteers, historian of the Georgia troops, 
author of " The Heroes and Martyrs of Georgia," &c. He went 
in 1869 to Arkansas, then to Louisville, Ky., and in 1873 settled 
in Dover, N. H., afterwards in Rochester. 

3. Maria Dudley^, b. 22 Aug., 1840, m., 1865, Capt. C. A. Bridewell, 

of U. S. Army. She was a violent secessionist, is settled in 
Magnolia, Ark., and has, — 

I.) Percy Charles^, b. in Camden, Ark., 1867. 
2.) Robert Folsovi^, b. 1869. 

4. Richard Arnold*, b. in Gordon, Ga., 13 July, 1851, d. 17 Dec, 


VI. Simeon'^, b. in Exeter, iSio, d. in Dover, 1S24, aged 

VII. Major George P.", b. 1S13, d. in Minn., 21 July, 
1S82 ; m. Sarah Cross, and had, — 

I. Simeon Bartlett^. 2. George L.'^ 3. Natha7iiel C* 4. Abraham^. 

VIII. JosiAH Bartlett", b. 1 8 14, m. in Dover, Nov., 
1845, Olive Brown (dau. of Andrew) Peirce, and has 6 ch. 

I. Maiy Olive*. 2. James L.* 3. Alice O.* 4. Andrew Peirce^. 

5. Rebecca White*. 6. Anna^. 

No. 63. 

LEVI FOLSOM^ (Jere.S Jere.^ Jn.^, Jn.^), of Tamworth, 
farmer, 1753-1S44, and his wife, JOANNA (WEEKS), had,— 

(123.) I. Ward WEEKS^ b. in Newmarket, 4 Sept., 1778; 
was taken to Tamworth, a frontier town, when an infant, 
where he had little opportunity for education, having hardly 
any school but the home and the house of worship. In strait- 
ened circumstances, his mother, with eight younger children, 


had little time to teach her eldest son. Though he was a 
farmer, he inherited his mother's taste for books and readino-. 
The writer well remembers being instructed and encouraged by 
his conversation upon books. &c. Being an intelligent, con- 
scientious citizen, he was often elected to office in Tamworth. 
He never acquired much material wealth, but at his death, 
which was on the 35th of June, 1S29, he left as a legacy to his 
7 children the reputation of an honest and useful citizen. He 
m., 15 Nov., 1S02, Lydia (Allen) Hayford, b. in Moulton- 
boro', 17 March, 17S2, who lived in Tamworth till 20 April, 
1876, when she d. aged 94. Thev had 11 ch. 

(124.) n. Jeremiah^, b. in Tamworth, 16 Sept.. 17S0. He 
engaged in the lumber business in Machias, Ale., and on the 
4th of April, 1S05, m. there Octavia Howe, who d. in 
Bloomfield, Me.. 6 Sept., 1S72. They had 10 children. He 
was an enterprising man, industrious, and fond of trade. They 
lived at St. Stephen, N. B., at Ascot, Lower Canada, at Tam- 
worth, and he d. in Bloomfield, Me., 12 Dec, 1S69, aged 79. 
He sometimes prospered in his business, but met with frequent 
reverses, which he bore with undaunted resolution. 

(125.) HI. Elizabeth (Betsey) Smith®, b. in Tamworth. 29 
March, 17S3. Though she had little time for study, she was 
fond of books, and was for a time engaged in teaching. She 
m.. 10 Feb., iSoS, Samuel (son of Job) Chapman, of Tam- 
worth, who was b. in Cireenland, 11 May, i7S[. He was 
first a cooper, and then purchased the farm which her father 
and brothers had begun to clear, in Tamworth. There she 
lived and labored, caring for her 5 children and her invalid 
husband, till the 5th of Aug., 1S21, when she d. of consump- 
tion, much lamented as an humble, Christian woman. Her 
husband m. afterwards (2) Mary Hoyt, and had Joanna 
Weeks, who m. in 1871 Jere. E. C/iadzvick, of Deerfield. 
In 1846 he m. (3) Wid. Betsey Oilman, and d. Oct. 30. 1S57. 

IV. John Wei^ks'^, b. 7 Nov., 1785; went to the eastern 
part of Maine, and was lost about 181 2, aged abt. 27 ; not m. 

(126.) V. Col. Levi, JR.^ b. in Sandwich 11 Apr., 17S8, m. 


Lydia (dau. of Thorn.) Dodge, of Wenham, Mass., who d. 
of fever, 7 May, 1824, aged 30, leaving 5 small children. He 
was a farmer and a lumberman, erected mills on the Bearcamp 
river ; was in various offices, civil and military. He d. of con- 
sumption, Dec. 9, 1841. aged 53. 

VI. Joanna®, b. 39 Sept., 1790; spent much of her child- 
hood in Durham, with her mother's aunt, the widow of Judge 
George Frost. She m., 11 Feb., 1S16, Thomas Chesley, a*; 
former, of Lee, who d. 37 June, 1870, aged 78. She d. 7 
Aug., 1879, aged near 89. Their 7 ch. b. in Lee were, — 

1. Levi F?, b. i March, 1818, a farmer in Durham, unm. 1SS2. 

2. Martha Ann' , b. 7 Feb., 1820, lives unm. with her brother Levi. 

3. Eliza A'',b 2 Apr., 1822 ; went to Minnesota with her brother; 

m. at Hutchinson, Minn., 22 Mar., 1859, Enoch G. WrigJit (his 
2d wife.) After the Indians invaded the place and burned her 
brother's house and mills. Mr. Wright removed to Philadelphia, 
Pa. He d. in Durham, N. H., 3 Aug., 1869, aged 44. In 1882 
she lived in Lee, with her step-son, Edgar G. Wright. 

4. Benjamin'^, b. 1825, d. 1827. 

5. James Ezra', b. 13 Mar., 1827; m., 1864, Faiuiy Tasker, of New- 

market, and settled in Hutchinson, Minn., where he was murdered 
June 4, 1881. He left a widow and 4 small children. 

I.) George Edward^. 2.) Thomas Jewetf^. 
3.) Georgiana^. 4.) . 

6. Thomas Benjamin"^, b. 7 Oct., 1829, lives unm. with George E., on 

the homestead, in 1882. 

7. George Edward"^, b. 19 Apr., 1833, m. 18 Sept., 1877, Abbie H. 

(dau. of Isaac) PettengilL of Haverhill, Mass. He is a farmer 
on the homestead in Lee, near the line of Durham. He has dealt 
in horses, being able to keep many on their large farm. 

VII. Mary% b. 39 May, 1793, m., 30 Julv, 1815, Jere. D. 
Ballard, of Tamworth, a farmer, b. 16 Aug., 1792, where 
they lived till her death, 39 March, 1849. -^^ ^' ^^ J^^'^'y 
1867, aged 74 years and 5 months. They had b. in Tamworth 
7 ch. 

1. Marj Nye'', b. 18 May, 1816, d. 18 Oct, 1833, sustained by a 

Christian hope. 

2. Jere. £>., Jr?, b. 5 Apr., 1820, m., Dec. 4, 1847, Elizabeth New- 

begin, of Parsonsfield, Me. 

3. Wm.Ward', b. Feb. 7, 1822, m., 18 Aug., 1850, Martha E. 

IVeb.sfer, and d. in 1874, leaving Mary^, who m. Felch, and 

a son. 

4. Lucy Ann', b. 1826, d. 1827. 5. Lucy Ann', b. 1S28, d. 1832. 


6. Susan Sanborn' , b. 10 July, 1830, m., 18 June, 1859, N'athaniel 
^Hcrsey Shaw, lives in Bedford, Que., Canada; has no children. 

He manufactures sewin,i>-machines. 

7. Levi Washington', b. 4 July. 1833, m., i Sept., 1870, S. A. Chase, 

of Lewiston, Me., where he was many years a music teacher. His 
ch. were, — 

I.) Mary Louise"^, b. 3 Feb., 1873. 
2.) Gertrude Ellen'^ , b. 25 June, 1881. 

VIII. Marth a Win gate% b. 24 June, 1795, m., 21 Sept., 
1825, Benj. Durgin, of Limington, Me., b. 179S, d. [1S60 .?]. 
Their ch. were, — 

1. Benj. Franklin'', b. 30 Nov., 1830, m. in Sandwich, 4 Feb., 1857, 

Nancy Greeley. He d. in Otisfield, Me., 22 June, 1864, leaving 2 
ch.. Hat tie E.^ and Frank W.'^ 

2. Martha Afin' (twin sister), m. in Tamworth, 29 March, 1854, 

James M. Richer, b. in Alton, 24 Jan., 1830. They have, — 

I.) Martha Anna^, b. 1855. 2.) Evelyn A.^, b. 1859, d- i860. 

3.) Eliszie Evelyn^, b. 1862. 

4.) Panielia F.^, h. in Brownfield, 1868. 5.) Carrie Merita^, b. 1870. 

IX. George Frost*', b. 7 July, 1797, ni., 34 March, 1825, 
Miriam Doav, of Tamworth, and d. in Tamworth, 16 May, 
1 83 1. They had 2 ch. 

1. Clarissa Augusta'', b. , m., , d. in Lowell, Mass. 

2. George, Jr.', b. , drowned when a child in Lowell, Mass., about 


No. 64. 

MAJOR DAVID FOLSOM^ (Jn.*, Jere.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 
1750-17SS, and his wife DOROTHY (JOHNSON), had b. 
in Newmarket, — 

I. William J.", b. 1774, d. 11 Dec, 1809. who m. Cath- 
arine Gardner (dau. of Josiah) Flagg, and grand-daughter 
of Rev. Ebenezer Flagg, of Chester. She d. 25 Sept., 1807, 
aged 37. They had, — 

I. Henry'. 2. Frederic'', who both d. young. 
3. Catharine' , who m. Israel Webster, Jr. 


William J. was for a time a trader, but returned to the 
business of cutting nails, and did not live long. 

(127.) n. Hon. Joiin^ b. 11 March, 1776, d. in Chester 
(part now Auburn) on tlie 9th of Aug., 1850, aged 74- On 
account of sickness (fever and ague) when 16 years of age, he, 
with his mother and brother, returned from Harrisburg, Penn., 
and when their mother m. and settled in Chester, the two sons 
put up machinery for making nails by water-power, in a build- 
ing whicli their step-father had used for a fulling mill. In this 
business he continued till 1S05, when he became a contractor 
on the Londonderry turnpike, upon which he built a public 
house, and became a popular landlord. He was elected State 
Senator, and was for years a Judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas. He m. (i) 25 Dec, tSoo, Mehitable Melvin, b. 14 
Apr., 1761, who d. without children, 23 March, 1834. Dec. 
9, 1834, he m. (3) Dorothy T. (dau. of Lt. Josiah) Under- 
HiLL, b. I Apr. iSoo, a niece of his first wife, who d. 5 Dec, 
1S46, leaving 8 ch. 

No. 65. 

JOHN FOLSOM^ {Jn.\ Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^) ? b. [1740?] 
of Sanbornton and Parsonsfield, Me. He had, — 


(128.) 11. James'', b. in Parsonsfield, 8 March, 1785, was a 
farmer and lumberman, and d. iS Sept., 1843, in Fryeburg, 
Me. He m. Ann (dau. of Thos.) Bradbury, of Buxton, 
Me., who m. (3) Jan., 1850, Robert Wentworth, and d. in 
Bridgeton, Me., 7 Apr., 1S59. He had 5 ch. 

III. Benjamin*', b. , of Wolfeborough, m., 5 Jan., 

1816, Hannah , and had, — 

I. Freeman"^. 2. Eunice'. 3. Oriii' . 4. Sai'ah' . 5. Elizabeth'. 

IV. Samuel^. 

V. Mary®, m. Abijah Dudley, of Waterboro', Me. 

VI. William®, d. young. 


No. 66. 

THEOPHILUS FOLSOM^ (Jn.*. Jonth.«, Jn.^ Jn.^), 
1755, farmer, of Wheelock, Vt., and his wife, SARAH 
(FOGG), had b. in Exeter and in Wheelock, — 

I. Sarah^, b. , m. David Galley, and had 3 daugh- 

II. JoHX®, m. Taylor, and went to St. Albans, Vt., 

and had, — 

I. Taylor' , who d. 1871. 2. Orange', settled in Ohio. 

(129.) III. JAMES^ m. 13 Oct., 1S13, Lucy Sanborn, b. in 
Sanbornton 9 Jan., 1791 ; in 1S40 removed from Wheelock to 
Lyndon, Vt., and had 7 ch. 

IV. Theophilus, Jr.®, m. (i) Carter, (3) Hoff- 
man, and d. in Lyndon Centre, Vt., leaving no male issue. 

V. David®, m. (i) Martha Matheson, (3) Potter, 

and lived in Sutton, Vt., where he d. abt. 1S41. Their ch. 
were, — 

I. Austin' , a farmer in Lyndon, Vt. 2. David'' . 

Thomas (son of Theophilus) Folsom, was baptized by Rev. 
Jere. Fogg, in Kensington, 35 Nov., 1787. 

Theophilus Folsom® lived some time in Sanbornton before 
settling in Wheelock, Vt. 

No. 67. 

JAMES FOLSOM® (Jn.^ Jonth.^, Jn.•^ Jn.^), 1764-1S49, 
of Exeter, and Cornville, Me., and his wife, SARAH (ROB- 
INSON), had b. in Exeter,— 

I. Mary®, b. iS Sept., 17S7, and d. in 7 days. 

(130.) II. Joseph Robinson®, b. 3 Sept., 17S8, m., 6 Dec, 
iSio, Elizabeth (dau. of Dr. Charles) Winship, b. in Bos- 
ton 8 Feb., 1793, who d. 30 Nov., 1S64. He removed about 
iSio to Bucksport, Me., where he was a successful shipping 



merchant, highly esteemed. He d. there June 7, 1S54. They 
had S ch. 

III. John-', b. iS Dec, 1790. He m. , and his 

widow lives in Chelsea, Mass. He was a painter, and obtain- 
ed patents on some ingenious inventions. He spent most of 
his life in IMaine, but died in Chelsea, Mass. His ch. were, — 

1. Riifiis'' , a watchmaker in Boston, home in Chelsea. 

2. diaries^ . 3. Clara'', living at 75 Pearl street, Chelsea. 

4. Mary' , wife of Charles Merrick, bookbinder, of Chelsea. 

(131.) IV. James", b. 20 Apr., 1793, d. in Exeter, Me., 10 
Nov., 1845. He m., 16 March, 1819, Mary Butters, of 
Exeter, b. 16 March, iSoi, and d. 17 Oct., 1844. He was a 
farmer in Exeter, Me., and had 8 ch. 

(132.) V. RuFus'% b. 5 July, 1795 ; m., 27 Dec, 1820, Mary 
Currier, b. 13 Jan., 1799. He remained on the homestead 
in Cornville, Me., continuing the business of his father, cabi- 
net-maker and farmer, till his death, June i, 1859. ^^^ 
widow m. (2) Stephen Jewett, and had 6 ch. 

VI. Mary®, b. 30 Oct., 1797, d. 28 Aug., 1867. She m., 
22 Dec, 1816, Charles Frederic (son of Alpheus) Coffin, 
b. in Nantucket, 18 Apr., 1794, who d. in Lynn, Mass., 19 
Dec, 1873. About 1826 they joined the Friends or Qtiakers, 
and for over 40 years he was a well known preacher in that 
society. He was the 7th in descent from Tristram Coffin, whO' 
came from England in 1642. "Mary was a woman of uncom- 
mon vigor of mind and force of character." They had b. in 
North Fairfield, Me., 10 ch. 

1. Albert', b. 22 Oct., 1S17, who m.. Apr. 22, 1840. (i) Anstrus- 

(dau. of Pelatiah) Var>iey, of Vassalborough, Me., and has, — 

I.) Abby May^. 

2.) Charles Albert^, a shoe manufacturer in Lynn, Mass. 

Albert'' m (2) Lois Attn Burbank. 

2. Charles Folsotn' , b. 23 Aug., 18 19, settled in Lynn, Mass. He m., 

22 June, 1845, ^"^^ Maria (dau. of Micajah) Pratt, and had 3 

I.) Mary Theo^. 2.) Addie Maria^. 3.) Charles Pratt^. 

3. Avis Pitts'', b. 3 Jan., 1823, d. 16 July, 1856. She m., June 23, 

1842, (i) R. Varney, and had, — 


I.) Charles R.'^ 2.) Edward C.^ 3.) George F.^ 

She m. 22 Feb., 1855, (2) Fred IVatis, and had, — 
4.) Frederic^. 

4. Ja7nes Folsoni^, b. 18 Aug., 1825, a farmer, who m. 2 July, 1850, 

Caroline A. Burbank, of Belgrade, Me., and had, — 

1.) Edward PrescoW^. 2.) Mary TJied^. 

James F. Coffin was in 1873 3. member of the legislature of Maine. 
Edward P. Coffin rendered valuable aid in this work. 

5. Mattliew Barney'', of Winthrop, Me., b. 23 Sept., 1827, m. 9 July, 

1848, (i) Emily Stewart, of Skowhegan, Me., and had, — 

I.) Tlionias^. 2.) Frederic'^. 3.) Maria^. 

He m. 1872, (2) Sarah Chandler, of Winthrop, Me. He was Lieut, 
in the 4th Me. Battery, Light Artillery, in the War of the Rebel- 

6. Edward Clasby~ , b. i Feb., 1830, d. 24 March, 1833. 

7. Sarah F? , b. 17 July, 1833, d. 30 Sept., 1833. 

8. Sarah Folsont^ , b. 6 Nov., 1834; is a teacher. 

9. Mary'', b. 9 Sept., 1837, d. 8 Nov., 1862. 

10. Eliza Barney'' , b. 20 Jan., 1840, d. 18 Nov. 1863. 

VII. Benjamin D.®, b. 10 May, 1802, d. 13 June, 1802. 

VIII. Hiram", b. 15 Dec, 1S04, d. 29 July, 1853; was a 
cabinet-maker in Monson, Me., who m., 17 Feb., 1831, 
Emeline Chandler, of Winthrop, Me., and had 4 ch. 

1. Helen L?, b. 19 June, 1832, d. 17 Nov., 1841. 

2. Henry M?, b. 27 Nov., 1834, m., 1862, Sarah W. Foster, of Rich- 

mond, Me., and has, — 

I.) Agnes Maua^, b. 1863. 

He was lieutenant in the 7th Me. Vols., and served through the Penin- 
sular campaign. He resides in Richmond, Me., and is interested 
in the manufacture of roofing slate. 

3. John C?, b. 12 Apr., 1838, d. 17 May, 1857. 

4. Charles PFJ , b. 17 Aug., 1849, m., 15 Oct., 1870, Clara E. (dau. 

of Levi C.) Flint, of Monson, Me. Resides in Monson, and is 
superintendent of a slate quarry in that place. 

IX. William S.", b. in Cornville, Me., 4 Sept., 1807, and 
d. 28 Feb., 1862. He m. Abigail Butler, of Me., and 
settled in North Stratford, N. H. They had 8 ch. 

I. Clarence''. 2. Sarah'', m., and lives near North Stratford. 
3. Ellen' . 4. Heman' , farmer in North Stratford. 

5. Mary''. 6. Abbie'' . 7. . 8. . 


No. 68. 

JONATHAN FOLSOM^ (Jonth.*, Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 
1 747-1 8 1 7, of New Durham, and his wife, (i) SARAH 
(BICKFORD), had b. in New Durham,— 

I. Enoch^, b. Feb., 1775, m., 1800, Mary Crocket, of 
New Durham, b. 17S8. They settled in Walden, Caledonia 
county, Vt., where he d. Their ch. b. in Walden were, — 

(133.) I. John', b. 21 March, 1802, m., 12 June, 1835, Betsey Maria 

Woodcock, b. 19 Oct., 1812. They had 9 ch. 
2. Mary (Polly), b. 29 June, 1812; m. 

II. Hannah'^, b. 12 Aug., 1777, m. in New Durham, 1795, 
David Oilman, of Walden, Vt., b. 5 June, 1770. They had 
b. in Walden, 8 ch. 

1. Marv'^ , b. 7 June, 1797, m., Sept., 1815, Edward Coville, and d. 


2. HarinaJv , b. 10 Aug., 1798, m., 14 Oct., 1820. John Leach. 

3. Lydicf , b. 12 July, 1800, m., 1823, Joseph Crowell, and d. 1828. 

4. CalvJii' , b. 21 Aug., 1802, m., 1832, Maria Hill, of Ogden, N. Y. 

5. David', b. 13 Oct., 1804, d. 31 Oct., 1804. 

6. Liither'', b. 19 July, 1811, m., 11 Feb., 1849, i^^ Centreville, N. Y., 

Esther T. Banister. 

7. Sarah'', b. 28 March, 18 13, m., 1846, E. Osborn, and d. soon. 

8. Diana'' , b. in Ogden, 26 Apr., 1817. 

In 1815 the family removed to Ogden, Monroe county, 
N. Y., and in 1820 to Centreville, Alleghany county, N. Y., 
where the parents died. 

(134.) in. SARAH^ b. 20 May, 1781, m., 9 Jan., 1800, Tim- 
othy Haynes, b. in Deerfield, 8 July, i77^- They lived on 
a farm in Walden, Vt., and had 9 ch. He d. 21 March, 1856, 
and his widow 4 June, 1861. 

(135.) IV. JoNATHAN^ b. 22 Apr., 1 784. At the age of 17 
he went to Moriah, Essex county, N. Y. He m., 1804, 
Betsey Leonard, of Moriah, b. 8 Feb., 1785. He was able 
and successful in business. When he heard of the battle at 
Old Crown Point, he left his plow in the fun^ow, turned one 
horse loose, and mounting the other, reached the ground in 
season to join in the battle. Late in life he removed to War- 
ren, Trumbull county, Ohio, where he d, in 1S50, aged 6^. 
They had 12 ch. 


Jonathan^ had by 2d wife, Mary (Young), m. 1789, — 

(136.) V. IsAAC% b. 30 Nov., 1789, inherited the homestead; 
a farmer; m., 1816, Mary (dau. of Mark) Wixklev, of 
Strafford, b. Jan., 1792. In 1829 they removed from New 
Durham to Moriah, N. Y. 

(137.) VI. John YouNG^ b. 23 Sept., 1792. He m. (i) 
Sarah B. (dau. of his half brother Jonathan) Folsom, and 
in March, 1823, (2) Sophia Chamberlin, of New Durham, 
and lived in Moriah, N. Y., in Fairview, Erie county, Penn., 
and in St. Anthony's Falls, Minn., where he d. 8 March. 1874, 
leaving a widow and children. 

(138.) Vll. Betsey®, twin sister of John Y.®, m., 13 March, 
1814, Daniel (son of Daniel) Dltrgin, a carpenter, of New 
Duiham. They lived in New Durham and in Dover. They 
had 7 ch. 

(138a.) VIII. Mary®, b. 11 March, 1794, m., Sept., 18 14, 
Mahew Palmer, of North Hampton, and lived in New 

No. 69. 

MOSES FOLSO^P (Jonth.*, Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), b. in 

Newmarket, 1747, ni. , had b. in Shapleigh, or Acton, 

Me., 8 ch. 

I. Jonathan®, father of Jacobs of Wiscasset, Me. 

II. Henry®. 

III. Hawley®. 

These three lived and died in Jefferson, Me., leaving chil- 
dren . 

(139.) IV. Benjamin®, b. 1794, m. Sarah (dau. of Samuel) 
Hubbard, of Acton, Me., and had 11 ch. He was a carpen- 
ter, and d. in Acton, Me., 1839, aged 45. 

V. James®, d. in Augusta, Me. 

VI. Moses®, d. at sea. 


VII. Nathaniel", lived in Rockland, 111. ' 

VIII. William", m. , lived and d. in Acton, Me. ; had 

3 daughters, all dead in 1S77. 

No. 69a. 

BENJAMIN FOLSOM^ of Newmarket (Jonth.^ Jonth.^, 
Jn.2, Jn.i), [1751? 1790], and his wife, MARY (BAKER), b. 
1754. had b. in Newmarket, — 

I. Mary*^, b. 25 Jan., 1780, m. in Durham, 16 Aug., 1S02, 
Ballard Pinkham, both of Durham. They had b. in Dur- 
ham, — 

1. Mary FJ, b. 1803, d. an infant. 

2. George F? , b. 9 Aug., 1805, d. in Northwood in 1859. 

3. RicJiard HaW^ , b. 22 July, 1808, was living in 1880. 

4. TJio)?ias Jefferson'' , b. 11 Dec, 1811, lives in Lynn. Mass. 

5. Benjamin Franklin" , b. 6 Feb., 1816, d. in San Francisco, Cal. 

About 1 8 18 they removed to Northwood, and had, — 

6. William Ballard'^ , b. 21 Aug., 1821, and d. there. 

The mother d. 3 Jan., 1831, and the father 21 March, 1854, 
aged 78. 

II. Stephen*', b. 20 Oct., 17S1. His mother was his guar- 
dian in 1797* 

<139a.) III. Lewis% b. 17 Nov., 17S3, lived in Newbury- 
port and Salem ; m., 8 Jan., 1806, Eunice B. (dau. of Thorn- 
dike) Deland, of Salem, Mass., b. 30 Nov., 1783. They had 
4 ch. He d. at Cayenne, South America, 5 Dec, 1824 ; was a 
sea captain. His wife d. in New York, 14 June, 1S70. 

IV. James®, b. 18 Aug., 1785, a sea captain; m. Mary 
Gordon, of Durham, and d. soon without issue. His widow 
m. Nathanie l La pp, of Epping, and had children. 

V. George®, b. 22 Dec, 1788, d. 8 May, 1803, aged 14. 

VI. Benjamin®, b. 3 Sept., 1790, 6 months after his father's 
death ; learned the printer's trade in the office of the Essex 
Register^ Salem, Mass. In 1S12 he established a Democratic 


paper in Walpole, N. H. Married in Durham, 13 Aug., 
1813, Mary Pinkiiam, of D., b. 28 Apr., 1788, who d. 10 
Aug., 1843, aged 54. He soon became proprietor of the Her- 
ald^ in Newburyport, and in 181 7 commenced the Eastport 
Sentinel^ in Maine, which he continued as editor and publisher 
till the day of his death, 9 July, 1S33. During these 16 years 
he was often elected to important offices. At his sudden death, 
at the age of 43, he was much lamented by a large circle of 
friends and fellow-citizens. They had 8 ch. 

1. Eliza Anif , b. 7 Sept., 1814, d. early. 

2. Benjatnin' , b. 16 Dec, 1816, d. 

3. James", b. 3 July, 1819, in Eastport, Me., m., 7 Dec, 1847, Sarah 

Freeman Rowe, of Boston, Mass. He is a druggist in Boston, 
No. 220 Commercial street. He supplies ships with medicine. 
Established in 1841. 

4. Charles^, b. 9 June, 1821, d. Sept., 1823. 

5. Charles'^, b. 2 March, 1823, m. in Eastport, Me., 19 Apr., 1849, 

Mary Elizabeth Clark. He is a sea captain, one of the first to 
offer his services in defence of the Union. He was acting master 
in several ships, the last of which was the U. S. S. Colorado, 
under Commodore Thatcher; when she came out of commission 
he resigned, and was lately living in New York. 

6. An infant, b. 27 Apr., 1825, and d. the next day. 

7. Williajn B.\ b. 18 Apr., 1827, d. 18 June, 1831. 

8. William C.\ b. 6 Apr., 1829, d. 1830. 

No. 70. 

NATHANIEL FOLSOM^ (Nath.*, Jonth.^, Jn.S Jn.^), 
merchant, Portsmouth, and his wife, MARY (STOODLY), 
had b. in Portsmouth, — 

I. Mary*^, b. , m. Thomas W. Rindge ; no ch. ; d. 11 

Nov., 1850. 

II. Eliza®, b. 4 Jan., 1774, m,, 7 June, 1797, (i) Capt. 
Joseph Noble, of Portsmouth, and d. in Roxbury, Mass., 23 

Nov., 1859. She had, — ■ 

I. Mary Folsoni^ b. , m. 22 Feb., 1826, Capt. John S. Sleeper, 

who retired from sea life, and established in 1831 the Exeter 
News-Letter, and from 1833 was for 20 years chief editor of the 
Boston Joicrnal, making it a pure, high-toned, lively paper, savor- 
ing of the freshness of the sea. He d. in Boston, 14 Nov., 1878, 
aged 84, leaving several married children. 


2. Joseph' , lost at sea. 

3. Elizabeth Stoodly' , b. 23 Sept., 1802, m. 20 Jan., 1820, Maj. W. 

V. Cobbs, of U.S. Army, who d. Jan., 1848, aged 59. Capt. IVm. 
H. Cobbs, of U. S. Army, is her son. 

4. Olivia Folsoitf , b. 1803, m. Calvin Willard, of Worcester, Mass. 

Capt. Joseph Noble was lost at sea, and his widow, Eliza®, 
m., iSi3, (2) J0.SEPH Lowe, who d. Aug., 1S23. 

III. DoROTHEA^ b. 25 March, 1775, m., 13 Dec, 1796, 
Col. Nathaniel Oilman, of Exeter (a second wife), and 
had b. in Exeter, — 

1. Nicholas' , b. 25 Sept., 1799, d. 23 Jan., 1840; he m. Sarah H. 

Me lien, of Portland. 

2. Samtiel Taylor^, b. 17 May, 1801 (H. C. 1819), d. 23 Jan., 1835, 

3. DanieP^ b. 28 June, 1804, d. at Mazatlan, 4 Jan., 1841, on his way 

home from Canton, China. 

4. John Taylor', b. 9 May, 1806; (M. D. in Bowdoin College), prac- 

tised in Portland, Me.; m. 24 Aug., 1837, Helen (dau of Hon. 
Ruel) Williams, of Augusta, Me. 

5. Charles Edwin'', b. 12 Feb., 1808, d. at sea 23 Jan., 1840. 

6. Ma7y Olivia' , b. 9 March, 18 ro, m., i June, 1829, Co?n. John C. 

Long, U. S. N., who d. in Conway, 2 Sept., 1865. She lives in 
Exeter, and has no children. 

7. Joseph Taylor'', b. 12 Oct., 181 1, m., 2 Oct., 1850, Mary E. (dau. 

of Harrison) Gray, of Boston. He d. 4 Apr. 1862, and his widow 
m. Hon. Charles H. Bell, of Exeter, Governor of New Hampshire. 

By his 2d wife, OLIVE H. RINDOE, Nath'l Folsom* 
had, — 

IV. Capt. Nathaniel®, b. i Aug., 1791 ; a shipmaster of 
Portsmouth, who m. Hannah Sheafe, and d. i Aug., 1859, 
leaving a son, William S. JFolsom' ., in Canton, China, who d. 

V. Arthur®, b. 23 Dec, 1795, m. (i) in the West Indies, 
where for many years he was consul, in Hayti, and had, — 

1. Olivia R.', who d. May, 1868. 

2. Arthur'', living with his stepmother in Orange, Essex County, N. J., 

where his father d. 20 Nov., 1870, leaving the reputation of a 
Christian man. 

VI. Sarah ANN^ b. 1794, m., 2 Oct., 1S26, Rev. George 
E. Adams, d. d., b. tSoi, for many years the esteemed pastor 
of the Congregational church in Brunswick, Me. She d. 27 


Feb., 1S50, much lamented. He d, about 1S77. They had 
no children. 

VII. Deborah Gilmax®. b. abt. 1798, d. unm. in Bruns- 
wick, Me., 15 Nov., 1S56. 

No. 71. 

JOSIAH OILMAN FOLSOM^ (Josiah*. Jonth.^ ]n.\ 
Jn.i), 1763-1837, and his wife, (i) MARY (PERKINS) ,' had 
b. in Portsmouth. — 

I. JosiAH, Jr.®, who went to Pittsburgh, Pa., and d. 

XL MARY^ b. 28 Nov., 1793, d. Nov., 1838. 

III. Eliza'', m. Brexford, lived in Boston, had no 


Josiah G.^, m. in Durham, 13 Jan., 1803, (2) SARAH 
HULL, b. 5 Feb., 1775, who d, Sept., 1829, aged ^^, and 

IV. Sarah Hull®, b. 20 Jan., 1806, m.. i Jan., 1828, her 
cousin, J. GiLMAX FoLSOM®, a promising merchant of Ports- 
mouth, who d. of a fever on his way home from the West, at 
Lockport, N. Y., 5 Sept., 183^ leaving 2 ch. 

1. Sarah Frances' , b. 22 May, 1830, m. G. Ferdinand Bosher, ot 

Manchester, and has, — 

I.) Gihtiafi^. 2.) Annie^. 3.) Charles C.^ 4.) Albert G^ 
5.) Jervin G.^ 6) Mabel E.^ 

2. Josiah Gilman' , b. 1833; m., 8 Jul}-, 1856, Eliza Jane Seward^ of 

Kittery, Me. 

(140.) V. William Cutter®, b. 1810. a house-builder; m. 
in Vicksburg, Miss., 4 Oct., 1838, Susan Sydings, and had 5 
ch., and d. in San Francisco, Cal., 1858. 

VI. Lydia S.®, b. 28 Apr., 1814, m.. May. 1S38, John R. 
Oxford, of Portsmouth, and had 4 ch., of whom William 
Folsotn'^ was wounded in the first battle of the Rebellion, and 
d. 5 Aug., 1861. 


No. 72. 

SAMUEL FOLSOM^ (Josiah^ Jonth.S Jn.^, Jn.^), 1770- 
1813, of Scioto county. O., and bis wife, CATHARINE 
(SMITH), had b. at Point Harmah, O.,— 

(141.) I. James Smith*', b. i Apr., 1S04, who remained on 
the homestead, and in 1832 added a store, and for near 50 years 
has traded and farmed with success. In 1837, Apr. 26, he m. 
Sarah Bexntet, of Baltimore, Md., and has 8 ch. and much 
property. On the 26th of Apr., 1877, their golden wedding 
was at "Junior Landing, near Portsmouth, O.," attended by a 
large number of relatives and friends. His post-office address 
is "Fi-anklin Furnace, Scioto county, O." 

(142.) II. Samuel®, b. abt. 1S06, on the French grant, Scioto 
county, O. He m. (i) Abigail Barrett, and (2) Kate 
Cochrane, and had 4 children by each of his wives. He d. 
from the effects of small-pox in 1864. 

HI. MELIssA^ b. 1808, m., 1827, John M. Berry, a 
farmer in Scioto count}', O., and d. in 1852. She had 7 ch. 

1. yoJui H?, b. in 1832, m. Elizabeth McCofjnick, and lives at Proc- 

torsville, Lawrence county, O., with a large family of children. 

2. Samuel FJ, b. in 1835, ™- Augusta Cook, and lives in Gibson, 

Buffalo County, Neb. 

3. Catharine' , b. in 1837, m. (i) Calvin Salada}',^'\\o was lost at sea. 

She m. (2) Andrew Crawford, manager of Scioto Furnace, Scioto 
county, O. She has 3 ch. 

4. Mary F.~ , b. Sept., 1838, m. Lemuel Saladay, and has no ch. 

5. James' , b. 1840, d. 1863, in the army. 

6. Smith F.'^ , b. 1842, m. Melissa Stone, of Meigs county, O. 

7. Augusta'', b. 1849, '"• Milton Humphrey, fiirmer, at Wheelersburg, 

O. She d. Aug., 1876. 

IV. Mary Folsom®, b. 19 Dec, 181 1, m. 30 Jan., 1834, 
Rev. James Taylor, b. i July, 1810, in Tioga county, N. Y. 
He was a Methodist preacher, and d. i Feb., 1864. The 
widow lives with her son. Children of Rev. James and Mary 
(Folsom) Taylor, — 

1. Smith' , b. 20 Dec, 1834, d. 8 June, 1850. 

2. John IV.', b. 3 Dec, 1837, d. 3 Aug., 1841. 

3. Julia Ann'', b. 31 Dec, 1839, d. 26 July, 1841. 

4. Landon'' , b. 13 June, 1842, d. 26 Aug., 1843. 


5. Charles IVJ, b. 19 Aug., 1844. He is editor of a paper in Bush- 

nell, 111. 

6. Wilbur Fisk'^ , b. 9 Jan., 1S48; is bookkeeper for E. E. Ewing, 

Portsmouth, O. 

7. Harvey B?, b. 23 June, 185 1 ; editor oi Prairie Herald, Prairie 

City, III. 
Z. Olin Kent'^, b. i June, 1854, d. 10 Nov., 1859. 

No. 73. 

JONATHAN FOLSOM5 (Josiah* Jonth.«, Jn^., Jn^), 
1779-1873, and wife, SARAH (ROWE), had I) ch. b. in 
Gilford and in Meredith, — 

I. Jeremiah'', b 8 May, 1S03, m., 3 Jan., 1828, Rhoda 
Ranlet, of Gilmanton, They had, — 

1. Lucy'', b. 2 Feb., 1830, m. Ebeti Doe, of Durham, and had, — 
J^rafik^. Anna^. Mary^. Eddie^. 

Jere.® m., Oct. 8, 1834, (2) Eliza Pike, of Worcester, 
Mass , and had, — 

2. Williatn'' , b. 12 June, 1837, m., Dec, 1870, Mary Bostuell, and has 

Robert Marshall^ . 

3. Eliza Adaline'' , b. 1839, not m. ; lives in Worcester, Mass. 

II. Sarah*', b. 20 Jan., 1805, m., 5 Nov., 1826, Edmund 
Davis, of Greenland, known, with his sons, for their iron 
•castings, in Dover, Portsmouth, Lawrence, &c. Their ch. 
are, — 

1. George Edward'', m. Abigail Sage, and lives in Lawrence, Mass. 

2. Edwin P?, of Lawrence, Mass., m., 22 Oct., 1877, Hattie E. (dau. 

of Rev. N. S.) Folsoni, d. d., of Boston Highlands, and had, — 

I.) Charles Edmund'^, b. 3 Aug., 1878. 

3. Charles'', m. in Saginaw, Mich. 

4. Antiie'' , m. Reuben Kimball, of Saginaw, Mich. Her mother, a 

widow, lived with her in 1875. 

III. JosiAH Oilman®, b. near Meredith Bridge, 29 Nov., 
1806. He m., I Jan., 1828, his cousin, Sarah H. (dau of 
Josiah G.) FoLSOM, of Portsmouth (see No. 71), and d. 1835, 
leaving Sarah Frances' and Josiah Gilmati' . 


IV. Eliza®, b. 24 March, 180S, m. George Evans, of 
Laconia, and was left a widow with no children. 

V. Mary®, b. July, 1812, m. Leonard Bailey Smith (of 
Exeter, in 1881). They have, — 

I. Leonard Folsotn"^ . 1. Adaline Eliza'. 3. Fannie'. 

VI. Albert Gallatin®, b. 12 Oct., 1816, m. 5 Jan., 1843, 
Olive B. Robinson, of Gilford, b. 28 Sept., 1821, who d. 27 
June, 1881, in Laconia. Albert G. has long been one of the 
most wealthy and influential citizens of Laconia. Their ch. 
are, — 

1. Albert Frederick'^, b. 19 Nov., 1843, d. 22 May, 1847. 

2. Sarah Olivia'', b. 27 Aug., 1846, m. Warren Saunders, of Melrose, 

Mass., and has, — 

I.) Mabel A.^, b. Oct., 1871. 

2.) Albert Warren'^, b. March, 1872, d. an infant. 

W. Saunders and wife live in Chicago in 1882. 

3. Ada Atigustd' ., b. 2 May, 1848, m. Samuel B. SfnitJi, of Laconia, 

and has, — 

I.) Catharine (Katie) Olive^, b. 25 March, 1870. 

2.) Bertha Louise^, b. 15 March, 1872, d. 29 July, 1872. 

3.) Louise C^ b. 13 Aug., 1873. 4.) James^, b. 17 Feb., 1876. 

VII. Adaline®, b. 16 Feb., 1819, m., 25 Sept., 1851, Jona- 
than Chase, of Conway, a clothier, then a judge, who d. 5 
Sept., 1870, aged 75. She d. 25 Sept., 1858, and left, — 

I. Willie Folsonf , b. 26 Aug., 1857, a student at Dartmouth college 
in 1876. 

VIII. Olivia Ann®, b. 29 July 1821, d. 35 Jan., 1838. 

IX. Charles®, b. 1823, d. 9 Sept., 1848, aged 24. 

No. 74. 

NATHANIEL FOLSOM, Jr.^ (JosiahS Jonth.', Jn.^, 
Jn^), 1782-1866, of Portsmouth, and his wife, MARY 
(SMITH), had b. in Portsmouth 4 sons and 2 daughters. 

(143.) I. Rev. Nathaniel Smith®, d. d., b. 12 March, 1806 ; 
entered Exeter academy in 1824, graduated (D. C.) in 1828, 



Andover Theological Seminary in 1S31, ordained by Newbury- 
port Presbytery in 1S31, went a missionary to I.iberty county, 
Ga., and returned horseback in the spring of 1S32. Married, 
30 Sept., 1S32, Axx Wendell (dau. of Hon. Hunking) Pen- 
hallow, of Portsmouth. She went with him to a mission 
field in Cleveland, O. In Feb., 1S33. he became Professor of 
Languages in Lane Seminary, at Walnut Hills, O. From 1S34 
to 1S36 he was Professor of Biblical Literature in Western 
Reserve College, Hudson, O. Having suffered in health, he 
returned from Ohio, and became pastor of the Congregational 
church in Francestown, N. H. In 1S3S he took charge of 
High Street church. Providence, R. I. In 1S40, from a 
change of doctrinal views, he resigned, and from 1S40 to 1847 
was pastor of the Laiitarian church in Haverhill, ]Mass. ; then 
for 2 years editor of the Christiati Register^ when he was 
chosen professor in Meadville, Pa., of the Theological School, 
where he I'emained i3 3'ears, till 1861. Since then has been a 
private teacher. He is author of a "Commentary on the Book 
of Daniel," and of the " Four Gospels Translated," with notes, 
&c. He prepared from Mr. Chapman's notes, &c., the article 
on the "Folsom Family" in the Historical Genealogical Reg- 
ister, Apr., 1S76. His home is in Lawrence, Mass. 

II. Mary Gilmak®, b. 3 Sept., iSri. d. 12 Feb.. 1819. 

III. Ann Elizabeth^, b. 15 Aug., 18 14. m.. 1S34, Jere- 
miah Mooney (son of Daniel) Mathes, b. 1809, a merchant 
in Portsmouth, and d. 16 March, 1862. Their ch. b. in Ports- 
mouth were, — 

1. Edwin NathanieP, b. 4 Sept., 1834 (D. C. 1854), a lawyer, d. 28 

Sept., 1863. 

2. Capt. George', b. 5 Nov., 1836. m. Efntna W , was a shipmas- 

ter, and d 5 June, 1868. His widow d 24 Nov., 1872. 

3. Henry~ . b. 4 Sept., 1839. lives in Portsmouth. 

4. Mary Elizabeth' , b. I June. 1842, d. 10 Sept., 1849. 

5. Jeremiah A/.', b. 16 Nov., 1846, d. 28 Aug., 1849. 

6. Annie Folsovi', b. i Dec, 1850. living in 1881. 

7. Frank Waller'', b. 18 March, 1853, d. 30 March, 1880; an account- 


8. Susan Helen' , b. 10 Jan., 1855 ; teacher of drawing in Boston. 

IV. Sarah JAXE^ b. 28 Sept., 1S17, d. 16 March, 1S36. 


V. Samuel G.®, b. 6 Dec, 1820, m. Mary Ann Seavey, 
and had, — 

I. Eugene', of San Francisco. 2. A daughter. 

Samuel G. d. in Greenland 19 May, 1879. 

VI. John Henry'', b. iS Aug., 1822, m. in Portsmouth, 5 
Dec, 1S50, Lucy Jane Trundy, and had 2 sons and a daugh- 
ter, who d. young. 

VII. George William^, b. 15 July, 1824, m., and has a 

VIII. Mary Frances® (twin sister of George William), 
m., 15 July, 1845, Nathan F. (son of Daniel) Mathes, b. 15 
Aug., 1821, a merchant of Portsmouth. They have b. in 
Portsmouth, — 

1. Frances Abby' , b. 23 Nov., 1846; has been a teacher. 

2. Ellen Folsovi' , b. 3 Dec, 1849, m., 3 Apr., 1872, Casper Morris 

(son of Thomas) Tredick, of Portsmouth. They have, — 

I.) Helen E.^, b. 27 May, 1875. 

2.) Frances Mathes^, b. 15 Dec, 1878. 

No. 75. • 

Nath.2, Jn.i), 1 747-1827, of Meredith, and his wife, had, — 

(143a.) I. Samuel'', b. in Exeter 19 Sept., 1767, m. Lydia 
(dan. of Elisha) Smith, of Sanbornton, b. i759(.'') and settled 
abt. 1800 in Groton ; d. i Aug., 1845. They had 4 ch. 

II. John Folsom®, b. in Meredith, 17 Nov., 17S1, m. (i) 
Sally (dau. of Jesse) Plumer, who d. suddenly 9 Sept., 
1836, aged 53. He m., Jan. 31, 1S37, (2) Mrs. Eunice (widow 
of James) Wadleigh. He was a blacksmith in Sanbornton. 
In advanced life he suffered from aberration of mind, and was 
found dead in the bay, 15 Sept., 1847, aged nearly (yd. His 4 
ch. b. in Sanbornton were, — 

I, Noah'', b. 30 Aug., 1804, m. Polly F. Sanboj'u, of Meredith, 3 July, 
1828; lived with his father; d. 25 July, 1832, aged 28, leaving 2 


2. Ebenezer P.~\ b. Sept., l8o6, d.. aged 2 months. 

3. Tirzah Fox' , b. 13 March, 1809, m., 25 Nov., 1830, Charles W. 

(son of David) Brown, a farmer on his father's place in Sanborn- 
ton till 1867. Died 8 Dec, 1873, aged 66, "a good man and a 
consistent Christian." Their 5 ch. were b. in Sanbornton. 

I.) Lncinda^, b. 20 Nov., 1831, m. P. Y. Howlami, of Sanbornton, 

and had 4 ch. 
2.) Noah F.\ b. 5 Dec, 1833, m., 1858, Ellen McC. Smith, and had 

5 ch. He was in 1877 a stone-mason and farmer in Georgetown, 

3.) Sarah Morrill*, b. 10 Nov., 1837, m. Ltithcr Morrison. 
4.) Elizabeth Moses'*, b. 13 March, 1842, d. 21 March, 1849. 
5.) Chase Proctor*, b. 16 Feb., 1847, m., 10 June, 1869, Celestia 

Howe. He is a farmer on the Plumer place, in Sanbornton, and 

has Lewis Alfred'^. 

4. Susamia Plumer', b. 19 Jan., 1812, m. Thomas Bickford, of 


III. Joshua or Nathaniel®. 

IV. Susanna®, b. 33 Dec, 1769, m. Nathaniel Plumer, 
a farmer in Meredith, who d. 13 June, 1853, aged 89. She d. 
22 May, 1829, aged 59. Their ch. were, — 

1. John', b. 7 Feb., 1791, d. aged 17. 

2. iVathaniel, 'Jr.', b. 19 Feb., 1793, d. 5 Jan., 1822. 3 ch. 

3. Sally Morrill' , b. 27 Apr., 1795, m. David A?nes, Jr., of Camp- 

ton, 27 Feb., 1826: d. 1838. 

4. Nicholas Folsom' , b. 20 July, 1797, m. Susan D. Kelley j a farmer 

of North Hampton. 

5. Polly P.', b. II June, 1800, m. Aaron Sleeper, of Bristol, and d. 3 

Nov., 1859; had i son. 

6. Jesse' , b. 23 July, 1802, m. Lydia Goss, and d. 18 June, 1854, aged 


7. David Burleigh" , b. 25 June, 1806; retained the homestead; was a 

drover; m. Mary G. Flanders. Died in Chicago, 13 Sept., 1872, 
aged 66. They had 4 ch. 

V. Mary®, b. 5 Sept., 1774, and d. iS May, 1S02, aged 27; 
m. Capt. Elisha (son of Gideon) Piper, a farmer of San- 
bornton, who d. 30 June, 1834, aged 66. She had 4 ch. 

1. Rachel' , b. 9 June, 1795, m. John Palmer, of North Hampton, and 

d. 5 Jan., 1837. No ch. 

2. Mehitable' , b. 20 March, 1797, m. Benj. Farnham. 

3. Susanna P.', b. 20 May, 1799, m. Smith Leavitt, of Meredith, a 


4. Moses P.'. b. 7 June, 1801, m. Betsey Ambrose, and d. 7 Oct., 

1863: a deacon in the Pine Hill Baptist church, Sanbornton, and 
leader of the choir many years. 


No. 76. 

JEREMIAH FOLSOM« (Nath.^ ]ere.\ Nath.^, Nath.^ 
Jn.^), 17S3-1S64, Mt. Vernon, Me., and his wife, NANCY 
(THOMAS), had b. in Mt. Vernon, Me.,— 

(144.) I. Wm. Thomas'', b. 31 July, 1807, fanner and 
mechanic in Augusta, Me., who m. Hannah (dau. of Nathan) 
Whitney, b. 19 March, 1804, and d. 30 March, 1865. They 
had 4 ch. 

II. RuFus H.'^, b. 17 March, 1809, m. Parthenia Porter, 
b. July, 1805, of Vienna, Me. He had 3 sons and 2 daugh- 
ters, and died 18 May, 1869. 

1. James //.^ b. 9 July, 1833, m., 23 Aug., 1866, (dau. of Thos.) 

Smith, of Mt. Vernon, Me. 

2. Benjamin P.^, b. 20 Aug., 1836, m., 7 Sept., 1866, (dau. of 

James H.) Chapman, of Mt. Vernon, Me. 

3. Julia it.8, b. 29 Oct., 1838, d. 24 Nov., 1865. 

4. Danforth T.», h. 7 March, 1843, d. 8 March, 1866. 

5. Carrie /,.*, b. 15 Sept., 1845, d. 26 May, 1866. 

III. John Clark% b. i Sept., iSii ; not m. in 1876, in 
Vienna, Me. 

IV. Dr. Aaron L.'^, b. 30 Sept., 1814; m. ; is a homoeo- 
pathic doctor in Monticello, Me. 

V. Louisa T.% b. 6 Jan., 1S17, d. 3 Jan., 1853. 

VI. Sarah C.^ b. 26 Jan., 1820, m. Stephen Veasie, and 
lives in Eaton, Steuben county, N. Y. 

VII. Robert Hilcon'', b. 26 July, 1822, m., abt. 1850, 
Vashti Briggs, b. in Vermont. He d. March i3, 1858, and 
she d. Nov., 1S66. Their ch. were, — 

1. Melville'^, b. , lived in Lowell, Mass. 

2. Sjimner B.^,h. in Winthrop, Me., 20 Jan., 1851, m. in Chicago, 

111., 8 Jan., 1875, Annie (dau. of John) Lyons. In 1878 he was 
steward of Briggs House, in Chicago. 

3. Walter"^, works in tin-ware, Augusta, Me., 1877. 

VIII. Danhcl L.'', b. 30 Apr., 1825; farmer; not m. ; in 
Vienna, Me. 

IX. George B.^ b. 9 Apr., 1S31, d. 31 Jan., 1855. 


No. 77. 

JOHN DEARBORN FOLSOM^ (Benj.^ Nath.', Nath.», 
Jn.^), 1 763-1854, fanner, had, — 

I. Ruth'', b. in Machias, Me. 

(145.) II. BENJAMIN^ b. 18 May, 1778, m., March, 1797, his 
cousin, Charlotte (dau. of Nathaniel) Folsom, and settled 
in Vienna, Me., a successful farmer, and honored by his towns- 
men as an officer. In 1870 he went to Rome, Me., where he 
d. 25 Jan., 1875. His wife d. 26 Aug., 1877, aged 86. They 
had 14 ch. 

III. Elisha^. 

IV. Cyrus G.*, b. 1801. 

Both of these went with their families to Oconto, Oconto 
county, Wis., where Cyrus G. lived, Jan., 1882. Had 3 daugh- 

V. Hannah^ b. , m. Mr. Blackman. Their ch. 

were, — 

1. Elisha F. Blackmati' , b. 26 Apr., 1833, lives in Augusta, Me. 

2. IVm. R. Blackmail" , of East Cambridge, Mass. 

VI. Olive®, m. Josiah Thing, and lived at Waterv'ille, 
Me. She had, — 

I. Josia/f, who d. 2. Heiiry^. 3. Mary'' ^ not m. 
4. Augusta"^. 5. Webb'. 

No. 78. 

PETER SANBORN FOLSOM^ (Benj.*, Nath.^, Nath.», 
Jn.i), 1766, and his wife, BETSEY (PHILBRICK), had b. in 
Mt. Vernon, Me., — 

I. Titus Philbrook®, b. abt. 1796, m. (i) , lived in 

Mt. Vernon, Me. ; m. (2) Martha Foster, and lived in East 
Machias ; d. in 1832 ; left an only son, — 


I. Paul Foster''^ I). 29 Feb., 1820, who worked his way to eminence 
among the Christian merchants of Boston, Mass. He m. (l) 
Maria G. (dau. of Jesse) Brown, who d. 5 March, 1852. He m. 
(2) Helen S. F. (dau. of George W.) Livertnore, of Cambridge, 
Mass. She was b. 15 June, 1830. Their children were, — 

I.) Martha Maria^, b. 7 Feb., 1852, m. E. IV. Citfler, of Worcester, 

2.) Sarah Helen^, b. 15 Oct., 1854. 
3.) Je7inie Sophia^, b. 20 Apr., 1856, m. Dr. Henry Broughton, of 

4.) Maria Olivia^, b. 18 Nov., 1861. 
5.) George Frank^, b. 18 July, 1864. 
6.) Paul Foster, Jr.^, b. 23 Sept.. 1865. 
7.) Eva^, b. 30 Jan., 1868. 8.) Grosvenor^, b. 8 Aug., 1872. 

II. Peter Sanborn, Jr.®, b. 14 Oct., 1787, and d. 2 Apr., 
1858, aged 71. He m. Mary Lane, b. 22 Nov., 1788, who 
d. 3 Sept., 1866. Their ch, were, — 

1. John Z.^ b. 30 Oct., 1808, d. 5 Apr., 1852. 

2. Peter'', b. 2 Dec, 1810, m., 2 Jan., 1838, (i) Eunice Dorjnan, and 

had b. in Mt. Vernon, — 

I.) Sarah O.^, b. 22 Feb., 1839. 2.) Philura^, b. 9 July, 1841. 

3.) Mary M.^, b. 5 March, 1843, d. 23 Aug., 1858, aged 15. 

4.; Ferdi)iand^, b. 15 July, 1845. 5-) ^^lyra M.^, b. 5 March, 1848. 

Peter"^ m. (2) Sept., 1867, Julia A. Phillips (dau. of Jn.) Brown. 

3. Samuel L? , b. 2 Feb., 1813, d. 15 July, 185 1. 

4. Henry HJ, b. 10 Sept., 1815, d. 25 Aug., 1854. 

5. Mary Z..'', b. 8 May, 18 19, m. Nathaniel Leighton, a farmer in Mt. 

Vernon, Me. 

6. Peter^ (or Peter''), had a daughter Sarah, who m. a Shattuck, and 

lived in Burlington, Vt. 

7. Julia A.'', b. 16 July, 1825. 

III. Stephen®, m. Miss Lane, and had Peter'' , who lived 
in Mt. Vernon, Me. 

IV. Abigail®, b. 1794, m. Amos King, and d. Apr., 186S. 
He d. 9 Jan., 1870, aged 80. They had b. in Mt. Vernon, 

1. Bradbury F.'', b. 7 Jan., 1819, m. twice, lives in Mt. Vernon. 

2. Hemy H.'' , b. May, 1830, and died, aged 16. 

3. John Kr^, b. Jan., 1833, d. 1835. 

4. Charles Z/.^, b. 24 Jan., 1836. living in 1877. 

V. Benjamin®, b. in 1804, lived in Topsfield, Me., in 1876. 

VI. Olivia®, m. Robert Yalalee, of Bangor, Me. 


No. 79. 

BENJAMIN FOLSOAP (Isr.*, Isr.s, Isr.S Jn.i), 1766- 
1835, and his wife, ABIGAIL (EASTMAN), had b. in Tam- 
worth, — 

I. Daniel'', m. Martha Qiltimby, and had 9 ch. 
I. Daniel, Jr.'', of Industry, Me. 

II. Dorothy^ m. Samuel Fogg, and had 9 ch. 

(145a.) III. NATHANIEL^ b. 13 March, 1794, m. in Stark, 
Me., 2 Nov., 1819, Dorcas Olive Hutchins, b. 23 Feb., 
1791, d. 28 June, 1S54, He d. 14 May, 1S68. 

IV. Sarah®, m. in Tamworth, 1810, Wm. Quimby, of 
Sandwich, and had i child. 

V. Mary% d. unm. 

VI. Abbie'^, d. unm.. May, 1821. 

VII. Hepsibah®, m. Jn. Dutton. They had 8 ch. 

VIII. William E.*, b. in Tamworth, 17 May, 1796, m., 25 
Sept., 1817, Betsey (dau. of Josiah) Dutton, of Stark, Me, 
(who d. I March, 1874), where he lived 40 years, and died 
Apr., 1S56. Their ch. b. in Stark were, — 

1. Caroline S?, b. 2 Aug., 1818, m., 2 July, 1842, Otis Bret, and had 

9 children. 

2. Abbie'^ , b. 8 July, 1820, m., 24 Nov., 1850, A. J. Dearborn, and 

had 3 children. 

3. William'^, b. 8 Apr., 1822, m., 11 Oct., 1846, Ann G. Lincoln, who 

d. 23 May, 1851, leaving Anna A.^, who m., 1876, Edward N. 
Merj-ill, and has one son. 
William'' m. 28 Sept., 1S52, ("2) A. Eliza Barrell. 

4. Lois Marialv , b. 23 July, 1824, m., 23 Feb., 1849, ■^^'(/"- Dearborn, 

and d. 27 Apr., 1850, leaving a daughter in North Hampton, 
N. H. 

5. John Eastman'^, b. i Apr., 1826, m., 15 Nov., 1S54, Mary A. 

Lucas. He d. in Stark, Me., 2 Dec, 1856. 

6. Betsey'' (or Elizabeth), b. 6 Jan., 1828, m., 16 March, 1848, Alvah 

Dearborn. They had 4 ch. 

7. Josiah D?. b. 27 March, 1830, m., 24 Feb., 1856. Louisa P. Upton„ 

and had, — 

I.) Lizzie E.^, b. 26 Nov., 1856. 

2.) Carrie IV.^, b. 22 June, 1861, d. Aug., 1864. 


8. Mahala E', b. 5 March, 1832, m. 30 March, 1851, Defij. Dearborn, 

and has 8 daughters. 

9. Beiijainiii P.' , b. 30 Nov., 1834, m., 8 Jan., i860, Sarah E. Priest, 

and had, — 

I.) Viola E.\ b. 8 Jan., i860. 2.) Marion JV.\ b. 8 May, 1863. 
3.) Maj S.^, b. 13 March, 1870. 

10. Sophia W?, b. 30 Aug., 1837, m., 5 Aug., 1858, Joseph H. Chap- 
7na)i. She d. 12 Sept., 1867. They had 5 ch. 

11. Charles C, b. 25 March, 1840, m. in Mercer, Me., 25 Aug., 1861, 
Liicinda P. (dau. of PliiHp) Norcross, of New Sharon, Me. He 
is sergeant of police in Somerville, Mass., 1882. 

IX. Israel*^, b. 5 Aug., 1S04, m., in Sandwich, 20 Jan., 
1822, Lucy A. Quimby, b. 3 Sept., 1800. He d. 17 July, 
1866, in Farmington, Me., where his wife Hved in i88i. 
Their ch. b. in Stark, Me., were, — 

1. Vietma'^, b. 22 Jan., 1823, d. 25 Jan.. 1828. 

2. Margaret Q.~, b. 31 July, 1825, in Industry, Me., d. 16 Sept., 1847, 

in Strong, Me. 

3. Amos Q.'' (twin brother of Margaret O.), d. 5 Sept., 1826. 

4. A7nos Q.', b. 23 March, [828, in Stark, Me., m., 6 Apr., 1852, in 

Norridgewock, Me., Sarah Ladd, and had, — 

I.) Rose^, b. 1855, m. George Ladd. 2. Jennie^, b. 1869. 
And 7 others that died. 

5. Lucy A.'', h. 25 Feb., 1832, m., 4 March, 1852, John Mosher, of 

Strong, Me. 

6. Irene N?, b. 13 Sept., 1833, m., 18 Feb., 1858, Samuel Masher, of 

Strong, Me. 

7. Huter A. R.\ b. in Strong, Me., 28 July, 1838, d. 6 Aug., 1838. 

8. Fannie N? (twin sister of Huter A. R.), d. 28 July, 1838. 

9. Climena"^, b. 31 March, 1841, d. 22 Feb., 1856. 

No. 80. 

JOHN FOLSOM^ (Isr.*, Isr.^, Isr.^, Jn.^), 1778, a farmer 
in Tamworth, and his wife, SALLY (JACKSON), had b. in 
Tamworth, — 

(146.) I. JosiAH P.®, b. 26 July, 1802, a farmer in Tamworth, 
m., 1839, HuLDAH Downs, and had 6 ch. He d. 19 Dec, 
1879, aged 77. 

II. Samuel^, b. 26 March, 1804, m., 1825 (i) Mercy 
Downs, who was for many years blind. He m. (3) Mrs. 


Susan Pease. He d. 19 May, 1S79, aged 75. He had no 

III. JoHN^ b. 34 Dec, 1S05, "1-5 15 Dec, 1831, Olive 
Goodwin, of Berwick, Me., and had 2 children. In 18S1 his 
home was in Lynn, Mass. His ch. were, — 

I. John Albion'', b. in Somersworth, 14 Feb., 1834, m., 10 Dec, 1854 
(i) Mary Thurstin, and had, — 

I.) Ella Prances'^, b. in Rochester, 18 Nov., 1855. 
2.) George Edwiii^, b. 26 June, 1857. 

John Albion"' m. (2) Jennie Sullivan, of Sherbrooke, C. E., 7 Sept., 
1864. She d. 29 July, 1867, leaving, — 

3.) Benjamin A.^, h. 26 Aug., 1866 ? 

John A. m. (3) P/tilena Flanders, of Waldoboro', Me., 19 May, 
1872, and had, b. 20 Nov., 1874, Envna Maud^. 

IV. Polly M.^ b. 19 Aug., 180S, m., 1S30, William 
Goodwin, of Tamworth. She d. 30 June, 1S36, leaving a 
son, Hollis' ^ who d. in the army, and a dau., Susanna' . 

V. Martha R.^, b. 5 June, iSio, m., 1S38, Joseph Jack- 
son, of Hampden, Me., who died, and in 1881 she is a widow 
in Rochester. She had no ch. 

VI. David J.^ b. 6 Dec, 1S12, m., 29 Nov., 1838 (i) 
Harriet N. Gate, of Wolfeborough, who d. i Sept., 1867. 
He m., 31 July, 1869, (2) Mary E. Chamberlin, of West 
Lebanon, Me. He has long lived in Rochester, and has 3 
children, — 

1. Charles W7\ b. in Tamworth, i Sept., 1839, '"•• - J^"-' '"'^^S, 

Lillian B. (dau. of Wlnthrop B.) Lane, of Rochester. They 
have, — 

I.) Harriet Gracie^, b. 6 July, 1869, in Rochester. 

He has for several years been editor and proprietor of the Rochester 

2. David Gate', b. 8 Apr., 1844. d. 11 May, 1845. 

3. Mary Jane'', b. 25 Dec, 1847, d. 11 Jan., 1869. 

VIL Sarah^ (Sally), b. 22 Sept., 1814, d. 27 Aug., 1S40, 

VIII. SusAN^ b. 18 Apr., 1817, m., 1841, George B. Rob- 
erts, late postmaster of Rochester, N. H. They have, — 


I. Mary Ann'. 2. Sara/i', 

IX. Nancy® (twin sister of Susan), m., 1837, Isaac 
Holmes, and d. in Portsmouth, 1S42, aged 25. 

No. 81. 

DEA. DAVID FOLSOM^ (Isr.^ Isr.^, Isr.^, Jn.^), 17S1- 
1857, and his wife, HANNAH (PHILBROOK), had b. in 
Tarn worth, — 

I. Mary«, b. 1S08, d. in Great Falls, 1826. 

II. Dorothy®, b. 1810, d. unm. in Lowell, Mass., 1854. 

III. Sophia®, m. S. P. Morse, and d. in 1857, leaving a 
son, C//a?-les -£".', now in Chicago, 111. 

IV. Louisa®, m. A. W. Sheldon, and lives in Lowell. 

V. Hannah®, d. 1857, '-"''I'^i- 

VI. Catharine®, m. P. W. Caldwell, and d. in 1857, 
leaving a son, Charles." 

VII. David M.®, b. 1818, m., 1842, Elizabeth H. (dau. 
of Stephen) Fernald, of Sanford, Me. He d. in Great Falls, 
184S. He had 2 sons. 

1. Melvin D?, b. 1843 ; a merchant in Great Falls; not m. 1S80. 

2. Jonathan Pj, b. 1847, d. 1848. 

VIII. Hon. Jonathan Philbrook®, b. 1820, m., 1855, 
Mary E. Clark, of Tewksbury, Mass., who d. 19 July, 1871. 
He is a merchant in Lowell, Alass., and has been mayor of the 
city. Their ch. were, — 

1. Arthur Clark'', b. 13 Jan., 1856; in business with his father. 

2. Mary Blanche'', b. 23 June, 1859, m., 5 Oct., 1881, Frank M. 

White, of Winchester, Mass., whose business is at Cornhill, Bos- 

3. Kate' , b. June 21, 1862. 

4. Walter Hosf or d'', b. 12 Nov., 1864. 

5. Benjaniin Leighton' , b. 12 May, 1871. 

IX. Harriet N.®, b. 1S24, m. Benj. F. Leighton, of 
Haverhill, Mass. Has no children. 



No. 82. 

ELIPHALET FOLSOM^ (Jn.^ Pe.», Pe."-, Jn.^), of Ray- 
mond, and his wife, MARY (FULLONTON), had b. in 
Raymond, — 

I. JoNATHAN^ b. i8 Oct., i775; bapt. at Epping, 1775; 
not m. ; a farmer ; d. 8 Dec, 1871. 

II. An infant^ b. and d. March 3, 1777. 

III. Polly" (Mary), b. 7 Feb., 17S0, m. James Youxg, of 
Deerfield, and d. in Raymond. 

IV. JOHN% b. 3 July, 1783 (bapt. 24 July), m. (i) Mary 
Palmer, of Candia, who had 5 ch. 

I. Mary^. 2. Sally"'. 3. Hannah". 

4. Delia'', m. (2) Collins, of Syracuse, N. Y. 

(147.) 5- yohn Franklin'', b. 1820, d. 7 July, 1857. He m. Eliza- 
beth Pilsbiiry, and had 6 ch. He was a farmer in Raymond. 

John Folsom^ m. (3) Mrs. Pilsbury, of Raymond, and 
had, — 

6. Julia Ann'', m. Mr. Littlefield, who d. in Raymond. 

7. Emily'' , m. Mr. Brooks, of West Newbury, Mass. 

(148.) V. JAcoB^ b. I July, 1785, d. May, 1S37 ; m. Hul- 
dah (dau. of Samuel) Folsom, of West Epping, and settled 
in Epping ; had 7 children ; and removed to Maine. 

VI. Eliphalet, Jr.^ b. 7 Dec, 1788, m. Mary (dau of 
Samuel) Folsom, of Epping ; removed to Monmouth, Me., 
and had 3 children. 

I. Henry'' . (See No. 97.) 

VII. Francis'"', b. 10 Feb., 1792, d. on the homestead, 
unm., 3 May, 1833. 

VIII. Thomas*^, b. 23 Dec, 1794; m in Exeter, 5 Dec, 
1821, Sally (dau. of Jonathan) Edgerly, of Epping, b. 
iSoi. He was a farmer on the old place, and was 3 years 
selectman. He d. 12 Nov., 1862, and his widow 11 June, 
1880, a worthy Christian woman. They had, — 

1. Eliphalet Francis' , a teacher of promise, who d. 23 Nov., 1842. 

2. Sarah A.', m. (ist wife), Capt. S. D. Tilton, and d. 20 Nov., 



IX. Delia®, b. 21 Dec, 1796, m. (i) John Nay, of Ray- 
mond, and (3) Theophilus Stevens. In 1S80 she was a 
widow in Epping. 

No. 83. 

JOHN FOLSOM^ (Jn.*, Pe.S Pe.^, Jn.^), of Exeter, Ray- 
mond, and New Sharon, Me., farmer, and his (ist wife), 
BETTY CARR, had b. in Raymond (see Town Records),— 

(149.) I. Sanders Carr®, b. 21 June, 1785 (called in the 
records of the family, Joseph). Joseph*^ went with his father, 
about 1794, to New Sharon, Me., and m. Abigail Pease, who 
d. in 1824. He was an independent farmer, eccentric in his 
habits, living on the homestead till his death, S Dec, 1S56. 

II. Samuel®, b. 24 June, 1787 ; he was baptized in Epping, 
9 Sept., 1787; m. in New Sharon, Me., Sept., 1832, Almira 
Day, and had, — 

1. Sylvester'', b. 7 May, 1836, d. 12 Feb., 1858. 

2. Fra?icis'' , b. 13 July, 1847, d. 14 May, 1876. 

(150.) HI. John®, b. 2 Jan., 17S9 ; at the age of 4 years lost 
the use of one leg, and went with a crutch. He was a tailor, 
but confinement to his business impaired his health, and he 
bought a fulling-mill. He m. in New Sharon, Me., 10 March, 
1822, Sybil (dau. of Dea. Joseph) Willard, and had 3 
children. He died at Weeks Mills, Me., 17 July, 1867, and 
his wife 16 March, 1868. Both were earnest Christians of the 
Freewill Baptist church. 

IV. Sarah®, b. 29 Dec, 1791, d. May, 1S52, in the Chris- 
tian faith. 

V. Elinor® (or Endor), b. 23 Oct., 1793; did not marry. 
By industry and economy she purchased a home at Allen's 
Mills, Industry, Me., where she d. 24 Jan., 1880. 

VI. Betsey®, b. 1795, m. John Welts, of New Sharon, 
Me., and had 10 children. She d. 1877. 

John Folsom^ m. (2) Sarah Hutchins, and had, — 


VII. Louisa^ m. in New Sharon, Me., Eben Morrow, 
and had, — 

I. John''. 2. Ami'. 3. William''. 4. Otis'. 

VIII. Mary®, m. Currier, and had, — 

I. Einiiy, who m. (i) Prescott, and (2) Gershom North. 

IX. ABIGAIL^ m. 27 June, 1S35, Nathaniel Maddocks, 
and had 3 children. 

I. Ellen'' , b. 16 May, 1836. 2. Helen* , b. 24 Sept., 1842. 
3. Frank'', b. 10 March, 1850; a cooper and farmer. 

John Folsom^ m. (3) Betsey Turner, and had, — 

X. Bethexa*^, m. Daniel Leeman, of Stark, Me. 
XL Joshua''. 

Soon after the birth of Joshua, the father, John, died. 

No. 84. 

JAMES FOLSOM® (Jas.^, Jas.S Pe.8, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1765, 
Exeter, and his wife, SARAH (OILMAN), had b. in 
Exeter, — 

I. Sophia'^, b. 26 Feb., 1787, m., 1807, Daniel Rundlett, 
of Exeter. She d. 17 Dec, 1S63 ; had Daniel^, Uenry^., and 
Sarah E.^ 

II. Joseph Oilman'^, b. 7 Dec, 17SS, d. Sept., 1813. 

III. Sarah G.% b 7 Nov., 1790, m.. May, 1823, Silas 
Gould (2d wife), and had, — 

1. Charles^, m. Martha Coy, and lived in Boston. 

2. William O.^, m. Alary , and went to Kansas. 

3. Sarah B.^ 

(151.) V. Charles', b. 24 Dec, 1794 (see H. C. 1813), m., 
19 Oct., 1834, Susannah Sarah (dau. of Rev. Joseph and 
Ann Swasey) McKean. Her fother was professor of rhetoric 
and oratory in Harvard college. Charles Folsom was a dis- 
tinguished scholar, well known by his literary labors. On 
account of ill health he relinquished the study of divinity, and 


in iSi6 accepted the office of chaplain and midshipmen's 
teacher of mathematics, in the 74-gun ship, Washington. In 
1817, he was Charge d'Affaires at Tunis, where lie re- 
mained till 1 81 9. One of the lads under his instruction went 
with him to Tunis, and continued his studies. Nearly 50 years 
afterward, a naval officer of renown visited Boston, and, after 
the public honors of reception, visited Mr. Folsom in Cam- 
bridge. It was Vice-Admiral Farragut, who in the defence of 
his country had risen to national fame, and now returned to 
express his gratitude to his early instructor for the training 
which fitted him for the work he had done for his country in 
her time of need. When the Admiral left New England he 
sent to his aged teacher, as a memento of his affection and 
regard, a magnificent vase, engraved from sketches drawn by 
his own hand. He was some time librarian at Harvard col- 
lege, and from 1845 to 1856 librarian of the Boston Atheneum. 
He died in Cambridge, Mass., 8 Nov., 1872, leaving "the 
most fragrant of the memories still blooming from the dust." 
Of him it was said, "His kindness was warm, constant, and 
unselfish. No one ever knew him to refuse what it was in his 
power to grant, or to think first of himself, when the question 
was whether he should benefit himself or another." 

VI. Anna G.^ b. 12 Feb., 1797 (called Nancy), m., 4 Dec, 
1826, J. C. Gerrish, and had, — 

I. Ellen Elizabeth^ . 2. Ma7y F.^, m. Alva Wood. 3. IVilliam Ffi 

VII. Mary Oilman'', b. July, 1799. 

VIII. William George'^, b. 12 July, 1803. 

Sarah, w. of James Folsom'', d. 11 July, 1805, aged 39, and 
he m. (2) HARRIET WEDGE WOOD, and had,— 

IX. Harriet'^. 

X. Stephen^. 

XI. James''. 


No. 85. 

HON. GEORGE FOLSOM^ (Thos.«, Jas.^ Jas.*, Pe.», 
Pe.^ Jn.^), 1S02-1870, of Worcester and New York, and his 
wife, MARGARET C. (WINTHROP), had,— 

I. George W.^ of N. Y., m. Fuller. 

II. Margaret^ 

III. Helen Stuyvesant^ a member of the sisterhood of 
Cluner, in England. 

No. 86. 

CLARISSA EDNA FOLSOM^ (Thos.«, Jas.S Jas.*, Pe.», 
Pe.2, Jn.i), 1801, and her husband, EDWARD W. BAKER, 
had b. in Portland, Me., — 

I. Joseph Payson^ d. young. 

II. Louisa F.^, m. Stevens G. Palmer, i3i Newbury 
street, Boston, and has 3 daughters. 

III. Edna Ela^, joined the Cluner sisterhood in England, 
and is at the head of a branch, in Trinity parish, N. Y., St. 
John Baptist House, 220 2d Avenue, N. Y., in 1S77. 

IV. Edward Folsom^ b. in Portland, Me., graduated 
(Hamilton college, N. Y.) general theological seminary, 
N. Y. ; ordained deacon by Bishop Potter, of the Episcopal 
church ; m., 1S65, Sarah A. (dau. of Hon. A. B.) Watson, 
of N. Y. ; in 18771 I'ector of St. Paul's church. East Spring- 
field, N. Y. In 1S51-3, Mr. B. was private secretar}' to Hon. 
Geo. Folsom, and Attache of Legation at the court of Nether- 
lands. He read law with Hon. Wm. Pitt Fessenden, of Port- 
land, Me. 

V. Charles^, d. in childhood. 

VI. John W.% entered Hamilton college ; left from ill 
health, and spent a year in Germany; ordained in 1S63 by 
Bishop DeLancy, ; d. in London, i Feb., 1871. 


No. 87. 

JOHN FOLSOM" (Jas.^ Jas.^ Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1779, and 
his wife, HANNAH (SWASEY), had b. in Exeter,— 

(152.) I. John Fulford'', b. in Exeter, 1805 (?) a book- 
binder; m. in Exeter, 10 March, 1833, Caroline F. (dau. of 
John M. and Mary Rogers) Shaw, b. in Exeter, 10 Jan., 1780. 
She was grand-daughter of Capt. Benj. Rogers, of Newburyport, 
and of Rev. Jeremiah Shaw, for more than 40 years the esteemed 
pastor of the Congregational church in Moultonborough, N. H. 
He graduated (Hai'vard college 1767), was a missionary at the 
Isles of Shoals, 1773-75, who when his people were dispersed 
in the war of the Revolution, was ordained 17 Nov., 1779, at 
Moultonborough. He died 1S34, '" t^"*^ 88th year of his age, 
"a man of quiet turn of mind and good judgment," drawing 
to the house of worship people who used to come, on foot or on 
horseback, ten miles." My father, a farmer in Tamworth, 
used to say, — "When I want a fervent prayer, I like to hear 
Parson Hidden ; when I want an instructive sermon, I like to 
hear Parson Shaw." John Fulford Folsom'^ d. in Boston, 
March, 1859, ^'"^^ ^i^ widow, Caroline, b. in Moultonbor- 
ough, 16 Nov., 181 1, d. in Concord, N. H., 4 Oct., 1880, 
aged 69. 

II. Hannah"^, w. of John A. Brown, of Portsmouth. 

(153.) III. Benjamin'', b. in Exeter, Aug., 1809, m., 28 
Nov., 1836, Martha Culver, of Philadelphia, and had 6 ch. 
He was a brush dealer in New York city, where he d. 26 Jan., 
1856. He had 6 ch. living in Nev^^ York and vicinity, some of 
whom have aided in this work. 

IV. Charlotte''. 

No. 88. 

PETER FOLSOM^ (Pe.\ Fe.\ Pe.^, Jn.^), 1 750-1 832, of 
Gilmanton, and his wife, JEMIMA, had b. in Gilmanton, — 

I. Jemima^ b. 7 March, 1779, m., 16 June, 1806, her 


cousin, JosiAH Nelson, b. 1780, who d. 28 Jan., 1S19; she d. 
5 Apr., 1S66. They had 7 ch. b. in Gilmanton, — 

1. John Folsovi^, b. 4 May, 1807, m., 1829, Huldah Kimball, and 

had 5 ch. 

2. Josiali F?, b. 21 May, 1809. m., 1832, Mary McCoy j Hved in 

Lowell, Mass. ; had 3 ch. 

3. Mary C?. b. 23 June, 181 1, m, 3 Dec.> \Zz,2, Cyrus Berkley ,2.XiA di. 

Jan., 1865 ; they had no ch. 

4. Susan Brewster'', b. 12 Aug., 1813, m., 14 Apr., 1840, William 

Havnes, of Gilmanton, and d. 1849. 

5. Stephen Smith'' , b. 12 Nov.. 1815, m., i Apr., \Z\'},, Elizabeth Page, 

of Gilmanton; they had no ch. 

6. Jemima Ann'', h. 19 July. 1818, m., 15 May, 1838, Jolin S. Rogers, 

who d. in Gilmanton, 2 Nov., 1877; they had 4 ch. 

7. Martha Olive'' (twin sister of Jemima Ann), m. Johft C. Baker, 12 

Oct., 1847, b. 25 March, 1823 ; they had no ch. 

II. Lydia^ b. 25 March, 1782, d. i Oct., i860, unm. 

(154.) PETER^ b. 18 Oct., 17S4, m. Joanna Smith, b. 19 
Apr., 1790. He was a farmer in Gihnanton, and d. 24 June, 
1863. His widow d. 19 Nov., 1S71. They had 7 ch. 

(155.) IV. Josiah'^, b. 16 March, 1787, m. Betsey Lamprey, 
b. 21 Aug., 1 79 1. He was a farmer in Gilmanton, whence he 
removed in 1819 to Walden, Vt., where lie d. March, 1S28, 
pierced by a flail as he slid from a hay mow. He had 6 ch. 

V. Nathaniel®, b. 5 Sept., 1789, m., 30 Jan., 1S22, his 
cousin Harriet (dau. of John) Folsom^, of Sanbornton (see 
No. 99), b. II Oct., 1795. Their ch. were, — 

1. Charles Dudley'' , b. 3 Jan., 1823, m., 3 Jan., 1849, Mary Elisabeth 

WelcJi. He is a merchant in East Cambridge, Mass., and has 3 

l). Hiram Welch^, b. 3 Oct., 1850, m., 26 Oct., 1879, Victorina E. 

(dau. of L. N.) Blanche, b. in New York, 12 Oct., 1852. He is a 

clerk in Chicago, 1878. 
2.) Charles Edwin^, b. 21 Aug., 1852. 
3.) Mary Ella^, b. 10 July, 1859, in East Cambridge, Mass. 

2. Harriet N.'' , d. 20 Apr., 1832. 

3. Martha Ja?ie'' , b. 14 Aug., 1841, d. in Cambridge, 13 Jan., 1858, 

aged 16. 

VI. PoLLY^ b. 2 Feb., 1793, d. 13 May, iSoS. 

(156.) VII. Samuel D.^ b. 13 Jan., 1795, m., 4 July, 1831, 


his cousin, Eunice (dau. of John) Folsom, of Sanbornton, b. 
iSio. He lived on the homestead in 1S77, '•^^'^^ '^'^ ^^'^- were 10. 

VIII. Martha^, b. 19 Apr., 179S, m., 5 Dec, 1S49 (2d 
wife), her cousin, Nathaniel F. Nelson, a farmer in Gil- 
manton, where she d. 22 Aug., 1S72, leaving no children. 

No. 89. 

JONATHAN FOLSOM^ (Pe.*, Fe.», Pe.^, Jn.^), 1753- 
1812, of Gilford, and his (2) wife, SARAH (GREEN), had 
b. in Gilmanton (the part which in 1S12 became Gilford), — 

I. Jonathan®, b. 15 Sept., 1785, m., in Exeter, 17 Apr., 
1809, Lydia (dau. of Thomas) Folsom, b. 2 June, 1787. 
He was an eminent contractor. He built the sea wall at the 
Isles of Shoals to form a haven for imperilled vessels, and only 
proved the futility of saying to the furious sea, " Thus far shalt 
thou come, and no farther." He built the enduring works of 
the large stone wharf on the western side of Portsmouth navy 
yard, the first Seventy-Four House, vast and nobly propor- 
tioned, and timber houses. The stone church in Portsmouth, 
unsurpassed for simple beauty and quiet grandeur, he began to 
build, and with exultation saw its walls rise ; but before its 
completion he died from exposure and overwork, 7 Oct., 1828. 
His widow died 5 June, 1S34. They left 5 ch. 

1. Hiram'', b. 8 Aug., 1810, m. Susan H. (dau. of Wm.) Curtis^ of 

Dunbarton, and lives in Abington, Mass., having no children. 

2. Mary Elizabeth' , b. 29 July, 1813, m. Nathaniel Neal^ of Tufton- 

(156a.) 3. Charles Henry"', b. 6 Sept., 1816, m., 7 Oct., 1847, Susan 
Saunders, of Bucksport, Me., and had 6 ch. His occupation, a 

4. Dea. Thomas Edwin', b. in Portsmouth, 10 Oct., 1819, m., 1840, 

Abigail S. Robinson, and had Mary W."^, b. 1842 ; lives in Exeter^ 
on the place once owned by his grandfather. 

5. George VVarren', b. 8 Jan., 1S24; in 1S77 not m. 

(157.) II. PETER^ b. in Exeter, 11 Sept., 17S7, m., 17 Aug.,. 
1S09, Hannah P. Hook, who was b. 11 Nov., 1785, and d. 
in Stratham, 28 Apr., 1876, aged 90. He was a farmer, and 
lived in Exeter, and in Stratham near Exeter, and d. 1872. 



They had 8 children (the first six b. in Exeter), some of whom 
are well known business men, who carefully keep the old 
homestead in repair, and make it a pleasant resort for family 
reunions in summer vacations. 

III. SARAH^ b. 17S8, m. Joseph D. Hurd, of Rochester, 
and had, — 

I. Dr. Edwin^, m. and d. 2. JoJin'^. And 3 daughters. 

IV. Samuel®, d. young. 

V. Benjamin G.®, b. in Exeter, 4 July, 1792, m., 22 Dec, 
1817, Ruth Rowe, of Gilford, who d. 1856. Their ch. 
were, — 

1. George Lyman'', b. 30 March, 1819, m., 13 June, 1854, Augusta 

Diirellj they had no ch. 

2. Ira Freeman'', b. 20 May, [821, graduated at Dartmouth college, 

1848 : read law, and d. 18 Aug., 1859, at Gilford, unm. 

3. Elbridge Gerry'', b. 14 Dec, 1825, lived unm. in 1876, with his 

father in Laconia. 

No. 90. 

JAMES FOLSOM5 (Pe.*, Pe.^ Pe.^, Jn.^), 1756, a joiner, 
of Exeter, and his wife, MARY, had b. in Exeter, — 

(158.) I. JAMES^ b. 24 Nov., 1785, d. 13 May, 1861, aged 
75 ; a joiner and farmer; m. Judith (dau. of Micajah) Mor- 
rill, of Pittsfield and Gilmanton, b. 3 March, 1791, d. in 
Exeter, 29 Apr,, 1871. They had 12 ch. 

II. Josiah®, b. 2 March, 17S7, m., Oct., 1S12, (i) Mary 
Woodruff, of Conn., and had, — 

1. Mary W? , b. 9 Oct., 1813, m. William G. Bragdon, of Boston. 

They had no ch. 

The wife of Josiah® d. 22 March, 1814, and he m., 22 May, 
1825, (2) Mary James, of Hampton, b. 12 Jan., 1798, who 
d. 12 Apr., 1847, aged 49. Her ch. were, — 

2. Elizabeth S?, b. 14 May, 1826, m., Jan., 1855, Samuel Hall, of 

Exeter, for many years a proprietor of the Neius-Lettcr. They 
had no ch. 

3. Josiah James', h. i Aug., 1827; dealer in lumber, &c., E.xeter. 

He m., 13 Nov., 1855, A^ine Allen (dau. of Capt. Wm. P. and 


Elizabeth A. S.) Drinkwater^ of Cumberland, Me. Their ch. 
were, — 

I.) Will. Hoivara^, b. 12 May, 1858. who graduated at Harvard col- 
lege, 1 88 1, and engaged in business in Boston. 

2.) Arthur Sherman^, b. i Feb., 1866, and d. of diphtheria, 27 Dec, 
1876, aged nearly 11. 

Jo.siah J. lives on the south of the road to Hampton, where were the 
homes of his ancestors 200 years ago. He has been often elected to 
office in his native town. 

4. Ebenezer'^ , b. in Exeter, 25 Oct., 1828, m. in Amesbury, Mass., 24 
Apr., 1862, Hannah Szvett Bagley, b. in Salisbury, Mass., 29 Jan., 
1829 They had b. in Exeter, 26 March, 1864, Wendell Bjirt^, 
who is engaged with his father in the brass-works of E. Folsom 
& Co., Railroad avenue, Exeter. 

Josiah Folsom® m. in Hampton, 21 Oct., 1849, (3) Miss 
Elizabeth James, who survived him, and died leaving no 

III. Mary*^, b. 13 Feb., 17S9, d. unm., 22 Dec, 1852, aged 

IV. Lydia B.®, b. 30 Apr., 1791, m., 28 Feb., 1S17, 
Nathaniel F. Nelson, of Gilmanton, her cousin. She died 
July, 1848. Their ch. were, — 

1. Charles^., b. 3 Dec, 1818, m., 16 July, 1843, Mary y. Foss, and lives 

in Tilton. 

2. Lvdia Ann'', b. 20 Oct., 1820, m. Orin Folsom, of Gilmanton, and 

had 6 ch. (See No. 154, I.) 

3. Henry N?. b. 14 Feb., 1824, m., 5 Nov.. 1846, Mary G. Holbrook, 

b. 1824, and has 5 ch. 

4. Mary Frances', b. 17 Feb., 1828, lived (unm. in 1876), in Manches- 

ter and Gilmanton. 

V. Martha N.^ b. July, 1793, m. in Exeter, 15 Feb., 
1818, Dudley Nelson, a farmer in Gilmanton, her cousin, 
who was b. 4 June, 1794, and d. 25 March, 1854. '^^^ ^- ^^ 
Feb., 1875. Their ch. were, — 

1. Ebenezer B?, b. 1819, d. 20 Jan., 1841. 

2. Josiah B.\ b. 1821, d. 7 Sept., 1824. 

3. Rufus D.\ b. Sept., 1823, d. 6 Aug., 1824. 

4. Martha Anif, b. 6 Jan., 1827, m., 13 Feb., 1851, Jonth. Vo7ifig, of 

Gilmanton, and had 6 ch. 

5. Sarah F.'^ , b. 1829, d. 26 Aug., 1831. 

6. Alary F?, b. 1831, d. 4 Apr., 1843. 

7. Josiah Dudley'', b. 16 July, 1833, m., 26 Jan., 1857, Martha N. 

(dau. of John W.) Fiirber, of Rochester, a cousin. They had 5 




8. E7neline', b. Nov., 1835, d. 17 Feb., 1837. 

9. James F.\ b. 16 March, 1839, m., 18 Apr., 1861, Elvira J. Holt, 

of Gilmanton, and has 3 ch. 

VI. Sarah (Sally) R.% b. 1795, m.. June 10, 1826, Joseph 
Safford, of Danvers, Mass., and has, — • 

I. Sarah Eliza?- . 2. Joseph Henry', of Salem, Mass. 

VII. FRANCES^ b. 13 Feb., 179S, m. in Exeter, 27 Apr., 
1823. Dea. Benjamin Gordon. Their ch. were, — 

1. Calviiv , b. 3 Feb., 1824. 

2. Frances May' , b. 17 June, 1827. m. Hubbard. 

3. Benj. Franklin' , b. 8 May, 1830, of Boston. 

4. Lydia Aim'', b. 2 Apr., 1833, m. Thayer, and died. 

VIII. Peter G.^, b. Nov., 1799, m. Charlotte Dennis, 
of Danvers, Mass., and had, — 

I. Charles'. 2. Elizabeth''. 3. Charlotte". 4. Mary''. 

IX. Nancy G.% b. 16 March, 1S02, m., 27 Apr., 1823, 
Daniel Melcher, of Exeter, and had 8 ch. She d. 8 Nov., 
1867, and her husband d. 20 Jan., 1871, aged 72. Their ch. 
were, — 

1. Daniel Flagg', b. 22 July, 1824. 

2. James Folsom'' , b. i Aug., 1826. 

3. Charles Hetiry' , b. 23 Feb., 1829. 

4. Gershom Flagg', b. 22 May, 183 1. 

5. Mary Olivia' . b. 27 Sept., 1833. 

6. William Perry'', b. 6 Sept., 1836, d. 1838. 

7. Lewis'', b. 28 Sept., 1844. 

8. Edwin Forest' Ctwin brother of Lewis). 

X. Nicholas D.*^, b. 10 June, 1805. m. in Exeter, 10 Oct., 
1832, Celina Blake; carriage-maker; removed to Bangor, 
Me., and d. in Hyde Park. Mass., 23 Feb., 1876, aged 70. 
His ch. were, — 

I. E dzu i n' ,h. 'inKxtt&r. 2. Charles''. 3. Josie'. 

XI. Lavinia^, b. 30 ^Slarch. 1808, m., 3 Oct., 1832, Samuel 
F. Nelson, of Salem, Mass., and had, — 

I. Charles''. 2. James'. 



No. 91. 

NICHOLAS FOLSOM^ (Pe.^ Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.i), 1759- 
1847, and his wife, DOROTHY (LEAVITT), had b. in 
Exeter 3 children, and in Gihnanton 8 children. 

(159.) I- Nicholas, JR.^ b. in Exeter, 9 Aug., 17S5, m., 23 
Nov., 1809, LucRETiA Sanbokn, b. 10 Jan., 1786. He was, 
when a child, taken to Gilmanton, where he became a farmer 
and a blacksmith. He d. 17 Nov., 1S66. They had 8 ch. 
His wife, Lucretia S., d. 12 July, 1874, aged 88. 

(160.) II- Peter*^, b. 14 Dec, 1786, m. Abigail Sanborn, 
of Gilmanton, where they had 6 ch. Late in life they removed 
to Indiana, where he d. 19 July, 1866, and his widow in 1S67. 

III. Joseph*^, b. in Exeter, 2 Oct., 178S, m. Sally Morri- 
son, of Gihnanton, b. 13 Apr., 1791. He was a farmer, in 
the part of Gilmanton which is now Belmont, where he d. 13 
Apr., 1867. His sons were, — 

1. Elbridge Geri'y^ , b. 31 May, 1815, m. Mary Gale, and is a farmer 

in Belmont. They have no children. 

2. Joseph M.", b. 16 July, 1821, m. (i) Martha Page Prescott, b. 

1821, who d. 16 Jan., 1859, leaving a daughter, Violotia Estelle^, 
b. 25 June, 1845, who m. Calvin J. Sanbortt, of Belmont. Joseph 
M. m., Jan., i860, (2) Violona Prescott, a sister of his first wife, 
b. 4 Apr., 1826. 

IV. Dudley®, b. in Gilmanton. 6 Feb., 1791, m. Betsey 
TowLE, b. in Chichester, 1793, and d. 26 March, 1S68. He 
was a farmer in Belmont, where he d. 12 Feb., 1869. Their 
ch. were, — 

1. Mary Jatie' , b. 20 Oct., 1820, m. John C. Pearsons, of Belmont. 

2. Dorothy'' , b. 3 Aug., 1823, m. J. B. Dearborn, of Belmont, and 

has 4 ch. 

3. Louisa'*, b. 5 June, 1831, m. (i) Symonds, and left him. 

(161.) V. Jonathan*', b. 10 Jan., 1793, m. Sally Sweat, 
b. 1794, d. 15 March, 1852. He was a blacksmith, and d. 13 
Nov., 1856. They had 7 ch. 

VI. Polly®, b. 27 Apr., 1795, m. Isaac Osgood; had no 

VII. Thomas E.®, b. 9 May, 1797. m., Jan., 1826, Jerusha 



Taylor, of Sanbornton, b. July, 1S05. He was a farmer in 
Gilmanton, and d. 5 July, 1845. His ch. were, — 

1. Thomas Taylor' , b. 6 Dec. 1827, m. Caroline C. Frothingham, of 

Exeter, and d. 27 May. 1863, of a wound received May 3, in the 
battle of Chancellorsville, Va., leavino;, — 

I.) Eliza Ann^, b. June, 1844, lives in Manchester. 
2.) George^, b. March, 1847, lives in Gilmanton. 

2. George Storrs\ b. 13 June, 1839, d- 25 Aug., 1848, aged 9. 

Vni. Dorothy'^ (Dolly), b. 6 Jan., iSoo; a teacher; d. 

IX. Love LEAVITT^ b. 17 March, 1803. m. Col. Jesse 
DoLOFF, and had no ch. In 187S she was living with her sis- 
ter, Polly Osgood. 

X. James®, b. 7 Oct., 1804, d. aged 13. 

XI. Lydia*^, b. 30 May, 1807, d. an infant. 

No. 92. 

SAMUEL FOLSOM^ (Pe.*, Pe.S Pe.S Jn.^), 1761-1S49, a 
blacksmith, of Deerfield, and of Cornville, Me., had by his (i) 
wife, ANNA SHEPARD, b. in Deerfield,— 

I. Samuel% b. 8 Nov., 1787, called ''Lt, Samuel F., Jr.." 
who m., 1815, Hannah Green, of Deerfield, sister of his 
step-mother, Mercy. She d. in Cornville, Me., 3i Jime, 1S56. 
Their ch. were, — 

1. Mercy S.', m. (i) Henry E. Robitison, of Harmony, Me., and (2) 

James Merrill, of Otisfield, Me. 

2. James' , b. 1818, m. Deborali Peavey, of Cornville, Me. 

3. Hannah', m. Allen Peavey, and lives on the homestead in Corn- 

ville. Me. 

II. Peter*^, b. in Deerfield, 31 Oct., 1789, m. (i) Nancy 
(dau. of Daniel) Swett, of Perry, Me. He was a black- 
smith, and d. in Harmony, Me., i March, 1881. His ch. 
were, — 

I. Louisa' , b. 19 Aug., 1815, d. 10 Feb., 1S33. 

(162.) 2. Peter', b. 16 Aug., 1S17, m. Cordelia (dau. of Philander) 
Soiile, of Harmony, Me. Has been civil engineer and general 


loan agent. He lives in Bloomington, III. ; has 5 children. He 
has travelled in Europe. 

3. Nancy E.', b. 22 Nov., 1S22, d. 10 Feb., 1833. 

Peter® m. (2) Winow Vika Bradford, in Bangor, Me., 
and had, — 

4. Louisa V.', b. 27 Sept., 1837, m. IV. W. Pike, of Calais, Me. 

5. Edwiii^ , b. 4 Sept., 1841 : medical student (homeopathic college), 

Boston, in 1875 > entered on practice of medicine Vinal Haven, 

(162a.) Ill- IsAAC^ b. in Deertield, 3 March, 1792, m., 30 
Feb., 1835, Lucia D. Morton, of Pembroke, Mass., b. 9 
June, 1806, who d. 20 July, 1874. He was a doctor, went 
West, settling in 1833 at Batesville, Ark., where he d. 23 
March, 1S65. They had 9 ch. 

IV. Nancy", b. 35 Sept., 1796, m. (i) Barechias Holt, 

and had 3 sons, who are living in the West. She m. (3) 

Kerke, and d. in Bangor, Me., Sept., 1856. 

V. Jonathan®, b. 33 March, 1799, m. Rebecca French, 

and had 6 children, — all dead but one daughter, who m. 

Kincaid. He d. Apr., 1874. 

VI. James®, d. }oung. 

VII. Nathaniel®, d. young. 

Samuel Folsom^ m. (3) MERCY (dau. of Dea. Benj.) 
GREEN, of Stratham, and had (I suppose), — 

VIII. Benj. Green®, bapt. at Deerfield, 3i June, 1S07, 
who d. young. 

IX. Nicholas®, b. 31 Sept., 1808, m., 5 Feb., 1835, Han- 
nah Perkins, of Cornville, Me., where he lived in 1S75. 
The}' had 3 ch. 

1. David P? ., b. 17 Oct., 1836; was in Illinois, unm. in 1875. 

2. Isaac', b. 24 March, 1S42; entered U. S. army, d. 18 Dec, 1861. 

3. Octavia' , b. 26 Feb., 1850, m., 25 Feb., 1874, Daniel S. IVilley., 

and lived with her father in Cornville, Me. 

X. John Gilman®, b. 30 July, 1810, lived in 1876 unm., 
with his brother Nicholas. 

In 1S15 their father moved to Cornville, Me., where his 
wife d. 5 March, 1846, and he d. 37 Dec, 1849, ^^g^d 88. 


No. 93. 

PETER FOLSOM^ {Fe.\ Jn.^, Pe.^, Jn.i), called "Lieut. 
Peter," of Newmarket and of Gilnianton, 1 745-1827, and his 
wife, BETSEY (CALEF), had b. in Newmarket and in Gil- 
manton, — 

I. RuTH^ b. in Newmarket, 18 Feb., 1768. 

II. JAMES^ b. 30 Apr., 1770, m. Deborah Adams, of Gil- 
manton, and had, — 

1. Eliza Amf . 2. Cyrus'. 

III. Peter Lawrence®,* b. in Newmarket, 27 March, 1772, 
graduated at Dartmouth college in 1796, m. at Fishkill, N. Y., 
in 1797, Mrs. Mary Lawrence. In 1800 he delivered at 
Gilmanton a eulogy upon Gen. Washington. From 1797- 
1804 Principal of Gilmanton academy ; then a merchant and a 
magistrate. He d. i Oct., 1843, aged 70. He had no ch. 

IV. Benjamin®, b. 7 March, 1774, went to Penobscot county, 
Me., 1805 ; m. there, 1808, Sarah (dan. of Rev. ) Chad- 
bourn, a Baptist preacher. The children of Benjamin® and 
his wife Sarah, b. in Newburg, Me., were, — 

I. Janies^ . 2. yohn P? 3. Benjainin^ . 

4. Allen' , who all died in early manhood. 

5. Sarah' , m. Jotiathaii Potter. 

6. Mary S.'', m. John C. Whitney. 

7. Elizabeth''., m. Amos Whitney. 

8. Hannah A.'', died in 1877, unm. 

Benjamin® died in Dixmont, Mc., 6 Jan., 1S41 ; his wife, 
21 Feb., 1849. "He was a man of fine personal appearance, 
of pleasing manners, and was highly respected in the commu- 
nity where he lived." 

V. Jonathan®, b. 27 June, 1776. 

VI. John®, b. 22 July, 1779. 

VII. Hannah®, b. 11 Sept., 1781, m., 27 Nov., 1799, Wn.i.- 
lAM Peaslee, of Gilmanton, b. 7 June, 1767. They had b. 
in Gilmanton, — 

*" Peter L. F. was a jolly old soul, a man of varied fortunes, but a good citizen; an old 
teacher — early a teacher, but late in life a trader and a talker; large in figure and robust, 
never lacking for a tolerable joke, and a Christian man." 


1. Eliza', 111. Thomas Taylo7\ of Toronto, Out. 

2. Charies Hazen"', b. 6 Feb., 1804; a lawyer in Concord, once collec- 

tor of customs in Bostom. He died at St. Paul, Minn., 20 Sept., 

3. Hannali' , w. of Caleb Webster, of Gilmanton, who had, — 

I.) Sidney'^, a lawyer in New York. 

2.) Warren^, a surgeon in the U. S. army. 

4. Chai'lotte' , m. Woodman, of Vermont. 

5. Anne' , m. D7\ Andrew McFarland, of Concord, who has an asy- 

lum for the insane near Springfield, 111. He was long at the head 
of such institutions in Concord, and in Jacksonville, 111. They 
have, — 

George^. Fletcher^. Annie^. Mary^. 

6. MartJia B.' , m. Dr. John FrencJi, of Gilmanton. 

7. Henry W? , lived on the homestead. 

8. George L.' , a doctor in Portland, Me. 

VIII. Jeremiah*', b. 6 Nov., 1783, d. an infant. 

IX. Jeremiah®, b. 32 June, 1786. 

X. Betsey Smith®, b. 5 Aug., 17S8, m., Jan., 1810, Dan- 
iel Brown, of Brentwood, and settled the same year in New- 
burg, Penobscot county, Me., ^vhere they lived till his death, 
May 6, 1833, aged 49. She d. 13 July, 1S73, aged 84 years 
and II months. Their ch. were, — 

1. George P.' ,h. 12 Jan., 1811, d. 12 May, 1881. 

2. David'', b. 24 March, 1813, d. March, 1871. 

3. Charles Peaslee"^ , b. 24 Feb., 1815, lives in Bangor; a lawyer. 

4. Elizabeth' , b. 18 16, m. yames Morrison, -^nA d. 1852, aged 36. 

5. Daniel' , b. 1820, d. 10 Aug., 1841, aged 21. 

6. JereiJiiah' , b. 1824; a leading business man and banker; d. at St. 

Paul, Minn., 26 Jan., 1856. 

7. John P.', lives in Burnham, Me. 

8. Hannah FJ, m. Jolm M. Bickford, and lives in Newburg, Me. 

9. Be7ijamin F.' , b. 1827, d. in Newburg, 1863. 

Their father was active and successful in business, and left 
his family not only a competence in property, but what was 
better, a good name and a good example. Those of his sons 
who lived to manhood were thrifty, temperate, and honorable 
men, respected b}- their fellow-citizens, and trusted with offices 
in the state, county, &c., the duties of which they discharged 
with honor to themselves and to their family. 

XI. Oliver S.*', b. 7 May, 1791. 


Lieut. Peter Folsom^ m., 14 May, 1794 (2) ELIZABETH 
BEAN, and had,— 

XII. Elizabeth®, b. 1795. 

XIII. JAMES^ b. 2 Oct., 1797. 

XIV. LAWRENCE^ b. 22 Aug., 1799, m., 12 Jan., 1825, 
Lydl\ (dau. of John) Parsons, b. 13 March, 1797. who d. 
16 June, 1876. They had, — 

I. Lydia A.', b. 14 Nov., 1825, who ni., 10 Oct., 1868, B. F. Wolcott, 
of Concord. 

No. 93a. 

MARK FOLSOM« (Jn.^. Pe.*, Jn.^, Pe.^ Jn.^), 1785- 
1844, nierchant, farmer, &c., and his wife, POLLY (STA- 
PLES), had b. in Dixmont. Me., — 

I. Alvin'', m. Louisa Merrill. 

(162b.) 11. Mark'', b. 15 Dec, 1805, m. in Newburg, Me., 
1831, Sarah (dau. of Thomas) Morrill, b. 27 Dec, 1807, 
who d. there Oct., 1S72. He was major in the militia, has 
represented Newburg in the legislature, and held other offices. 
He is a farmer and a lumberman, is a Free Baptist, has had 8 

HI. Alfred", m. Stone ; d. 

IV. John', m. Carrie Kenney. 

V. David', m. Gilmore. 

VI. Benjamin', m. Hannah Hammond. 
VIL Henry'', m. Newcomb. 

VIII. Mary", m. Morse ; d. 

IX. Jerusha'^, m. Moses Parsons. 

X. Polly'', m. Nelson Morse. 

XL Charlotte'', m. Thomas Cowan. 
XII. Eliza Ann'', m. Rich. 


No. 93b. 

JESSE and his wife, MEHITABLE (FOLSOM^) (Peter*, 
Jn.8, Pe.2, Jn.i) WEDGEWOOD. had b. in Parsonsfield, 
Me,, 10 ch. 

I. Mehitable®, b. 10 May, 17S6, m. Capt. William 
Blazo, and d. 31 July, 1863. They had no ch. 

' II. Sarah% b. 9 Apr., 17SS, m. (i) Silas Burbank, (2) 
John Wadleigh, and d. July, 1864. 

III. Elizabeth", b. 5 Jan., 1790, m. Dr. Moses Sweat, 
and d. 13 Jan., i860. 

IV. JESSE^ b. I March, 1792, m. Catharine Paine; lived 
in 1874 at South Parsonsfield. 

V. Mary", b. 12 March, 1794, m. Capt. Abraham Mars- 
TQN ; living in 1874. 

VI. Hannah", b. 10 May, 1796, m. John Moore, and d. 6 
Sept., 1855. • 

VII. Lydia", b. March, 1798, d. 1803. 

VIII. Susan", b. 12 Apr., 1800, m. Capt. Jabez Towle, 
and d. 14 Dec, 1854. 

IX. Thatcher G.", b. 11 Apr., 1802, m. Malinda Eaton ; 
d. at Limerick, Me., since 1874. 

X. Peter", b. 1804, d. an infant. 

About 100 years after the settlement of the Folsom family in 
Exeter, their descendants began to drift away to the east, and 
became more numerous in Maine than in any other state. 
One who knows many of them says, — "As a whole this branch 
of the family have been good citizens and honest men (some 
not quite up to par) . They have done their share to make 
the state, and have served the state in its legislature, in military 
affairs, and as officers of towns and cities. They have by 
honest industry secured a fair share of this world's goods." 


No. 94. 

JOSHUA FOLSOM* (Josh.*, Jn.«, Pet.^. Jn.^), 1750-1825, 
of Deeiing, flirmer, and his wife, MARY (BLACKEN- 
BURY), had b. in Deering,— 

I. Betty®, b. 27 July, 17S0, who d. aged 15. 

(163.) II. JohnS b. 9 Apr., 17S2, m., 29 June, 1807, 
Patience Richardson, b. 7 June, 17S6, who d. 23 Nov., 
1865. He d. in Sandwich, 25 Nov., 1853, holding the faith of 
the Friends. In May, 1808, they removed from Deering into 
a log house in the woods in Sandwich, Patience carrying on 
horseback, in her arms, her infant son Wyatt, 80 miles, while 
John drove the stock. After 20 years he built a clothing mill, 
and carried on that business. Though a quiet Qiiaker, he was 
fond of books, and was especially interested in the study of nat- 
ural science. He and my father were companions in tribula- 
tion, caused by signing a note to accommodate a neighbor. 
He had 6 ch. 

III. Anna S.^ b. 29 Aug., 1783. m., i Dec. 1S03. John 
Johnson, b. 27 Sept., 1777, and d. in Henniker. ro March, 
1837. They had,— 

1. yoshua AfJ, b. 9 Dec, 1803, d. 20 Feb., 1852; had 3 ch. 

2. yohn F?, b. 24 March, 1806, m. (i) Ri/t/i Pnritigton, (2) M. 


3. Mary B.\ b. 11 March, 1808, m. (i) J. Alley, (2) //. Parkinson. 

They had no ch. 

4. Sarah Afut^ , b. 9 May, 1813, m., Oct., 1835, E. Morrill, of Derry; 

had 6 ch. 

5. Jtilia M.'', b. 25 Jan., 1816, d. 12 Apr., 1833. 

6. Moses HJ, b. i May, 1819, m., 22 Oct., 1841, (i) Frances Nason, 

(2) Mahala E. Chase j had 5 ch, 

7. Dr. Daniel Alley', b. 21 Aug., (821, m., 24 July, 1849, 6". Sophia 

Wenton, of Unity. His office is 20 Worcester street, Boston. 

(164.) IV. Joshuas b. 29 Jan., 17S5. Entered Dartmouth 
college ; left, and read law with Robert Goodloe Harper, of 
Baltimore, Md. Settled about 181 2 in Circleville. O.. and 
practised law till 1830; bought in Logan county, O., 1,500 
acres of land, and settled in Zancsfickl, on Mad river, where 
hed. 15 Dec, 1840. He m., in 1816, Catharine Hoffman, 
b. in Shenandoah county. Va., 1797, who d. in 1862. They 
had 4 ch. 


(165.) V. Samuei/', b. 14 Oct., 17S6, d. iS Dec, 1S37 ; "^'^s 
a lumber dealer ; m., 29 Feb., iSii, Ann Lovren, b. 8 Feb., 
1788, and d. x^ug., 1863. He lived in Hopkinton till 1830, 
when he mo\ed to Lowell, Mass., where he died. He became 
a Freewill Baptist. He had S ch. b. in Hopkinton. 

VI. Abigail*^, b. 17S9, m., 1S09, Moses Brown, and d. 17 
Oct., 1863. She was a teacher, and wrote poetry. Mr. Brown 
was b. 17S5, d. 36 Apr., 1S5S. They lived in Henniker, and 
had 6 ch. 

1. Anna E.', b. 23 Feb., 1810, d. single, 16 Oct., 1843. 

2. Jesse'', b. 22 Apr., 1812, d. single at Henniker, 4 Jan., 1874. 

3. David F.', b. 29 Oct., 1813, m., 27 Nov., 1845, Betsey j. Butler; 

lives in Concord; has James B.^. b. 23 Sept., 1848, a merchant in 

4. JosiaJf, b. 14 Oct., 1818, d. 13 Oct., 1868; he was a doctor; m. 

Jane E. Storms, lived in Lynn, Mass. 

5. Mary Jane'', b. 2 Dec, 1820, m., 27 Aug., 1846, Aug. G. Savory j 

had 7 ch. 

6. James Brackenbury'' , b. 7 Sept., 1826, m., 17 Feb., 1852, Maty S. 

Newhallj had 2 ch. 

VII. Sarah'', b. 4 July, 1793, ni., 1S19, William Wal- 
lace, of Henniker, and had 3 ch. 

1. Maiy M? , b. 21 Aug., 1820, m., 28 Feb., 1842, Albert W. Ladd, 

b. 1825, who lived in Boston, and d. 6 Jan., 1864. They had 5 ch. 

I.) Charles Albert^, b. 1843, d. i860. 2.) Marietta^, b. 1845. 
3.) George Wallace^, b. 1848. 4.) Ella Martha^, b. 1850. 
5.) Albert Wallace'', b. 1862. 

2. John G?, b. 1823. 3. Catharine S? , b. 1825, m. Seneca Ladd. 

VIII. Mary® (twin sister of Sarah), m., 1S13, Thomas 
Whittle, of Weare, N. H., and d. 9 Feb., 1S59. They 
had, — 

1. Willia?n'', b. in Weare, 14 Feb., 1814; a blacksmith ; m., 16 Sept., 

1836, Eliza P. Gove. 

2. Thomas Farker\ b. 17 Oct., 1816, m., 18 Oct., 1862, Mrs. Almira 

Locke, and d. 31 March, 1878. 

3. Joshua F.'', b. in Deering, 5 Aug., 1820, m., 18 Oct., 1853, Amanda 

Roby J divorced, and m. (2) Mrs. Sarah C. Wallace; had 2 ch. 

4. David F.'^, b. 24 Aug., 1823, m., 24 Jan., 1850, Charlotte I. 

Nichols ; had 3 ch. 

5. Hannah F? , b. 28 Aug., 1824, m., 15 May, 1846, Charles Farns- 

luorth ; had 2 ch. 

6. Martha A.'', h. 8 Jan., 1827, m., 5 Feb., iZz^o, Reuben F. Levering., 

d. 1874. 


7. Mary E.', b. 29 Nov.. 1830, m.. 18 Jan., 1858, Joseph H. Lover- 

iiig, of Hillsborough Bridge. They had no ch. 

8. Emma J?, b. 19 Sept., 1836, m., 6 May, iZ-^-j , Lewis Goodallj had 

3 ch. 

IX. Lydia^ b. I June, 1797. m., 1817. Samukl Tutherly, 
farmer; lived in Unity till 1S33, then in Claremont till death, 
22 March, 1S59. They had 3 ch. 

X. HANNAH^ b. 179S, m., 1823, RuFUS Tutherly, and d. 
I May, 1834. Their ch. were, — 

I. Hantia/f, b. 8 Apr., 1824, m., i June. 1847, James Straw, of Man- 
chester. They have 2 ch. 

XI. David'"', b. iSoo, d. 181 2. 

XII. Rachel®, b. 4 March, 1802, m., 18 Nov., 1821, Dan- 
iel Alley ; had no ch. They live at Hillsborough Bridge. 

No. 95. 

JOHN FOLSOM^ (JoshuaS Jn.^ Pe.", Jn.^). 1753-1S26, 
farmer, in North Sandwich, and his wife, MARY (FOW- 
LER), had b. in Sandwich, 5 ch. 

I. Dr. John% m., 1S21, Abigail Noyes, of Sandwich, and 
settled in Vermont, but d. early, without issue. 

II. Abigail% b. 8 March, 1788, m., Jan., 1813, Jonathan 
Miller, of Chichester, b. 1789, who d. in Iowa, in 186S. 
She d. in Pittsfield, 29 Nov., 1835. Their ch, were, — 

1. Lydia'' . b. 5 May, 18 15, m. Jo/inson. 

2. John N.', b. 9 Jan., 1818, lived in Oscaloosa, Iowa. 

3. David F?, b. 1S24, m., 1844, Elisabeth W. (dau. of John M.) 

Stevenson, of Tamworth, and had several ch. They live in Man- 

III. Lydia®, d. single. 

IV. Sarah*^, d. single. 

V. MARY^ m., 1820, Asa Fowler, of Sandwich. She d. 
in Danvers, Mass., leaving 2 sons, of whom Alonzo' lives at 
Beaver Brook Station, Danvers, Mass. 


No. 96. 

BENJAMIN FOLSOI^P (Josh.S Jn.^ Pe.^, Jn.^), 1757- 
1850. fai-mer in Epping, and his wife, ABIGAIL (PEAS- 
LEE), had b. in Epping, 6 ch. 

(166.) I. JoHN^ b. 3 Oct.. 1783, m., 34 Oct., 181 1, Mehita- 
BLE (dau. of Winthrop) Morkili., of North Berwick, Me. He 
d. 26 Jan., 1846. They had b. in Epping, 4 ch. 

II. Mead®, b. ii July, 1785, m., 2 Oct., 181 1, Delia (or 
DeHla, dau. of Winthrop) Dow, of Epping, and had, — 

1. Abigail B? , b. 15 Nov., 1813, who m., 29 May, 1834, Theophilus 

Norris, and d. in Epping, 9 Nov., 1847, aged 32; had no ch. 

2. Liicinda'' , b. Dec, 181 1, m., 19 May, 1840, Gardner D. Durgin, 

who d. 8 Oct., 1877. They had i child, iJ/^rj Z?.^ b. 4 Nov., 

III. Sarah®, b. 3 July, 17S7, m. Israel Norris, of Ep- 
ping, and had 3 ch. 

1. Shepard F.'\ lawyer, and a judge, who d. in Ohio, 8 June, 1857. 

2. Caroline' , m. James Mc Murphy. 

3. Gulielina' , d. single in Ohio. 

IV. Abigail Mead®, b. 27 Jan., 1797, m. (i) Nicholas 
Jones, of Gilmanton, (2) Timothy Hanson, of Farmington ; 
in 1882 was a widow in Epping. She had no ch. 

V. Hannah®, b. 4 Sept., 1799, m., Oct., 1835, David 
Sawyer, of West Newbury, Mass., and had 3 ch., both dead. 

(167.) VI. Thomas®, b. 13 Feb., 1802, m., May, 1823, 
SoviA (dau. of Ephraim) Morrill, of North Berwick, Me. 
He is a farmer and miller, living Dec. 1881, in West Epping, 
near the spot where his grandfather settled about 1750. He 
has furnished valuable records for this work. They have had 
8 ch. 

No. 97. 

SAMUEL FOLSOM^ (Josh.*, Jn.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1759-1794, 
farmer, in Epping, and his wife,' HANNAH (PEASLEE), 
had b. in Epping, 4 ch. 


(168.) I. Joshua^, b. iS July, 1784, m. Lois Tebbets, of 
Dover; settled on a farm in Sandwich, and had 3 sons. 

II. Betty**, d. young. 

III. MARY^ b. 7 Jan., 1789, m. Elipiialet Folsom, Jr.", 
of Raymond, and went to Monson, Me. They had 3 ch. 

I. Henry' . (See No. 82.) 

IV. HuLDAH^ b. 30 Sept., 1790, m. Jacou (son of Elipha- 
let) Folsom^ of Raymond, and removed to Maine. He was 

b. 1 July, 17S5. They had 7 ch. (See No. 148.) 

No. 98. 

, DEA. JOSIAH FOLSOM, JR.^ (Josiah*, Jn.^, Pe.^ ]n}), 
1765-1S46, farmer in Exeter, and his wife, SARAH (LANE), 
had b. in Exeter, 7 ch. 

I. Charles Lane®, b. 5 June, 1799; graduated at Dart- 
mouth college 1S20; a superior scholar; teacher from 1820 
some years in Exeter Academy, "in whose early death, 8 
Nov., 1839, great hopes were blasted." 

II. Mary CLARK^ b. 9 Nov., 1800. and d. 2 Nov., 1S64. 
She m., 29 March, 1836, Dea. Willard Keyes, of Qiiincy, 
111. ; well known by his benevolent acts in the cause of Chris- 
tian education, &c. Dea. K. was b. in Newfane, Vt., 28 Oct., 
1793, d. in Qiiincy, 111., 7 Feb., 1872. He built the first house 
in Qinncy, in 1S23, and built Keyes Hall, for Chicago Theolog- 
ical Seminarv. Their ch. were, — 

1. Martha' , b. 3 March, 1837, d. 5 Oct., 183S. 

2. Lucy E/inly"^ , b. 20 Apr., 1838, in., 19 Oct., 1870, George V. Rjith- 

erford, who d. Aug., 1876; had no ch. 

3. Cornelia', b. 19 Sept., 1839, '■"•' ^ June, 1871, Dr. Henry J. 


4. Charles WillarcP, b. 24 July, 1841 ; graduated at Williams college, 

1864; is an attorney at Ouincy, 111. 

5. Sarah Folsom' ,h. 3 July, 1845, "''•' '5 Nov., 1866, Edward H. 

Hope; has 3 ch. 

III. Sarah's b. 23 Oct., 1S02, m., 20 Nov., 1823, Dea. John 
T. Gordon, of Exeter, who d. 26 Jan., 1865, aged 72. She 
lives, Aug., 1882, in Exeter. Her ch. were, — 


1. Sarah F." , b. 29 Jan., 1826, m. Rev. William Bird, missionary in 

Syria, and has, — 

I.) Emily G.^ 2.) Alice M.^ 

2. C/iaties F.', b. 11 Dec, 1828; d. 3. Henry MJ, b. 1830; d. 

4. Emily' , b. 9 Dec, 1831, m. Rev. George E. Hill, of the Congrega- 

tional church, Pittsfield, and has, — 

I.) Harry G.* 2.) Laura F.^ 3.) Bessie G.^ 

5. Mary'', b. 14 May, 1835. 6. Euey Ann'', b. 14 Apr., 1838. 
7. John' , b. 25 June, 1843, m., and has Bertha F.^ 

IV. Martha Boardman®, b. 10 Apr., 1S06, m., 26 Nov., 
1S39, Dr. Adam Nichols, who d. 1S71. She d. in Quincy, 
111., 1871 ; had no ch. 

V. JosiAH Henry^, b. 29 March, 1809, m., 2 Oct., 1841, 
Lucy Frances Darrah, of Bedford, and d. in Exeter, 12 
Jan., 1870. His wife d. 10 Sept., 1S70. Their ch. were, — 

1. Charles Henty'' , b. 25 Aug., 1842. 

2. Harriet Atwood'' , b. 28 May, 1844. 

3. JoJin Howard"' , b. i Sept., 1848. 

4. Willard Keyes\ b. Oct., 1856. 

VI. Ann R.'', b. 13 Aug., 1811, m., 27 Aug., 1833, Dr. 
AsHER C. Palmer, of Boston, and had, — 

1. Lowell Maso7i' . b. 27 Sept., 1834. 

2. Helen Augusta"' , b. 16 Sept., 1836. 

3. Anna Folsom" , b. 29 Apr., 1839, d. i June, 1842. 

4. Anna Gertrude'', b. 18 July, 1841. 

5. Julia Elizabeth'', b. 28 Aug., 1846. 

6. Charles Lane'' , b. 28 Jan., 1849. 

7. Frank Herbert' , b. 16 March, 1853, graduated (A. C.) 1875, Ando- 

ver seminary, 1880. From 1876 to 1878 was professor in Oahu 
college. Sandwich Islands. Ordained at North Scituate, R. I., 28 
Sept., 1880. 

VII. Lucy Walker'^, b. 25 JuW, 1S13, m., 10 Oct., 1839, 
Wm. p. Fisk, of Cambridgeport, and had 4 ch. 

1. William Henry' , b. 3 Nov., 1840. 

2. Hoiuard Folsom' , b. i Apr., 1847, d. 6 Sept., 1847. 

3. Mary Emma" . b. 18 Feb., 1849. 

4. Jennie Farris'' , b. 20 July, 1854. 

No. 99. 

JOHN FOLSOM^ (JosiahS Jn.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1770-1864, 
and his wife, ORPHA MELOON, had b. in Sanbornton, 10 


I. Harriet^, b. 11 Oct., 1795, ni., 1823, her cousin, 
NATHANIEL^ SOU of Peter Folsom^ of Gilmanton, and d. 
May, 1848. They had 3 ch. 

1. Charles Dudley' , b. 3 Jan., 1823, who m. M. E. Welch j had 3 ch. 

(See No. 88.) 

2. Harriet N? 

3. Martha Jane^ , b. 1841, d. in Cambridge, Mass., aged 16. 

II. RuTH^ b. 6 Nov., 1798, m., 9 Nov., 1820, Satchel W. 
Clark, of Sanbornton ; lived in Chester, and had 3 ch. 

1. Johji Quincy'' , in California. 

2. Olive Jane"^, unm. in San Francisco, Cal. 

3. Alba Cady"^, a lawyer in Neponset, Mass., office 10 Tremont Row, 


III. John Drew®, b. 16 May, 1801 ; a shoemaker in North- 
w^ood ; m., Sept., 1827, (i) Olive Wiggin, of Stratham, who 
d. 30 Jan., 1853, aged 48. He m. (3) Widow Hannah 

Upton, b. 16 March, 181 2 (dau. of Leavitt, of North 

Hampton). In 1864, he m. (3) Eliza Hale, of E.\eter, 
where he d. 24 Feb., 1881:. He had no ch. 

IV. Dudley®, b. 1S03, d. 1809. 

V. JosiAH®, b. I Aug., 1805 ; a farmer; m., 9 Nov., 1839, 
Elizabeth (dau. of James) Durgin, d. in Laconia, 26 July, 
1872, in his 67th year. They had, — 

I. Ellen Elizabeth' , b. 11 June, 1843, ^"d is unm. in Laconia; a mil- 

VI. Ira p.®, b. Aug., 1807 ; a carpenter; m., 1842, Sarah 
Blakie, of Moultonborough ; lived at Lake Village. He fell 
from a building, and d. 15 Aug., 1855. Their ch. were, — 

1. Emily 0.\ b. 26 Dec, 1843, who m., Oct., 1858, Johft T. Glaze- 

brook, a painter, b. at sea, and has, — 

I.) Eimna E.*, b. 24 Sept., i860. 

2. John Ira'', b. May. 1845; he is a painter in Lake Village; m., 

1865, Louisa Perkins, of Ossipee, and has, — 

I.) Stella^, b. March 4, 1868. 

3. Hattie B?, b. 25 Sept., 1849. 

4. Lucian yI/.^ b. 15 June, 1854; a painter, who m., 4 Julv', 1875, 

Carrie Piper, of Laconia. 

VII. Eunice®, b. 33 March, 1810, m., 4 July, 1833, her 


cousin, Samuel D. Folsom, of Gilmaiiton. a farmer, and had 
lo ch. b. in Gilmanton. (See Nos. 88 and 156.) Both were 
living in 1SS2. 

(169.) VIII. Dudley^, b. 31 Aug., 1812, m., i Jan., 1846, 
Miriam Crimball, of Stratham, and had 7 ch. He occupied 
the homestead, and d. 3 July, 1S67, after a long sickness, borne 
with Christian resignation. 

IX. Martha Olive®, b. 28 June. 1814, m., Oct., 1839, 
(i) Merrill Chase, and (2) Merritt Ambrose, of Sand- 

X. Lucian®, b. 5 March, 1819, was a trader in Florida, and 
was lost on the steamer D. Stuart, with all on board, in Oct., 
186^, aged 46. She was trom New York for Jacksonville, 

No. 100. 

Ben.3, pe.2^ jn.i), 1809-184S, and his wife, HARRIET 
(SAWIN), had b. in Freeport, Me., 9 Nov., 1831,— 

I. Albert Thomas', who m., 12 Sept., 1S65, Mary E. 
Streeter, and had b. in Springfield, Mass., — 

1. Arthur Adams'^, b. 21 May, 1868. 

2. Mary Louise^, b. 3 May. 1871. 

3. Robert Streeter^, b. 26 Jan., 1877. 

4. Harriet Elizabeth'^, \i. 14 Apr., 1878. 

In 1876 Albert Thomas was clerk aTid treasurer of city of Springfield, 

II. Harriet Ann Elizabeth'', b. in Hingham, Mass., 5 
Dec, 1833, m., 6 Nov., 1872, Rufus Mosher. 

III. Louisa May Augusta'', b. 9 Dec, 1835, m., 14 Jan., 
1867, Harvey C. Howard, and had, — 

1. Harriet F.^, b. 14 Aug., 1869, d. 21 Aug., 1869. 

2. Belle Ati7iie^, b. in Springfield, i Aug., 1872. 

Harriet, w. of A. A. Folsom®, d. 3 Apr., 1845, aged 40, 


and he m., 30 July, 1S45, (2) MARY S. MUDGE, and had 
b. in Springfield, Mass., 29 Oct., 1S46, — 

IV. DusTiN Adams% who in 1S76 was cashier of the First 
National Bank, Springfield, Mass. 

No. 101. 

ANDREW FOLSOM' (And.*, Eph.S Eph.^, Jn.^), 1759- 
1852, of Ossipee, farmer, and his wife, ANNA (FOLSOM), 
had b. in Ossipee, 2 ch. 

L Ella® (Eleanor), m. Wm. Bracket, of Wolfeborough, 
b. 1S02, who was son of John and Betsey (Folsom) Bracket. 
(See No. 52.) She was living in 1S75. 

II. Andrew, Jr.®, b. 10 July, 1S06, m. (by Rev. S. Hid- 
den), 27 Sept., 1827, Sally Hodgdon, b. in Ossipee, 8 Aug., 
1S06. He was a farmer, and had b. in Ossipee, 7 ch. He d. 
27 July, 1S60, aged 54. 

1. Asa\ b. 6 Oct., 1828, m., 1852, Charlotte J. (dau. of Rev. J.) 

Bodge. He d. in Concord, Apr., 1873, leaving 3 ch. 

I.) Mary Idella^, b. 24 July, 1854. 
2.) Martha Eugene^, b. 8 Jan., 1862. 
3.) Edna Gertrude^, b. 4 May, 1869. 

2. Naiicy^, b. 6 Oct., 1829, m. Winthrop Tuttle, of Effingham, and 

has, — 

I.) Carrie B.'^ 2.) Winthrop^. 

3. Belinda B.~ , b. 2 July, 1834, m. Jacob Bracket, of Acton. Me. 

Their ch. were, — 

I.) Elmer H.^, b. i860. 2.) Lilian M.^, b. 1870. 

4. IVm. Henry' , b. 24 Feb., 1835, m. Victoria Bailey., and has b. in 

Boston, — 

I.) Willie\ b. 1870. 

5. Betsey SmitJi} , b. 5 Nov., 1837, m. Samuel H. Burleigh, a farmer, 

b. 1839, of Sandwich, and they have, — 

I.) Evelyn^, b. May, 1871. 

6. John Winter' , b. 6 March. 1839, m., 14 March, 1862, Anna S. 

(dau. of Nath'l) Fernald. of Ossipee. She was b. 11 June. 1839. 
He is a farmer and trader there, and has held important offices in 
the town. He has 5 daughters b. in Ossipee. 



I.) Bertha S.^, b. 3 Dec. 1862. 2.) Emma B.^, b. 3 May, 1864. 
3.) Mabel'^, b. 23 July, 1866. 4.) Florence^, b. 23 July, 1870. 
5.) Gracie^, b. 6 June, 1873. 

7. Uranus" , b. 20 Feb., 1848. In 1876 was teacher of music in Port- 
land, Me. 

No. 102. 

JAMES FOLSOM^ (Jas.S Wm.«, Eph.S Jn.^), 1770, of 
Gilmanton, and his wife, SUSANNA (PIPER), had b. in 
Gihnanton, 6 ch. 

I. Betsey^ b. 31 Aug., 1792. 

II. Hannah^ b. 1794, d. 1798. 

III. James'', b, 34 Feb., 1796, m. Dolly Watson ; settled, 
a joiner, about 1840, in Georgetown, Mass. ; d. [1879.?] Their 
ch. were, — 

1. Eliza Ann'', m. (i) Isaac Sargent, of Maiden, and (2) Webster 

Spofford, of Groveland, Mass. 

2. Joseph Pitman', b. [1823?] joiner and box-maker in Georgetown; 

m. (i) Lydia Ami (dau. of Abr.) Chase, of Seabrook, who d. ; 
m. (2) Afifia Bagley, of Amesbury, Mass. ; had no ch. 

IV. Susanna®, b. 21 Aug., 1797. 

V. Polly®, b. 14 Apr., iSoo. 

VI. Thomas®, b. 10 Jan., 1S02. 

No. 103. 

DEA. JOHN FOLSOM^ (Jas.*, Wm.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), 1772- 
1857, ^^ Alton and Gilmanton, and his wife, ANNA 
(SMITH), had b. in Alton,— 

I. Margaret®, b. 4 Sept., 1795, m., 1S16, Gilman L. 
Edgerly, of Gilmanton, and lived in Me. In 1S76, was in 
Gi"anville, 111. Their ch. were, — 

I. Riifus O?, b. 24 Nov.. 1817. 2. Eugenia A. C.\ b. 8 Dec, 1820. 
3. Lorrain G? , b. 8 Nov., 1822. 

Mrs. Margaret E. died. 



(170.) II. Reuben S.^ b. 24 Aug., 1797, m., 7 March, 1833, 
Hannah D. Twombly, of Barnstead. He d. in Gilmunton, 
II Aug., 1849. He had 4 ch. 

III. Ann S.^ b. 6 July, 1799, d. in Gilmanton, 3 Apr., 

IV. Hannah S.^ b. 24 July, iSoi, d. 27 Sept., 1805. 

V. JoHN^ b. 27 Sept., 1803, d. 27 Sept., 1805. 

VI. Ruth S.^ b. 20 Oct., 1805, d. in Gilmanton, 20 Aug., 

VII. Eunice B.% b. in Gilmanton, 24 Apr., 1808, m., 23 
May, 1827, Newell S. Moulton, of Sangerville, Me. 
Their ch. were, — 

I. Horace W? , b. 1828. 2. Eliza Jane,'' , b. 1832. 

3. Mary Anif,h. 1836. 4. Nancy', b. 1843. 5. Charles D^ ,h. 1841. 

6. James Alonzd', b. 1847. 7. Electa A?, b. 13 Feb., 1850. 

VIII. Mary F.", b. 18 Apr., 1810, m. Charles Davis, of 
Gilmanton, and d. 10 Jan., 1872. They had 6 ch. 

1. Lewis GJ, b. in Ripley, Me., 8 Dec, 1833. m., Dec, i860, Cyreua 

Peirce, and has 4 ch. He is a photographer in Portsmouth, N. H. 

2. Charles'' , b. May, 1836, m., about 18S0, Mattie Young, of Ports- 

mouth. He is in company with his brother, Lewis G. 

3. Mary Abigail" , b. in New Durham, March, 1839, m. F. D. Hatch, 

lives in Sumner county, Iowa. 

4. John Franklin'' , b. Oct., 1841 ; is in Sumner county, Iowa. 

5. Anne'', b. July, 1844, m., and d. in Colorado. 

6. Esta JJ , b. in Alton, 1853, m. Frank Stein, of Kansas. 

IX. Eliza H.*^, b. 25 Dec, 181 3, m. John M. Hill, of 
Exeter, Me., and d. in Brown county, Iowa, 13 Dec, 1S34. 

They had 2 ch. 

I. Geof'ge'', b. in Exeter, Me., 1832. 2. Eliza'', b. i Dec, 1834. 

X. JosiAii S.*', b. in Gilmanton, 29 Nov., 1815 ; is a doctor 
at Brockway's Mills, Piscataquis county. Me. He m., 1 1 Feb., 
1836, Miriam H. Carsley, of Sangerville, Me., who d. there 
about iSSo. They had b. in Sangerville, 8 ch. 

I. Josiah S., Jr.'', b. 8 May, 1839, m., 12 March, 1864, L7tcy P. Gil- 
7nan, and has, — 

I.) Arthur S.^, b. 30 Sept., 1868. 2.) Carrol L.^, b. Nov., 1872. 

3.) Everett E.^, b. Apr., 1875. 


2. Lorrain E? , b. 16 Sept., 1841, d. 9 Jan., 1862. 

3. Lucy A?, b. I Feb., 1844, d. 7 Sept., 1875. 

4. John D.'', b. II Apr., 1845 ; lives in Sangerville, Me. 

5. Eliza A.'', b. 31 Dec, 1847, m., 4 March, 1869, C. O. Howe^ of 

Dixmont, Me. 

6. Ebe7i C.^ b. 26 Feb., 1849, "i., 4 July, 1876, Nellie S. Webb. 

7. Carrol HJ, b. 7 June, 1851, m. 

8. Anna MJ, h. 9 June, 1863. 

No. 104. 

JACOB FOLSOM^ (Wm.\ Wm.s, Eph.^, Jn.i), 1S26, 
farmer, and his wife, ELIZABETH (SMART), m., 17S7, 
and had b. in Wolfeborough, — 

I. Oilman^, m. (i) Mary Rust, and had a daughter, who 
d. 7 Jan., 1832. His wife d. 27 March, 1854, and he m. (2) 
Catharine Tuttle, and d. 23 Oct., i860. 

II. Polly® (Mary), b. 1789, m. Joseph Edmunds, and had 
3 ch. 

I. Stephen'. 2. Elisabeth"^. 3. Mary^ . 

III. Lydia®, b. 1 791, m. Nathaniel C. Rust, and had, — 
I. Hatitiah"^. 2. Lydia'' . 

Mrs. Rust d. 27 Feb., 1819. 

IV. James®, b. 9 Nov., 1794, of Somersworth, m. 19 Nov., 
1819, Sally M. Rust; lived at Great Falls; d. in Boston, 26 
July, 1869. Their ch. were, — 

1. Alonzo Williani', b. 11 Nov., 1820, m., 30 Nov., 1843, (i) Har- 

riet Soden, and had, — 

I.) Augustitte Henry^, b. 5 Sept., 1845. 
2.) Mary Griggs^, b. 10 Dec, 1852. 

Alonzo William'' m., March 5, 1868 (2) Mary Elizabeth Berry, who 
d. 14 Apr., 1874. They had, — 

3.) Harriet Sodett^, b. 23 Jan., iS6g. 

Alonzo William'' m., Nov. 22, 1874, (3) Anna Ellis. 

2. Henry Augustus' , b. 30 Nov., 1821, who m., Dec. 14, 1847, (i) 

Elizabeth R. C. Clark, and had, — 

I.) Harriet Josephine'^, b. 19 Aug., 1851, who in 1876 is unm. in 

2.) Frank Henry^, b. 18 Sept., 1858, unm. 



His wife Elizabeth d. 13 Nov., 1858, and Henry A.' m., April 25, 
1865, (2) Louisa L. Rawsoti. 

3. Greenleaf Franklin'^ , b. 22 Oct., 1823, d. 12 Jan., 1826. 

4. Mary Anne', b. 21 March, 1829, d. 28 Sept., 1829. 

5. George Franklin', b. 16 Apr., 1830, m., 16 Feb., 1851 (i) Lucy 

(LingJiani) Cleasby, and had, — 

I.) Lucy Ella^, b. in Roxbury, 20 Nov , 1851, m., 31 Dec, 1874, John 

H. Lliller, of Boston. 
2.) George Alfrea^, b. 15 Nov., 1856, d. 26 March, 1858. 
3.) Ada Althea^, b. 22 June, 1859. 
4.) Frank Greenleaf^, b. 10 Dec, 1861, d. an infant. 
5.) George W. C.\ b. 2 Aug., 1864, d. 26 Dec, 1868. 

6. James Alfred', h. 12 Sept., 1836, m., 11 Sept., 1856, Elizabeth 

Waterhoicse, and had, — 

I.) Lilly Etta^, b. 4 July, 1857. 

2.) William Alonzo^, b. 21 Oct., 1858. 

3.) Rose Arlington^, b. 27 March, i860. 

V. Jo^N^ b. 30 Apr., 1797, m. Hannah Blake, and 
had, — 

1 . Caroline' . 

2. Blake' , m. (i) Lucinda Get-risk, (2) her sister, Ruth Gerrish. He 

has no ch. 

3. Lydia' . 

4. Johfi'^ m., March, 1S61, Martha Fnllerton, and has 3 ch. 

I.) Frajik A.^, b. July, 1861. 2.) George A. ^, b. 13 Oct., 1862. 
3.) Herbert Charles^, b. 21 Nov., 1871. 

VI. George W.*', b. 16 Apr., iSoo, m., 4 Jan., 1S24, 
Clarissa H. Lee, and d. 22 Sept., 1S30. They had 3 ch. 

1. Charles HJ, is a hatter in N. Y., b. 12 Nov., 1824, m., 29 Oct., 

1854 (i) Susan L. Couden, of N. Y., and had, — 

I.) Charles L.^, b. 13 Jan., 1859. 

Charles H'^. m., 3 Oct., 1861 (2) Annie E. Bagley, and had, — 

2.) Fred N.^, b. 28 Dec, 1863. 

3.) Susie L.^, b. 15 Apr., 1S65, and d. 10 Sept., 1865. 

4.) Frank E.^, b. 20 July, 1868. 

2. Harriet E?, b. 16 Dec, 1S26, m., 10 Aug., 1846, A. C. Carey, and 

has 4 ch. 

3. Susan', b. 2 July, 1829, m., 25 Dec, 1851, Frank E. Walker. 

She has no children; is a widow. 

VII. Henry«, b. 1S03, d. in Great Falls, 2 Oct., 1S47. He 
m., 1S27, Sally Leighton, of Straftbrd, b. 1802, and had 3 


1. Geors^e G.', b. 24 Dec, 1827, m. (i) Nancy J. Littlefield, and had 

4 ch. 

I.) Olive Ann^. 2.) Nancy A. '^, 6.. 
3.) C. Hanson^, d. 4.) Leslie M.^ 

George G.'' was divorced, and m. (2) Nancy J. Jones. He d. in 
Great Falls, 1879. 

2. Charles H?, b. 10 July, 1836, m. Eliza A. More, and lives in Ber- 

wick, Me. Their ch. were, — 

I.) Henry J. ^ 2.) Aldora N.^ 3.) Olive Ann^,h. 1841, d. 

VIII. Charles*', b. 181 2, m. Sally Richards, of Roches- 
ter, and d. 1S66. They had, — 

I. Henry W? , who m. Rosa Waterhouse, and had, — 

I.) Charles^. 2.) Linjield'^. 

No. 105. 

JOSIAH FOLSOM^ (Wm.S Wm.^, Eph.^, Jn.i), 1774- 
1856, farmer in Newmarket, and his wife, ABIGAIL (HAM), 
had b. in Newmarket, 4 ch. 

I. Dr. William*^, b. 1806, m. (i) (dau. of Hon. 

Smith) Lamprey, of Kensington ; practised medicine in his 
native town. They had 4 ch. 

I. Edwin'', d. aged 15. 2. Martha'', b. 1844, an invalid. 

3. Channing' , b. i June, 1848, m., 12 Nov., 1870. RntJi Saiiage. He 

is a teacher; was in Dover, and since in the Elliot School in 
Boston, Their ch. were, — 

I.) Henry Herbert"^, b. in Dover, 28 Aug., 1871. 

2.) Alice Irena^, b. 17 Jan., 1873. 

3.) Arthur Channing^, b. 9 Jan., 1875. 

4. Herbert'', b. Oct., 1850, m. in Kansas, 1873, Frances A. Millard, 

of Oskaloosa, and has, — 

I.) Kate^. 

Dr. William Folsom® m. (2) Mrs. Martha Dearborn 
{itee Garland). His health failed, and he retired upon the old 
farm, where he d. in 1S67. 

II. Mary®, a teacher, not m. 

III. Abigail'', b. ii Sept., iSii, m., 8 March, 1840, Wash- 


INGTON Haines, of Newmarket, b. 14 Apr., 1S06, a farmer 
with a mill. They had 3 ch. 

1. Alansoji\ b. 1843, m., 4 March, 1S68, Sarah Olivia Haley, who 

was b. 21 July, 1844. 

2. Nancy Folsom' . 3. Charles'^ d. young. 

IV. Dr. Josiaii A.«, b. 3 March, 1S15, m. (r) Clara 
Packard, of Cambridge, Me., and had, — 

1. ]Villiai?f, b. Feb., 1845. 

Dr. Josiah A.^ m. (3) Rollins, and had, — 

2. Charles^, b. July, 1856. 3. Emma'', b. Sept., 1861. 
4. Belle', b. 1864. 

Dr. J. A. Folsom^ d. suddenly while on a visit to his native 
place, in Newmarket, 16 Aug., 1876, aged 61, much lamented. 

No. 106. 

THOMAS FOLSOM^ (David*, Wm.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), 1752- 
1840, cooper, and his wife, SALLY (WATSON), had S ch. 
b. in N. H. and Vermont : 

I. David®, m. Phebe Thornton, and had, — 
I. Austin''. 2. Phebe'' . 3. Emily''. And 2 others. 

II. Noah®, m. Achsa Pelton, and had 9 ch. 

I. Warden''. 2. Jtilius' . 3. HamiaW. 4. Barbara'. 5. Sally''. 
6. Christiana'' . 7. EzekieP . 

III. Watson®, m. Lucy Loomis. 

(171.) IV. Moses®, b. 28 May, 1793, m., 10 May, 1813, Emily 
Thornton, who was b. 9 March, 1798, and d. in Youngstown, 
O., 15 Mai-ch, 1856. He went with his father to Vermont, 
and thence to Ohio, where he had 9 children, and d. in Youngs- 
town, O., 36 Feb., 1S73. 

V. Polly®, m. Elias Pelton, and had 11 ch. 

I. Zilpah''. 2. Barbara' 3. Starrs''. 4. Thomas''. 5. Sally''. 
6. Elias''. 7. Susanna''. 8. Maria''. 9. Alsandd' . 10. Alanzo''. 

VI. Betsey®, m. Bailey Gilder, and had 4 ch. 


I. Chloe' . 2. Satnaniha.' 3. Celestial. 4. Sterling'. 

VII. HANNAH^ b. in N. H. 16 Feb., 17S7, m., 12 Feb., 
iSio, Julius (son of Josiah) Pelton, from Connecticut, and 
had born in Gustavus, O., 6 children, where she d. 24 Apr., 
1875, aged SS. Their ch. were, — 

1. Augustus', b. 20 Dec, 1810, m., 22 Aug., 1834, Mary Wakefield, 

and had 3 ch. 

2. Pkilena\ b. 27 Apr., 1812, m. Lysander Roberts, d. 3 May, 1832. 

She had, — 

I.) Lticiaii^, b. 27 Jan., 1832. 

3. Lysander', b. 11 Jan., 1814, m. Harriet Williafns, and had 4 


4. Hannah Ames', b. 3 Apr., 181 6, m. Reubefi Barber, and had 5 

daughters and a son. 

5. Winthrop F? , b. 30 Jan., 1818, m., 3 Sept., 1846, Sophronia Beer. 

They had 6 sons. 

6. Bnel B."', b. 28 Apr., 1821, m. Jan. 30, 1850, (i) Reitmah Bradley, 

who d. 15 Apr., 1854, and had 2 daughters. 

I.) Enmia A.^ 2.) Remnah B.^, m. A. T. Low, 4 July, 1875. 
Buel B." m., 2 Sept., 1858, (2) Amanda L. Beer, who has no ch. 

VIII. Abigail®, m. C. Kelley. 

No. 107. 

WINTHROP FOLSOM® (Jas.^, Dav.S Wm.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), 
1794-1856, farmer, and his wife, MARY (NOYES), had b. 
in Dorchester, 3 ch. 

I. Oilman'^, b. 7 Apr., 1S18, went to Iowa in 1S41, m., 31 
Aug., 1843, Emily Arthur, from Ohio, and d. in Iowa City, 
15 July, 1872. He was a lawyer, eminent in his profession. 
He had b. in Iowa City, — 

1. James^, b. 29 May, 1845, ^ farmer in Iowa City; not m. 

2. Mary Agnes'^, b. 3 Dec. 1848 ; not m. 

3. Arthur^, b. 12 May, 1851, farmer; not m. in 1878. 

4. George Jones'^, b. 6 Nov., 1857 ; not m. 

II. AsAHEL Blake", b. 14 Sept., 1821. He m., 17 Sept., 
1843, Mary D. (dau. of James) Cogswell, of Derry, and d. 
in Dorchester, 16 Oct., 1845. He left, — 


I. Emily Ari/mr^, b. 5 March, 1845, in Dorchester, who d. 2 Feb., 
1868, in Iowa City, Iowa. 

His widow in 1S7S lived in Bloomington, III. 

III. SusAx Pickering", b. iS Aug., 183S, m., 6 March, 
1847, Hon. Alden Fletcher, of Groton, and had, — 

1. Gilman F.\ b. in Dorchester, 6 March, 1848, m., 1868, Af. S. Rob- 

inson, of Iowa City; had 4 ch. 

2. Francis Alden^. 3. Mary Emily^. 4. Lucy.^ 

No. 108. 

GILMAN FOLSOM^ (David*, \\m.\ Eph.^ Jn.^). 1765 or 
70-1843, and his wife, RUTH (PAGE), had,— 

I. Gilman, Jr.®, b. in Dorchester, 27 Apr., 1796, m. (i) 
Mary Morgan (dau. of Col. Nathan) Marvin, and d. in 
Cleveland, O., 10 March, 1S70. His ch. were, — 

1. Nathan Marvin'', b. in Buffalo, N. Y., 4 July, 1819, m., 23 Dec, 

1847, Mary O. Brownson, of Montrose, Pa., and had, — 

I.) Emeli7ie 6'.^ b. 5 Jan., 1850, m., 29 May, 1871, William H. (son 
of Hon. Charles) Hubbard, of Middletown. Conn. 

2.) Mary E.\ b. Feb., 1854. 

3.) Ruth E.^, b. 18 Feb., 1857, m., 4 March, 1874, Alfred J. Land, 
of Denver, Col. 

Nathan M.", in 1882, spent his winters in Jacksonville, Fla., sum- 
mers in Saratoga, N. Y. 

2. Charles A.', b. in Buffalo, N. Y., 20 June. 1823, where his mother 

died. He m. Elizabeth Pierce, b. in Avon, N. Y., 13 March, 
1829. His ch. were. — 

I.) Mary Elizabeth^, b. in Cleveland, O., 5 Sept., 1845, d. 13 Feb., 

1866, aged 20. 
2.) Julia Maria^,h. in Milwaukee, Wis., 15 June, 1847, m. J. M. 

Gilder slee. 
3.) Lodema^, b. 3 Sept.. 1848, m. Hugh M. Jones, and has a son, 

Huly E.^, b. 3 June, 1873. 
4.) Charles Marvin^, b. 13 Apr., 1850, m. Jennie Fitch, and has 

Mary Esely^., b. May 16, 1874, and Daisy Elizabeth^, b. 8 Aug., 


Gilman Folsom® m. (3) Hadassa Ballard, now a widow 
in Cleveland, O. 


(172.) 3. Gilbert Ballard', b. in Buffiiilo, N. Y., 19 Nov., 1826, now 
of Canton, O. He m., 7 Apr., 1850, (i) Angitsfa Amelia Mas- 
ters, who had 4 ch., and died. He m. in New Brighton, Pa., 3 
Nov., 1870, (2) Hettie Emerson, who has 3 ch. 

4. Hadassah B.', b. in Amherst, N. Y., 12 Oct., 1S31, now of Cleve- 

land, O. 

5. Hiram"^, b. in Cleveland, O., 3 Jan., 1836, d. 10 Feb., 1836. 

6. Sajiniel Whitejield' , b. 15 Dec. 1844, '"•' ^~ Oct., 1875, Mary 

Emfua Hantia, and lives in Cleveland, O. 

II. EzEKiEL^, b. in Exeter, 22 Dec, 1798. At the age of 
14 he v\'as enrolled at Buffalo, N. Y., as a soldier in the defence 
of the place. In 1S17 he m. Lucy Fitch, daughter of Rev. 
Eben Fitch, President of Williams college. In 1824 he re- 
moved to Lockport, N. Y., joined the Presbyterian church, 
and was chosen ruling elder, becoming active in revival work. 
In 1834 he engaged extensivel}" in business in Cleveland, O. 
In 1842, removed to Michigan City, Ind. In the war of the 
Rebellion he engaged in hospital work for the soldiers. The 
Presbytery of Alton, Illinois, licensed him to preach, and as 
agent, he visited New England, and raised over $40,000 for 
the destitute Southern refugees. He died at the house of his 
son-in-law, S. D. Ward, of Lake Forest, 111., on the 27th of 
March, 1872. Of his 9 children I can get but few records. I 
have heard that (i) Eliza F? m. No7-man R. Haskell^ of 
Monroe, Mich ; (2) A/asott F.' m. Cornelia M. A?iderso7i^ of 
Lockport, N. Y. ; (3) Mary A? m. Saimiel D. Ward, of 
Lake Forest, 111., and (4) Hev. George P."', b. in Lockport, 
1826 (W. college 1857, '^^^^ Auburn seminary), m. Lllia 
Frazer, and was in 1S75, pastor of the Presbyterian chui'ch, 
Baraboo, Wis. 

No. 109. 

EZEKIEL FOLSOM^ (Davicl^ W^m.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), of 
Epping, and his wife, MARY (NORRIS), b. 1778, d. 1869, 
had b. in Epping, — 

I. Noah D.*^, b. 1800, m. Sarah Y. Smith, and d. in 
South Newmai'ket, 1853 ; had 7 ch. b. in Newmarket. 

I. Ezekiel H?, of Salem, Mass., m., 27 Sept., iZ^7 , Martha Simpson, 
of Newburyport, Mass., and d. leaving, — 


I.) Charles William'^, b. in Hartsburg, Logan county, 111. 

2. Mary E.', m., i6 Jan., 1849, Walter Clapp, of Newmarket. Their 

ch. were, — 

I.) Charles IV. ^ 2.) Ejneline P.^ 

3. Relief S'', m. Ezekiel Drew, and d. childless. 

4. Sarah G.'', d. unm. 

5. yohn G.', m. Martha Whitney, and had 4 ch. 

I.) John Franks. 2.) Richard Whitney^. 
3.) Arthur Edmund'^. 4.) Charles Ingals^. 

6. Deborah', d. young, unm. 7. Emily' , d. in infancy. 

II. Moses D.% b. iS Aug., iSoi, m. in Dorchester, June, 
1824, Mandania Piper, b. in Lyme, 22 May, 1S06, and d. 31 
Aug., 1S5S. He was a farmer, and was killed while at work 
in a grist-mill, 9 Feb., 1S44. ^^^ ^^'^- ^vere, — 

1. Mary Jane"^, b. in Dorchester, 12 June, 1827, m. at Ft. Covington, 

N. Y., I March, 1848, Joseph R. Burns, b. there 22 May, 1820. 
They had b. at Ft. Covington, — 

I.) Stella\ b. 28 May, 1850. 2.) Carrie M.\ b. 14 Feb., 1853. 
3.) Lyman iVorris^, b. 29 Nov., 1865. 

2. Zebulon Norris"^ , b. 7 March, 1830. m. at Hogansburg, Franklin 

county, N. Y , 11 Apr., 1S67, Harriet Mills, b. at H., 21 Feb., 
1834; a farmer, merchant, and owner of mills. They had b. in 
Hogansburg, N. Y., — 

I.) Mary E.^, b. 10 June, 1868. 2.) Anna^, b. 31 Oct., 1S70. 
3.) Alison G.8, b. 25 Oct., 1874. 

3. Lyman Jones' . b. in Bombay, Franklin county, N. Y., July, 1835, 

m. at Trout River, N. Y.. 4 May, 1859. Flleti Martin, b. 24 Dec, 
1841 ; a merchant, and has 3 ch. b. at Trout River. 

I.) Mary J.^, b. 6 Apr., 1862. 2.) Ellen Z.^ b. 10 March, 1866. 
3.) Millie M.^, b. 27 Feb., 1S68. 

4. Carrie M.~, h. at Fort Covington, N. Y., 13 Dec, 1841, d. 4 Aug., 


III. GILMAX^ b. 13 Feb., 1S05, m., iSJune, 1S33, Betsey 
NoRRis, of Epping, b. 5 Feb., 1S05. In May, 1S39, he 
moved to Raymond, where he has been widely known for his 
garden seeds and his nurserv. He lived there much respected 
till his death, March 7, 1SS2. Their ch. were, — 

I. Lr7'in~, b. in Raymond, 14 Apr., 1841, m., 18 June, 1862 (l) Eliza 
Osgood Edgerly, b. in Granville, Mich., 18 Jan., 1843, who d. in 


Raymond, 23 Jan., 1864. He m. in Epping, 2 Feb., 1865 (2) 
Mary Elizabeth Helson, of Chester, b. 24 Sept., 1845. Their ch. 
were, — 

I.) Maud Eliza^, b. in Raymond, i May 1866. 

2.) Nellie Allen^, b. 18 May, 1870. 

3.) Frank^, b. 12 March, 1875, d. 28 Aug., 1875. 

No. 110. 

REV. ABRAHAM FOLSOM« (Dan.^ Dan.*, Abl-.^ Jn.^, 
Jn.-'), 1784-185S, a blacksmith, ordained, 1S16, Freewill Bap- 
tist preacher, and his wife, MIRIAM (BEAN), had 9 ch. 

I. Hannah'^, b. 13 July, 1805, d. an infant. 

II. Abraham F.', b. 8 Dec, 1807, d. 1820. 

III. Edna'', b. iSio, d. an infant. 

IV. Stephen'^, b. 6 July, 1S13, d. 1878, m. Mary Ann 
Campbell ; lived a mechanic in Cuba, N. Y. Their ch. 
were. — 

1. Erastiis A.^, b. 1844, d. unm. 

2. Abrahanfi, b. in Cuba, 1846, a farmer in Pike, Wyoming county, 

N. Y. ; has Charles'^ and MabeP. 

3. Elleti^, d. not m. 

(172a.) V. William A.'', b 38 June, 1815 ; farmer, lives in 
Tuscumbia, Mo. ; m. (i) Angeline Hicks, (2) Widow Mary 
BitowN, and had 4 ch. 

VI. Jeremiah', b. in Middlebury, N. Y., 5 Feb., 1818 ; is 
a farmer at Waterloo, Wis.; m., 20 Sept., 1850 (i) Fannie 
E. (dau. of Jared) Webster, of Cuba, N. Y., b. 31 March, 
1826, and d. in Waterloo, Wis., 8 Feb., 1S55. They had, — 

1. Helen Fajwie^, b. 28 Oct., 1851, m., 1867, Homer White, farmer, of 

Lake Mills, Wis., d. in Waterloo, Wis., 10 Apr., 1872. They 
had, — 

I.) Atirelia^, b. 18 Oct., 1869. 

2.) Stella^, b. in Baraboo, Wis., 17 Oct., 1871, d. 6 Sept., 1875. 

2. Albion Clarence^, b. 30 June, 1854; a farmer at Ahna Centre, Jack- 

son county. Wis. He m. there 9 Nov., 1874, Mary (dau. of Peter) 
Atno, and has, — 


I.) Fatmy Esther^, b. i6 Feb., 1876. 

2.) Frank^, b. 29 May, 1877, d. 22 Apr., 1S78. 

3.) Edit/i May^, b. 12 Aug., 1878. 

4.) 7ay9, b. 8 Feb., 1881, at Alma Centre, Wis. 

Jeremiah Folsom^ m., 13 Sept., 1868 (2) Mrs. Mary 
(widow of A.) Twining, and daughter of Zebulon Lyon, b. 
in Middlebury, Vt., 31 May, 1S36, and had, — 

3. Ffank Lyon^, b. 10 Jan., 1870. 

4. Herbert Riley'^, b. 19 March, 1871. 

5. Litella May^, b. 24 Feb., 1873. 

6. MyroH Archer'^, b. 16 Jan., 1875. 

7. Ralph Lyle^ b. 28 July, 1877. 

VII. MATILDA^ b. 13 Jan., 1 82 1, m. M. A. Ellsworth. 
Their ch. were, — 

1. Born 1844, m. and went West. 

2. Thirza Z.^, b. Aug., 1851, ni. H. Jones, lives in Minnesota; has no 


VIII. LuciNA% b. 22 Dec, 1S22, at Middlebury, N. Y. ; 
unm. at Waterloo, Wis. 

IX. Mary'', b. in Holland, N. Y., 2 Oct., 1825 ; was a 
teacher; m. in Waterloo, Wis., 14 May, 1854 (-<^1 \vife), 
Anson E. Hayes, a farmer, teacher, and merchant, b. in 
Granby, Conn., 27 Aug., 1S13, who d. in Waterloo, Wis., 16 
Oct., 1873. Their ch. were, — 

1. Everett Anson^, b. in Waterloo, Wis., 10 March, 1855; graduated 

at Law School, Wisconsin University, 1S79; ^^ in practice in Mad- 
ison, Wis. ; not ni. He has aided the compiler in this work. 

2. yay Orley^, b. 2 Oct., 1857; graduated at Law School, Wisconsin 

University, 1880; is in practice with his brother, E. A. Hayes, in 
Madison, Wis. ; unm. 

3. CJiarles Carrol'^, b. 24 Aug., 1861, d. in Waterloo, Wis., 26 Feb., 


X. LoDEMA^, b. in Cuba, N. Y., 23 Oct., 1829, m. in 1848, 
(i) George D. Hascal, son of James and Eliza Hascal, or 
Buffalo, N. Y. Their ch. were, — 

1. Charles Alanson^, b. in Aztalan, Wis., 26 Apr., 1851, m. Afary 

Bailey, of Watertown, Wis., March, 1S75, and has 3 ch. ; lives at 
Tower City, Dakota Territory. 

2. Helena Victoria^, b. 8 Jan., 1853, at New Haven, Wis. ; m. in Lake 

Mills, Wis., II March, 1874, Madison Buck, a miller in Delafield, 
Waukesha county. Wis. They have, — 

I.) Edith M.^ 2.) Harry M.'^ 3.) Martha A » 


3. George Byron^, b. 10 Aug., 1856, at Mauston, Wis.; is a farmer; 

unm. in Tower City, Datcota Territory. 

4. Maty E/iza^,h. in Mauston, Wis., 17 June, 1858; lives with her 

mother, unm., in La Crosse, Wis. 

5. A/ice Lodcina^, b. in Portland, Wis., 15 Nov., 1861, d. in Winona^ 

Minn., Oct. 12, 1876. 

Lodema (Folsom) Hascal" m. at Lake Mills, Wis., 17 
March, 1S70, (3) Isaac Atwood. He has no children. 

No. 111. 

REV. JEREMIAH FOLSOM<^ (Dan.^, Dan.*, Abr.^, Jn.% 
Jn.^), 17S1-1S34, a Freewill Baptist preacher, ordained 1812, 
and his wife, *ABIGAIL (BEAN), had b. in Tunbridge, Vt., 
10 ch. 

(173.) I. Elijah'^, b. in Tunbridge, Vt., 1S05, farmer, moved 
to Boston, Erie county, N. Y., in 1830, m. there, Judith 
(dau. of John) Folsom, who was b. 28 Jan., 1799, and in 
1879 was living. (See No. 54, II.) He d. 24 June, 1852, 
They had 4 children, i son and 3 daughters. 

(173a.) II. John Bean", b. 1807 in Tunbridge, Vt. ; an arch- 
itect ; m. in Boston, Erie county, N. Y., Lucynthia Rock- 
wood, of Boston, N. Y., and had, — 

I. Mary Efi 2. yere^. 3. Helen^. 4. Etnelina^. 

He d. in Milton, Wis., 9 Feb., 1876. Mrs. L. (Rockwood) 
Folsom, b. in Boston, N. Y., 30 Sept., iSii, d. in Columbus^ 
Wis., 6 Oct., 1858. 

III. James King'^, m. (i) Lucy Griffin; had Theresa^ ^ 

who m. Gary. He m. (3) , and had Byro)i^ and 

others. He lives in Ohio. 

IV. Mary'', m. Nathaniel Jenkins, lived in Wisconsin, 
and d. 18S0. She had, — 

I. Leonard'^. 2. Byroti^. 3. Alice^. 4. Menellie^. 5. Itnogene^. 

*Miriam and Abigail Bean (5), who m. the brothers, Abr. and Jeremiah Folsom (5), 
were daughters of John Bean (4) Joshua (3), John (2). John (i) came from Scotland and 
settled in Exeter before 1660. His grandson, Joshua (3), m. Hannah Robertson, and lived 
in Brentwood, and had John (4), who (born 4 Sept., 1746) m. Abigail Fowler, and had 4 
sons and 5 daughters b. in Gilmanton. (Lancaster, p. 257.) 



V. Daniel^ farmer, m. Lydia A. Slocum, lives in Water- 
loo, Wis., and had, — 

1. Albert Z'.^ who m. Angle Dodge, and has Florence^ and Edwin^- 

lives in Eau Claire, Wis. 

2. Edwin 6".^ m. Mary Rice, and has a son; lives at Indianapolis, 

Ind. ; is agent of a life insurance company. 

3. Julia^, not m. 

4. Carrie^, m. Chester Looniis, and a daughter; is a widow. 

5. Francis^, m. E''annie Rice, of Lake Mills, Wis., and has one son; 

is agent for L. L. Shelden, of Madison, Wis., dealer in agricultu- 
ral implements. 

VI. Nancy% m. Cornelius Gould, of Boston, N. Y., 
lives in Iowa. They had, — 

I. Wesley'^, d. 1854? 2. Lucinda^. 3. Mariah^. 
4. Ellen^. 5. Franklin'^, m. 

(174.) VII. Jeremiah"^, b. in N. Y., 20 July, 1S15, m., 30 
May, 1844, TiRZAH (dau. of Perez) Cobb, of Boston, N. Y. 
He was a farmer. In 1S41 he moved to Whitewater, Wis. 
and in 1S45 to Columbia county, and in 1S66 to West Mitchell, 
Iowa, where he d. 26 May, 1S70. A Varm friend to the 
cause of temperance and of education. Thev had ^ children. 
His widow, aged 62, is living in iSSr. 

VIII. Abraham'^, b. 1S17, a farmer, m. Almeda Rich- 
ards ; is living in Wisconsin. They had, — 

I. Dnlcena^, b. 1854, m. 1879? -• Dennis^, b. 1857. 
3. Carl^, b. about 1867? 

IX. Abigail^ b. 1S19, m. Joseph Ball, and d. 1S56. 
She had, — 

I. Emilia^. 1. Eveline^, d. i860? 

X. Truman'', b. 1S21, d. 1SS2, a farmer; m. Clarissa 
Benedict, and had, — 

I. Adelbert^, b. 1857. 2. Clara^, b. 1862. 

Rev. Jeremiah Folsom*^, pastor from 1816, at Boston, N. Y., 
is said to have been "a man of prayer and much sympathy. 
His preaching was plain, faithful, and practical." 


No. 112. 

DEA. JACOB FOLSOM« (Abr.S Dan.*, Abr.^, Jn.2, Jn.i), 
1 773-1861, and his wife, MARY (FIFIELD), had b. in Tun- 
bridge, Vt., — 

I. Rev. Abraham'^, b. 16 Apr., 1794, m., about 1823, in 
New York, Eliza Sutphen ; first a printer in N. Y. About 
1835 he was ordained in Vermont a Methodist Episcopal 
preacher, and preached some 30 years. In 1863 he was in 
Raymond, N. H. In 1872, preached at North Salem, March 
24, and d. March 31, aged 77, in Raymond. His wife is 
dead ; they had no children. 

II. Dolly'', b. 11 Oct., 1795, d. unm. in Washington, Vt., 
16 Oct., 1833. 

III. Lydia% b. 16 Feb., 1797, m., 1830, Nathaniel Hood, 
of Chelsea, Vt., lives there, and had, — 

1. Rosalba^, b. 2 July, 1831, d. in Chelsea, Vt., 1854. 

2. Marcia^, b. 2 Aug., ^1833, d. in Chelsea, Vt., 187 1. 

(175.) IV. Enos", b. 2 Feb., 1799, m. in Windsor, Vt., Nov. 
8, 1834, (i) Mary (dau. of Capt. Samuel) Stone, b. in 
Windsor, Vt., 5 Apr., 1798, who d. in Montreal, Can., 38 
March, 1833, having had 3 ch. He m., Jan., 1836, in Hart- 
land, Vt, (3) Laur/. (dau. of William) Ayer, of Montreal, 
Can., b. in Windsor, Vt., 26 May, 1S16, who had 8 ch. He 
was a printer, lived in Washington and in Windsor, Vt., and 
in Montreal. He d. in Burnet, Wis., 5 Sept., 1874, aged 75. 

(176.) V. Rev. Moses", b. i Jan., 1801, m., 3 Jan., 1835, 
(i) Polly Greene, b. in Williamstown, Vt., 30 March, 1803, 
who d. 17 Aug., 1867. He m., 9 May, 186S, (3) Abbie C. 
LowD, of Newfield, Me. He had 5 ch. For many years he 
was a successful preacher of the Freewill Baptist denomina- 
tion in Vermont, Canada, and New Hampshire. In 1842-43, 
in the legislature of Vermont, he presented the cause of anti- 
slavery. He always advocated the cause of temperance, and 
the necessity of an educated ministry, though formerly opposed 
by some of his brethren. He d. in Effingham, 2 Sept., 18S1, 
ao"ed8i. He and his family furnished much material for this 


VI. Betsey% b. 28 Dec, 1S03, m. twice, had no children, 
lives at South Royalton, Vt. 

VII. Levi% b. 26 Dec, 1S04, lives in Rahv^'ay, N. J. ; m., 
21 Nov., 1830, Eliza A. Freeman, of New York city, who 
was b. 27 Dec, 1812. They had b. in New York, 4 ch. 

1. Joseph MarshaW^. b. in New York city, 3 Jan., 1832. d. in Rahway, 

N. J., 25 Oct., 1850. 

2. Theodore^, b. 20 Aug., 1833, m., i Jan., 1855, Marietta E. Enders, 

b. 12 March, 1835, and had 8 ch. 

I.) Ella^, b. 13 Julv, 1856. 2.) Jjilia^, b. 13 June, 1858. 

3.) Rac/teP, b. 22 March, 1861. 

4.) Joseph^, b. II Feb., 1864, d. 18 Feb., 1864. 

5.) Josephine^, b. 16 Oct.. 1865. 6.) Clarn^, b. 17 March, 1868. 

7.) Dora^, b. 30 June, 1870. 8.) Jaines E.^, b. 25 Aug., 1872. 

3. Eliza Marshall^, b. 16 Apr.. 1842, d. in Elizabeth City, N. J., 6 

Jan., 1868. 

4. Sarah^, b. 18 Feb., 1850, d. 25 Feb. 1850. 

VIII. Oilman'', b. 29 March, 1807, m., 29 Dec, 1S31, 
Eliza Burgess, b. 30 Sept., 1809, by whom he had 4 ch. b. in 
Chelsea, Vt. 

1. Safford G.^, b. 9 Oct., 1833, m., 25 May, 1854, Sarah Annis, and 

had, — 

I.) Flora Alice^, b. 4 Apr., 1855. 

2.) Jennie Annis^, b. 16 Aug., i860. 

3.) Thomas'^, b. 28 Nov., 1863. 4.) Nancy Larona^.^ b. 5 June, 1866. 

2. Rev. Elisha^, b. 13 Oct., 1837, m., 22 Aug., 1858, Nancy Charlotte 

Kezer, and had 4 ch. 

I.) Persis Annette^, b. 3 July, i860. 
2.) Emma Eliza^, b. 21 Oct.. 1861. 
3.) Francis Elisha^, b. 7 Apr., 1864. 
4.) Hetiry Gihnan^, b. 15 Feb., 1867. 

Elisha^ is a very acceptable minister of the Methodist Episcopal 
church, of the conference in Vermont. 

3. David S.^, b. 9 May. 1842, m., 20 Sept., 1S62, Nancy Adna Phil- 

brick. Their ch. were, — 

I.) Cora Emma^, b. 20 Nov., 1863. 
2.) Charles David^, b. 10 Sept., 1871. 
3.) Minnie lVarre?i^, b. 26 Aug., 1S75. 

4. Mary J.^, b. i March, 1846. 

IX. Elisha% b. II March, 1809, d. in Montreal, 15 June, 
1831 ; not m. 



X. PERSIS^ b. I June, iSii, m., 8 vSept., 1831, Jonathan 
Hood, b. 12 Feb., 1807. She had b. in Chelsea, Vt., 10 ch., 
and d. there 15 Apr., 1S76. Her ch. were, — 

1. Elondns'^, b. 19 June, 1832, m., 1864, Mary E. Payne, and had 3 


2. Osaiider^, b. 13 Jan., 1834, d. 15 June, 1851. 

3. Marcellus^, b. 10 Feb., 1838, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., 21 Sept., 

1862. from hard service in the U. S. Army. 

4. Rinaldd^, b. 17 Apr., 1840. 5. Egerton^, b. 30 Apr. 1842. 

These brothers served full terms in the U. S. Army in the late war. 

6. Alpheus^, b. 27 Aug., 1844. 

7. Warrington^, b. 21 Aug., 1846, d. in Chelsea, 6 Feb., 1863. 

8. Cornelius'^, b. 24 Oct., 1848. 9. Ajigustns'^ . b. 28 Nov., 1850. 
10 Rosabella Josepliine^, b. in Washington, Vt., 16 Jan., 1854. 

XI. Louisa", b. 17 March, 1S13, m., 15 March, 1843, 
Julius Lougee, b. in Washingtoii, Vt., 19 Jan., 1820, and 
had b. in Chelsea, Vt., — 

1. Charles Folsoni^, b. 6 Jan., 1846, m., 1878, Adelaide Tracy. 

2. Flora'^, b. in New York, 13 June, 1832. (P. O. address, 34 Smith 

street, Lowell, Mass ) 

3. Ind^, b. in New York, 16 July, 1S54, m., 2 Nov., iZ^i, Augustus 

Hood. They had 3 ch. Her son, Harry P. Hood, d. 9 Dec, 

4. Hudson^, b. in Chelsea, Vt., 18 Nov., 1856; killed in Milton, Vt., 

24 Sept., 1881 ; a brakeman on the Vermont Central Railroad, 
aged 24 years and 10 months. 

XII. Mary Emeline'^, b. in Hartford, Vt., 21 Sept., 1815, 
m., Apr., 1842, Alonzo Freeman, of New York city, b. 
18 1 5, and had b. in New York, 8 ch. 

1. Alonzo, Jr.^, b. March, 1843; M. D. in Jersey City, N. J.; assist- 

ant surgeon in U. S. army. 

2. Harriet^, h. 1845. 3. Joseph'^, b. 1847. 4. Mary E.^, b. 1849. 

5. Sara/i^. b. 1851. d. 1853 6. Marshall^, b. 1856. 

7. Sarah^ (twin sister of Marshall), d. aged 5 months. 

8. Myra^, b. 1859, d- Feb., 1880. 

No. 113. 

ASA FOLSOM^ (Abr.^, Dan.S Abr.^, Jn.^. Jn.i), 1782- 
1813, and his wife, FANNY (BENNET)', had' b. in Tun- 
bridge, Vt., 3 ch., who at an early age were left orplians in 
Warsaw, Wyoming county, N. Y. 


I. Silas', b. 26 July, 1S06, m. iu Hartford, Conn., 1832, 
Mary H. Taylor, b. 27 Jan., 1809. They had a son, Will- 
iatn ^.^ who d. an infant. He was editor and printer of the 
Attica Atlas, a Democratic paper in Attica, N. Y., where he 
still lives (1S82). 

(177.) n. Benjamin'', b. 23 Feb., 1809, ni. in New Hartford, 
N. Y., 1831, Mary Rathbone, b. 10 Sept., 1813. They had 
b. in Folsomdale and Attica. Wyoming county, N. Y., 7 ch. 
Being left fatherless, at about 4 years of age, Benjamin was 
earh' thrown upon his own resources. He worked in a store 
in Attica, N. Y., till of age, and then set up in trade for him- 
self at Folsomdale, in the town of Bennington, N. Y., where 
he frequently was elected to town offices. Removing to Attica, 
he was again elected to office. In 18^4 he went to Nebraska, 
and aided in organizing that territory. He was senator in 
1856, representative in 1862, probate judge in Burt county, 
1855, was captain, and afterward paymaster, &c. He is large- 
ly interested in real estate in Nebraska, and is noted for his 
integrity and business talent. Resides at Tekamah, or in 
Omaha, Neb. 

(178.) ni. John B.'^, b. in Folsomdale, 28 Jan., iSii, m. 
Clarinda C. Harndon, b. 1809, d. 1873. In 1S53 was ist 
postmaster in the village of Folsomdale, Wyoming county, 
N. Y. They had 2 sons. 


No. 114. 

JONATHAN FOLSOM^ (Jonth.^ Abr.^ Abr.^ Abr.^, 
Jn.2, Jn.i), 1 794-1861, and his wife, NANCY, had,— 

I. Leonard S.S b. 1819, was not m. in 1S76; living in 

II. Julia Ann R.^ b. 1S22, m., 1850, Alfred Barron, 
and has Olive S.^ 

III. John R. TACKSON^ b. 28 Nov., 1833, m. (i) Amanda 
Leavitt, of Gilford, who d. 1864, leaving a son, Austin Oliti^, 
b. 6 Feb., 1864. He m., NoV. 14, 1864, (2) Laura J. 
French, of Gilmanton, who has no children. They live in 


No. 115. 

ABRAHAM FOLSOM« (Abr.^ Abr.*, Abr.s, Jn.^, Jn.i), 
1777-1824, farmer, and bis wife, MARY (LIBBEY), bad b. 
in Mereditb (now Lake Village) 6 ch. 

I. Sally T.^ b. 9 Oct., 1S07, m., June, 1826, (1) Joshua 
S. Mead, b. 12 Apr., 1S03, who resided in Charlestown, 
Mass., and d. i3 Feb., 1S31. Their ch. were, — 

1. Mary Octavia^, b. 25 Oct., 1827, m. Jere. D. Sleeper, lives in Con- 

cord, and has Viola A'.®, wife of Frank G. Rabbins, of Lynn, 

2. Olivia Atiii^, b. 15 Oct., 1830; a teacher in N. H. and in New 

Orleans. She m., Nov., 1858, {\^ Proctor P. Sa7-gent, of New 
London, N. H., and lived in New Orleans, where he d. 28 Feb., 
1865, leaving a daugliter. Amy A.^, deceased. She m., Aug. 5, 
1867, (2) Wilson H. McKie, of Tensas Parish, La. They live at 
Lone Oak, Hunt county, Texas, and have E. Betilah^, b. 1871. 

Mrs. S. T. Mead m., Dec. 2, 1S33, (2) Charles G. For- 
rest, of Northfield, b. Oct. 16, 1S06, and d. 30 March, 18S2, 
at his residence in Tilton, by whom she had, — 

3. Abneda Merrill'^, b. 2 Nov., 1835 ; a successful teacher, who m., 27 

Apr., 1868, George A. Newliall^ of Salem, Mass., now of Boston, 
and has, — 

l) Ernest Forrest^. 2.) Gny Folsoni^. 

4. Honoria Adelaide^. 

5. Martha Josephine'*^ " the artist sisters, the latter an art teacher." 

6. George Fraiik Decatur^, who d. 11 July, 1869. 

II. George C.", b. 12 July, iSio; m. ; has one ch., — 
I. Gustavus Decatur'^. 

III. Abraham Decatur", b. 5 Feb., 1814, d. in Meriden, 
N. H., 18 May, 1834, of a fever contracted while attending his 
sick brother, Capt. Joseph L. Folsom, then a student in Gilman- 
ton academy. Abraham D. Folsom was a young man of " ster- 
ling worth, an ardent student," holding a high position in the 
class that was soon to graduate at Kimball Union Academy. 
An eminent lawyer whom he consulted, during the settleinent 
of his father's estate, said he "exhibited the clearest powers in 
grasping legal points of any lad he had ever met." 


IV. Capt. Joseph L.'', b. 19 May, 1816, lost bis father at 
the early age of 8 years. His mother removed to Northfield, 


for the education of her children. In 1S36 he entered the 
military academy at West Point, and graduated 1S40. He 
served as lieutenant under Gen. Worth, in the war asrainst the 
Seminoles in Florida, and conducted a bodv of Indians to 
their new home in the West. After serving in various places 
in the North-west, he was in 1S44 oi'dered to the military acad- 
emy at West Point, as instructor. In 1S46 he was sent under 
Col. Stevenson to California, as Qiiartermaster of the ist Regi- 
ment N. Y. Vols. He landed in the spring of 1S47, ''^"^ '" 
selecting a site for the army stores, he chose the village Verba 
Buena, soon called San Francisco. Here he invested his funds, 
and engaged with deep interest in the improvement of the 
place. The discovery of gold aided in the rapid development 
of the new city, and in a few years it is said his fortune had 
risen to eleven millions, and a magnificent street was called by 
his name. Amidst all the cares and toils of his civil and mili- 
tary life, he continued his interest in literarv pursuits, and 
remained the same quiet, gentlemanly companion. He was 
cut down in the prime of life, and if his surviving relatives 
reaped no benefit from his immense fortune, he left them the 
reputation of an honest man, whose pure life and firm integrity 
have established a character beyond reproach. 

V. Charles P.", b. 30 Jan.. 1S19. d. 16 Dec, 1819. 

VI. Frank C.', b. 30 Nov., 1S21, d. in Philadelphia. 9 
Feb., 1S46; not m. He was attending his last course of lec- 
tures at the Jefferson Medical College, and died of what the 
faculty called small-pox, though he would not believe it. A 
few years before, he had been vaccinated, taken the disease, 
recovered, and for six weeks cared for that class of patients in 
the hospital. He was a fine scholar, pure in principles, cor- 
rect in habits, and enthusiastic in his profession. He had been 
appointed a surgeon in the U. S. navy, and was looking for- 
ward to a useful life, with flattering prospects, but was sud- 
denly cut down as he was about to enter his chosen field of 


No. 115a. 

GEORGE FOLSOM' (Dan.«, Josiah^ Abr.*, Abr.«, Jn.S 
Jn.^), i8oS, farmer in East Monmouth, Me., and his wife, 
LUCRETIA (TOWLE), had b. in East Monmouth,— 

I. Harriet W.^ b. 13 Feb., 1833, d. 29 July, 1S51. 

II. Sarah F.^ b. 19 June, 1S34. 

III. Henry B.^ b. 29 March, 1S36, d. 10 July, 1S39. 

IV. Nancy C.«, b. 21 March, 1S38. 

V. Irene E.®, b. i Oct., 1S40. 

VI. Lucilla A.^ b. 6 Jan., 1S43. 

VII. George H.^ b. 28 Aug., 1844, d- 10 Jan., 1847. 

VIII. Alpheus L.^ b. 22 Apr., 1846. 

IX. Mary E.«, b. 27 Jan., 184S. 

X. Millard E.^ b. 23 Jan., 1S50, d. 22 Feb., 1S79. 

XI. Daniel W.^ b. 5 Apr., 1S52. 

No. 116. 

JONATHAN F0LS0M« (Josiah^, Abr.*, Abr.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 
1794-1859, of Litchfield, Me., and his wife, ABIGAIL K. 
(LORD), had b. in Litchfield,— 

I. Mary A.', b. 30 Aug., 1S20, m. Abial Robinson, of 
Winthrop, Me., and had i child. 

II. Albert'^, b. 29 Nov., 1822, at Monmouth, Me., m. in 
Augusta, Me., 8 Oct., 1846, Rachel A. Wharf, daughter of 
Isaac B. Wharf, of Guilford, Me., and has, — 

I. George Albert^, b. in Augusta, Me., 27 Sept., 1848; m. in San 
Francisco, 22 Jan., 1874. Geor^iana E. (dau. of J. B.) Morton, 
of Boston, Mass., and had b. in San Francisco, 4 ch. 

I.) MacLiUiatfi, b. 25 Jan., 1876. 
2) Maiui Aiu^eline^^h. 10 Apr.. 1877. 
3.) Alice Ev'eliJi^, b. 21 July, 1878. 
4.) Albert Morion^, b. 21 Sept., 1879. 


2. Frank^, b. 30 Apr., 1850. at Lewiston, Me., d. in San Francisco 

Cal., 31 March, 1857. 

3. Eugene H.^, b. in San Francisco, 13 Sept., 1858. 

4. Walter Herbert^, b. in San Francisco, 2 Au<^., 1863, d. 13 Jan., 


5. Henry Lfi, b. in San Francisco, 15 Sept., 1866. 

III. Leonard B.", b, in Monmouth, 12 June, 1S25 ; car- 
riage-maker, living in Atlanta, Ga. 

IV. Hannah E.^ b. 11 vSept., 1837. 

V. Josiah^ b. 30 March, 1S30, d. 6 Sept., 1S42. 

VI. Franklin T.^ b. 13 March, 1S33 ; carriage-maker; d. 
in San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 3, iSSo. 

VII. Charles W.% b. 25 May, 1S35 ; deals in hardware at 
West Waterville, Me. ; has 2 ch. 

VIII. Daniel W.", b. 19 July, 1S39; i" the straw business, 
Foxboro', Mass. ; m. 

No. 117. 

Jere.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 17S0-1S63, merchant, of Portsmouth, and 
his wife, SARAH (QUINCY), had b. in Portsmouth, 10 ch. 

I. Thomas B.', d. an infant. 

II. vSally B.', d. an infant. 

III. William'^, d. an infant. 

IV. Hannah'', d. an infant. 

V. Ann Q_uincy', b. 1S09, d. unm. 1S47. 

VI. Nathan Boardman, Jr.', b. 1S13, a merchant in 
Portsmouth and in Maine. In 1S39 he m. Mary Ann (dau. 
of Zebulon) Wiggin, of Moultonborough. In 1S50 he was a 
farmer, in Eden, La Salle county, 111., and so continued 20 
years. He was more than 12 years (from 1S70) on the staff 
of the Interior^ a paper widely circulated in the Presbyterian 
church, travelling extensively in the great West. They had 3 


1. Nathan ^.^ b. in Portsmouth, i6 Dec, 1839. ^^ ^as in the 20th 

Regiment, Illinois Infantry, in the civil war. He m., 1870, 
Blanche (dau. of E. D.) Lockivood, of Peru, III., and lives in 
Chicago, 111., having 2 ch. 

I.) Frank P.^, b. 1871. 2.) Engene B.^, b. 1873. 

2. James Sherman^, b. in Portland, Me., 1841 ; is a farmer in Eden, 

111. He m., 1866, ya7ie (dau. of Peter) Baxendate, late of Man- 
chester, Eng. She was b. in 1848. Their ch. are, — 

I.) Fannie May^, b. 1867. 2.) Frank William'^, b. 1869. 

3. Lillie May^, b. 1878. 

VII. Elizabeth Frances^ b. 18 17, ni. Richard W. 
Piper, M. D. 

VIII. Sarah QuINCY^ b. 1S24, m., 1S48, John C. Hey- 
wooD, of Dexter, Me., now a farmer in Tonica, 111., with 3 

1. Mary Elizabeth^, b. 1849, m. C. W. Dysart. 

2. Lucy Metcaip, b. 1854. 3. John Maltby^, b. i860. 

IX. Edmund H. QJ ^ b. 1829, of Tonica, 111. ; did not 
marry ; d. there 5 Aug., 1882, aged 53. 

X. Horatio Q_.^b. 1832 ; a soldier in the 20th 111. Infantry, 
and badly wounded in the battle of Shiloh. He lives in Chi- 
cago, 111. 

No. 118. 

DEA. DANIEL MATHES, of Durham, 17S7-1856, and 
his (2) wife. BETSEY (FOLSO\I«) MATHES, daughter of 
Capt. Asa Folsom^, had b. in Durham, — 

I. Jeremiah M.^ b. 1809, m., 1834, Ann Elizabeth (dau. 
of Nathaniel) Folsom^, Portsmouth, and had 8 children. (See 
No. 74.) 

II. Mary ANN^ b. 5 Feb., 1S14, m., 24 Jan., 1837, John 
N. Handy, of Portsmouth. They had 3 ch. 

III. Thomas BoARDMAN^ b. 23 Jan., 1816, m. R. Thur- 
Low ; lives in Lynn, Mass., and has 6 ch. 

IV. Sarah Folsom^ b. 7 July, 181 7, d. 19 Dec, 1S38, m. 
Thomas Kennard, of South Newmarket. 


V. Susan E.", b. 31 May, iSiS, m., 23 May, 1S48, James 
A. Pickering, of Newington, and has, — 

I. Frederick^. 2. Alice^. 3. Sarah^. 

VI. Nathan F.^ b. 15 Aug.. 1S21, m., 15 July, 1845, 
Mary Frances (dau. of Nathaniel) Folsom, of Portsmouth, 
b. 15 Jul}-, 1824. He is a merchant in Portsmouth, and has, — 

I. Frances Abby^. 2. Ella Folsovi^. (See No. 74.) 

No. 119. 

JOHN ODLIN FOLSOM^ (Jn.«, ]\\.\ Jere.^ Jere.^, Jn.^ 
Jn.^), 1800-1882, of Henniker, farmer, and his wife, MARY 
F. (COLT), had,— 

I. John Morrison^, b. in Deerfield, 25 Nov., 1835, m.. 26 
Nov., i87i,Mary E. Marden, of Haverhill, N. H. They 
had no ch. 

II. William Odlin^, b. in Henniker, 28 Sept., 183S ; is a 
merchant there in 1SS2. He m.. 11 Feb., 1S69, Julia F. 
Whiting, of Henniker, and has, — 

I. Carrie Eliza^, b. 13 Feb., 1873. 

No. 120. 

PETER F0LS0M« (Pe.S Jere.*, Jere.^ Jn.^, Jn.^), 1773- 
1839, of Limerick, Me., farmer, and his wife, BETSEY 
(DURGIN), had b. in Limerick, 14 ch. 

I. A child, b. 24 Oct., 179S, d. an infant. 

II. Enoch^ b. 28 Oct., 1799. 

III. JoHN^ b. 20 Oct., 1801, d. Dec. 5, 1801. 

IV. Dr. LEvf , b. 13 Oct., 1S02, m. (i) . and had i 

daughter. He m. (2) Mary (dau. of Asa) Eastman, of 
Chatham, and lived in Lovell, Me., in New Bedford, Mass., 
and in New York ; d. 25 Oct.. 1867. 

V. Peter^ b. 30 Jan., 1S05, d. 19 Oct., 1S36. 


VI. A son, b. and d. 17 Nov., 1S07. 

VII. Joseph', b. 14 Apr., iSoS, m., 11 Dec, 1S31, Martha 
Rogers. They had, — 

I. yoseph L.^ 2. JVarren^. 

VIII. Betsey", b. S July, 1810, m. George Thompson; 

had no ch. 

IX. John'', b. 19 March, 1S13, d. 33 Jan., 1S37. 

X. Benjamin'', b. 24 May, 1S15. 

XI. Major H.'', b. 13 March, 1S17, m. Sarah Durgin, 
and d. 2 June, 1S61. He had, — 

I. Levi^. 2. Peter^. 

XII. Simeon', b. 5 Ma}', 1819, m. in Portland, Me., 1S55, 
Olive O. (dan. of S.) Bradley, of Cornish, Me., who d. 21 
Dec, 1873. He was a farmer and miller in his native town, 
and had b. in Limerick, 9 ch. 

I. Sijueon, Jr.^, b. 27 Jan., 1856. 2. /. J. B.^, b. 4 March, 1858. 
3. Geo?-ge W.^, b. 15 Dec, 1859. 4- Abigail^, b. 7 Apr., 1862. 
5. Fannie A.^, b. 27 Apr., 1864. 6. Frnncelia^, b. 15 May, 1866. 

7. Atleen^, b. 20 March, 1868, d. March 27. 

8. Defrankiis^, b. 12 Jan., 1870, d. 26 Oct., 1875. 

9. Olive^. b. 18 Sept., 1871. 

XIII. George W.^ b. 26 March, 1821, d. 2 Sept., 1853. 

XIV. Sally^ b. I Oct., 1S28, d. 16 July, 1861. 

The father, Peter, had no property, but moved with his wife 
into the forest, built a log hut, and cleared a large farm which 
is owned and occupied by his youngest son, Simeon Folsom''. 

No. 121. 

CAPT. JAMES BROOKS, 1788-1814, of Portland, Me., 
and his wife, BETSEY (FOLSOM«) (Pe.^ Jere.S Jere.^, 
Jn.2, Jn.i), had b. in Portland, Me.,— 

I. Hon. James Brooks'', b. 10 Nov., 1810, who at the age 
of II entered a store in Lewiston, Me., and so improved his 
opportunities that he became a teacher at 16, and when 18 


entered Waterville college (now Colby University), where he 
graduated in 1S32 at the head of his class. He then travelled 
in the South, and wrote letters to several papers, which attract- 
ed much attention. In 1835 he was elected a member of the 
Maine legislature, and afterward visited Europe, travelling on 
foot, and giving the results of his observations in letters to the 
Portland Advertiser. In 1S36, with his brother Erastus, he 
established the New York Express, a Whig paper, and re- 
markably successful. In 1S4S he was elected to Congress, and 
served two terms. In 1S66 he was chosen to Congress again 
by the Democratic party, and continued in oflice till his death, 
in Washington, 30 April, 1S73. About 1871 he set out on a 
trip round the world, and returned broken in health, from a 
fever taken in Asia, from which he never entirely recovered. 
He m., in 1842, Mrs. Mary Louisa Randolph, a niece of 
Gen. Harrison's. 

II. Eliza Atherton", b. 1813, m., 20 Mav, 1S39, Na- 
thaniel Marsh, of Haverhill, Mass. (D. C. 1S35.) ^'""^ ^' 
in 1847, at the birth of a son, SainueP, Her daughter, Eliza 
(Brooks^) m. jfauies AI. JVic/iols, of Haverhill. 

III. Hon. ERASTUS^ b. 31 Jan., 1S15, entered Brown Uni- 
versity, "studied the art of printing." In 1831-3 edited and 
printed T/ie Tankee, at Wiscasset, Me., when 16 years old. 
In 1840 he supported Gen. Harrison for President, editing the 
New York Express. From 1854-58, in the New York state 
senate ; in 1S67-70, member of the constitutional convention 
for New York state. He was an original founder of the New 
York Express, in 1S36, and was connected with it for 41 
years. He m., 12 Jan., 1S44, Margaret Davies (dau. of 
Chief-Justice) Cranch, of Washington, D. C. He lives at 
"West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y." 

The widow, Betsey (Folsom) Brooks, m., about 1S17, (3) 
Joseph Dudley, of Portland, and had, — 

IV. George W.", a physician of New York, who has 
always called himself Brooks. He has 2 sons. 

She died at the house of her son, Hon. James Brooks, in 
New York, Nov., 1850, aged 70. 


No. 122. 

JOSEPH FOLSOM^ (Pe/, Jere.*, Jerc^, Jn.S Jn.^), 1782- 
1820, a sailor of Eastport, Me., and his wife, DEBORAH 
(SENNET), had,— 

I. Mary^ b. in Brunswick, Me., 27 June, 1804, m. in East- 
port, I July, 1827, Luke Morang, and had 6 ch. She d. in 
Lubec, Me., May 8, 1871. Her ch. were, — 

1. George N.^, b. 5 Apr., 1828, m., 23 Oct., 1849, Adaline Emery, and 

has, — 

I.) William E.^, b. 1850. 2.) Mary A.^, b. 1853. 
3.) Cora B.^, b. 1855. And 4 others. 

2. Amelia^, b. 12 Apr., 1832, at Campobello, N. B., and d. i Jan., 

1837, in Pembroke, Me. 

3. Hannah C^ b. 14 Aug., 1838, d. in Pembroi<e, Me., 4 Jan., 1837. 

4. Joseph^, b. in Eastport, Me., 27 May, 1838; was in the 26tli Regi- 

ment, Co. H., Maine Volunteers, and d. in hospital in New 
Orleans, 21 June, 1863. 

5. Amelia L.^, b. 12 May, 1840, m., 17 Feb., 1862, C. E. Cousins, at 


6. Mary E.^, b. in Campobello, N. B., S Jan., 1842, d. 10 March, 


II. Capt. Richard'', b. in Harpswell, Me., 2 June, 1806; 
sea captain, and then a farmer in Portland, Me. ; m. in East- 
port, 17 Apr., 1 838, Isabella Patterson, and had, — 

1. Nancy D.^, b. 25 Nov., 1839, m. in Eastport. 8 Nov., 1856, Rev. 

Raines B. White, of the Baptist church. They have 9 ch. 

I.) Hezron HnrmaJi^, b. 14 Feb., 1858, d. young. 

2.) Clara Efla^, b. 12 Aug., 1859. 

3.) Sarah Elizabeth^, b. 24 May, 1861. 

4.) Harry Hnr?na/i^, b. 22 May, 1864. 

5.) Alfred A ug?eslns^, b. 4 Apr., 1866. 

6.) Azariah Lafiloi^, b. 23 Sept., 1870. 

7.) Arthur Winfred'^, b. 16 Oct., 1873. 

8.) Lula May^, b. 16 Nov.. 1875, d. 11 March, 1876. 

9.) Louisa Dehor aJi^, b. 19 Jan., 1877. 

2. Vi/ia^. b. 22 Feb., lS42, m. in Eastport, 25 Dec, 1866, George W. 

Sivett, keeper of Hotel Uufferin, St. John, N. B. They have 2 

l) Maud Lojigfellow^, b. 6 Sept., 1868, 
2.) Love Leavitt^, b. 18 Feb., 1870, 

3. Fannie E.^, b. 15 March, 1844, m. in Portland, i June, 1870, yohn 

Boucher, dealer in boots and shoes, Denver, Col. Their ch, 
were, — 


I.) Bertie^, b. i Aug., 1S72, d. 14 May, 1873. 
2.) Mabel Lilian^, b. 10 Aug , 1875. 

4. Caroline^, b. 7 Aug., 1846. m. in Eastport, 21 Sept., 1864, William 

Pine. Their ch. were, — 

I.) Frank^, b. 23 May, 1866. 2.) Carrie Afay^, b. 15 Dec, 1868. 

5. Isabella, b. 12 Aug., 1848, m. in Portland, 17 Apr., 1878, J^acoi 

Pluj)inier, and has, — 

I.) Eva BeW^, b. 17 Feb., 1879. 

6. George Strechliii^. b. I July, 1850. 

7. Richard Dickennan^. b. 4 July, 1852. 

8. Frank Peirce^, b. 6 July, 1854. 

9. Willard^, b. 12 Sept., 1856. 

10. Henry^, b. 20 Oct., 1858, m. in Portland, 5 Apr., 1878, Nellie 


11. Annie Aug^iista^. b. 26 June, i860. 

12. Fred Huil^ b. 18 Dec, 1866. 

III. Elizabeth', b. 25 Dec, 1S12, in Eastport, Me., where 
she m., 6 Jan., 1S30, (i) Nathaniel Norwood, and had, — 

I. George^. 2. William^, b. 15 Jan., 1832. 

3. Mary E.^, b. II July, 1834, m., 1S52. 

4. Ein'ilia^, b. 2 Oct., 1838, d. 19 Aug., 1S49. 

Mrs. Elizabeth" m., 6 Oct., 1841, (3) Moses B. Morang, 
and had, — 

5. Albia 7-^ b. 22 Apr., 1844. 

She lives at No. 3, Madison street, Boston. 

IV. Stephen S.", b. 13 IMay, 1814, m. in Eastport, 1833, 
Hannah Parry, and had. — 

I. Joseph^, b. 1836. 2. Stephen^, b. 1839. 

V". Joseph", b. 10 March, 1S16, d. 19 March, 1S38, aged 

VI. Thomas", b. 1818, d. 2 Sept., 1843, aged 34. 

No. 123. 

WARD WEEKS FOLSOM^* (Levi^ Jere.*, Jere.», Jn.', 
Jn.\), 1 778-1839, of Tam worth, a farmer, and his wife, 
LYDIA A. (HAYFORU), had b. in Tamworth,— 

*\Vard \V. Id) and Lydia had 4 children who died infants,— Joanna in 1807, John in 
1814, Sarah and Thomas, twins, in 1816. 


I. Edward H.', b. 27 May, 1804, d. 13 March, 1S26, of 
consumption ; an amiable and promising young man. 

II. Horatio Nelson", b. 7 Apr., 1806, m., 20 June, 1S36, 
LuciNDA E. (dau. of William) Dodge, of Wenham, Mass. 
They settled, first, in Tamworth, then on a farm near Council 
Blurts, Iowa, where he lived in 1880. He had, b. in Tam- 
worth, 4 sons. 

1. Williaiii Wayd^, b. 10 Oct.. 1837, d. 23 Dec, 1842, aged 5. 

2. Edward Lawrence^, h. 16 Jan.. 1840; a farmer in Crescent City, 

Iowa. He m., i Jan., 1865, Alice Wilding, and had b. in Cres- 
cent City, 5 ch. 

l) Horatio Nelson"^, b. 6 Nov., 1865. 

2.) Mary Ellis'^, b. 2 June, iSCS. 

3.) David IVilding"^. b. 27 Feb., 1870. 

4.) Clara Asenath^, b. 14 Jan., 1872. 

5 ) Edward Lazvrence, Jr!^, b. 6 March, 1S75. 

3. Horatio Nelson. Jr.^, b. 21 Dec, 1841, d. in the army, at Vicks- 

biu-ff. Miss., 18 July. 1863. 

4. Levi Bracket^, b. 25 Oct., 1845. 

III. Levi Bracket', b. 4 Sept., 1809, d. in Georgia about 
1844, unm. 

IV. Simeon'', b. 30 June, 1812. When he was about 17 
his father died, and he left home to find work. Dea. David 
Folsom, of Great Falls, wdio had known the father, secured a 
place for the orphan son in the woollen mill, where he was 
paid $5 a month, a part of which he sent home to his widowed 
mother, for whom he did not cease to provide, till her death 
nearly 50 years afterward. He subsequently worked in South- 
bridge, Mass., wdiere in 1834 ^""^ "^- (^) Selina Fisk, by 
whom he had 4 ch. He spent some years in Lowell, Mass., 
and then settled about 18^3, a wool broker, in Detroit, Mich., 
became a member of the city council, a wealthy and benevo- 
lent citizen, but lost most of his property late in life ; still he 
did not lose the energv and industry by which Providence 
had enabled him to acquire it. His ch. were, — 

1. Savniel Fisk^. b. in Tamworth, 19 Feb.. 1S35, m. in Chicago, Sept., 

1864, Rachel L. I'anderpool, 1). in Buffalo, N. Y., 6 Aug.. 1839; 
settled a merchant in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and had 2 ch. that d. 
intants. and Louise^, b. 17 Nov., 1874. 

2. Sarah Angeline'^, b. 1836, m. in Detroit, Mich., Sept.. 1861, Dr. 

George Fields, a dentist, and iiad i daughter. 


3. Frank^, b. in Soutlibrid<re, Mass., 25 June, 1839, '■"■ '" Detroit. 

Mich., 24 Jan.. 1872, Debbie B. (dan. of Benj.) Briscoe, b. in 
Detroit, 18 Oct., 1849. They have Ella'^. 

4. Eliza^, b. 1840, unm. 

Simeon Folsom' m. in 1S44, (2) Hannah Tarbel, who 
had no child. 

V. Jeremiah"', b. 13 March, 1S17, m. in Barry county, 
Mich., 17 Sept., 1S40, Marcia A. Hopkins, b. in Warren, 
Conn., 1815. She was an intelhgent Christian woman, and 
highly esteemed. They had a child that d. 16 June, 1842. 
His wife d. in Council Bluffs, Iowa, 8 July, 1S6S. He m., 
July 5, 1869, (2) Sarah M. Blake, b. in Northboro', Mass , 
29 June, 1842. She was a zealous and consistent member of 
the Episcopal church, who d. 23 Dec, 1S73, leaving 3 ch. b. 
in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

I. Adele^, b. 17 June, 1870. 2. Florence^, b. 7 Feb., 1872. 

3. George Blake^, b. 17 Dec, 1873. 

Jeremiah Folsom' m., Dec. 21, 1S76, at Lincoln, Neb., (3) 
Agnes Peterson, b. in New York 10 Nov., 1847, ^"^ \'\o.d^ — 

4. Ward P. \ b. 16 Nov., 1877. 

Jeremiah'' resides in Council Bluffs, and has aided in prepar- 
ing this work. His father d. when he was 12 years old, and 
the next year he entered a store in Portland, Maine, and re- 
mained till he was 19, when he took a stock of goods to Mich- 
igan, and for about 30 years was engaged in selling goods. In 
1854, he removed to Council Bluffs, Iowa, then on the fron- 
tiers of civilization, and for 20 years he has been engaged in 
farming and stock-raising, having some 15 tenants, and a large 
amount of stock, cattle, hogs, and horses to look after. 

VI. Lydia H.', b. 25 Apr., 1S19, m. in Southbridge, Mass., 
28 Nov., 1839, Lawrence R. Rogers, a carpenter, b. in 
Wales, Mass., 14 Aug., [S18, who d. in Townsend, Mass., 6 
Oct., 1S72, aged 54. They had 6 ch., 5 b. in Boston. Mrs. 
Lvdia H. Rogers lives (1SS2) at 67 Fort Avenue, Boston 
Highlands. Their ch. were. — 

1. Lewis Ward^, b. in Boston, 17 Feb., 1841. d. 14 Aug., 1841. 

2. Alliert Lniure/ice^, b. in Boston. 9 Aug.. 1843, m., 1868. E/isa C. 

Da-'is. of West Townsend, lAhiss., who d. there 30 July, 1872, 
aged 28. He d. 28 Aug., 1872. 


3. Charles Edward^, b. 3 Feb. 1846, m., 2 Oct., 1876, Mary Eliza- 

beth Watson, of Boston, and has Charles C^, b. in Boston, 4 Feb., 


4. Chaiincy Edwiii^, b. 9 Aug., 1848, d. 28 Aug., 1848. 

5. Lydia Elld^, b. 27 Sept., 1849. 

6. Alfred Folso/n^, b. in Tovvnsend, 9 Feb., 185 1, m., 23 Dec, 1874, 

Sarah O. IVetherbee, of Rindge. N. H. 

VII. Ward Weeks, JK.^ b. 23 June, 1S23, m. in South- 
bridge, Mass., 17 Nov., 1844, Matilda (dau. of J.) Sted- 
MAN, and lived in Lowell, then at Taylor's Falls, Minn, They 
had, — 

1. Charles IV.^, h. in Southbridge, 4 March, 1846, d. at Taylor's Falls, 

22 Sept., 1872, who m. and had, — 

I.) Sadie L.^. 2.) Charles//.^ 3. Dasie D? 

2. Edward Haydeii^. b. 28 Sept., 1847; is editor of Taylor^s Falls 

Journal; m., and has, — 

I.) Carrie"^. 2.) Ward W? 3.) Katie^. 4.) Eddie"^. 

3. Carrie M.^, b. in Lowell, Mass., 22 Nov., 1849, ^- Barlow; 

lives in Xenia, O. Their ch. were, — 

I.) Helen M.^ 2.) M. //.» 

4. Ward W.^,h. 3 Oct., 1851, d. 18 Oct., 1865, at Taylor's Falls, 

Minn., aged 14. 

5. Ella L.^, b. in Lowell, Mass., 30 Sept., 1854, d. at Taylor's Falls, 8 

May, 1876, aged 22 nearly. 

No. 124. 

JEREMIAH FOLSOM« (Levi^ Jere.*, Jere.«, Jn.^, Jn.i), 
1780-1S59, and his wife, OCTAVIA (HOWE), had b. in 
Machias, Me., — 

I. Levi H.'', b. 17 Aug., 1806, m., 28 Apr., 1836, Eunice 
Webb, b. 13 Jan., 1806, who d. 27 Feb., 1S79. They had, — 

1. Mary W.\ b. 28 Sept., 1838, d. 13 Dec, i860. 

2. Clara 7?.^, h. 22 Jan., 1842, m., Nov., 1861, Converse L. Webb. 

She d. 14 March, 1866, and left,— 

I.) Walter^, b. 3 June, 1863. 2.) John'^ , b. 14 March, 1866. 

3. John D.^, b. 15 March, 1844, supposed dead ; last seen in the West, 

Sept., 1S69. 

4. Elisa F.\ b. 28 Feb., 1846, m., 16 Sept., 1875, William R. 




5. Martha Ajigusta^, b. 23 Apr., 1848, m., 26 Oct., 1873, Reuben A. 
Spaulding, and had William F.^, b. 18 March, 1876, and in 1882 
was a widow, living with her father, in Skowhegan, Me. 

II. Joanna WEEKs^ b. 33 Sept., iSoS, m., 6 May, 1837, 
(i) James Stephenson, of Tamworth, who d. in Hampden, 
Me. They had,— 

1. Susan A.^, b. 24 Apr., 1828, m., 19 Dec, 1848, Thomas Lacy, and 

had 2 ch. 

2. DeWiit Clititon^, b. in Tamworth, Dec. 29, 1829 (with a twin 

brother that d. the same day). He was not m. in 1876; lives in 
Austin, Texas. 

3. Harriet N.^, b. 5 March, 1832, m., Aug., 1858, Lukas K. Stannard, 

from Vermont, at Taylor's Falls, Minn., and had 2 ch., Liike"^ 
living, and Lella^, deceased. 

4. William Henry^. b. 20 Feb., 1834, m.. 12 July, 1859, Lonica Lane. 

5. Ellen il/.8, b. 9 Jan., 1S40, d. 19 Sept., 1S40. 

Mrs. J. W. Stephenson'^ m., Feb. 14, 1S45, (3) Luther 
Jones, and had, — 

6. Charles F.^, b. 30 July, 1848, who m. 31 July, 1869, Myra D. Jor- 

dan, and lives in Skowhegan, Me. ; insurance agent. 

III. Jeremiah'', b. 19 Dec, iSio; a trader and farmer; m., 
in Skowhegan, Me., 1835, Eliza Shaw, and d. at Oakdale, 
Minn., 20 Jan., 1S69. They had 6 ch. 

1. Charles A.^, b. 26 Feb., 1836; a lawyer in Chicago, III.; m., 30 

June, 1 87 1, Sarah T. Sweet, granddaughter of Capt. Tiiomas 
Milton, of Martha's Vineyard, said to be a descendant of John 
Milton, the poet. They had, — 

I.) Richard S!^, b. 9 Aug., 1872. 
2.) Thotnas Milton^, b. 8 Oct., 1874. 
3.) John PatiP, b. 15 Aug., 1876. 

2. Henry Frank^, m., and d. leaving 4 sons and 2 daughters. They 

live at Kettle River Station, Minn. 

3. William Horace^, lives unm. at St. Paul, Minn. 

4. Philander E.^, m. Sarah Robinson, a.n6. has 2 children; lives in 

Rush City, Chicago county, Minn. 

5. George A.^, m., and lives in Boston ; has 2 ch. 

6. Mabel Josie^, living with her mother, in St. Paul, Minn. 

IV. John H.'^, b. 27 Dec, 1813, m., 3 Dec, 1839, ^^' 
gelica B. Pion, at Prairie du Chien, Wis., where he lives; 
has no ch. but an adopted daughter married. 

V. George B.'', b. in St. Stephen, N. B., 9 Apr., 1S15, 



m., Dec, 1843, Deborah Sawyer, at Bloomfield, Me. ; 
moved to Taylor's Falls, Alinn. ; has no ch., but a daughter, 
adopted, Mary C, unm. 

VI. Hon. William H. C.^ b. in St. Stephen, N. B., 22 
June, 1S17, m. at Bloomfield, Me., Jan. i, 1S41, Mary Jane 
Wyman. He was a merchant and lumberman, in extensive 
business many years at Taylor's Falls, Minn. He was a mem- 
ber of the State Senate ; deals in real estate, &c. His ch. 
were, — 

1. Wymaft X.^, b. in Prairie du Chien, Wis., 2 Dec, 1844, '■"•< H 

Oct., 1866, Ella Wyckoffj he lives at Kettle River Station, Pine 
county, Minn. His ch. were, — 

I.) Mary Elln^, b. 7 Nov., 1867. 
2.) Clara Octavia^, b. 17 July, 1869. 

2. Frattk Williatn^, b. at Taylor's Falls, Minn., 18 Dec, 1852; d. at 

his father's house, unm.. 21 Jan., 1882. " He was the 2d white 
child b. in the place ; was amiable, upright, gifted with business 
talent, and much esteemed." 

VII. Simeon Pease'', b. in Ascot, Canada East, 37 Dec, 
1819, m., 9 March, 1846, (i) Emeline Curts ; lived at St. 
Paul, Minn. He m., 24 May, 1851, (2) Julia A. Barnum, 
and had b. in St. Paul, Minn., — 

1. Harriet Octavia^, b. 23 June, 1852; unm. 

2. Jiilia May^, b. 6 June, 1858, m., 6 June, 1881, James P. Prigsley, 

and has i daughter. 

Simeon P.'' m. (3) Mary Gale Douglas, 23 Oct., i86o> 
and had, — 

3. Svneon P., Jr.^, b. 25 Apr., 1862. 

Simeon P.'' m. (4) Anna Louise Angier, 36 Oct. 1S76. 

VIII. Charles B.'', b. in Ascot, Canada East, S May, 1822, 
lived in 1S76 at Skowhegan, Me., but in 1882 was in Colorado. 
He m., 30 May, 1849, Emily Pratt, at Skowhegan, Me. 
Their ch. were, — 

1. Charles IV. //.^ b. in Skowhegan, 13 Sept., 1857. 

2. J2ilia Emina^, b. 4 May, 1859, '^- 28 May, 1872. 

3. Lillie May\ h. 5 Apr., 1868, d. 2 Feb., 1869. 

IX. Ward Weeks'^, b. in Tamworth, 13 Oct., 1824, m. in 
St. Louis, Mo., 10 Nov., 1853, Sidney Purget ; lived at 


H.. F RIDAY, JUXE )2, 190:: 

Rev. Jacob Chapiaan. 










With profound regret the community 
arned of the death early last Friday 
In 1840 Mr. Chapman married inBridg- 
ton. Me., Mary C, daughter of Nathaniel 
and Mary (Chase) Howe, whodiedatDeer- 
fleld, in April, 1869. September U, 1871, 
he married Mary E., daughter of Charles 
and Hannah (French) Lane, who sur- 
vives him. He had no children and was 
the last of his father's family. 

The impressive funeral was held last 
Monday afternoon. At 1.30 p. M. a ser- 
vice of prayer was held at the home, 
conducted by Rev. S. H. Dana, pastor of 
Phillips church, of which Mr. Chapman 
was a member. The funeral proper im- 
mediately followed in Phillips church. 
Its bell \\ as tolled at the approach and 
departure of the funeral procession. 
Attendants included 12 fellow members 
of the Pascataqua association of Congre- 
gational ministers, who marched up the 
1 aisle in advance as the remains were 
'! borne into the church. 
•. Participants in the service were Dr. 
a Dana, who read the scriptures. Rev. Dr. 
ra Edward Robie, of Greenland, and Rev. 
aa Dr. George Lewis, of North Berwick, 
^[ Me., who gave appreciative and eulogis- 
3.1 tic addresses with much of friendly rem- 
s.s iniscence, and Rev. Wilbert L. Ander- 
o.v son, of the First church, who made the 
■131 prayer. The church quartette sang two 
qd. selections. 

The floral offerings were exquisite and 

.. numerous. 
P„, The burial was in the Lane family lot 
SIB- at Stratham, the bearers being Samm-l J. 
p3slColcord, Alvah K. Bugbee, David Smith, 
iro.and Deacon John N. Tohmpson. 


m., Dec, 1843, Deborah Sawyer, at Bloomfield, Me. ; 
moved to Taylor's Falls, Minn. ; has no ch., but a daughter, 
adopted, Mary C, unm. 

VI. Hon. William H. C.', b. in St. Stephen, N. B., 22 
June, 1817, m. at Bloomfield, Me., Jan. i, 1S41, Mary Jane 
Wyman. He was a merchant and lumberman, in extensive 
business many years at Taylor's Falls, Minn. He was a mem- 
ber of the State Senate ; deals in real estate, &c. His ch. 
were, — 

1. Wyman X.^, b. in Prairie du Chien, Wis., 2 Dec, 1844, m., 14 

Oct., 1866, Ella Wyckoff; he lives at Kettle River Station, Pine 
county, Minn. His ch. were, — 

I.) Mary Ella^, b. 7 Nov., 1867. 
2.) Clara Octavia^, b. 17 July, 1869. 

2. Frank William^, b. at Taylor's Falls, Minn., 18 Dec, 1852; d. at 

his father's house, unm.. 21 Jan., 1882. " He was the 2d white 
child b. in the place ; was amiable, upright, gifted with business 
talent, and much esteemed." 

Vn. Simeon Pease'^, b. in Ascot, Canada East, 27 Dec, 
1819, m,, 9 March, 1846, (i) Emeline Curts ; lived at St, 
Paul, Minn. He m., 24 May, 1851, (2) Julia A. Barnum, 
and had b. in St. Paul, Minn., — 

1. Harriet Octavia^, b. 23 June, 1852; unm. 

2. Julia May^, b. 6 June, 1858, m., 6 June, 1881, James P. Prigsley, 

and has i daughter. 

Simeon P.'^ m. (3) Mary Gale Douglas, 23 Oct., i860, 
and had, — 

3. StJneon P., Jr.^, b. 25 Apr., 1862. 

Simeon P.' ni. (4) Anna Louise Angier, 26 Oct. 1876. 

VIII. Charles B.'', b. in Ascot, Canada East, 8 May, 1822, 
lived in 1876 at Skowhegan, Ale., but in 1882 was in Coloi-ado. 
He m., 20 May, 1849, Emily Pratt, at Skowhegan, Me. 
Their ch. were, — 

1. Charles IV. H.^, b. in Skowhegan, 13 Sept., 1857. 

2. Jjdia Efnma^, b. 4 May, 1859, d. 28 May, 1872. 

3. Lillie May^, b. 5 Apr., 1868, d. 2 Feb., 1869. 

IX. Ward Weeks'^, b. in Tamworth, 13 Oct., 1824, m. in 
St. Louis, Mo., 10 Nov., 1853, Sidney Purget ; lived at 








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Jacob Chapman. 



Taylor's Falls, and St. Paul, Minn. Had no children, but 
adopted a son, who bears the name Ward Weeks Folsom. 

X. Susan Octavia% b. in Tamworth, 17 Jan., 182S, d. 2 
March, 1831. 

No. 125. 

SAMUEL CHAPMAN^ (Job.^ Paul*, Sam.s, Sam.^. Ed- 
ward^), 17S1-1857, and his wife, ELIZABETH (BETSEY) 
S. (FOLSOM) ,^hadb. in Tamworth,— 

I. Jacob", b. 11 March, iSio, entered Exeter academy in 
1827, graduated at Dartmouth college in 1835, Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary 1839, ^ years principal of academy, Bridgeton, 
Me., wdiere he m. (1) Mary Chase (dau, of Hon. Nath'l) 
Howe, 27 May, 1840, who was b. 8 Feb., 1814, and d. in Deer- 
field, N. H., 6 Apr., 1869, having had no children. In 1S41 he 
resigned at Bridgeton, to enter the ministry, and preached 6 
months at Pelham, and 3 months at Kingston. Early in 1843 
he left New England for his health, and took charge of the 
academy in Myerstown, Lebanon county, Penn., for 3 years, 
being often called to supply destitute churches, and to aid 
ministers in the vicinit}', of different denominations. He was, 
in June 23, 1845, ordained an Evangelist, by a council at Frye- 
burg, Me., where he had for years been well known. In 1S46 
he was chosen Professor of Mathematics in Franklin college, 
Lancaster, Penn., and in 1S50 became principal of the acade- 
my in Harrisburg, Penn. In 1853 he accepted a call to tlie 
Congregational church in Marshall. 111., where he was pastor 
12 years, during one of which he was professor and chaplain 
in the Terre Haute Female College, his people supplying the 
pulpit most of the time. While preparing to leave the state, 
on account of disease from malaria, he for one year supplied 
the church in Onarga, Iroquois county. 111,, and aided in 
repairing their church. In the fall and winter of 1S65-66, he 
preached 4 months at South Paris, Me., from which place he 
was called to Deerfield, N. H, After 6 years of labor, during 
one of which more than 50 persons united with the church, his 


health failed again, and he accepted a call to Kingston, a 
smaller parish, where he had preached 29 years before. After 
more than 7 years of labor, during which the parsonage and 
the meeting-house were repaired, he resigned and moved to 
Exeter, where, since 1S79, he has devoted much time to the 
preparation of this volume. He m. in Stratham, 14 Sept., 
1871, (2) Mary E. (dau. of Charles) Lane, b. in South 
Newmarket, 29 Apr., 1830. 

II. Eliza F.', b. 14 March, 1S12, m., 5 Feb., 1S37, James 
Jewett Chesley, of New Durham, who soon settled in 
Tamworth, on her father's farm. For 40 years he has been 
much in office, was a member of the legislature in 1881, and 
is deacon in the Congregational church. They had, — 

1. Betsey S.'^, who m. E. Hawkins, and d. 

2. DeboraJi^, who m. R. Stuart. 3. Sanmel C^, who m. M. J. Leake. 

4. Hester Ann v?.^ m., Apr., 1869, E. V. B. Fogg. 

5. Mary^, d. an infant. 6. Emma^. 
7. John Jacob^, d. 1854, aged 2 years. 

III. John'', b. 17 June, 1814, m., Sept., 1839, Mary P. 
Swazey, of Meredith, and d. in Benton, Scott county, Mo., 
26 Aug., 1845, where he was settled a lawyer. His disease 
was consumption, probably inherited from his mother. 

IV. Samuel, Jr.^, b. June, 1816, was a doctor in Bloom- 
field, Stoddard county. Mo., where he was murdered, 10 June, 
1S43 ; not m. 

V. Mary Ann'', b. 19 Nov., 1819 ; a teacher; d. single, in 
Tamworth, 8 Dec, 1S48. 

No. 126. 

COL. LEVI FOLSOM, JR.« (Levi^ Jere.*, Jere.', Jn.^, 
Jn.^), 17SS-1841, and his wife, LYDIA (DODGE), had b. in 
Tamworth, 6 ch. 

I. Elizabeth'', b. 18 May, 1S13, m. Nehemiah Stanley, 
a farmer in Tamworth, and d. of consumption, 7 Apr., 1848, 
leaving 3 children. She was an excellent Christian woman. 

1. Nehemiah^, war correspondent of Boston papers (" Scout"), who died 

not long after the close of the war. 

2. Levi^, d. in the army. 3. Joanna^, m. 


II. JoAxxA Weeks'', b. 31 Dec, 1S14, m., iS Dec, 1S33, 
Hon. Larkin D. Masox, of Tamwoith. and d. 6 May, 1842, 
leaving 2 sons. 

1. Samuel Worcester^, b. 22 May, 1838, m. Martha Gay, and d. Aug., 

1868. Editor in Savannah, Ga. 

2. Levi Folsom^, b. Dec, 1840, m. Latie ^Titcomb ; was a merchant in 


III. John Thorx Dodge", b. 6 Apr., 1S18, ni., 14 Apr., 
1842, in Wenham, Mass., Asenath Whipple, and settled in 
South Tamworth, where for many years he has been post- 
master. They had 6 ch. 

1. Lydia Dfi, b. 7 March, 1843, d. 26 Sept., 1869. 

2. Judith M.\ b. 1847, d. 1848. 

3. Judith Madeline"^, b. 3 Dec, 1849, m., 14 July, 1867, Rev. James 

Estgate, of Ch. Creek, Maryland. They soon returned to New 
England. Children,— 

I.) James P.^, b. 13 Oct., 1868, and d. 30 July, 1869. 

2.) Afina Folsom^, b. 23 June, 1870. 

3.3 Thotnas Dorsey^, b. i June, 1872. 

4.) John 7.9, b. 14 July, 1874. 5.) Eva Emily^, b. 29 Dec, 1879. 

4. Elizabeth Ann^, b. 19 May, 1852, m., 18 May, 1876, John W. 

Pease, of Bridgeton, Me., and has, — 

I.) John Willitt^, b. 14 Apr., 1877. 

5. Helen Asenath^, b. 15 May, 1854, m., 14 Sept., 1876, Charles H. 

Smart, of Ossipee Centre, and has, — 

I.) Ann Mary^, b. 4 Dec, 1877. 2.) Charles Ellis^, b. 17 Aug., 1880. 

6. Joanna Weeks^, b. 18 May, 1859. 

IV. Martha", b. 1819, d. 1821. 

V. Levi Woodbury'', b. 1S21, graduated at Pennsylvania 
College, Gettysburg, 1847, settled a lawyer at Taylor's Falls, 
Minn. ; m., 1859, Abigail Shaw, of Salem, Mass., and 
has, — 

I. Jacob^,h. i860. 2. Walter^. 

VI. Lydia D.", b. 1823, d. 1836, of consumption. 

No. 127. 

HON. JOHN FOLSOM« (David^ Jn.^ Jere.^. ]x\.\ Jn.^), 
1776-1850, and his 2d wife, DOROTHY T. (UNDERHILL), 
had b. in Chester, the part now called Auburn, 8 ch. 


I. JoHN% b. 23 Feb., 1826 ; is a farmer in Derry ; m., Nov. 
I, 1S48, (i) Nancy Gault, b. 19 Dec, 1820, and d. 6 Aug., 
1S68. Their ch. were,— 

1. George Henry^, b. 7 Jan., 1851, d. 16 Feb., 1853. 

2. Lizzie Chase*, b. 6 Oct., 1852. 

3. Dorothy Johnson^, b. 15 Aug., 1857, d. 11 Sept., 1857. 

4. Katie Bradley*, b. i Oct., 1858. 

John' m., Jan. 31, 1S71, (2) Adalaide D. Galt, b. 7 Oct., 
1834, and had, — 

5. John E.\ b. 14 Feb., 1874, d. 9 May, 1874. 

II. Charles% b. 8 Jan., 1828 ; is a merchant in New York 
city; he m., 8 Aug., 1856, Mrs. Caroline V. Conway {nee 
Stevens), b. 8 Apr., 1836, and had, — 

I. Caroline P.*, b. 30 Apr., 1858. 2. Blanche S.*, b. 3 Nov., 1864. 
3. Ada V.\ b. I Jan., 1868. 

III. Henry'', b. 27 Oct., 1829; a merchant in Orange, 
N. J. ; m., 25 Aug., 1858, Phebe B. F. (dau. of Jonah) 
Titus. Their ch. were, — 

1. Harry Titus*, b. 4 Nov., 1859. 

2. Eleanor Titus*, b. 16 July, 1861. 

IV. George'', b. 13 June, 183 1 ; merchant in New Orleans, 
La. ; he m., 15 June, 1857, Josephine Gentian, b. 24 May, 
1840, who d. 7 Nov., 1870. Their ch. were, — 

1. George Melvin*, b. 28 March, 1858, d. 9 Nov., 1866. 

2. Frederick Hodge*, b. 20 Apr., i860, d. 2 Nov., 1867. 

3. Georgiana May*, b. 14 Aug., 1862. 

4. Frederica Josephine*, b. 19 June, 1870. 

V. Rev. Arthur'', b. 4 July, 1833, graduated (A. C.) 
1857, went South, and taught 2 years in Mississippi. In Sept., 
1859, entered Theological Seminary, Danville, Ky. ; grad- 
uated 1862; attended medical lectures. Sailed Feb. 21, 1863, 
for China, missionary under the Presbyterian Board, and 
reached Canton, 22 June, 1863. He was sent to Macao. He 
m., 12 Feb., 1863, Mary Ann Thomas, b. 3 Jan., 1839. Her 
health failed, and on the 15th of July, 1869, they sailed for 
home, via Japan, San Francisco, and Panama, reaching New 
York 15 Sept., 1869, where for a season he labored for the 
Chinese. He then preached for the Shawnee Presbyterian 


church in Pennsylvania, and from 1S73-75 for the churches in 
Springville and Dimock, Penn. In July, 1875, he took charge 
of the Pleasant Mount church, Wayne county, Penn. Their 
ch. were, — 

1. Kate^, b. in China, 20 Apr., 1864. 

2. Arthur Ellis'^, b. 28 May, 1865, d. 2 May, 1866. 

3. Morris Willard^, b. 30 June, 1866. 

4. Charles Edtiia^, b. 13 Nov., 1867, d. 27 Nov., 1867. 

5. Herbert Thomas'^, b. 26 Apr., 1870. 

6. E7-nest Clititon'^, b. 11 Aug., 1874. 

VI. Richard'^, b. 5 March, 1835 ; merchant, Cincinnati, O. 
(A. C.) 1857; m., June, 1864, Anna Hurd, b. 15 Jan., 
1838. He studied law at Harvard college ; entered practice at 
Cincinnati. His ch. were, — 

1. Harvard Richardson^, b. 3 July, 1865. 

2. Alice Crosette^, b. 16 July, 1868. 

VII. MARY^ b. 4 Dec, 1836, m., Feb., 1861, George E. 
Hodge, b. 1832. She d. in Orange, N. J., 12 Nov., 1S69, 
leaving Mary Folsom^, b. 4 Apr., 1863. 

VIII. David% b. 4 Jan., 1839, graduated (D. C.) 1862; 
merchant in Memphis, Tenn., New Orleans, St. Louis, and 
then settled in Orange, N. J. He m., 21 Dec, 1865, Eleanor 
Titus, b. 28 March, 1838, sister of the wife of his brother 
Henry. They had, — ■ 

I. David^, b. 25 Oct., 1868. 

No. 128. 

JAMES FOLSOM« (Jn.^, John^ Jonth.^ Jn.^, Jn.i), 1785- 
1842, farmer, &c., and his wife, ANN (BRADBURY), 
had, — 

I. Emery B.^ b. in Brownfield, Me., 30 May, 1816, m. 

Hannah P. , and d. in Brewer, Me., 17 Dec, 1S77. 

Their ch. were, — 

I. Hattie^. 2. Erank^, lives with his mother in Brewer, Me. 
3. Charles^. 4. Lizzie^. 

II. Samuel^ b. in Brownfield, Me., 15 July, 181S, m. 


Mehitable ; is a farmer and ship carpenter in Kenne- 

bunkport, Me., and has, — 
I. James^, of Kennebunkport. 

III. William'', b. in Fryeburg, Me., 11 Oct., 1820, m. 

Emily ; is a carriage-maker in Wayne, Me. His ch. 

were, — 

1. Kate^, b. in Fryeburg, Me., 22 Aug., 1847. 

2. Flora L.^, b. 19 Nov., 1848, d. in Boston, 28 Jan., 1876. 

3. Fred P.^, b. in Wayne, Me., 5 Sept., i860. 

IV. Ruth A.'^, b. 20 Nov., 1822, d. 5 Apr., 1824. 

V. Henry T.^ b. 23 Oct., 1826, d. 17 Oct., 1829. 

No. 129. 

JAMES FOLSOM« (Theoph.S Jn.*, Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 
farmer, of Wheelock, Vt., and his wife, LUCY (SANBORN), 
had, — 

I. Samantha'^, m. Jeremy Pearl, farmer, in Lyndon, Vt., 
and had 2 ch. 

IL Fred'', d. aged 2. 

III. Charles^ m. Fluria McGaffy ; has 3 ch. 

IV. Fred'', teacher in West Missouri ; m., 1852, Nannie 
Harris, and had i child. In 1856 he went to California; 
dealer in horses. He has been lost since 1858. 

V. James D.'', m., in Lancaster, Flora Newell, in 1842 ; 
settled a doctor in St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; has 5 ch. 

VI. Lorenzo D.'', went to California, and d. unm. in 1855- 

VII. Amana'', lives with her brother Charles in Lyndon- 
ville, Vt. 

No. 130. 

JOSEPH R. FOLSOM« (Jas.S Jn.^ Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 
17SS-1S54, merchant in Buckport, Me., and his wife, ELIZA- 
BETH (WINSHIP), had b. in Bucksport, Me., 8 ch. 

I. Clara Elizabeth'', b. 5 May, 181 2. 


II. Mary Louisa'^, b. 3 June, 1814, lives unm. in Bucksport, 

III. Charlotte WiNSHip^, b. 3 Nov., 1816, m., 24 June, 
1843, Elias a. Upton, merchant, of Bangor, Me., and had 4 
ch. b. in Bangor. 

1. Clara Elizabeth^, b. 21 Apr., 1844, m., 8 June, 1865, Newell S. 

Jenkins, and has, — 

I.) Leonard"^. 2.) JSFora^. 3.) Grace^. 

2. Joseph Folsofn^, b. i Aug., 1847, d. i Feb., 1851. 

3. George Augustus^, b. 16 March, 1S49, "^-i 3 Sept., 1872, Georgiana 

Packer, and has, — 

I.) Clara Louise^. 

4. Waldo Peters^, b. 6 Oct., 1864, d. 26 Aug., 1865. 

IV. Anna Maria'', b. 27 Feb., 1S20, m. Joseph O. B. 
Darling, a merchant of Bangor, Me., and had, — 

1. Theodore C.^, b. July, 1840, d. Sept., 1840. 

2. Efnma Hfi, b. 5 May, 1843. 

3. Elizabeth W.^, b. 28 Aug., 1845, m., 29 Oct., 1867, Charles F. 

Danforth, merchant of Bangor, and has, — 

I.) Joseph Darlitig^. 

4. Mary L.^, b. 30 Jan., 1856. 

V. Rev. George DeForest", b. 26 July, 1822, grad. Yale 
college, 1845, and Union Theological Seminary, N. Y., 1849. 
Ordained in Elbridge, N. Y., 1S50 ; preached in Springfield, 
Mass., and in Fair Haven, Conn. ; taught in New Haven 
(Conn.) Female Seminary. Settled, 1S69, in Northford, 
Conn. In 1872, ^vith his son Joseph, visited Europe. In 
1879 took charge of Congregational church in San Mateo, Cal. 
He m., 9 Sept., 1845, Susan B. Curtis, of Bath, Me. They 
had, — 

1. Joseph Robinson^, b. 12 June, 184S, in New York ; graduated Yale 

College Scientific School, 1869; is connected a partner with G. P. 
Putnam's Sons, Publishers, New York. 

2. Wallace Leland^, b. in Elbridge, N. Y., 13 June, 1852, entered 

Yale 1870, spent 2 years in the Scientific School, visited Australia 
and California, is now in business in New Haven, Conn. 

3. Mary Martin^, b. 23 May, 1855, d. 25 Nov., 1864. Her death was 

caused by fright, when burglars robbed the house in the night. 

4. George Sherman^, b. 28 Dec, 1S58, entered Yale College Scientific 

School, took prize in 1879. 

5. Henry Day^, b. i May, 1861, d. 19 Aug., 1863. 


VI. DEWITTCLINTON^b. i7 Aug., 1S27, m., 1851, Lucy J. 
(dau. of William S.) Westcot, of Castine, Me. ; is a farmer 
in Bucksport, Me. Their ch. were, — 

I. Leland IV.\ b. 11 Nov., 1854. 2. LoUte W.\ b. 14 Aug., i860. 

3. Fannie DeForest^, b. 3 Aug., 1862. 

4. Mary E.^, b. 11 March, 1865. 

5. Willis Day^, b. 30 July, 1866, d. 1867. 

VII. Charles Wallace', b. 6 May, 1832, d. 6 Feb., 1834. 

VIII. William Wallace', b. 17 Aug., 1834. 

No. 131. 

JAMES FOLSOM« (Jas.S Jn.*, Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^) , 1793- 
1845, and his wife, MARY (BUTTERS), had b. in Exeter, 

I. Joseph Robinson', b. 22 Dec, 1S19, m.,5 March, 1846, 
Lizzie W. Leighton, of Exeter, b. 26 Feb., 1825. He was 
a farmer, and d. at St. Johnsbury, Vt., 9 Nov., 1855. His 
3 ch. were, — 

1. Wilbur A.^, b. g May, 1847, a farmer in Stetson, Me. He m., 18 

June, 1869, Abbie M. Houstin, and has. — 

I.) Joseph Ly, b. 18 Jan., 1872. 2.) Lizzie E?, b. 15 June, 1873. 
3.) Fred C^, b. 27 July, 1877. 

2. Frank E.^, b. 25 March, 1849, a farmer in Exeter, Me. He m., 20 

June, 1876, Ella D. Hall, and has, — 

I.) May"^, b. 2 May, 1877. 

3. Lizzie Eimna^, b. 11 Apr., 1853, d. 6 July, 1875. She m., i Dec, 

1S72, Charles V. Barker, civil engineer, and had, — 

I.) Noah V? 

II. Charles B.', b. 20 Feb., 1821, m., 12 Nov., 1846, 
Eliza A. Bugbee, of Waterford, Vt., b. 24 Jan., 1824. He 
is a carriage-maker in West Concoi'd, Vt., and has had, — 

1. Charles E.'^, b. 18 May, 1854, d. 17 Apr., 1856. 

2. Harry F.^, b. 26 March, 1864, d. 21 Sept., 1865. 

3. Maiy A.^, b. 21 Aug., 1865. 

III. William', b. abt. 1S26, d. an infant, 

IV. Mary Butters', b. 26 Oct., 1829, m., i June, 1853, 


(i) Solomon P. Douce, a merchant in Portland, Me., who d. 
17 Feb., 1S56. She m., Oct. 20, 1S5S, (2) Rev. William 
Sewall, in 1S80, pastor of Congregational church, Littleton, 

V. William A.'^, b. 9 June, 1832, m., 2 Dec, 1858, Susie 
Thomas, of Lunenburg, Vt. He is a dealer in furniture in 
Lancaster, and has, — 

I. Alice E.^, b. 12 Nov., 1872. 

VL JoHN% b. 7 June, 1835, d. 7 May, 1854. 

VII. Fred, A.", b. 6 March, 1843 ; was in 18S1 a clerk in 
Littleton, Mass. 

VIIL Sarah A.^ b. 28 Sept., 1844, m., 29 Nov., 1866, 
Henry S. Goddard, a farmer, in Norwich, Vt., and had, — 

1. William F.^, b. 6 Jan.. 1868, d. 24 March, 1869. 

2. Mary Sewall^, b. i July, 1869. 

3. Carrie Burton^ ^ b. i Sept., 1873. 

No. 132. 

RUFUS FOLSOM« (Jas.^, Jn,S Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 1795- 
1859, of Cornville, Me,, cabinet-maker and former on the 
homestead, and his wife, MARY (CURRIER), had b, in 
Cornville, — 

L Charles C.^ b. 29 Jan., 1822, m., 3 May, 1850, Mary 
Ann Elliot, of W^est Amesbury, Mass., where he d. 17 
March, 1S74. He had 4 ch. ; was a carriage-maker, Ch,, — 

I. Sarah F.^ 2. Edward.^ 

II. John D.', b. S Oct., 1824, m., 22 Sept,. 1850, Mary 
Fogg, and had i child b. 1856, that d. He d, in Skowhegan, 
Me,, 9 Feb., 1857, 

III. Caroline F.% b. 16 June, 1S31, m,, 17 Dec, 1854, 
Frank Lane. One child d, an infant. She d. 27 Sept., 

IV. Mary E.^ b, i June, 1833, d, 11 March, 1853, 

V. Frank Robinson', b, 18 March, 1S36, m, Maria Dove, 


of Skowhegan, Me. ; is a cabinet-maker in Skowhegan, Me. ; 
had I son that d. aged 3. 

VI. Ellen S.% b. 9 Dec, 1838, m., 6 May, 1868, Chand- 
ler Dow, and had, — 

1. Fred C.^, b. 9 March, 1871. 

2. Frank R.^, b. 19 Dec, 1874. d. Nov., 1879. 

No. 133. 

JOHN FOLSOM" (Enoch«, Jonth.^ Jonth.*, Jonth.S Jn.S 
Jn.i), 1803, and his wife, BETSEY MARIAH (WOOD- 
COCK), had b. in Walden, Vt., 9 ch. 

I. Alpha D.^ b. 3 March, 1837. 

II. Polly A.S b. 8 Aug., 1839. 

III. Trustum^, b, 23 Oct., 1841. 

IV. Enoch W.*, b. 3 Oct., 1S43. 

V. John W.^ b. 13 Aug., 1S45. 

VI. Amanda B.^ b. 29 June, 1847. 

VII. William A.«, b. 24 Feb., 1850. 

VIII. Jemima M.^, b. i May, 1S53. 

IX. Hiram P.^, b. 8 Nov., 1854. 

No. 134. 

TIMOTHY HAYNES, farmer, of Walden, Vt., 1776- 
1856, and his wife, SARAH (FOLSOM«), (Jonth.^, Jonth.*, 
Jonth.^), had b. in Walden, Vt., 9 ch. 

I. Maria", b. Dec, 1800, m. Stephen C. Haynes, who d. 

7 Aug., 1853; no ch. 

II. Sally'', b. 22 March, 1802, m., 5 Dec, 1822, John 
Gould, and had 3 daughters. 

III. Achsah", b. 4 March, 1804, m., 18 Feb., 1834, Na- 
thaniel Batciielder, and had 2 ch. 


IV. IsAAC^ b. 7 Feb., 1806, d. 35 May, 1819. 

V. JoNATHAN% b. 17 Feb., 180S, m.,6 March, 1S34, Mary 
Ann C. Haviland, and lived on the homestead in Walden, 
and had 2 eh. 

VI. Polly Young^ b. 21 June, 1S14, d. iS Apr., 1840. 

VII. Daniel^ b. 28 Oct., 1817, d. 4 Nov., 1820. 

VIII. David James^ b. 7 Jan., 1822, m., 1850, Mary Ann 
Brown, and had i child that died. He was a merchant in the 
firm of Metcalf & Co., Boston, where he d. 23 June, 1854. 

IX. Hannah Folsom'', b. 30 May, 1829, d. in Walden, Vt., 
Jan., 1859. 

No. 135. 

JONATHAN FOLSOM« (Jonth.^, Jonth.*, Jonth.», Jn.^, 
Jn.i), 1784-1850, of Moriah, N. Y., and his wife, BETSEY 
(LEONARD), had b. in Granville and in Moriah, N. Y., 12 
■ch. He and his sons were farmers. 

I. Sarah B.'', b. in Granville, N. Y., 14 Sept., 1805, m., 
20 March, 1820, John Young Folsom®, half brother to her 
father, and d. 11 Oct., 1822. (See No. 137.) 

II. George'^, b. 11 June, 1807, in Moriah, N. Y, ; m. in 
"Warren, O., 20 Nov., 1838, Eleanor Jane (dau. of George 
S.) Spangenberg, b. in Wayne county. Pa., 6 Apr., 1S13. 
In Aug., 1839, ^^ moved to Paris, Wis., thence to Burlington, 
Wis., and in 1865 to a farm in Sparta Centre, Kent county, 
Mich. Had no children. I am indebted to him for many 
records in this work. 

III. Enoch Leonard'^, b. 30 May, 1809, m., 17 June, 1S31, 
Maria L. Wood. Their ch. were, — 

1. Reuben E.^, b. 14 July, 1833, m. in Weathersfield, O., 8 Feb., 1855, 

Caroline Klingensmiih. In 1862, he was killed in the army. 

2. Phebe M.^, b. 11 July, 1836, m., 27 July, 1856, Joseph Fatten. 

3. Betsey E.^, b. 23 Apr., 1840. 

In 1S78 Enoch l^J had lost his wife, and was living in He- 
Ijron, Porter county, Ind. 


IV. DAN^ b. 5 Jan., 1S12, m. in Trumbull county, O., 22 
May, 1S33, Susan Ann Adgate, of Weathersfield, O., and 
d. there 8 Nov., 1S56. They had b. in Weathersfield, — 

1. Laura M^, b. 7 March, 1834, who m., 25 Apr., 1855, Eli Baldwin, 

of Weathersfield, O. 

2. A'aticy A.^, b. 12 Jan., 1837, m., .settled in Minnesota. 

3. Betsey £".**, b. 16 Feb., 1840, d. in Rowland, Trumbull county, O. 

V. Jonathan'^, b. 31 July, 1S14, m. in Warren, O., 29 
Sept., 1S36, (i) MiLLY Ann (dau. of Cyrus) Dunlap, of 
Howland, Trumbull county, O., and had, — 

1. Nathan Draper'^, b. 10 July, 1837 ; not m. 

2. Omar^, b. 26 Dec, 1S38. 

3. Squire^, b. 14 Jan., 1841, d. 2 Jan., 1842. 

Jonathan Folsoni'^ m., 16 Dec, 1841, (2) Jane (dau. of 
Matthew) Scott, of Howland, O., and had, — 

4. Cyrus Bushnell^, b. 8 Nov., 1842. 

5. Emma Chloe^, b. 20 Oct., 1844. 

6. Elisabeth Jane^, b. 22 June, 1847. 

7. Olii'e Lament^, b. 26 Apr., 1849. 

8. Jonathan^, b. 20 Aug.. 1851, d. 18 Feb., i860. 

9. George^, b. 8 Oct., 1852, d. 15 Feb., 1861. 

VI. Mary^ (Polly), b. 35 Aug., 1816, m. in Moriah, / 
March, 1833, (i) Levi M. Northup, and had, — 

I. Ejiima Minei-va"^, b. 26 Nov., 1833. 

Her husband, Levi M. Northup, d. in Essex county, N. Y.^ 
and his widow. Poll}-, m., 24 March, 1845, in Geauga county, 
O., (2) Albert Romanzo Pool. They live in Hebron,^ 
Ind,, and have no ch. 

VII. Squire'^, b. 13 Oct., 1819, m. in Green county, Ala., 
9 Dec, 1S49, Frances E. (daughter of Edmund) Powers, of 
Mobile, Ala. She d. ro Nov., 1862, aged 31. Their ch., b. 
in DeKalb, Kemper county, Miss., were, — 

1. Anna Elizabeth^, b. 7 Oct., 1850, m., i March, 1865, William T. 

Treadaway , b. in Anson county, N. C. 

2. Eleanor Jane'^, b. 18 Aug., 1852, d. 15 Aug., 1863. 

3. Sarah Carolitie^, b. 13 Oct., 1854, d. 7 Aug., 1873. 

4. Robert 6".**, b. 16 Jan., 1857; is a cotton planter, in Pickens county, 

Ala. His post office address is Sherman, Sumter county, Ala. 

5. Ida^, b. 15 Jan., i860, m., 23 Oct., 1878, James McCrary, of 

Kemper county. Miss. 

6. Albert"', b. 11 July, 1862, d. 16 Aug., 1863. 


VIII. Frank'^, b. 29 Sept., 1S21, m., 21 July, 1840, Elmira 
Elizabeth Tidd, b. in Truxton, Cortland county, N. Y. In 
187S lived at Clear Lake, Iowa. Children, — 

1. Zelia^, b. 27 March, 1S43, !■"•' 28 Nov., 1857, Joseph Cook. 

2. Byroft Eugene^, b. 8 June, 1848, d. 8 June, 1849. 

3. Elnia Elizabeth^, b. 10 June, 1850, d. at Clear Lake, Iowa, 1870. 

4. Erank Ah/ieron'^, b. 26 Aug., 1852; m. 

5. Orville Munroe^, b. 3 Oct., 1856, d. 21 Sept., 1857. 

IX. Hannah'^, b. 26 July, 1823, m. in Weathei'sfield, O., 
10 March, 1840, (i) Samuel P. Gillespie, and had, — 

1. Harriet^. 2. Antoinette^. 3. William Brooks'^. 4. Mary^. 

Hannah'' was in 1866 divorced, and m. (2) Robert Ful- 
LERTON, who d. i874(.'') and she m., 1S7S, (3) Calvin 
Wanemaker. They live in Mecca, Trumbull county, O. 

X. Elizabeth'^, b. 29 Aug., 1825, m., 26 Aug., 1846, 
George Fusselman, who d. in Weathersfield, O., leaving 3 

1. Humphrey'^, b. 19 Aug., 1849, d. 18 Nov., 1849. 

2. Louisa Maria'^, b. 25 Apr., 1851; m. 

3. Amanda Jane^, b. 16 Aug., 1853; "">• 

XI. Levi Gilman'', b. 2 Dec, 1827, m. in Parkman, O., 
19 Oct., 1848, Cordelia Elizabeth Jones, b. in Troy, O., 
I Sept., 1S34, and has, — 

1. Alice Eiigettia^, b. 10 Sept., 1849; '^ '" ^\o. Wis. 

2. Herbert Hen?y^, b. 15 July, . 

Levi Gilman'^ was divorced in 1855. He ni. (2) Mrs. Ann 
Earnest, of Warren, 0., and had, — 

3. Annic^. 4. Albert Rotnanzo Paul^. 

They live in Hartford, Trumbull county, O. 

Xn. Reuben Darrow'', b. 21 Oct., 1830, in Weathersfield, 
O., d. 2 Sept., 1846. 

Late in life the parents went to Warren, Trumbull county, 
O., where the father, Jonathan Folsom®, d. in 1850, leaving a 
large property. 


No. 136. 

ISAAC FOLSOM« (Jonth.5, Jonth.S Jonth.«, Jn.^, Jn.^), 
17S9, of New Durham, and his wife, MARY (WINKLEY), 
had b. in New Durham, — 

I. Sarah", m. Hiram Dutton, of Moriah, N. Y. 

II. Jonathan^ b. 23 May, iSiS, went to Prairie City, 111. 

III. Abigail^ m. Edwin Reed, of Moriah, N. Y., and 
lived in Prairie City, 111. 

IV. Mark Winkley''. 

V. John Q. Adams'', lived in 1856 with his father. 

VI. DeWitt Clinton', lived in Avon, Fulton county, 
N. Y. 

VII. Isaac', of Prairie City, 111. 

No. 137. 

JOHN YOUNG FOLSOM^ (Jonth.^, Jonth.^ Jonth.^, Jn^, 
Jn.^), 1 792-1874, and his wife, SARAH B,', had b. in 
Moriah, N. Y. (see No. 135, I), — 

I. Sarah', b. about 1821, who lived with her grandparents. 
She m., II June, 1S39, Henry Shaw, and had, — 

I. William^, b. 1841. 2. Polly Attii^, b. 1845. 
3. Sophia"^, b. 1851. 4. Mary^, b. 1853. 

John Y. F.« m., March, 1823, (2) SOPHIA CHAMBER- 
LIN, of New Durham, and had, — 

II. Charles', b. 15 Dec, 1822, lives at Beaver Falls, Ren- 
ville county, Minn. 

III. Edgar'', b. 3 May, 1S24, m., in Minneapolis, Minn., 
32 Jan., 1853, Mary A. Stowell, and has, — 

1. Charles Edgar^, b. 20 June, 1856. 

2. Wallis C.^, b. 17 Oct., 1857. 3. Roswell^, b. 29 May, 1859. 

IV. Hannah', b. 1826, in California. 

V. Ellen Elizabeth', b. 1828, d. about 1868. 



VI. John'^, b. about 1S30; is in San Francisco. 

VII. Jane", b. about 1S32, m. in California. 

VIII. George", b. about 1S34; ^^^ 

No. 138. 

DANIEL DURGIN, a carpenter of New Durham, and his 
wife, BETSEY (FOLSOAP), —twin sister of Joiin Y. Fol- 
som, above, — had b. in New Durliam, — 

I. John Y. Folsom", b. i July, 1814, m., 26 Feb., 1S37, 
Abby Marcia (dau. of Capt. Charles) Walker, a ship- 
master of Newburyport. They had 5 ch. 

I. Charles W.^ 2. yohn Henry^. 3. Frank Herbert^. 
4. Edward Studly^. 5. Abby Mar ia^. 

II. Mark William Franklin^ b. 23 June, iSiS, m., 1S40, 
Sarah Ann Ham, of Boston, and had b. in Boston, 9 ch. 
He has aided the compiler in this work. 

1. Sarah Elizabeth^, m. M. A. Sherman. 

2. Daniel*, of the firm Murphy & Leavens, Exchange street, Boston. 

3. Mark Henjy"^, attorney at law. 

4. Mafy Melissa^, m. John H. Gray. 

5. Ellen Prances'^ m. E. M. Robinson. 

6. William Franklin^. 7. Annie Elvira^. 8. Alfred Benjamin^. 
9. Helen Greeley*, d. an infant. 

III. Mary Ann", b. iSzi, d. an infant. 

IV. Betsey Jane", b. 23 Nov., 1822, d. 22 Feb., 1823. 

V. Mary JANE^ b. in Dover, 27 Feb., 1S25 ; unm. 

VI. Ann Melissa", b. in Dover, i July, 1831, m. George 
K. Radcliff, of Haverhill, Mass. 

VII. George W.'^, b. 18 Dec, 1834, m. Sarah E. D. (dau. 
of S.) Gray, of Boston. He is a printer living in Cambridge, 
Mass., with 3 ch. 

I. Anabel*. 2. Bessie*. 3. Harry R.* 


No. 138a. 

MAHEW PALMER and his wife, MARY (FOLSOM^) 
( Jonth.^ Jonth.*, Jonth.^), had b. in New Durham, 5 ch. In 
1876, they lived in Lowell, Mass. 

I. Martha MooRE^ b. 31 March, 1S15, m. Stephen C. 
Baker, of Holderness ; lives in Lowell, Mass. 

IL Mary Young'', b. 33 July, iSiS, m. John T. Chesley, 
of Dover, who published Vox Populi and then The Lowell 
A'hiseum. She is a widow in Lowell, Mass. 

III. Betsey Jane'', b. about 1831, m. William Fisher^ 
lived and d. in Lowell. Her only son d. aged 17. 

IV. LuciAN B. Flanders'', d. in Lowell, 1S47. 

V. Mahew, Jr.'', b. in Dover, 1834, ^- in Boston, about 1S63,, 
leaving a daughter with her mother's parents in Dracut, Mass. 

No. 139. 

Benjamin Folsom® (Moses^, Jonth.*, Jonth.^, Jn.^, Jn.^), 
1794-1839, a carpenter, and his wife, SARAH (HUBBARD), 
had b. in Acton, Me., 11 ch. 

I. Moses", a carpenter in Rock Island, 111. 

II. Eben'', d. in Rochester. 

III. Capt. Hawley'', b. in 1833, m. in Roxbury, Mass., 34 
Nov., 1847, Lucy G. Corporal ; for 30 years was police offi- 
cer in Boston ; retired May i, 18S3 ; goes to his old home in 
Falmouth, Me. 

IV. Dorothy'', m. Batchelder, of Manchester. 

V. William P.'', b. 17 Dec, 1836, m. in Acton, Me., 5 
Sept., 1847, Lucy J. Goodwin, of Acton ; is a jeweller in East 
Rochester ; has 4 ch. 

I. Edwin W^.^, jeweller in Great Falls ; has, — 

I.) Flora Bell'\ b. 22 Nov., 1876. 2.) Ethel Dell^. b. 6 May, 1880.. 
3.) Nellie LorcP, b. 6 March, 1882. 


2. Frafik R.^, overseer in mills, Lawrence, Mass., and has no ch. 

3. Ella Ada^. 4. Cora Belle^. 

VI. Daniel^ d. in California. 

VII. James', d. at sea. 

VIII. Almira", d. in Chelsea, Mass. 

IX. Hilman''^, in Boston. 

X. Benjamin'^, in Boston. 

XL Lucixda", lives in Newburyport, Mass. 

No. 139a. 

LEWIS FOLSOM« (Benj.S Jonth.*, Jonth.^, Jn.2, Jn.i), 
17S3-1S24, a sea-captain, and his wife, EUNICE B. (DE- 
LAND), had,— 

I. Lewis DELAND^ b. 30 J'^ine, 1807, in Salem, Mass. ; m. 
in Newburyport, 23 Apr., 1827, Elizabeth Woodwell (dau. 
of Capt. William*) Hunt, b. 1S09, d. 14 Feb., 1835. Chil- 
dren, — 

1. William H.^, b. in Newburyport, Mass., 7 June, 1828. 

2. Lezuis A.^, b. in New York, 21 Sept., 1831, d. 24 Sept., 1878. 

3. George T.^, b. in New York, 21 Sept., 1833, not m. ; general ac- 

countant of S. P. R. R. Co., San Francisco, Cal. (Office corner of 
4th and Townsend streets.) 

Lewis D.^ m., 12 May, 1836, (2) Mary Manning, and 
had, — 

4. Mary Elizabeth^, b. in Williamsburg, L. I., 18 Aug., 1837, m., i 

July, 1856. in Caledonia, Racine county, Wis., Aldney Wooster. 

Lewis D.'^ m. in New York, 3 Apr., 1847, (3) Isabella 
Walker, who d. 26 Jan., 1S62, and had b. in New York, — 

5. John Henry^, b. 5 Jan., 1848, who m. in New York, 31 Dec, 1878, 

Thirza yV. Pri7ice. 

6. A son, b. Jan. 14, and d. Jan. 15, 1849. 

7. Louisa Isabella^, b. 5 Aug., and d. 15 Dec, 1853. 

Lewis D.^ m., Jan. 4, 1863, (4) Matilda Wilson, and 
had, — 

8. Mojitgomety Ellis^, b. 16 Sept., 1S63. 

9. Nathaniel Wilson^, b. 23 March, 1868. 

*Cript. William Hunt, of Salem, was a man of business talent, who commanded a vessel, 
and died many years ago in a foreign city. His wife's name was Gerrish. 



Lewis D.'' d. in New York, 10 March, 1869. " He was 
bookish man, a gentleman, a scholar, and a skilful mathemati- 

II. A son, d. an infant. 

III. George W.% b. 25 Dec, 1809, in Salem, Mass., m. in 
New York, 10 Jan., 1837, (i) Elsey Ann Bodine, who d. 
13 Apr., 1S37. He m. in Walden, Orange county, N. Y., 24 
May, 1838, (2) Elizabeth Y. Cooper, a descendant of the 
novelist, James F. Cooper. He d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 16 
May, 1857. 

IV. Eliza D.^ b. 20 Dec, 181 1, d. 8 Feb., 1814. 

No. 140. 

Jonth.', Jn.^, Jn.^), 1S10-185S, a builder, and his wife, 
SUSAN (SYDINGS), had b. in Vicksburg, Miss., 5 ch. 

I. William Thomas'', b. 13 Aug., 1S45, dealer in stoves, 
tin, &c, in Newmarket, N. H. ; m., i June, 1S73, (i) Viola 
M. Palmer, of Newmarket, who d. 17 Jan., 1877, leaving, — 

I. Charles William^. 

William T.'' m., 13 Aug., 1882, (2) Louise J. (dau. of 
Charles) Tasker, of Newmarket. 

II. Charles Richards'', b. 23 Aug., 1847, lives in Boston ; 
m., 10 June, 1869, Hannah Davidson, and has, — 

I. Charles William^. 2. Herbert Arthur^. 3. Josiah Gibnan^. 

No. 141. 

JAMES SMITH FOLSOM^ (Sam.^ Josiah^ Jonth.', Jn.^, 
Jn.-^), 1804, merchant and farmer, &c., at Franklin Furnace, 
Scioto county, O., and his wife, SARAH (BENNET), had,— 

I. William'', b. 9 Jan., 1828, m., 20 June, 1876, Sarah 
Wells, of Bashan, O. He is in business with his father, and 
has no children. 


II. CATHARINE^ b. 22 Nov., 1829 ; not m. 

III. MELISSA^ b. 7 Sept., 1835, "^•' 26 Dec, 1S67, Dr. 

James L. Tayeor, A. M. (University of Michigan), of 

Wheelersburg, O. They have, — 

I. Katie^, b. 30 Nov., 1868. 2. Wesley Ewitig^. b. 18 Dec, 1875. 
3. John Baccus^, b. 14 March, 1877. 

IV. Mary'', b. 9 Jan., 1S37, m. E. G. Wait, a miller in 
Ironton, O. ; has no ch. 

V. Albert'', b. i Apr., 1840, graduated (scientific course) 
Wesleyan University, O. ; m., 12 June, 1872, Allie Wat- 
kins ; farmer in Gallatin county, 111., then settled by his father, 
at Franklin Furnace, O. They had 4 ch. 

I. Sally^, b. 1873. 2. James Smith^, b. 1876, d. an infant. 

3. Albert, Jr.^, b. 3 Sept., 1879. 

4. Eugene IVatkins, b. 27 Oct., 1881. 

VI. Minerva', b. 23 Sept., 1842, m., 21 Sept., 1865, 
Elmore E. Ewing, a merchant in extensive business in Forts- 
mouth. O. In 1 88 1 they visited Exeter, the home of the Fol- 
soms. They have, — 

I. Jessie Folsom^, b. Sept., 1866. 

VII. Sarah', b. 20 Dec, 1844, m., 9 June, 1868, Oscar 
H. Smith, of Middleport, O. He is engaged with E. E. 
Ewing, Portsmouth, O. Their ch. ai^e, — 

I. Ellis Joy^, b. Oct., 1869. 2. Minerva^, b. 1872. 

VIII. Henry', b. 10 Feb., 1847, former, m., 1879, Effie 
Marshall, of Marietta, O., and has, — 

1. James Alfred^, b. 6 July, 1880. 

2. Anna Alarshall^, b. 16 Sept., 1881. 

No. 142. 

SAMUEL F0LS0M« (Sam.S Josiah*, Jonth.', Jn.^, Jn.^), 
1806-1864, had by his wife, (i) ABIGAIL (BARRET),— 

I. John B.', b. Nov., 1836, m. Louisa C. Forsyth; he is 
superintendent of Iron Furnace, at Ironton, Mich. They 
had, — 
I. Estella^, b. 1863. 


II. Henry'', b. March, 1S40, cattle-herder in Nevada; 
not m. 

III. Elizabeth'', b. 1S42, m. William Harrison Pixley, 
agent, Portsmouth, O. They had, — 

I. Rjiby^, b. 1871. 

IV. Smith"', b. 1845 ; is m. in Nevada. 

Samuel F.« m., 1S49, (2) KATE COCHRANE, and had,— 

V. James'', b. 1850, m. Minerva Lowry, of Racine, O. ; 
is in a crockery store in Memphis, Tenn. 

VI. Abigail'', b. 1854, d. unm., 8 Aug., 1876. 

VII. Wilmer'', b. 1857 ; engaged with E. E. Ewing, Ports- 
mouth, O. 

VIII. Alice'', b. 1862 ; is with her brother in Memphis, 

No. 143. 

JosiahS Jonth.3, Jn.^, Jn.^), 1806, and his wife, ANN W. 
(PENHALLOW), had 8 ch. 

I. Justin Nathaniel'', b. at Walnuts Hills, O., 8 Aug., 
1833; d. at sea, 20 Apr., 1851. On a return voyage from 
Smyrna he was killed by a fall from the main top-gallant yard, 
just as he was drawing near to his native land. 

II. Edward Penhallow'', b. in Hudson, O., 28 June, 
1835, fell in the battle of luka. Miss. 

III. Sarah Brainard'', b. in Portsmouth, 21 Aug., 1836, 
d. in Providence, R. I., i June, 1839. 

IV. Paris Hill'', b. in Providence, R. I., 12 Jan., 1840; 
he m., Washington, D. C, 31 May, 1864, Eleanor Eliza- 
beth Lowry ; is chief book-keeper in the 4th Auditor's office, 
Washington, D. C. ; has 2 sons and a daughter living, viz., — 

1. Theodore Carruthers'^, b. 9 May, 1869. 

2. Paris Penhallow^, b. 6 Dec, 1871. 

3. A}i?ia Wendell^, b. Jan., 1S76. 


V. Dr. Charles Follex", b. in Haverhill, Mass., 3 Apr., 
1842, graduated Harvard college 1S62, M. D. 1S70, secretary 
of the State Board of Health, Boston, Mass. 

VI. Harriet Elizabeth', b. in Haverhill, 3 Dec, 1843 ; 
a teacher ; m., 33 Oct., 1877, Edwin P. Davis, of Lawrence, 
Mass. (see No. 73, II), and has, — 

I. Charles Edmufid^, b. 1878. 

VII. Anna Smith'', b. in Haverhill, 3 Jan., 1S46; a 

VIII. Ellen Minot', b. in Charlestown, Mass., 5 Feb., 
1848; had in 1871 the valedictory at Vassar college. From 
1875 to 1S80, taught in the girls' high school, Boston. 

No. 143a. 

SAMUEL FOLSOM^ (Rev. Nich.^ Jn.*, Nath.^, Nath.2, 
Jn.^), 1 767-1845, of Groton, had, — 

I. Nicholas", b. in Sanbornton, 11 June, 1795, settled in 
Groton; m., Oct., 1834, (i) Hannah Norris, of G. He 
m., Apr. 26, 1847, (3) Folly H. Sanborn, b. 3 June, 1S06, of 
Franklin. She d. in Rumney, 24 Nov., 1871, and he went to 
live with a son in California. 

II. Samuel, Jr.^, b. in Groton, 4 Aug., iSoi ; left Groton 
at the age of 19, went to Florida and Mississippi, and in 1827 
to Owen county, Ind., where he m., in 1838, (i) Mrs. Han- 
nah Nelson, who d. in 1S46, leaving a daughter. 

I. Ejuily JaJie^, b. 22 Nov., 1835, who at the age of 17 m. (i) Rev. 
Zachariah Dean (Methodist), who d. 7 Aug., 1863, a captain ia 
the U. S. army. Their ch. were, — 

I.) Saimiel Fletcher^, b. 29 July, 1855. 

2.) William P?, b. 29 June, 1857. 

3.) Benjamin Folsom^, b. 9 Sept., i860. 

Emily JaneS m., 1870, (2) Dr. J. K. Mulvane, of Embarras, Edgar 
county. III., and had, — 

4.) Albert Franklin^, b. 1873. 5.) Bessie^, b. 9 Jan., 1875. 

Samuel Folsom'^ m., Sept., 1848, (2) Miss Sophia Davies, 


aiul moved in 18=^0 to Worthington, Green county, Ind., where 
he d. 22 Oct., 1S77, much hunented as an earnest Christian, 
who for 150 years had been active in the church of Christ. The 
Methodist ministers always had a shelter under his roof, and a 
welcome at his table. His widow is living in 18S0. 

III. , wife of John (son of Elisha) Chapman, a lame 

man, who lived and d. in Groton, leaving 6 ch. 

IV. Sallie'', wife of John Burket, a Kentuckian, d. in 
Indiana. Children, — 

1. Isabel^, m. at 16 Huston, d. at 20 years of age. 

2, SilvuHus^. 3. Mahala^. 

No. 144. 

WILLIAM THOMAS FOLSOM^ (Jere.«, Nath.«, Jere.*, 
Nath.^, Nath.^, Jn.^), 1807, farmer and mechanic in Augusta, 
Me., and his wife, HANNAH (WHITNEY), had 4 ch. b. in 
Augusta, Me. 

I. Nancy Albina^ b. 11 March, 1833, d. 9 Apr., 1847. 

II. William O.^ b. 20 May, 1836, m. Mary Patten, of 
Belfast, Me. ; he works on shoes and leather. They have, — 
I. Ma7y Ellen^. 

III. W. Elias*, b. 9 Oct., 1S39; is a shoemaker in Green- 
bush, N. Y. ; m. Hattie Allen, of Augusta, Me., who died, 
leaving, — 

I. Freddie E.^ 

IV. Nathan T.^, b. 23 July, 1842 ; is a grocer and a farmer 
in Augusta, Me. ; m. Laura Tebbets, of Rome, Me., and 
has, — 

I. Lottie May^, b., 4 Oct., 1874. 

William Thomas'' furnished records for this work. 

No. 145. 

BENJAMIN FOLSOM« (Jn. Dearborn^, Benj.*, Nath'P, 
Nath'P, Jn.^), 1778-1875, a farmer, had b. in Vienna, Me., 14 


I. Caroline^ b. 27 March, 1808, m. Hubbard Scribner, 
and had b. in Rome, — 

1. A son that died. 

2. A daughter, who m. Eliezer Kelley, farmer and carpenter in Rome. 

II. SusANNA^ b. 31 March, iSio, m. Lewis Chesley, of 
Mt. Vernon, Me., and had, — 

I. Lorenzo'^. 2. Alonzo^. 

3. Dotuta^, farmer in Mt. Vernon and Vienna, Me. 

III. Ann Oilman'', b. 16 March, 1814, in. Pardon 
Brownell, and d. 1853. 

IV. Hannah G.^ b. 5 June, 1816, m. Rufus Robinson; 
was living in 1878. 

V. Rebecca F.'', b. 25 Nov., 1818, d. unm., aged 25. 

VI. Mary L.", b. 2 Dec, 1820, m. (i) Francis P. Rogers, 
(2) John Smith, and d. 1863. 

VII. Isabel L.'', b. 12 Oct., 1823, m. Benj. F. Mitchell, 
of Belgrade, Me. 

VIII. Julia A.\ b. 17 May, 1826, m. Cyrus Roberts, 
farmer in Mt. Vernon, Me. 

IX. Robert Lambert'', b. 20 Nov., 1828, m. Sarah Oil- 
man, and had, — 

I. George Watson^, b. about 1855; living in Rome, Me., on the farm. 

X. Charlotte'', b. 10 Jan., 1831, m. Edmund B. Fowler. 
XL RoxANA^ b. 18 Oct., 1832, m. Alden Frink. 

XII. Benjamin L.^ b. 7 Feb., 1835, d. 1870, unm. 

XIII. Mark J.^ b. 6 Dec, 1836, m. Mary Blunt. He 
was, from 1855, 3 years in California, then a grocer, and during 
the war in the 43d Regiment Mass. Vols. ; disabled by sick- 
ness, returned to California till 1S70 ; on the police force, Cam- 
bridge, 6 years. They have, — 

I. Mary Josephine^. 

XIV. Martha JosEPHINE^ b. 10 Apr., 1S38, m. (i) Allan 
McLean; m. (2) Royal W. Knowles. 


No. 145a. 

NATHANIEL FOLSOM" (Benj.S Isr.*, Isr.^, Isr.^, Jn.^), 
1 794-1 868, fanner in vStark, Me., and his wife, DORCAS 
OLIVER HUTCHINS, had b. in Stark,— 

I. James C.% b. 13 Sept., 1821, m. in Danville, Me., 12 
Sept., 1847, Harriet H. N. Grose; lived in Auburn, Me. ; 
organ-maker; killed in battle at Cedar Mountain, 9 Aug., 
1S62. Their ch. were, — 

1. Francis Lvnd^, b. 12 Jan., 1851, d. 6 Apr., 1863. 

2. Ja?/ies A?, b. 28 March, 1852, d. 1854. 

3. Narrief A.\ b. 29 March, 1854, d. 28 Oct., 1872. 

4. Georsre Albert^, b. 2 May, 1857, m. in Auo-usta, Me., 9 Nov., 1880, 

Ella P. Prescott. He is a music teacher, and lives in Auburn, 
Me. They have, — 

I.) George Edward'^, b. in Auburn, 15 Dec, 1881. 

II. Mary C.^ b. 23 Feb., 1830, m. in Stark, Me., 30 Jan., 
184S, Charles Field. She d. 29 July, 1S77. Children, — 

1. Charles C.«, b. 12 Apr., 1849, d. 21 Sept., 1849. 

2. Olh'e A/.\ b. I May, 1850, d. 8 Dec, 1867. 

3. Thomas (7.^ b. 3 Nov., 1852, m. in Augusta, Me., 25 Dec, 1875, 

hiez H. Leavitt. He is a butcher, living in Augusta, Me. Chil- 
dren born in Augusta, — 

I.) Isabell May"^, b. 22 Nov., 1876. 
2.) Edward S?, b. 19 Dec, 1877. 
3.) Albert A lonzo^, b. 11 Aug., 1879. 

4. Abby £■.^ b. 19 Aug., 1855, d. 25 Oct., 1861. 

5. Ante F.^, b. 9 June, 1858, m. in Waterville, 11 Feb., 1880, Fred. S. 

Thorjie, and lives in Augusta, Me. They had, — 

I.). Lizzie May'^, b. 13 Dec, 1881. 

6. James C. F.^, b. 25 April, 1863, drowned 8 Aug., 1874. 

7. Mary A.^, h. 24 July, 1865, lives in Augusta. 

8. George A. ^,h. 18 March, 1870. 9. Charles IV.\ b. 16 Jan.. 1874. 

III. Abby W.^ b. 10 Jan., 1S34, m., 17 Jan., 1853, George 
A. Field, of Bath, Me. 

No. 146. 

JOSIAH P. FOLSOM" (Jn.S Isr.% Isr.^, Isr.^, Jn.^), 1802- 
1879, a farmer in Tamworth, and his wife, HULDAH 
{DOWNS), had b. in Tamworth,— 


I. Elizabeth H.^ b. 13 Oct., 1829, m., i Sept., 1854, B. M. 
Hill, farmer in Tamworth. Children, — 

I. John F.^, b. 24 June, 1855. -■ Edward B.^, b. 14 Aug., 1859. 
3. Rosila L.^, b. 6 Sept., 1865. 4. Carleton M.^, b. 20 June, 1868. 

II. John R.'^, b. 24 Sept., 1831, m. (i) May Chamberlin, 
and d. 24 Dec, 187S. He was a trader in Massachusetts, and 
had no ch. 

III. Samuel Nelson'^, b. 5 Sept., 1S33, "^v Sept., i860, 
Adaline Ross, and had, — 

I. Liza £".*, b. I July, 1861. 2. Annie L.^, b. i Sept., 1865. 
3. Sarah R.\ b. 9 Aug. 1868. 

IV. Mary'^, b. I Sept., 1836, m. in 1S51 (i) Chas. Wiggin, 
who d. in the army in 1863, leaving, — 

1. Charles H. Wiggin^, b. 29 March, i860. 

Mary'' m., 10 June, 1S66, (2) Simon Bickford, and had, — 

2. Wilbur^, b. 25 April, 1867. 3. Eva E.^, h. i Aug., 1869. 

V. Elma a.", b. 27 Dec, 1843, m. Ira Severance. 

VI. Frank D.'^, b. 15 June, 1850, m. in New York; was a 
mechanic in Rochester. 

No. 147. 

JOHN FRANKLIN FOLSOM^ (Jn.^ Eliph.^, Jn.* [Pet.», 
Pet.2, Jn 1.=]), 1S20-1857, farmer, and his wife, ELIZABETH 
(FILSBURY), had b. in Raymond,— 

I. Mary Calista^, m. Charles Poor. 

II. Abigail Pilsbury*. 

HI. Georgiana®, m. Joseph Batchelder, and has one ch. 

IV. Elizabeth*. 

V. Ellen Maria*. 

VI. Rev. John Dana*, b. 19 Jan., 1842, entered Exeter 
academy in 1867; m., 3 April, 1872, Annie M. Rohrer, of 
Pennsylvania. He is a preacher in the Methodist church. 


No. 148. 

JACOB FOLSOM« (Eliph.^ Jn." [Pet.«, Pet.^, Jn.^?]), 
17S5-1827, farmer, and his wife, HULDAH (dau. of Samuel) 
FOLSOM (No. 97), had b. in Epping,— 

I. Hannah P.", b. 28 Sept., 181 1, m., 30 wSept., 1S35, Jer- 
emiah FuLLONTON, of Raymond, and had, — 

1. George S}, who d. in the army in the late war. 

2. Einily J.^, m. Joh7i Cram, of Raymond; has 5 children. 

3. Jacob F^. 4. JoJm D'^. 

II. Samuel M.', b. 12 April, 1S13, in Vienna, Me., who, 
after the death of his father in Monmouth, Me., May, 1827, 
came to Epping, and when of age entered business in Boston. 
He m. in Epping, 15 Feb., 1S42, Sarah (dau. of David) Bun- 
ker, and had, — 

1. David B.^, b. in Boston in 1845, who became an invalid; left his 
grandparents in Epping, and spent some years in Florida for his 
health, but returned and d. in Epping, ig Oct., 1876. 

Samuel M.'', being unfortunate in his business, w^ent from 
Boston to Minnesota, and became one of the early settlers of 
Garden City, wdiere he engaged in business with his usual en- 
terprise, but d. II Feb., 1S77, aged 64. His widow lives with 
her parents in Epping. 

III. Eliphalet S.'^, b. 16 April, 1815, in Monmouth, Me., 
came to Epping after the death of his father, and subsequently 
went to Boston, where he m. Harriet Gray. He returned 
to Epping and engaged in the rubber business ; then joined his 
brother Samuel, a pioneer settler at Garden City, Blue Earth 
county, Minn., where he d. in 1857. -^'^ widow and three 
married children live in Minnesota. 

I. Hetiry A .^ 2. Emily J .^ 3. George^. 

IV. Mary Jane'^, b. 2 Oct., 181 7, m. in 1S43, Joseph R. 
Illsley, a house-carpenter ; lived in Massachusetts, and after- 
wards in Anderson, Independence county, Ind. They had 6 
ch., two of whom are married and live in Massachusetts. 

V. Benjamin F. W.'', b. 12 Feb., 1819, m. (i) Ann Lit- 
TLEFiELD, and her sister, (2) Esther J. Littlefield ; had 


three ch. by each wife. He was a farmer in Sanford, Me., and 
d. in 1S75. 

VI. Jacob Augustus', b. 31 Sept., 1822, m. Sarah Grover, 
of Danvers, Mass. He was an active business man ; lived in 
Boston and in New York, and settled the estates of his brothers 
in Minnesota. He had 4 ch., one married dau. living in Iowa 
and another in Everett, Mass. 

VII. Henry'^, b. 18 April, 1825, m. Ann Arnold, and had 
6 ch., all of whom are dead. He was a druggist in New York, 
furnishing ships with medicine chests ; removed to Garden 
City, Minn. ; invested in a flour mill, and d. 1875. 

No. 149. 

JOSEPH FOLSOM«(Jn.S Jn.SPe.3, Pe.2, Jn.i), 1 785-1856, 
farmer in New Sharon, Me. (is called in Raymond Records 
*' Sanders Carr"), and his wife, ABIGAIL (PEASE), had b. 
in New Sharon, — 

I. Aaios% b. 181 1, d. 1S19. 

II. Jeremiah", b. 7 May, 1814, farmer, m., 4 Dec, 1842, 
Nancy B. Whittier, and had 5 ch. b. on the homestead, 
New Sharon, Me. 

1. Addie Ann^, b. 16 Sept., 1S43, d. 30 Apr., 1847. 

2. Mariah F.^, b. 25 June, 1846, m., 2 Apr., , J. M. Whittier. 

3. Jeremiah P.^, b. 17 Sept., 1853. 

4. Octavia A.\ b. 16 May, 1856. 5. Carrie W.^, b. 11 March, 1859. 

III. George Washington'', b. 13 July, iSiS; a farmer on 
the homestead; m., 24 Feb., 1849, Phebe R. Ring, and had 
b. in New Sharon, 6 ch. After 1 8 70 he removed to a farm in 
Vienna, Me. Their ch. were, — 

1. Emma F.^, b. 17 March, 1850, m., 5 May, 1868, Levi B. Gordoti. 

2. Abbie L.^, b. 17 March, 1853, m., 25 Oct., 1870, Harvey L. Frye, 

of West Wilton, N. H., and has 2 ch. 

3. Renie M.^, b. 25 July, 1856. 4. George W., Jr.^ h. 9 Feb., 1S58. 

5. Myrtilla Pfi, b. 23 Jan., 1866. 6. Lillian A.^, h. 28 Jan., 1873. 


No. 150. 

JOHN FOLSOM« (John^ Jn.*, Pe.', Pe.^, Jn.^), 17S9- 
1867, tailor, farmer, &c., of New Sharon, Me., Orono, &c., and 
his wife, SYBIL (WILLARD), had b. in New Sharon,— 

I. Franklin Weeks% b. 14 Apr., 1S25 ; teacher and farmer 
on the place owned by his grandfiither Willard. He m., 8 
June, 1S51, Laura Ann Prescott, of Appleton, Me., and 
had b. at New Sharon, Me., — 

1. Amanda^, b. 8 Nov., 1854, m. in West Waterville, Me., 30 Sept., 

1877, Albert Collins, a tailor, and has, — 

I.) Bessie F.^, b. 12 Feb., 1879. 

2. Charles Fremont^, b. 24 June, 1856. At the age of 4 years he lost 

his hearing, and was educated at the Institute for the Deaf and 
Dumb, at Hartford, Conn. 

3. Hattie Malvina^, b. 30 March, 1861, d. 14 July, 1864. 

4. Hattie Sybil'^, b. 9 May, 1866, d. 30 June, 1868. 

In 1867 F. W. Folsom^ went to West Waterville, Me., and 
is a painter and paper-hanger. 

IL Henry WESLEY^ b. in Orono, Me., 25 May, 1S29, m, 
in Boston, Mass., 19 Sept., 1S52, Eliza A. (dau. of Orville) 
Barlow, of Clarendon, Vt. He joined his father-in-law in 
trade, and in keeping a hotel at Clarendon Springs, Vt., where 
he had 2 ch. 

1. Cora Malinda^, b. 16 July, 1855, studied medicine, practised for a 

time, then was teacher at Hampton, Va. 

2. Ada Sybil'', b. 28 July, 1857. 

In 1S58, Henry W^esley'' moved to Farmington, Me., where 
he had, — 

3. Jo/m Orville^, b. 13 March, 1861. 

Henry Wesley' has furnished valuable records for this work ;; 
has lived in Providence, R. I., and in Boston. All the family 
are members of the Congregational church. 

III. Sybil Willard'', b. 10 July, 1S31, m., 27 Apr., 1854, 
John Weld, merchant, of Boston. Their ch. were, — 

1. Charles Eben^, b. 19 May, 1858. 

2. Lizzie Frances'^, b. 22 July, 1859. 

3. John Herbert^, b. i Nov., 1871. 

They are Baptists, living near Mt. Hope Station, Boston. 


No. 151. 

CHARLES FOLSOM^ (Jas.«, Jas.^, Jas.*, Pe.«, Pe.S Jn.^), 
1 794-1 872, of Cambridge, and his wife, SUSANNA S. 
(McKEAN), had b. in Cambridge,— 

I. Charles WILLIAM^ b. 17 Apr., 1S26 (H. C. 1S45), 
lieutenant-colonel and civil engineer, was an officer in the 20th 
Mass. Vols. Infantry, and captain and assistant quartermaster 
U. S. Vols. Lived at Cambridge, Mass., in 1882 ; not m. 

IL Amy Sarah^ b. 26 Sept., 1828, d. 13 May, 1S53. 

III. Joseph McKean, b. 2 Oct., 1830, d. 16 Nov., 1832. 

IV. Mary Elizabeth^ b. 23 March, 1833; lives with her 
mother in Cambridge, unm. in 1S80. 

V. Henry McKean^ b. 12 Dec, 1834, '^' i" Boston, 15 
May, 1842. 

VI. Rev. George McKEAN^ b. 6 Feb. 1837 (H. C. 1857), 
Cambridge Divinity School 1S66; m., 8 Jan., 1867, Susan 
Cabot Jackson (dau. of C. Jackson, Jr.), who d. in Dedham, 
27 March, 1871, leaving, — 

I. Amy^, b. Nov., 1867. 

He was pastor of the Unitarian church, Dedham, Mass., in 
1875 ; he d. suddenly in Boston, 20 May, 1882, aged 45. 

VII. Dr. NoRTo^•^ b. in Boston, 15 Apr., 1S42, M. D. 
(H. U. Medical School), 1864. Surgeon 45th U. S. colored 
troops, and brevet lieutenant-colonel U. S. Vols. He m., 14 
May, 1872, Lizzie Cooltdge (dau. of Uriah T.) Howe, of 
Cambridge. He is (1878) resident physician of the Mass. 
General Hospital in Boston. They have, — 

1. Susannah Sarah^, b. in Boston, 29 March, 1873. 

2. Clara Pomeroy^, b. 12 May, 1875. 

No. 152. 

JOHN FULFORD FOLSOM" (Jn.«, Jas.^, Jas.*, Pe.^, Pe.', 
Jn.^j, i8o5?-i859, of Exeter, and his wife, CAROLINE 
(SHAW), had b. in Exeter,— 


I. Albert Alonzo*, b. 13 Sept., 1834, m. in Boston, 11 
Apr., 1S61, Julia Elizabeth (dau. of Francis B.) Winter. 
He has for years been superintendent of the Boston & Provi- 
dence Raih-oad, and has distinguished himself by his abihty 
and fidelity. The Folsom fomily are indebted to him for the 
encouragement given the compiler in collecting and arranging 
these records. When weary and almost ready to suspend the 
perplexing work, a few lines from Mr. Folsom revived his 
energy, and enabled him to continue the labor with renewed 
zeal. He has 4 ch. 

1. Fratitis B.^, b. in Providence, R. I., 6 Feb., 1862 ; was in Maverick 

National Bank, Boston, in 1879. 

2. Chandler RaHso7n^, b. in Boston, i Dec, 1865. 

3. Mary Winter"^, b. in Dedham, Mass., 30 Sept., 1867. 

4. Julia Elizabeth'^, b. 27 Dec, 1879. 

II. Frank H.^ b. 13 Aug., 1842, d. in Boston, Jan., 1846. 

Their mother, Caroline, d. in Concord, N. H., 4 Oct., 18S0, 
aged nearly 69. 

No. 153. 

BENJAMIN FOLSOM^ (Jn.^ Jas.^ Jas.*, Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 
1809-1856, of New York, and his wife, MARTHA (CUL- 
VER), had b. in New York,— 

I. John Fulford^, b. 28 Sept., 1837, "^•' H Apr., 1861, 
Sophia E. (dau. of Joseph P.) Harvey, of Bloomfield, 
Essex county, N. J., and settled there in 1S63, where he had 5 
ch. He is in an importing house, 25 South street, New York ; 
was clerk of Bloomfield, an officer in the Presbyterian church, 
and also in the fraternity of Masons, &c. His ch. were, — 

1. Annie Augusta^, b. 9 Feb., 1862. 

2. Norman Harvey'^, b. i Nov., 1863. 

3. Charles Fulford'^, b. 17 March, 1865, d. 18 Oct., 1865. 

4. Joseph Fnlford"^, b. 10 Nov., 1866. 

5. Arthur Gilman^, b. 9 Apr., 1876. 

II. Joseph H.^, b. 29 March, 1841, m., 2 June, 1869, Sarah 
Elizabeth Lockwood. In 1S61, he enlisted in the ist New 
York Regiment, was in several battles, was taken prisoner at 
Gaines Mills, June, 1862, confined in Libby prison, &c. At 


the close of the war he resumed business as photographer, in 
Danbury, Conn. He has, — 

I. Jessie Louise"^, b. 24 May, 187 1. 

III. Edward Swasey^ b. 20 Dec, 1844, m., 25 Sept., 
1873, Mary Elizabeth Lawrence, He served in a New 
Jersey regiment nearly a year ; is now a photographer. They 
have, — 

I. Arthur Edward'^, b. 21 May, 1876. 

IV. MARTHA^ b. 6 Apr., 1S47, m., 29 Nov., 1S69, Will- 
iam McDougall, of Newark, N. J. Their ch. were, — 

I. Lotiise^, b. 12 Dec, 1870. 2. Robert Bruce^, b. 25 Dec, 1872. 
3. Hjigh^, b. 7 May, 1876. 

V. George*, b. in West Hoboken, N. J., 26 March, 1850, 
m., 18 Jan., 1873, Mary Elizabeth Knowles. He is a 
skilful engraver. His children, — 

r. Dord^, b. 29 Oct., 1873. 2. Harry^, b. 28 Aug., 1875. 

VI. Henry Story^, b. 27 Dec, 1S52, m., 26 June, 1873, 
Georgina Lawney. When 12 years of age, he entered the 
house of A. T. Stuart, New York, and in 1876 received $500, 
a donation for ten years of faithful service. He has, — 

I. Evd^, b. 24 May, 1874. 

No. 154. 

PETER F0LS0M« (Pe.^, Pe.^ Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1784-1S63, 
a farmer, and his wife, JOANNA (SMITH), had b. in Gil- 
manton, 7 ch. 

I. Orrin'', b. 22 Apr., 181S, m., 16 Dec, 1841, Lydia 
Ann Nelson, of Gilmanton, b. 19 Oct., 1S20 (see No. 90, 
IV). She was daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia B.Nelson. 
They had b. in Gilmanton 6 ch. 

1. Annie Maria^,h. 19 Feb., 1S43, "''•' 27 Nov., 1862, William D. 

Ditnick, of Lyme. Children, — 

I.) Orrin Adolphtis^, b. in Lyme, Apr., 1866. 
2.) Annie Belle^, b. 27 Feb., 1868, in Gilmanton. 

2. Mary Frances^, b. 7 Feb.. 1845 ; a clerk in Lowell, Mass. ; not m. 



3. James N.^. b. 26 Nov., 1846, m., 28 Dec, 1869, Charlotte E. Wat- 

son, of Cambridgeport, Mass., who d. 14 July, 1876, leaving 3 ch. 

I.) Justtis Watson'^, b. 2 Sept., 187 1. 

2.) Alice Maud^, b. 5 Jan., 1873. 3-) Fred Collins^, b. 31 Dec, 1874. 

4. Charles H.^, b. 19 Apr., 1849; entered U. S. Army, and in June, 

1864, was shot, in Virginia, and fell dead from his horse. For 9 
years his parents received no information respecting his death ; 
but a testament, taken from his pocket, with the name and resi- 
dence of his mother written in it, led a man who lived near his 
grave to write her an account of his death. His remains were 
sent to his home in Gilmanton. 

5. Edwin 6'.», b. 19 Jan., 1852, d. 31 Oct., 1852. 

6. William Nathaniel^, b. 26 Aug., 1855 ; a clerk in Boston ; not m. 

The father, Orrin'', who has contributed to this work, is a 
farmer and an insurance agent at Gihnanton Centre, N. H. 

II. ALANSON^ b. II July, 1830, m., 13 Oct., 1844, Betsey 
Haywood, b. Nov., 1S24 ; a merchant ; lives in Lowell, Mass., 
with 2 ch. 

1. Ella A.^, b. Nov., 1850, m., 23 Nov., 1870, Edward Peirce ; has 2 


2. Arthur LJ^, b. 12 June, 1863; not m. 

III. RosiLLA A.'', b. 14 Jan., 1823, m. James Madison 
McCoy, and lives in Cambridgeport, Mass. 

IV. Vercilda JANE^ b. 7 Sept., 1S25, m., 25 Feb., 1847, 
William Brown, Esq^. ; lived in Lowell, and d. there 15 
June, 1870. 

V. LoviNA R.^ b. 29 July, 1828, d. 29 Oct., 1828. 

VI. LuRANA A.^ b. 16 Sept., 1829, m., 23 July, 1850, 
JosiAH Grover, of Maine, and lived in Lowell, Mass. 
They had, — 

1. Horace Edwin'^, b. 5 June, 1853. 

2. Hervey Josiah^, b. 11 Oct., 1856, d. 1880. 

3. Cora Jane^, b. 24 Apr., 1864. 

4. Freddie Howard^, b. 17 Nov., 1867. 

VII. Lorenzo A.', b. 21 Feb., 1833, m., 11 May, 1855, 
Frances Smith; lives in Lowell. Their ch. were, — 

1. Frances Estelle^, b. 8 Feb., 1856, d. 22 Sept., 1857. 

2. Cora Belief, h. 14 Sept., 1858, d. 25 March. 1864. 

3. Albert /,.», b. 18 Dec, 1862, d. 19 Oct., 1864. 

4. Geors:e S.^, b. 22 March, 1866, d. 8 May, 1872. 

5. Florence y.\ h. 8 Jan., 1868, d. 6 Sept., 1872. 

"The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away." 


No. 155. 

JOSIAH FOLSOM^ (Pe.^, Pe.S Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1787- 
1S2S, farmer in Gilmanton and Walden, Vt., and his wife, 
BETSEY (LAMPREY), had b. in Gihnanton. 

I. PoLLY^ b. 6 Apr., iSio, m., 5 June, 1832, John B. 
Johnson, of Rye, and had b. in Rye, 8 ch. 

1. John B., Jr.^, b. 31 May, 1834. At the age of 21 went to Buffalo, 

N. Y., and m. Anna Ja7neson, of Toronto, Province Ont. In 
1862 enlisted a volunteer, and in 1866, in Co. D, ist U. S. Infan- 

2. Richard M.^, b. 17 Nov., 1839; lives in Rye. 

3. Gihnan Z>.^, b. 28 March, 1842, m., 1874, Mary W. Howe. He 

served 4 years in the 5th N. H. Regiment ; saw Lee surrender at 
Appomattox, Va. ; is a farmer in Rye. 

4. Charles C^ b. 5 June, 1844, m. Bertha Welch, of Pittsburgh, Pa, ; 

is a carpenter in Pine, Pa. 

5. Sarah A.^, b. 17 Sept., 1836, lives in Rye. 

6. Lottie^, b. 14 Oct., 1846, lives in Lowell. 

7. Martha^, b. 28 Nov., 1848, lives in Rye. 

8. Albert M.^, b. 17 Nov., 1853 ; a painter in Rye. 

II. Charlotte B.'^, b. 22 Feb., 1813, m., 7 Nov., 1837, 
Thomas B. Chamberlin, a machinist in Lowell, Mass. ; has 
no ch. 

III. Eliza Jane'^, b. 25 Dec, 1S16, lives unm. in Orange. 

IV. Martha Oliver b. in Walden, Vt., 7 Dec, 1823, m. 
Joseph Jenness, of Rye, a farmer. She d. in Rye, 15 Apr. 
1874. Their ch. were, — 

I. E7nma^. 2. Mary A. ^ 3. Sarah O.^ 

V. Lydia Ann', b. 25 June, 1825, m. in Exeter, 12 Oct., 
1845, Lowell Jenness, of Rye, now of Portsmouth. 

VI. Samuel Dudley'^, b. 28 Oct., 1827, m. (i) Urana A. 
Smith, of Vermont, b. 1827 ; a farmer in Orange. Their ch. 
were, — 

I. Flora^. 2. Willie\ d. 1864. 

His wife d. Jan., 1864, and he m., 1865, (2) Nancy John- 
son, and had, — 

3. Willie^. 4. Nancy Belle^, 


No. 156. 

Jn.^), 1795, a farmer on the homestead in Gilmanton, and 
his wife, EUNICE (FOLSOM), had 10 ch. 

L Harriet Newell'', b. 25 Apr., 1834, m. Charles 
Stockbridge, of Gihnanton, and had, — 

I. Ella E.^ 2. George H.^ 3. Mary Eunice^. 

IL John F.'', b. 7 Nov., 1835, lived unm. on the homestead 
in 1880. 

in. George S.'', b. i June, 1837, ^- ^ May, 1862, aged 25. 

IV. Mary Jane' , b. 17 Apr., 1S39, lived unm. with her 

V. William H.', b. 19 Apr., 1841, d. i Sept., 1S41. 

VI. Martha A.^ b. 17 Oct., 1842, d. 4 Nov., 1842. 

VIL Martha F.'', b. 15 March, 1844, '^'^' Samuel A, 
Clark, of Laconia, b. 16 Dec, 1841. He was in Berdan's 
ist Regiment U. S. Sharpshooters ; lost his right leg in battle. 
He is a photographer in West Somerville, Mass., 1880. They 
have, — 
I. Florence Mattie^. 

VIII. Charlotte Ellen'', b. i June, 1846, m. James 
Leighton, of Belmont ; has no ch. 

IX. Lydia Ann'', b. 24 May, 1849, m. Edgar Hall, of 
Belmont, and has, — 

I. Harvey^. 2. George Samuel'^. 

X. RuFUS E.'', b. 2 July, 1S52, and d. 30 May, 1S55. 

No. 156a. 

CHARLES HENRY FOLSOM' (Jonathan^ Jonth.S Pe.S 
Pe.*, Pe.^, Jn.^), b. in Portsmouth, 1816, a sailor, and his wife, 
SUSAN (SAUNDERS), had 6 ch. 

I. Mary Abbie^ b. 12 July, 1847, m., 23 Dec, 1865, 
Stephen B. Westcott, of Blue Hill, Me., and has, — 


I. Ernest^, b. 24 Sept., 1866. 2. Mabel L.^, b. 14 Nov., 1868. 
3. Alvah^, b. 1874. 4. Brooks^, b. 22 Sept., 1876. 

II. Sarah Elizabeth^ b. 28 March, 1S4S, m., 31 March, 
1866, Andrew J. Wentworth, of Great Falls, who in 1S6S 
removed to West Albany, N. Y. ; engineer. Children, — 

1. Charles H."^, b. in Great Falls, 7 March, 1867. 

2. Fred P. ^, b. 13 Nov., 1868. 

III. Charles Edwin^, b. 27 May, 1849, ^' ""^ Liverpool, 
Eng. ; a sailor. 

IV. Adah JosEPHI^'E^ b. March, 1S51, d. June, 1S53. 

V. Ella J., b. 8 Jan., 1854, m., 6 Oct.. 1872, Albert 
Clay, of Blue Hill, Me., a stone-cutter, and had, — 

1. Charles'^, b. 12 May, 1874. 

2. Henry Wentworth'^, b. 20 March, 1876. 

VI. George Andrew®, b. 5 Apr., 1S57 ; a sailor; not m. 

No. 157. 

PETER FOLSOM^ (Jonth.^, Pe.*, Pe.«, Pe.S Jn.^), 1787- 
1872, farmer in Stratham, and his wife, HANNAH P. 
(HOOK), had,— 

I. Elias'', b. in Exeter, 1810; went to Europe, and in 1853 
was last heard from ; not m. 

II. Peter William^, b. July, 1S12, m., 13 Feb., 1851, 
Julia K. Crosby ; he had a home in Boston, and a summer 
residence in Stratham, beside the old homestead. Children, — 

1. Ida Olivia^. 

2. Robert Crosby^, b. 1853, drowned near Philadelphia, Oct., 1881. 

III. Mary OlivlV, b. May, 1S15, m., 1S39. John P. Win- 
gate, of Stratham, who d. Apr., 1841. She is a widow with 
no children. 

IV. Edmund J.', b. 10 Sept., 181 7, m. in San Francisco, 
March, 1854, IvIary E. (dau. of Robert) Crosby, of Boston. 
He had a home in Exeter, and in Stratham, but had much 
business in South America, and now resides in Philadelphia. 
Their ch. are. — 


I. Mabel Hook^. 2. Elsie Baker^. 3. Edmund Frank I iti^. 

V. Lorenzo'', b. 1S19, d. young. 

VI. William Rowland", b. 1822, d. 28 July, 1851. 

VII. Benjamin Franklin'', b. in Stratham, Feb., 1825 ; 
resided in Philadelphia; unm. in 18S0. 

VIII. Elizabeth Sarah'', b. in Stratham, 1827, where she 
lives unm. 

No. 158. 

JAMES FOLSOM^ (Jas.^ Pe.*, Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1785- 
1861, of Exeter, joiner and farmer, and his wife, JUDITH 
(MORRILL), had b. in Exeter,— 

I. Elizabeth Taylor'', b. 5 Jan., iSio, m., 3 May, 1S46, 
Benjamin Odlin, of Exeter, and had, — 

I. Ella Folsotn^, m. E. A. Alger, of Lowell and Boston. 

II. William Henry'', b. i Feb., 1S12, m., Aug., 1833, 
Phebe French, and d. in Exeter, 6 Nov., 1842. They had 
b. in Exeter, 5 ch. 

1. George Henry^, b. 9 June, 1834. 

2. James William'^, b. 18 Jan., 1836. 

3. Charles Edwin^, b. 10 Oct., 1839. 4- Daniel Warren^. 
5. Samuel^, b. 14 June, 1842. 

III. Sarah'', b. 11 May, 1814, m., Oct., 1835, Charles 
Hentz, of Boston, and had, — 

I . James Bates'^. 

IV. Hannah Morrill'', b. 8 July, 1816, m. E. William 
Brown, of Stratham or Boston ; had 5 ch. 

I. Frances^. 2. William E. 

V. James Alexander', b. 31 July, 1818, m. Mary Morse, 
of Cambridge, Mass. Children, — 

I. Charlotte^, m. 2. John T.^ 3. Mary Elizabeth^. 

VI. John Taylor'', b. 12 Sept., 1820, and d. 24 Jan., 1845. 

VII. Mary Frances'', b. 11 Nov., 1822, m. in Exeter, 15 


Sept., 1845, James W. Nightingale, a grocer of Boston, b. 
in Dorchester, Mass., who d. They had, — 

I. E. Frances'^, b. June, 1846. 2. Miriam S.'^, b. March, 185 1. 

Mrs. Mary F. Nightingale m., in 1S58, (2) J. W. F. Hobbs, 
of Boston, and had by liim 2 ch. 

3. yohn F.^. 4. Lizzie Mac^. 

Mrs. Mary F. Hobbs d. 14 Oct., 1S65. 

VIII. Martha Ann'', b. 21 Nov., 1S24, m. J. Newell 
Head, of Exeter, painter, and has, — 

I. Alice N.'^ 

IX. Lydia Bartlett", b. 16 July, 1827, m. Fred Allen, 
merchant, of Boston, and has, — 

I. Carrie Sfi 

X. Deborah Lane', b. 6 Oct., 1829, d. 27 Feb., 1837. 

XI. Charles Franklin'', b. 3 Dec, 1832, m., 30 Nov., 
1855, Marcy McNancey, and has, — 

I. Emma Frances^, b. 24 Sept., 1857. 

XII. Ellen Maria', b. 19 March, 1S35, d. 26 Jan., 1864. 

No. 159. 

NICHOLAS FOLSOM« (Nich.^ Fe.*, Pe.', Pe.^, Jn.^), 
1 785-1866, of Gilmanton, f^irmer and blacksmith, and his wife, 
LUCRETIA (SANBORN), had b. in Gilmanton, 8 ch. 

I. Jeremiah Sanborn", b. 18 March, i8ir, m. Hannah 
Beard, lived in Pittsfield, and d. in Lowell, Mass., 14 July, 
1 87 1. Their ch. were, — 

I. Ellen Maria^. 2. Charlotte Lucretia^. 
3. Jeremy Beard^. 4. Walter Hastings^. 

II. Almira", b. 1813, m., 1875, Ulrich Hadley, of Bel- 

III. An infant, d. 1814. 

IV. Nicholas Leavitt^, M. D., b. 20 Dec, 1815. Dr. 


F. settled in Dover, but in 1853 commenced practice in Ports- 
mouth, where he still remains. He is not m. Has aided in 
this work, and has published several articles in the line of his 

V. John Tilton^, b. 12 Nov., 1817, m. Hannah M. San- 
born, of Gilmanton, and had, — 

\. John S.^ 2. Harriet Jane^. 

VI. Nehemiah T.'', b. 29 Aug., 1822; dentist and farmer; 
m., 15 Aug., 1867, Philanda P. Parker, and has, — 

I. Percy Nicholas'^. 

VII. Thomas James^ b. 17 Nov., 1820, m. Melvina San- 
born, of Gilford ; lives in Belmont, and has, — 

I, Frank^. 2. Mary^. 3. A son. 

VIII. Henry Lafayette^, b. 4 Sept., 1824, m. Mary 
Smith, of Meredith ; lived in Concord ; insurance agent, and 
kept boarding-house ; has no ch. 

No. 160. 

PETER FOLSOM« (Nich.^ Pe.S Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 17S6- 
1866, a carpenter of Gilmanton, and his wife, ABIGAIL 
(SANBORN), had b. in Gilmanton,— 

I. Ira'', b. 24 Aug., 1816; a farmer; m., d. in Orange. 

II. James'', b. 13 Aug., 1818, m. ; is a carpenter in Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

HI. Lydia'', b. 15 Sept., 1820, lived in Louisville, Ky. 

IV. Peter G.'', b. 19 Apr., 1823, d. 1825. 

V. Charles E.'', b. 30 March, 1826, d. 1836. 

VI. John W.'', b. 9 Oct., 1S32 ; a merchant in East Canaan. 

No. 161. 

JONATHAN FOLSOM« (Nich.^, Pe.S Pe.«, Pe.^, Jn.^), 
blacksmith, Gilmanton, 1793-1S56, and his wife, SALLY 
(SWEAT), had b. in Gilmanton,— 


I. Frances Maria'' (Fanny), b. 27 June, 1817, m., 23 Jan., 
1S53, J. P. Sanders, of Fisherville, and had, — 

I. Sarah Frances^, b. 28 Feb., 1856. 

II. Sarah Ann'', b. 21 Apr., 1S20, m., 16 Feb., 1844, (i) 
Rodney Button, who d. 15 June, 1S55, leaving, — 

1. Rodney Clititon^, b. 3 Jan., 1848. 

2. George Newel^, b. 27 Nov., 1850. 

Sarah Ann'' m., Nov. 15, 1S59, C^) Nathan Abbot, of 

III. Love Keziah'', b. 28 Aug., 1S22, m., i Jan., 1842, 
Belknap Bartlett, and d. 31 March, 1872. 

IV. Dorothy Angelina'', b. 28 July, 1824, d. 13 July, 

V. Stephen Swett'', b. 14 Apr., 1831, farmer in Belmont; 
not m. 

VI. Mahalaette'', b. 24 Apr., 1834, d. in Belmont, 18 
March, 1877, aged 43. 

No. 162. 

PETER FOLSOM^ (Pe.^ Sam.^ Pe.*, Pe.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 
1S17, of Bloomington, 111., and his wife, CORDELIA 
(SOULE), had.— 

I. Nancy S.^ b. 5 June, 1848, m. (i) George Scrogs, 
(2) T. H. Monroe, and in 1881 is a widow. 

II. PETER^ b. 24 March, 1857, d. 10 Jan., 185S. 

III. PERCY^ b. 18 Aug., 1859, "^- Lizzie A. Irons. 

IV. ELMER^ b. 4 Aug., 1861. 

V. Frank^ b. 26 Sept., 1864, d. 2 Dec, 1869. 

No. 162a. 

DR. ISAAC FOLSOM" (Sam.^ Pe.*, Pe.«, Pe.^, Jn.^), 
1792-1865, of Batesville, Ark., and his wife, LUCIA D. 
(MORTON), had,— 


I. Isaac, JR.^ b, in Elizabeth City, N. C, lo Jan., 1826, 
\vho is a doctor in Lanark, Bradley connty. Ark., and m. ; has 
no children. 

George MoRTON^ b. in Elyria, Lorain county, O., 4 June, 
1829, m., 5 June, 1S50, Elvira Egnar, and d. 14 July, 1852, 
aged 23 ; a merchant ; left 2 ch. 

1. Lutie^, b. 9 March, 1851, d. 12 Feb., 1852. 

2. Gcorgie^^ b. 26 Dec, 1852, m. George Patillo, and has 3 ch. 

in. Lucia Ann Elizabeth% b. in Springfield, 111., 21 
Apr., I S3 1, d. Sept., 1S32. 

IV. Harriet Ann Elizabeth'', b. in Batesville, Independ- 
ence county. Ark., 22 July, 1S33, m. Patrick Henry Chil- 
dress, and had 9 ch. ; is a widow in iSSi. 

V. SAMUEL^ b. 31 July, 1S36, d. Oct., 1836. 

VI. James Essex'', m. d., b. in Batesville, 3 Dec, 1837 ! '^^^ 
m. He is in Sikeston, Mo. 

VII. Sarah EsTABR00K^ b. 7 Feb., 1841, m. (i) Edwin 
P. Flagg, of Worcester, Mass., and (2) John Weir, a farmer ; 
had 7 ch,, 5 of whom live at Will's Point, Van Zandt county, 

VIII. Silas MoRTON^ b. 31 Dec, 1845, d. 17 July, 1862, 
aged 16. He was an earnest Christian. 

IX. Mary Emma'', b. 25 Dec, 1848, m. in Searcy, White 
county. Ark., 4 May, 1876, (i) Wm. P. Blair, a clerk, who d. 
3 Sept., 1878. They had, — 

1. Lucia D.^, b. 13 May, 1877, d. n Aug., 1877. 

2. William Marvin, b. 21 June, 1878. 

Mary Emma'' m., 31 Aug., 1881, (2) Ferryman. 

No. 162b. 

MAJ. MARK FOLSOM"' (Mk.«, Jn.^ Pet.*, Jn.^ Pet.^ Jn.^) , 
180=;, fiirmer and lumberman in Newburgh, Me., and his wife, 
SARAH (MORRILL), had b. in Newburgh,— 


I. Hannah CALISTA^ b. 21 May, 1S33, m. Samuel H. 
(son of Benj.) Folsom, of Newport, Me. 

II. Sarah x\lvina^ b. 20 June, 1833. 

III. William Franklin^, b. 15 Feb., 1835, m. Lilly Hop- 
kins ; lives in Oldtown, and lias 4 ch. 

IV. Melville Mark^ b. 27 April, 1836, m. in Dixmont, 
24 May, 1863, Hannah Jane (dau. of R. T.) Edgerly, of 
Pittsfield, Me. He was lieutenant and captain in the nth Me. 
Regiment, and was in 22 engagements during the war ; was 
representative from Oldtown in 1872 and 1873 ; is a Free Bap- 
tist and a Republican. He keeps a drug store. Children, — 

I. Edith Z.9, b. 3 Oct., 1865. 2. Arthur M?, b. 24 June, 1868. 

V. Albion F.^ b. 4 June, 183S, m. Ann Buzzell ; lives 
in Oldtown, and has 3 ch. 

VI. Adalaide Charlotte^ b. 13 April, 1841, m. Lewis 

VII. GoRHAM Augustine*, b. 19 April, 1843, was killed 
in battle near Richmond, Va. 

VIII. Louisa Francina*, b. 21 Dec, 1844, m. S. J. Par- 
sons. They live in Dakota, and have 5 ch. 

No. 163. 

JOHN FOLSOM*' (Josh.^, Josh.*, John^, Pet.^, Jn.^) 1782- 
1853, farmer, &c., in Sandwich (called " Deering John," to 
distinguish him from others of the name), and his wife, had b. 
in Deering i ch. and in Sandwich 5 ch. 

I. Wyatt Hamilton'', b. in Deering, 16 May, 180S, m., 30 
Aug., 1 83 1, Sarah Hoyt, b. 31 Oct., 1809, who d. 20 May, 
1843, leaving,— 

1. Charles P^, b. 16 May, 1832, d. 10 June, 1852. 

2. Ahnira Hoyt^. b. 10 Oct., 1S33, m., Oct., 1861, Chas. Weymouth. 

They live in Willlamsport, Penn., and have no ch. 

3. David^, b. 13 June. 1S39; ^ stock broker in San Francisco, Cal. 

Wyatt H.'' taught school, and was in the clothing business in 
Tamworth ; in 1835 moved to Orono, Me., and engaged in the 


lumber trade, having an office in Bangor. He m., Oct. 27, 
1S44, (2) Rebecca B, Ring, b. 23 Dec, 1823, and d. 30 July, 
1856. She had, — 

4. Sarah Hoyi^, b. 23 May, 1846, m., 17 June, 1872, George Lapham. 

They live in New York city, and have no ch. 

5. George^, b. 4 Sept., 184S; an iron machinist in Virginia City. Nev. 

6. Mary E7nma^,h. 14 March, 1850. 7. Edmond R.^, b. 8 Jan., 1852. 

Wyatt H." m. (3) Julia Ann Lockwood, b. 26 Mar., 1827. 
She has no ch. 

II. Ira Nelson'', b. in Sandwich, i Dec, 1809. He spent 
his early life on the farm and in the clothing mill ; studied at 
New Hampton academy; taught school; in 1836 settled as a 
blacksmith in Lowell, Mass. In 1S40 he entered the machine- 
shop, and for 30 years has had contracts, mostly on paper 
machinery. He is deacon of Elliot Congregational church, 
Lowell, and for most of the time in 30 years past has been a 
teacher in the Sunday-school. He m., 24 July, 1836, Azubah 
F. (dau. of Arthur S.) Cox, and had 2 ch. 

1. Albert Nelson'^, b. 23 Dec, 1840, d. 19 Dec, 1844. 

2. John Arthur'^, b. 12 Aug., 1846, m., 25 Apr., 1871, Lizzie Cora 

(dau of J. B.) Richardson, of Charlestown, Mass., and has, — 

I.) Arthur Nye'^, b. in Charlestown, Mass., i Aug., 1873. 

The post-office address of John Arthur^ is" National Security Bank," 
of Boston, Mass. In 1878 he reprinted records of the Folsom family 
from Historical Genealogical Register, 1876, with additions on this 
branch of the family, from which I have derived much aid in this part 
of my work. 

III. Daniel H.'', b. 7 June, 181 1 ; was a carpenter in Sand- 
wich most of his life. His sudden death, 19 July, 1878, was 
caused by a fall from a building. "He was buried with 
Masonic ceremonies," and much lamented. He m., Jan. i, 
183S, (i) Adaline Tebbits, b. 13 June, 1819, who d. 18 
Aug., 1841 ; had, — 

1. David N.^, b. 28 July, 1840, d. 28 May, 1845. 

Daniel H.'' m., June 13, 1S47, (2) Sarah Smith, b. 27 
Sept., 1824, who had, — 

2. Albert H.'^, b. i March, 1848, m., 4 Jan., 1882, Marshia Cook,\yo\h 

of Sandwich. 

3. Addie S.^, b. i June, 1849. 


4. Lizzie E^, b. 12 Oct., 1851, d. 11 May, 1S71. 

5. Nellie L}, b. 3 Oct., 1853. 

6. Charles N.^, b. 28 Aug., 1855, d. 4 Nov., 1872. 

7. Katie M.^, b. 16 Aug., 1857, d. 10 July, 1874. 

8. Wyatt 7.8, b. 27 Jan., i860. 9. Wesley D.^, b. 4 Aug., 1862. 
10. Frank C.^, b. 22 Oct., 1865. 

IV. LucixDA^ b. 3 Apr., 1813, m. Harvey Weed of 
Tamworth ; d. 1S33 ; no ch. 

V. David', b. 23 July, 1S15, d. 183S. 

VI. Lydia", b. 9 June, 1819, m., Dec, 1842, George M. 
Hoag, of Sandwich. In 1855 he went to Muscatine, Iowa, 
and in 1872 to Filhiiore county, Nebraska, where she d. 28 
March, 1877. She had 5 ch. 

1. George Nelson^, h. 12 Feb., 1847,111., iSji, Ida McDonald, and 

lives in Fillmore county. Neb. ; has 3 ch. 

2. Luallen 7?.^, b. 19 Nov., 1850, m. in Nebraska. 

3. Lj/ella L^ (twin sister of Luallen R.) m. in Nebraska. 

4. Isabel^, b. 9 July, 1854, m., 7 Feb., 1878, Thomas Stickell. 

5. John F.^, b. in Muscatine, Iowa, 19 June, 1862. 

No. 164. 

JOSHUA rOLSOM« (Josh.^, Josh.S Jn.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 1785- 
1840, lawyer, in Ohio, and his wife, CATHARINE (HOFF- 
MAN), had b. in Circleville, O.,— 

I. George", b. 2 Jan., 1818, m.. 20 Oct., 1840, Sarah 
Fyffe, and d. in Urbana, O., 1874. Children, — 

1. Charles Joseph^, b. 23 Aug., 1841, m., 12 Sept., i2,66, Mary A. 

Yeardsley, of Zanesville, O., and has, — 

I.) Clifton'^, b. 12 Nov., 1868. 2.) Edna"^, b. 29 Apr., 1871. 
3.) George"^, b. 9 Apr., 1874. 

2. Williavi^, b i Julv, 1843, d. 1846. 

3. Ellen^, b. 3 Jan., 1S46. m., Apr., 1866, Dr. D. W. Gill; no ch. 

II. Henry', b. Feb. 2, 1S21, graduated Miami University, 
read law at Cambridge, Mass., 1843-4, was presidential elec- 
tor 1864, member constitutional convention of Ohio 1874. In 
1848 he changed his name to H. Folsom Page, and left the 
track of the Folsoms. He m., 3 Feb., 1S52, Charlotte 
Gardner, and had, — 

I. Isabel^. 2. Helen^. 


III. Charles", b. in Columbus, O., 12 Sept., 1834, m., 16 
Sept., 1845, Lydlv p. Pennock, of Zanesfield, O., and had, — 

1. Clarence Harvey^, b. 27 July, 1846, m., 22 Sept., 1869, Jenny Crew ^ 

of Zanesfield, and has no ch. 

2. Maria B.^, b. 15 Dec, 1848, m., 11 June, 186S, Stanton B. 

Thomas, of Schoolcraft, Mich., and has, — 

I.) Ada"^, b. 22 Apr., 1869. 2.) Herman^, b. 15 Nov., 1871. 

3. Emerson^, b. 27 Aug., 1850, d. in San Miguel, Cal., 2 Sept., 1881, 

buried at Bellefontaine, O. 

4. Henry J'age^. b. 22 Sept., 1854; a lawyer, in the office of his uncle, 

H. F. Page, Circleville, O. He furnished valuable records of the 

5. Siemner^, b. 6 March, 1S58; a printer, lately removed with his 

father from Zanesfield to Toledo, O. 

6. Florence^, b. 18 Dec, 1863. 

IV. Mary% d. single in 1850, aged 19. 

No. 165. 

SAMUEL FOLSOM« (Josh.^, Josh.*, Jn.^, Pe.», Jn.^) , 1786- 
1837, of Hopkinton, and his wife, ANN (LOVREN), had b. 
in Hopkinton, — 

I. Maria', b. 2 Apr., 181 2, unm. 

II. Betsey F.% b. 13 March, 1813, m., 6 Dec, 1834, (i) 
Jesse Johnson, who d. 28 Feb., 1842. Children, — 

1. George W.^, b. 10 Nov., 1835, d. 27 Dec, 1836. 

2. George E.^, b. 12 March, 1839, "i-' 7 J'IIm 1869, Anna N. Chaplin^ 

of Danversport, Mass., and has,— 

I.) Jesse F.^, b. 11 Feb., 187 1. 

2.) Charles C?, b. in North Beverly, Mass., 24 July, 1876. 

3. Samuel Ffi, b. 6 Nov., 1841, m., 12 June, 1873, Amanda Jane 

Wiley. They live in California, and have 2 ch. 

Betsey F.'' m., Aug. 5, 1S47, (2) Charles P. Bixby, and 
had, — 

4. Ella Maria^, b. 11 May, 1849. 

5. Charles Frederick^, b. 5 Dec, 185 1. 

6. Frank Albert^, b. 17 Sept., 1853. 

III. LoviLLA Lovren', b. 6 Sept., 1815, d. 24 Oct., 1832. 

IV. Mary Ann'', b. 8 Nov., 1817, m. in Hopkinton, 9 Oct., 


1839, W. A. DiNSMOOR, b. in Windham, 15 Dec, 181 1, who 
d. in Lawrence, Kansas, 11 Apr., 1867. They had b. in Cam- 
bridge, Wayne county, Ind., — 

1. Kate C.^, b. 2 Feb., 1846; was burned to death in a prairie fire in 

Douglas county, Kansas, Feb. 21, 1859. 

2. Anna E.^, b. 16 Sept., 1848, d. in Douglas county, Kansas, 17 

March. 1S62. 

3. Fraiik F.^, b. 3 Apr., 1851, m. in Lawrence, Kansas, 11 June, 1878, 

E. A. Delaiid. He was in 187S superintendent of public schools 
in Douglas county, and visited the 84 districts, having 151 teach- 
ers, no of them females. 

4. Willie .4.^ b. 6 July, 1856, d. 16 Jan., 1859. 

V. Catharine Houghman'', b. 7 Aug., 1820, d. 26 March^ 

VI. Benjamin Franklin'', b. ii March, 1822, unm. 

VII. Samuel Hilliard'', b. 23 Feb., 1826 (A. B. Dart- 
mouth college, 1851), m., 15 Oct., 1857, Catharine A. 
Cram, b. in Monmouth, Me., 25 June, 1828. He is a lawyer, 
with an office in East Cambridge, Mass., but lives in Winches- 
ter, Mass, Children, — 

1. Atina Abbott^, b. 29 Oct., i86r. 

2. Sarah P.^, b. 9 Nov., 1864, d. 13 Feb., 1869. 

3. Fritz Porter^, b. 29 June, 1866, d. 10 Aug., 1867. 

4. Martha Thayer^, b. 31 March, 1870. 

5. Catharine Elizabeth^, b. 9 Nov., 1871. 

VIII. Sarah% b. 6 Sept., 1828, d. 6 March, 1829. 

No. 166. 

JOHN FOLSOM^ (Benj.^, Josh.*, Jn.^ Pe.^ Jn.^), 1783- 
1846, of Epping, former, and his wife, MEHITABLE (MOR- 
RIL), had b. in Epping, — 

I. Ann Elizabeth", b. 15 Nov., 1812. m., 1834, Daniel 
Beede, farmer, of Fremont, and d. 6 Nov., 1846. They had 
b. in Fremont, — 

1. George F.^, b. 5 Jan., 1838 ; a farmer, m. with ch. 

2. Snsa7i^,h. 12 June, 1836, m. A. J. Philbrick, of Danville, mer- 

chant and farmer; has 2 ch. 

II. Mary Feaslee", b. 24 Oct., 1814, m., 1834, ^- Under- 
wood, of Pittsfield. She d. in Iowa. She had a daughter 
who m. jfesse Goddard. 


III. John Lewis'^, b. 25 June, 1817, m., 39 Sept., 1842, 
Mary A. Beede, of Sandwich, b. 28 Feb., 1816. They live 
near the home of Friend Joshua*, his great-grandfather, and 
hold to his faith. They had b. in West Epping, — 

1. Charles Edwin'*, b. 24 Jan., 1845, i'^ 1S82 unm.; has been in town 


2. Abby B.^, b. 20 Jan., 1848, d. young. 

3. Evelyn A.^, b. 25 Aug., 1852 ; at home in 1882. 

IV. Benjamin Mead'', b. 4 Apr., 1822, in the house built 
by Joshua'* more than one hundred years ago ; m. Abigail 
PiLLSBURY, of Me., and had b. in West Epping, — 

1. Ann Elisabeth^, d. an infant. 

2. Albert M.^, b. Jan., 1849, d. 1879. 

3. Uleta A.^, b. 9 Feb., 1852, m., i Jan., 1876, Frank H. Butler, of 

Nottingham, and has 2 ch. 

4. Mary Z,.^ b. 1854, m., i Jan., 1876, (i) Capt. Henry White, of 

Wayland, Mass., who was lost at sea in 1879. She m., Dec. 28, 
1880, (2) Isaac C. Dajiion, a farmer of Wayland, Mass. 

5. George B.^, b. 4 Dec, 1858; lives with his father, in Wayland, 

Mass., unm. 

No. 167. 

THOMAS FOLSOM*' (Benj.«, Josh.^ Jn.^ Pe.^, Jn.^), 1802, 
of West Epping, farmer and miller, and his wife, SOVIA 
(MORRIL), had b. in West Epping,— 

I. Maria'', b. 22 Apr., 1824, m. Eben. Merrill, of Ames- 
bury, Mass., and d. 37 Nov., 1856. She had no ch. 

II. George F.'', b. 27 May, 1825, went in 1849 to Califor- 
nia, and from 1855 to 1875 was not heard from. He is a house 
carpenter in San Francisco, with a wdfe and 4 ch. 

1. Mary Abby^, b. in the mountains on the Mokelumne river, 4 

March, 1857. 

2. Charles E.^, b. in the mountains, 2 Jan., 1859. 

3. Sovia Antt^, b. in the valley of the San Joaquin, 31 Aug., i860. 

4. George F.^, b. in San Francisco, 4 Nov., 1865. 

III. Alvira M.'', b. 30 Apr., 1S27, d. in the faith, much 
lamented, 15 Aug., 1848. 

IV. Charles N.'', b. 31 Jan., 1830, d. i Apr., 1830. 

V. Abigail P.'', b. 11 Feb., 1831, d. 15 Oct., 1851, unm. 



•amuus telegram. 

If you 

g„\May, 1833, m., 7 Apr., 1S60, Levi 
Sandwich, — 

JOMES flF HFRnin smni^ 

Mary Folsora Stevens. 

I. Mary Folsom Stevens, widow of 

Charles Curtis Stevens, died at her 
on Portsmouth avenue Monday 
after a long sickness with con- 

tion. She had all but completed her 


I. Stevens was born in Gilmanton 
aber 11, 1815, the daughter of 
.niel and Huldah (Folsom) Avery, 
as the last survivor of their eight 
en. Her father was born in Strat- 
,Dd her mother was the daughter of 
and Mary (Conner) Folsom, both 
:eter birth. Mrs. Stevens was mar- 

183G in that portion of Sanborn- 
yhich now constitutes Tilton. Her 
.nd, who died January 13, 1892, was 
ly life a Free Will Baptist preacher, 
terwards espoused the Advent faith, 
18 an elder in tbat church had 
hed throughout New Hampshire 
,D much of Maine. Mrs. Stevens 
ved in Exeter for about 65 years, 
ig here from Kittery, Me. She was 
table helpmate to her husVjand and 
man of the flnest character and 
lovable qualities. 

! has left two sons, John C, of 
mouth, and Avery D., of Boston, a 
ater, Mrs. Mary E. Thompson, of 
ir, and an adopted daughter, Mrs. 

II. Lovely, of Haverhill, Mass. 

d funeral was held at the home at 
o'clock Wednesday afternoon, and 
conducted by Elder Harry E. Shat- 
of Dover, a former Advent pastor 


4- Albert Buffti7?t^, b. 31 May, 1870. 



t., 1873. 

They live in Minnesota, at Howard Lake, 

iroad, 45 miles from Minneapolis. 

:s^ b. 28 March, 1836, m., 12 June, 
). 1841. He has lived in Epping, 
ig, &c. Children, — 


lUg., 1869. 
I. 4. Charles A.«, b. 21 Feb., 1874. 

,5 May, 1S38, m., Jan., 1S78, 

ONES, of Lynn, Mass. In 1S64 

1 years in mining, and then was 

and has, after three years in 

again. His home is White Sul- 

i his business now is civil engi- 

He had b. in Epping, — 

/ 9, d. II Oct., 1879. 

' Springs, Montana, 24 Feb., 1881. 


o. 168. 

im.s, Josh.*, Jn.SPe.2,Jn^), farmer, 
is wife, LOIS (TEBBITS), had b. 

ing, 10 July, 1808, m., 27 March, 
." Reuben) Hurd, of Sandwich, and 

■n., 26 May, 1856, Thomas Br it ton, b. in 
or., 1831; a farmer near Laconia, 1877. 

1.; i^izzie jH.cnsany, D. 7 Uct., 1857. 

2.3 Evima yJ/.9, b. 27 March, 1862. 

3.) Clara Lilian^, b. 6 Sept., 1864. 

4.) Delia^, b. 19 May, 1866, d. 28 July, 1868. 




III. John Lewis', b. 25 June, 1817, m., 29 Sept., 1842, 
Mary A. Beede, of Sandwich, b. 28 Feb., 1S16. They live 
near the home of Friend Joshua^, his great-grandfather, and 
hold to his faith. They had b. in W( 

1. Charles Ediviti^, b. 24 Jan., 1845, i'^ ' 


2. Abby B.^, h. 20 Jan., 1848, d. young. 

3. Evelyn A.^, b. 25 Aug., 1852; at home 

IV. Benjamin Mead^ b. 4 Apr. 
by Joshua^ more than one hundred ' 
PiLLSBURY, of Me., and had b. in W 

1. A)in Elizabeth'^, d. an infant. 11 

2. Albert M.^, b. Jan., 1849, d. 1879. \ 

3. Uleta A.^, b. 9 Feb., 1852, m., i Jan.; 

Nottingham, and has 2 ch. ' 

4. Afary L.^, b. 1854, m., i Jan., 1876, j 

Wayland, Mass., who was lost at seaj 
1880, (2) /saac C. Daiiwii, a farmer c| 

5. George Bfi, b. 4 Dec, 1858; lives \\ 

Mass., unm. a 


No. 167.- 


of West Epping, farmer and mille- 
(MORRIL), had b. in West Epping? 

I. MARIA^ b. 22 Apr., 1824, m. I 
bury, Mass., and d. 27 Nov., 1856. — 

II. George F.', b. 27 May, 1825 
nia, and from 1855 to 1875 was not h 
carpenter in San Francisco, with a v 

1. Mary Abby^, b. in the mountains > 

March, 1857. 

2. Charles E.^, h. in the mountains, 2 Jan» 

3. Sovia A7i?i^, b. in the valley of the San 

4. George E.^, b. in San Francisco, 4 Nov. 

III. Alvira M.^ b. 30 Apr., 182 J 
lamented, 15 Aug., 1848. 

IV. Charles N.^ b. 21 Jan., 1830, d. i Apr., 1830. 

V. Abigail F.\ b. 11 Feb., 1831, d. 15 Oct., 1S51, unm. 



-muus^el'egramT V yi^u gjj May, 1833, m., 7 Apr., ,S6o, Levi 


B. Fo'som, Commander of New 

mpshire Department. S. of V., a 

V!ember of the Suffolk Bar, CK! 

'■ HR. N n. April 14-Eniest Kart- 

Isom, v.'ho was elected yesterday 

': -ord as commander of the New 

lipshire department of ttie Sons of 

•rans, is prominent in social circles 

and an honored member of the 

' "'ofession. 

the son of the late Simeon B. 

:Sand\vich, — 

wpr., 1864. 

iS; J^^'^^^^'-^^'^J^"'"'' b. 3, May. ,870. 

t They live in Minnesota, at Howard Uke 
liilroad, 45 miles from Minneapolis. 

;es', b. 28 March, 1836,01., 12 June, 
j b. 1841. He has lived in Epping, 
ring, &c. Children,— 

^...._.. ^. , , 1867. 

.«'<■« f1.'i''''^".^^'?°." J'^ol^om. and 7 Aug., 1860. 

•n in this city, Feb U. 1874. q_, " ' 7;/ , . . , 

iVJ,- 4- C/iar/es A. ^,h.2\ Feb., 1874. 

?J'»..,M?/oNES, of Lynn, Mass. In 1S64 

years in mining, and then was 

iu I , and has, after three years in 

igain. His home is White Sul- 

his business now is civil engi- 

He had b. in Epping, — 

'iZP' ^- '' Oct.. 1879. 

]l j Springs, Montana, 24 Feb., 1881. 


ju/10. 168. 

^// Sain.«, Josh.S Jn.«. Pc.', Jn».), farmer, 
,'/ his wife, LOIS (TEBHITS), had b. 

/ .ch,— 

ppmg, 10 July, 1808, m., 27 March, 
j.,. of Reuben) Hurd, of Sandwich, and 

had b. in Sandwich,— 

I. Elvira^, b. 6 Apr., 1S34, m., 26 May, 1856, Thomas Brilton, b. in 
Donegal, Ireland, 11 Apr., 1831; a farmer near Laconia, 1877. 
Children, — 

I.) Lizzie Achsah^, b. 7 Oct., 1857. 

2.3 Emma yI/.9, b. 27 March, 1S62. 

3.) Clara Lilian'^, b. 6 Sept., 1864. 

4.) Delia^, b. 19 May, 1866, d. 28 July, 1S68. 




III. John Lewis'', b. 25 June, 1S17, m^^^2^Sept 
Mary A. Beede, of Sandwich, b. 2"^^ ^ 
near the home of Friend Joshua*, h 
hold to his fiiitli. They had b. in W< 

1. Charles Edwin 


2. Abbv B.\ b. 2 

b. 24 Jan., 1845, i" 

j-iuuY B.^, b. 20 Jan., 1848, d. youn 
3. Evelyn A.^, b. 25 Aug., 1852; i 

IV. Benjamin Mead'', ' 
by Joshua* more than on 
PiLLSBURY, of Me., and h 

, 1852 ; at home 

4 Apr. 

more tnan one nundred' 

PiLLSBURY, of Me., and had b. in W 

1. Ann Elizabeth^, d. an infant. 

2. Albert M.^, b. Jan., 1849, d- 

3. Uleta A.\ b. 9 Feb., 1852, i 

Nottingham, and has 2 ch. 

1. Ann Elizabeth^, d. an infant. [j 

2. Albert M.^, b. Jan., 1849, d- 1879. ; 

3. d//,?/^ A.^, b. 9 Feb., 1852, m., i Jan.^ 
Nottingham, and has 2 ch. . ^ 

4. Mary L.\ b. 1854, m., i Jan.,^^^-^ 

Wayland, Mass., who was lost ^ \ •oH'S^^ 
1880, (2) Isaac C. Damon, a far \ VO°^ 

Doibh- play, Collins, Lo\vo aii<l r;''i">- 
WM. Clark. Wild pit<;li, yf\t^\^- ..., Hickuian. Inipire, l>le. i 

FIRST eAME AT 'P^""' T^^^^ 
^..^ — "-^ -,.,1 act \\ 





bury, Mass., and d 

, b. i„ West Eppi"f.W^5j|||Si«a^,»|, H- .. 

d. .7 Nov., ,856. -\|,l,&«teifiy'i?^^^^ 
x». ,j^u,.>„. c'.', b. 27 May, 1S25 \»>J&a »«» '"°'. „„, 50..-;Mw>..'l 
nia, and from 1S55 to 1S75 ^"^'^^ "*^^ 
carpenter in San Ft '"'"" -^..vk .. 

I/T AUU.A 1, ; 

II. George F. 
nia, and from 1S55 to 1S75 ^"^'^^ "*^^ ^^ 
carpenter in San Francisco, with a v 

1. Mary Abby^, b. in the mountains 
March, 1857. 

2. Charles E.^, b. in the mountains, 2 TaL» 

*. jrj «./•_/ ^,.,^^j , i^. Ill the mountains 
March, 1857. 

2. Charles E.^, b. in the mountains, 2 JaL» 

3. Sovia Anti^, b. in the valley of the San 

4. George E.^, b. in San Francisco, 4 Nov. 

III. Alvira M " ' 
la ^ 

lii. ALVIRA M.'', b. 30 Apr., I S3' 
amented, 15 Aug., 1S4S. 

IV. Charles 'NJ, b. 31 Jan., i 

V. Abigail P.% b. 11 Feb., iSj 

[S30, d 
. 1831, 

I Apr., 1S30. 
d. 15 Oct., 1851, unm. 



VI. Mary E.\ b. 23 May, 1833, m-, 7 Apr., i860, Levi 
W. HoAG, and had b. in Sandwich, — 

1. George Edward^, b. 8 Apr., 1861. 

2. Clarence Burton^, b. 9 Apr., 1864. 

3. David F.^, b. 26 Oct., 1867. 4. Albert Buffum^, b. 11 May 1870 

5. Frank Maland\ h. 2^ Oc\..,i^7y m > ^ y. /». 

6. Walter^, b. July, 1876. They live in Minnesota, at Howard Lake. 

on the North Pacific Railroad, 45 miles from Minneapolis. 

VII. Thomas Charles"', b. 28 March, 1836, m., 12 June, 
1865, Mary Bickford, b. 1841. He has lived in Epping, 
engaged in mills, lumbering, &c. Children, — 

1. Mabel Abby^, b. 25 Jan., 1867. 

2. George FratikltJi^, b. 27 Aug., 1869. 

3. Edwin 6".8, b. 5 Oct., 1871. 4. Charles A. ^, b. 21 Feb., 1874. 
5. Mary E.\ b. 8 July, i88i. 

VIII. David Edwin\ b. 15 May, 1838, m., Jan., 1S78, 
Lucy F. (dau. of Benj. H.) Jones, of Lynn, Mass. In 1864 
he went to Montana, spent ten years in mining, and then was 
U. S. surveyor in Montana, and has, after three vcars in 
Epping, moved to that state again. His home is White Sul- 
phur Springs, Montana, and his business now is civil engi- 
neering and keeping sheep. He had b. in Epping, — 

1. George B.^, b. 7 March, 1879, d. 11 Oct., 1879. 

2. A son, b. at White Sulphur Springs, Montana, 24 Feb., 1881. 

No. 168. 

JOSHUA FOLSOM«(Sam.^^Jn.M\•.^Jn'.), farmer, 
of Sandwich, 1784, and his wife, LOIS (TEBHITS), had b. 
in Epping and in Sandwich, — 

I. SAMUEL^ b. in Epping, 10 July, 180S. m., 27 March, 
1833, AcHSAH V. (dau. of Reuben) Hurd, of Sandwich, and 

had b. in Sandwich, — 

I. Elvira^, b. 6 Apr., 1834, m.. 26 May, 1856, Thomas Britton, b. io 
Donegal, Ireland, 11 Apr., 1831; a farmer near Laconia. 1877. 

Children, — 

I.) Lizzie Achsah'^, b. 7 Oct., 1857. 
2.) Emma M.^, b. 27 March, 1862. 
3.) Clara Lilian^, b. 6 Sept., 1864. 
4.) Delia^, b. 19 May, 1866, d. 28 July, 1868. 



2. Emily^, b. 24 Aug., 1837. 

3. Martha Jane^, b. 5 Feb., 1839, d. Ii Sept., i860. 

4. Obed Varney^, b. 16 Sept., 1840. m., 17 Jan., 1867, Letitia A. 

Town^end J settled in Kansas. Children, — 

I.) Omar F.\ b. 18 Jan., 1868, d. 8 Apr., 1873. 

2.) George S.^, b. 5 Dec, 1869, d. 20 Dec, 1870. 

3.) Mary E.^, b. 9 Jan., 1872. 4.) Edward O.'^, b. 26 Apr., 1874, 

5. George Reuben^, b. 23 May, 1846, m., 24 Oct., 1872, Emeline F. 

Hart. They live in Benton county, Iowa. 

6. Clarissa Elizabetli^, b. 28 Feb., 1849, ™- i'^ Iowa, 4 March, 1871, 

Albion H. Doane. 

In 1 858 SamueF moved to Sweetland, near Muscatine, Iowa. 

II. Joshua'^, b. in Epping, 17 Apr., iSio, m., 18 June, 
1837, Martha J. Smith, of Waterville, Me., and settled in 
Monson, Me., where he d. 16 Apr., 1881, aged 71. Chil- 
dren, — 

1. Levi Smiih^, b. 21 Jan., 1839, i" Fairfield, Me., m., 15 Oct., 1865, 

Evelyn B. Packard, of Blanchard, Me., and has, — 

I.) Lindley Herbert^, b. 24 Aug.. 1866. 

2.) Josepli Packard^, b. i March, 1869. 

3.) Omar Justin'*, b. 14 Nov., 1871. 

4.) Oliver Eveleth^, b. 7 Feb., 1873. 

5.) Mary Helen^, b. 19 Jan., 1875. 

6.) Sarah Evcly?i^, b. 24 Dec, 1876. 

2. Sarah Warren^, b. 6 Aug., 1840, m., 3 June, 1873, Hiram C, 

Smith, of Oldtown, Me. ; has no ch. 

3. Lindley Hoag^, b. in Tamworth, 11 May, 1843. He is in Green- 

ville, Me., at the foot of Moosehead Lake; is town-clerk, and is 
one of the firm of J. H. Eveleth & Co., doing an extensive busi- 
ness. He m., ID May, 1865, Abbie Susie Blanchard, of Blanch- 
ard, Me., and has, — 

I.) Levi Arthur^, b. 19 Feb., 1866. 

2.) Mabel Gretchen'*, b. 11 March. 1867. 

3.) Lizzie Myrtle*, b. i Oct., 1869. 

4.) Gertrude'*, b. 13 Jan., 1873. 

III. Je.sse'', b. in Sandwich, 2 July, 1S17, m., Feb., 1843, 
Elizabeth (dau. of Simeon) Varney, of Sandwich, b. 14 
March, 1 82 1, and had b. in Sandwich, — 

I. Omar White^, b. 24 Apr., 1844: studied at Gilmanton Academy, 
graduated at Dartmouth college 1869. Andover seminary 1872; 
ordained 31 Oct., 1872, colleague pastor with Dr. L. Withington, 
of First Congregational church, Newbury, Mass. Married, 27 
Jan.. 1873, Bell (dau. of Philip) Clark, b. in Bloomfield, Ont., 8 
June, 1847. Their ch. were, — 


I.) Marion Elizabeth^, b. in Newbury, Mass., 9 Nov., 1878. 
2.) Lydia Ramsay^, b. in Newbury, 25 Aug., 1880. 

2. Henry Asa^ h. 14 Feb., 1846, (Dartmouth college) 1871 ; studied 

law; was clerk in Washington D. C. ; graduated at Boston Law 
School in 1874; is a member of the Suffolk Bar; office (in 1878), 
23 Court street, Boston. 

3. Harriet Elizabeth^, b. 13 Feb., 1849. 

The father, Jesse^ has for many years lived in Hanover, 
N. H. 

No. 169. 

DUDLEY FOLSOM^ (Jn.^, JosiahS Jn.^, Pe.^, Jn.^), 181 2- 
1867, of Sanbornton, farmer, and his wife, MIRIAM (CRIM- 
BAL), had b, on the homestead, near the Bay meeting-house 
(Baptist), — 

I. Frank DEXTER^ b. 23 March, 1847, "^-^ Sept., 1S67, 
Christie Sloan, of New^ York. In 1874 he was a teamster 
in Boston. 

II. John Dudley'', b. 6 May, 184S ; a farmer on the old 

III. Mary EMMA^ b. 9 Jan., 1851, m., 31 March, 1877, 
Mark G. Kezar, farmer in Sanbornton. 

IV. Fred. Hartley"', b. 13 Sept., 1S56, m. in East North- 
wood, 24 Dec, 18S1, Mattie Felker. He is cutter in a 
shoe-shop in East Northwood. 

V. Sarah Jane'', b. 10 Sept., 1858. 

VI. Martha Levenia'', b. 15 June, i86o. 

VII. George WIGGIN^ b. 6 May, 1867. 

No. 170. 

REUBEN S. FOLSOM^ (Jn.^, Jas.S Wm.^, Eph.*, Jn.^), 
1 797-1849, of Alton and Gilmanton, and his wife, HANNAH 
D. (TWOMBLY), had b. in Gilmanton,— 

I. John A.^ b. 9 March, 1824, m., Aug., 1S55, Mrs. 


Mary McIntire. He is a shoemaker in Rochester, and has 
3 sons b. in Alton. 

1. George Edivin^^ b. 13 Sept., 1856, is a farmer at Bull's City, Kan- 


2. Melvin H.^, b. 8 July, 1S58. 3. Leander^, b. 5 Nov., i860. 

II. Nancy S.% b. 3 Feb., 1S27, m., 11 Aug., 1847, Na- 
thaniel H. DocKHAM, of Gilmanton, and d. at Little Falls, 
N. Y., II March, 1883. They had b. in Gilmanton, — 

I. Lizzie A.^, b. 15 Sept., 1852. 2. James R.^, b. 31 Aug., 1854. 

3. Herbert H.^, b. 9 Aug., 1856. 

4. Hannah Bell^, b. 11 May, i860, m. A. Mitchell, of Little Falls, 

N. Y. 

5. Fred D.^, b. 21 July, 1862. 

The three sons live in Woburn, Mass. 

III. Horatio Sanborn"^, b, 7 Dec, 1833, m., 22 Nov., 
1864, Fanny J. (dau. of John P.) Tucker, of Gilmanton. 
He is a shoemaker in Haverhill, Mass., and has no ch. 

IV. Mary Russell'', b. 9 Feb., 1837, "^•' March 6, 1855, 
(i) Charles F. Lane, of Pittsfield, and had, — 

1. George Clarence^ b. 14 Feb., 1858. 

2. Harriet Arabella^, b. 12 Apr., 1862. 

C. F. Lane died, and Mary R.'^ m., 1876, (2) Charles 
WiGGiN, a farmer in Stratham. 

No. 171. 

MOSES FOLSOM« (Thos.S David*, Wm.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), 
1793-1872, and his wife, EMILY (THORNTON), had b. in 
Wayne, Ashtabula county, O., — 

I. Philo M.% b. 16 March, 18 14, d. 

II. Walter W.^ b. 7 Sept., 1816, d. 

III. Elijah E.'', b. 22 Dec, 1818, m. twice, and had Dr. 
Moses^^ of Iowa, and 5 others. 

IV. EzEKiEL Oilman'', b. i May, 1821, graduated Oberlin, 
O., 1849; studied for the ministry, but owing to ill health, 
became a teacher of book-keeping ; established a commercial 



college in Cleveland, O., and in 1857 another in Albany, 
N. Y., where he still lives. He is author of "Logic of Ac- 
counts," a volume published in 1873 by A. S. Barnes & Co., 
N. Y. He m., 20 Aug., 1850, (i) Harriet H. Hamilton, 
of Lyme, N. H., who died, and he m., Aug. 5, 1868, (2) 
Evelyn Bruen, of Penn Yan, Yates county, N. Y. ; has no 

V. Catharine E.'', b. 9 May, 1824, d. 

VL Louisa Harriet'', b, 14 May, 1827. 

Vn. Betsey Lavinia'', b. 28 Oct., 1830. 

VHL Lysander Buel'', b. 2 May, 1836. 

IX. Lyncius a.'', b. 27 Oct., 1840, d. 

No. 172. 

GILBERT BALLARD FOLSOM^ (Gih-nan^ Gil.^ David*, 
Wm.^, Eph.^, Jn.^), b. 1826, of Canton, O., and his wife, 
AUGUSTA A. (MASTERS), had b. in Cleveland, O.,— 

I. Erwin Masters^, b. 20 Jan., 1851, m., 19 May, 1875, 
Hannah Hawley, and had, 

I. Addison H. Z?.^ b. 25 March, 1876. 

II. Lewis Belden*, b. 19 July, 1854; is in Cleveland. 

III. Gilbert UBERTO^ b. July, d. Oct., 1S59. 

IV. Sophia AuGUSTA^ b. in Youngstown, O., 4 Feb., 
1S61, d. 23 June, 1862. 

Gilbert B. F.^ m., at New Brighton, Penn., 3 Nov., 1S70, 
(2) HETTIE EMERSON, and had ch. 

V. LiLLiE May^, b. in Canton, O., 13 Sept., 1871. 

VI. Lucy Emerson^, b. 28 Aug., 1873. 

VII. Merrit Emerson^, b. 24 Feb., 1876. 


No. 172a. 

WILLIAM A. FOLSOM' (Abr.«, Dan.S Dan.*, Abr.^, Jn.^ 
Jn.-'), b. 1S15, farmer at Tuscumbia, Mo., and his first wife, 

I. Lester A.^, m., lives in Kansas ; has no ch. 

II. Charles C.^ m. Josephine , and has, — 

I. A7igeline^. 2. IVilliam'^. 3. Charles E?, lives at Tuscumbia, Mo. 

III. Theron a.*, m. Augusta Haunstein, of Tuscumbia, 
and had, — 

I. Clarence Efi, b. 1843. When a boy he enlisted in New York, spent 
3 years as a private in the Army of the Potomac, taking part in the 
battles of the Wilderness and in the hard work of the soldiers, 
living patiently on his rations, and sending home his wages to his 
father, who had a legal claim to them. At the close of the war 
his father placed in his hands about one thousand dollars which 
he had saved from his earnings, and he engaged in trade in the new 
town, Tuscumbia, Miller county, Mo., where he soon established an 
extensive and profitable business. In 1872 he was representative 
in the legislature, and in 1878 was nominated for clerk of the circuit 
court. While making his canvass he was stricken with paralysis, 
and d. at the age of 35, mourned by a large circle of friends. 

IV. LucY^, m. James H. Skinner, a farmer in Tuscumbia, 
and has, — 

I. Belle^, m. Charles Clark, and has one child. 2. A daughter. 
3. Mary^, m. T. C. Carpenter^ a joiner. 4. Janies"^. 

No. 173. 

ELIJAH FOLSOM' (Jere.«, Dan.^ Dan.S Abr.», Jn.^ 
Jn.^), 1S05-1S53, farmer, in Boston, Erie county, N. Y., and 
his wife, JUDITH (dau. of John) FOLSOM, liad b. in Bos- 
ton, N. Y., I son and 3 daughters. 

I. Dexter E.^, b. July 16, 1832, m. in Aurora, N. Y., 
Maria L. (dau. of William) Lutson, of Aurora, N. Y. He 
is a farmer, and his post-office address is Colden, Erie county, 
N. Y. Children,— 

1. Burton E?, b. 31 Oct., 1855, d. 24 Sept., 1878. 

2. Orton W?, b. 11 Apr., 1857. 3. Floyd E?, b. 21 Jan., i860. 
4. Charles E.^. b. 24 Feb., 1862. 5. Earl D?, b. 8 Jan., 1864. 
6. Eva AI.^, b. 6 Apr., 1866. 7. Ada R.^, b. 21 May, 1868. 


No. 173a. 

JOHN BEAN FOLSOM' (Jere.«, Dan.=, Dan/, Abr.^, Jn.^, 
Jn.i), iSo7-iS76,and his wife, LUCINTHA (ROCKWOOD)', 
had b. in Boston, Erie county, N. Y., 

I. jMarv ELIZA^ b. March, 1S36. 

II. JEREMIAH^ b. 31 Oct., 1S3S. 

III. Helen Eveline^, b. 30 Aug., 1840, m. in Waterloo, 
Wis., 29 July, 1S69, William Rakestraw Michener, ma- 
chinist, b. in Knox, Columbiana county, O., i July, 1832; 
resides in Oswego, N. Y. Children, — 

1. Gertrude^, b. in Anderson, Indiana. 31 July, 1870. 

2. Arden^, b. in San Jose, Cal.. 22 Mav, 1873'. 

3. Winfred^, b. in Haywood, Cal., 28 Sept., 1875. 

No. 174. 

JEREMIAH FOLSOM' (Jere.«, Dan.^ Dan.S Abr.', Jn.S 
Jn.^), 1S15-1870, carpenter and farmer, a Universalist, son of 
a Freewill Baptist preacher, went in 1841 to Whitewater, 
Columbia county, W^is., and in 1866 to West Mitchell, Iowa; 
in flour mill and store, &c. His ch. w^ere, — 

I. Allex Perez*, b. in Columbia county. Wis., 12 July, 
1845, m., 2 May, 1871, Marianna Thompson. He is a 
Universalist preacher. They have, — 

I. Ortana^, b. 1872. 2. Allison^, b. 1875. 3- Ermenia^, b. 1878. 

II. Amelia S.*, b. 26 May, 1847, m., 30 March, 1871, J. 
Lewis Marsh, and has, — 

I. Genevieve^, b. 1873. 2. Winfred^, b. 1875. 
3. Mildred'^, b. 1877, d. 1878. 4. A daughter, b. 1881. 

III. Amanda M.«, b 8 July, 1849, m., 4 Nov., 1879, 
George E. Stoughton, and has, — 

I. Mary F?, b. 1881. 

IV. Annis R.^ b. in Columbus, W^is., 3 Dec, 1852 ; teacher 
in 1881 at Dell Rapids, Dakota. 

V. Albert Q.\ b. in Columbus, Wis., 16 Nov., 1S57, m.. 


23 Oct., 1S79, Cassie (dau. of R. W.) Ashmore, b. in 
Mitchell, Iowa, 28 Dec, 1S59. In 18S1 was postmaster at 
Dell Rapids, Dakota, and " Grand Secretary of Grand Lodge 
of Dakota, I. O. G. F." 

No. 175. 

ENOS FOLSOM"^ (Jacob% Abr/, Dan.^ Abr.«, Jn.^, Jn.^), 
1799-1874, printer, and his wife, (i) MARY (STONE), had 
b. in Montreal, Can., — 

I. Charles B.^, b. 11 March, 1S26, and d. 4 Apr., 1867; 
m., 1857, in Burnett, Wis., (i) Caroline Woodw^ard, who 
d. 8 Feb., 1862, and he m., in 1S63, (2) Lorissa E. Curtis, 
and had, — 

1. William Enos^, b. in Burnett, Wis., 6 Dec, 1864, d. 25 Oct., 1865. 

2. Winnifred L?, b. 1S67, d. 1867. 

II. Amanda Stone*, b. in Windsor, Vt., 6 Nov., 1827, m., 
7 June, 1858, T. B. Hudson, of Ottawa, Can., b. in Chelsea, 
Can., 15 Feb., 1829, and had, — 

1. Artlmr Bartlett^, b. in Chelsea, Ont., 15 Apr., 1859, who in 1880 

was a student of much promise in the university at Toronto. Ont. 

2. Marion Salo>ue\ b. in Ottawa, Can., 8 May, 1S61, d. 8 Apr., 1867. 

3. Ma?'y Aviatida^, b. in Washington, Vt., 7 July, 1862, d. i Feb., 


4. Aiuia Stone^, b. in Bouchette, Can., Dec. 21, 1863. 

5. Dunbar Hibbard^, b. in Bouchette, Can., 26 Feb., 1866. 

6. Alice Ellen^, b. in Ottawa, Can., 25 Apr., 1869, d. 9 Jan., 1872. 

III. Dea WILLIAM^ b. in Windsor, Vt., 21 March, 1830; 
a farmer; m., 16 March, i860, Fanny (dau. of Abr. P.) 
LouGEE, of Washington, Vt., b. 26 Apr., 1S38 ; lives in 
Burnett, Wis. He is a Republican, and has for 20 years been 
moi'e or less in office ; 5 years chairman of the supervisors of 
the town. He and his wife are Free Baptists, and for 18 years 
he has been a deacon in that church. His post-office address 
is Burnett Station, Wis. Children, — 

1. Clara Cornelia^, b. in Burnett, Wis., 24 June, 1863. 

2. Charles Rogers'K b. 28 Dec, 1867. 

3. Bertha Fanny^, b. 7 June, 1869. 

4. William JHough'^, b. 7 Oct., 1S70. 


Enos Folsom^ and his wife, (2) LAURA AYER, had b. in 
Montreal, Can., — 

IV. Eliza Christiana^, b. 25 Dec, 1S36, who m., 27 
June, 1S60, Ophir S. Martin, b. in Williamstown, Vt., 18 
Apr., 1S3S, and had b. in Williamstown, Vt., — 

1. Ada Eliza^^ b. 19 Sept., 1861. 

2. Williain Ophir^, b. 14 March, 1863. 

3. Mary Alice^, b. 1864, d. 1864. 

4. Eita Laura^, b. 27 Apr., 1869. 

5. Frank Harvey"^, b. 12 Aug., 1870. 

V. Emily LAURA^ b. in Montreal, 25 Jan., 1839, ^^■•> 4 
March, 1868, Augustus Vorhees, b. in Ovid, X. Y., 16 
Feb., 1S27, and had b. in Burnett, Wis., — 

I. Frauds Johii^, b. 9 Apr., 1869. ~- Mary Ellen^, b. 11 Aug., 1870. 

3. Lattra Augusta'^, b. 25 Jan. 1872. 

4. Charles Arthur'^, b. 9 Nov., 1873. 

5. Gertrude Eliza^. b. 14 Aug., 1875. 

6. Fanny Eniily^, b. 6 Dec, 1879. 

VI. Francis Ayer^ b. in Washington, Vt., 25 Sept., 1S41, 
enlisted in the 2d Regiment, Vermont Vols. ; d. in Annapolis, 
Md., 20 Oct., 1862. 

VII. Mary Emeline^, b. in Washington, Vt., 25 Jan., 
1845, d. there i Feb., 1S63. 

VIII. Ellen Amelia^ b. in Washington, Vt,, 7 Feb., 

IX. Alice AGNES^ b. in Washington, Vt., 9 Feb., 1851, d. 
4 Feb., 1863. 

X. Clara Josephine^ b. in Washington, Vt., 7 March, 
1S54, d. 27 March, 1S63. 

XI. Marion CHARLOTTE^ b. in Washington, Vt., 6 June, 
1856, d. 7 Jan., 1S63. 

No. 176. 

REV. MOSES FOLSOM^ (JacobS Abr.^ Dan.^ Abr.«, 
Jn.2, Jn.i), 1801-1S81, and his wife, POLLY (GREEN), 
had, — 

1. Ann8, b. in Washington, Vt., 28 Oct., 1825, d. in Corinth, 
Vt., II Oct., 1862. She m., 3 March, 1853, Rkv. Benjamin 


Pendell Spaulding, b. in Craftsbury, Vt., 13 Oct., 1S20, 
and had, — 

1. Burleigh Folsom^, b. in Craftsbury, Vt., 3 Dec, 1853, graduated at 

Nortiifield, Vt., read law with Gleason & Field, Montpelier, Vt., 
admitted to the bar in 1880, and is one of the law firm of 
"Roberts & Spaulding," Fargo, Dakota Territory. 

2. Lizzie Lejiiira^, b. 6 Sept., 1855. 

3. Phebe Esteile^, b. in Westfield, Vt., 13 March, 1859. 

4. yo/in Noah^, b- in Norwich, Vt., 5 Jan., 1862. 

II. Dorcas*, b. in W^illiamstown, Vt., 20 July, 1827, m. in 
Manchester, N. H., i Jan., 1852, Rev. Benjamin Burleigh 
Smith, b. in Sandwich, 17 March, 1S20. Missionary of Free- 
will Baptist Board to Balasore, Orissa, India. They sailed for 
India, 19 Aug., 1852. After nearly ten years of exhausting 
labor, they returned in July, 1862, and remained till 7 July, 
1868, w'hen they sailed again, and in November, 186S, reached 
their old field of labor, where he continued to toil till February, 
1871, when he had "a sun-stroke which resulted in a disease 
that terminated fatally, Nov. 22, 1872." She remained at her 
work till Julv, 1S77, when she left for America. After visit- 
ing friends, she left her native land the third time, 16 Oct., 
1S80, attended by her cousin (Ellen Amelia*), dau. of Enos 
Folsom'' (Jacob^, Abr.^, Dan.^, &c.), who goes out to engage 
in a life-work in India. Dorcas* has but one child, — 

I. Edwin Atigustus Sinith^, b. at Balasore, India, 2 Oct., 1853, who 
came to America in 1862. Graduated at Bates college, Lewiston, 
Me., 1873. li^ 1875 assistant editor of the Moniifig Star, in 
Dover, N. H. He m., 23 Jan., 1S76, Nellie S. W/tilman, of 
Turner, Me., who d. 23 Sept., 1876. "^ 

III. George*, b. in Washington, Vt., 16 Feb., 1829, m., 26 
Jan., 1854, Susan C. Peirce, b. 1S25, and had, — 

I. Hobarf^, b. 1854, m. 

IV. James*, b. in Washington, Vt., 14 Nov., 1830, m., at 
Detroit, Mich., 2 Oct., 1866, Mary Booth Sabine, b. in 
Detroit, 1839. -^^ '^'^'^^ nearly 3 years in the western division 
U. S. Army, and in one engagement received four bullet 
wounds. They have, — 

I. Isabelle Hannah^, b. in Detroit, 12 Jan., 1871. 

V. Hannah*, b. in Worcester, Vt., 23 Apr., 1841, m. in 


Gilmanton, March 3, 1862, Dudley B. S. Adams, b. 16 Tulv 
1842. Children,— -^ •^' 

1. L/zzt'e Ann^, b. 23 Oct., 1862. 

2. lVi7//e Otto^, b. 16 July, 1866, d. 1873. 

3. Orissa Phillips^, b. 23 Nov., 1869. 

No. 177. 

BENJAMIN R. FOLSOM^ (Asa«, Abr.S Dan.*, Abr.>, 
Jn.2, Jn.i), 1809-1882, of Wyoming county, N. Y., and of 
Burt county. Neb., and his wife, MARY (RATHBONE), 
had b. at Folsomdale, N. Y., — 

I. Andrew J.«, b. 25 Dec, 1832, d. unm. 7 May, 1854. 

II. NiLES R.8, b. 10 Oct., 1S36, m., 15 Feb., 1S58, Mary- 
ETTE O. Beman, and had, — 

1. Rosa C.9, b. 23 Nov., 1858, m., 3 Oct., 1877, Edward W. Bryant, 

and has, — 

I.) Guy Fy\ b. 1878. 

2. Johti B?, b. 17 May, 1863. 3. Charles B.^, b. 7 March, 1868. 
4. yennie Af.^, b. 9 Jan., 1872. 5. William J.^, b. 12 June, 1874. 

III. Emily J.^, b. 7 July, 1842, d. 16 Oct., 1856, unm. 

IV. Helen M.^ b. 3 Dec, 1844, d. 22 March, 1849. 

V. Benjamin^ b. 5 Dec, 1847; pi'epared at Genesee 
Wes. Seminary, Lima, N. Y., for Rochester University; 
graduated 1871, B. A. ; travelled through Europe, became a 
journalist in New York, studied law, and was admitted to the 
bar in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1875 ; is in practice there, office 392 
Main street. 

VL Helen MARY^ b. in Attica, N. Y., 28 Nov., 185 1, m, 
Charles E. Ferris, and has, — 

I. James C.^, b. 5 Nov., 1874. 2. Benjamin F.^, b. 4 May, 1877. 

3. Clara Louise^, b. 17 Jan., 1879. 

VII. Charles% b. 13 July, 1S57, d. 27 July, 1S57. 

Benjamin R. Folsom'^ d. at Tekamah, Nebraska, 20 Nov., 
18S2, aged 73. 


No. 178. 

JOHN B. FOLSOM^ (Asa«, Abr.^ Dan.*, Abr.^, Jn.\ Jn.^), 
b. 181 1, of Folsomdale, N. Y., and his wife, CLARINDA C. 
(HARNDEN), had b. at Folsomdale, Wyoming county, 
N. Y.,— 

I. Benjamin F.^ b. 1832, d. 27 Jan., 1873; m., 1865, 
Alice Bickford, and had, — 

I. Emma A.^, b. 1865. 2. Oscar^, d. in infancy. 

3. Benjamin F.^, b. 1870. 4. Alice S.^, b. 1871. 
5. William J?.\ b. 1873. 

II. OscAR^ b. 1837, ^'^•1 ^^63, Emma C. Harman ; he 
graduated at the University of Rochester, N. Y. ; was a brill- 
iant and popular lawyer. He met with an accidental death by 
being thrown from his carriage, in the city of Buffalo, N. Y., 
23 Oct., 1S75. He had, — 

I. Frances C?, b. 1864. 2. Nellie^, d. in infancy. 

John B. Folsom'' and wife adopted Ma7'y Augusta^ ^ b. 1849, 
m., 1870, Dr. William N. Martifz, and had Alary A., b. 
1871. The mother d. 1873. 




Note A, Page i8. 

November, 17 15. 

I John FoLilsam of Exeter, in the Province of Newhamp- 
shire, being weak of body, but of sound & perfect memory, 
praise be therefore given to Almighty God, do make & ordain 
this my present last will & testament, in manner & form fol- 
lowing. That is to say, First & principally, I commend my 
soul into the hands of Almighty God, hoping through the 
merits, death & passion of m}- Savior, Jesus Christ, to have 
full & free pardon & forgiveness of all my sins, & to Inherit 
everlasting life ; And my body I commit to the Earth to be 
decently buried, at the discretion of my Executrix, hereafter 
named. And as touching the disposition of such temporal 
estate, as it hath pleased God, in his providence to bestow upon 
me, I give & dispose of as folio weth. 

Imp'r. I will that my Just debts & funeral charges be payed. 

Item. I give unto my son Abraham Fotiham^ four acres of 
salt marsh, at Hampton, to be taken out of the South end of 
the great Lot ; & I give him three fifths of my Lower pas- 
ture, in Exeter, known bv the name of Pine hill pasture, he 
taking his part next to Jonathan Smith's land. 

Item. I give to my son John Fotdsain^ twenty acres of land, 
lying upon Pickpocket Road, on this side of the great River ; 
& thirty acres, on the other side of the great River, where 
now he lives. 


Item. I give to my son Jonathan Foulsam my house & 
barn & the land adjoining to it ; & all my marsh, both in 
Hampton & Exeter not already disposed of, & three acres of 
land in the common field, & three acres of swamp in the 
neck, & the whole of my upper & lower pasture, not already 
disposed of, & my part in the saw mill. 

Item. My will is that my sons, Abraham & yo7tathan shall 
not have their portions till after my wife's decease. 

Item. I give to my son yereiniah JPotilsam^ an hundred 
acres of land at Lamperele River where now he lives. 

Item. I give to my daughter Abigail Gillmafz, seven 

Item. I give to my daughter Sarah Stevens twelve pounds. 

Item. I give to my daughter Mary's two children each five 
pounds apiece. 

Item. I give to my son John Foulsam^ & to my daughters, 
Lydia Stockfnan d- Alercy Dudley all my Land at the white 
pine plains & over the great River, known by the name of Foul- 
sani's Meadow, being by estimation, two hundred acres, be it 
more or less to be equally divided between them. 

Item. My will is that my son jfo/iathan Foulsam shall pay 
my just debts & funeral charges, & that he shall pay his two 
sisters, Abigail Gihnan <& Sarah Stevens^ their portions as 
above named, & likewise his two cousins, my daughter Marys 
children immediately after his mothers decease. 

Item. I give to my well beloved wife Abigail Fotdsam, the 
use of my dwelling house & barn & the land, adjoining it, — of 
my saw mill & all my marsh both at Hampton & Exeter, & all 
my upper & lower pasture lying by son Abraha?n's & my land 
both in the common field & neck, during her life ; and I give 
her the whole of my stock & moveable estate both within doors 
& without, as her own proper estate, & to dispose of to whom 
she sees fit. 

Finally. My will is & I do hereby appoint my beloved wife, 

Abigail Foulsam, to be full and sole executrix to this my last 

will & testament, and do hereby revoke disannul and make 

void all former wills and Testaments by me heretofore made. 

In witness whereof I the said jfohn Foulsam have to this 


my last will & Testament set my hand & seal this twenty 

fourth day of November Anno Domini one thousand seven 

hundred and fifteen Annoq. R : Regis George Brittanniae 

&c. Secundo. Signed Sealed & owned 

in the presence of, — John Foullsam 

John Odlin [seal] 

Thomas Edgerly 

Daniell Thing 

Portsmouth De. ye 6 17 15 
John Odlin & Daniel Thing personally appearing before me, 
Richard Waldron Esqr. Judge of Probate of Wills &c and 
made oath that they were present and saw John Foulsam sign 
seal & declare the foregoing instrument to be his Last Will & 
Testament, and that they also saw Thomas Egerly who was 
then present sign as a witness, & that Mr. Foulsam at the same 
time was of a sound & disposing mind & memory. Coram 
Rich'd Waldron. 

Note B, Page 24. 


[From the Exeter News-Letter .'\ 

Exeter, Jan. i, 1881. 
Editor Exeter News-Letter : — In collecting material for 
the genealogy of the Folsom family, I recently received from a 
friend, Thomas Folsom, of West Epping, an account of the 
murder by Indians of Nathaniel Folsom, Robert Beard, and 
Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Simpson, in Nottingham, as it has 
been preserved by tradition among the descendants of Folsom, 
which I think ought to be preserved, but has never, to my 
knowledge, been printed. Mr. D. L. Harvey, who wrote the 
following account, received it from the grandchildren of Fol- 
som, Paul Ladd and his sister Susan, both of whom have been 
dead for many j^ears. Nathaniel Folsom is supposed to have 
been the son of Nathaniel, and grandson of John the emigrant, 
who came in 1638 from Hingham, in England, with his father- 
in-law, Edward Gilman, and his sons, and settled in Hingham, 


Mass. Soon after 1650 they came to Exeter. Nathaniel, the 
third son of the first John, was born in Hingham, Mass., in 
1644, and married there, June 9, 1674, Hannah Farrow. He 
had a son Samuel, born in Exeter, April 18, 1679 ; and it is 
pi'obable his son Nathaniel was born in 1676. He is supposed 
to have had younger sons, — Jerame, Nathaniel, and Edward, — • 
and perhaps a daughter, Miriam, who in 1734 married Joseph 
Bean, Sr., of Kingston, and had eight ciiildren. She died 
March 24, 1752. The Nathaniel Folsom who was killed in 
September, 1742, was about 66 years of age at the time of his 
death. He lived in that part of Exeter which is now called 
Brentwood. I will give the account of this massacre substan- 
tially in the words of Mr. Harvey. 

Dui'ing the war of i744i with the French and Indians, 
Nottingham was one of the frontier towns, and for sev- 
eral years the settlers in these towns were kept in a state 
of constant alarm. Many of the inhabitants returned to 
the older settlements from which they had come, and the 
few who remained to till the fields and secure the crops 
that grew in them were compelled to seek shelter in gar- 
rison houses nights, and often days, when the enemy were 
near. There was no safety for man or beast when exposed to 
the attacks of the cruel savages. There was a garrison at Not- 
tingham Square, an elevated spot, from which the smokes and 
fires of the Indian camps could be seen at a great distance. 
Soldiers were drafted from the older towns to guard the inhab- 
itants of the frontiers. If these people were murdered, the 
towns joining them would be entirel}- exposed to inroads of the 
savages. A draft was made in Exeter to protect the settlers of 
Nottingham, each quota of soldiers to serve two weeks, and 
then be relieved by another quota. A young unmarried neigh- 
bor to Folsom was drafted, but the girl to whom he was 
engaged made such a distressing lamentation over it that Fol- 
som volunteered to take his place, and, with the others, served 
out his time. His fellow-soldiers left, without waiting for the 
new recruits to come and take their places. But Folsom was 
satisfied that the Indians were about them, for the clothes 
which the women had spread on the walls of the garrison were 
cut in the night by tomahawks ; and Beard entreated him to 


Stop, saying, "I shall be killed if you go away." vSo he 
remained ; and Beard went out to his home (on Fish street, 
opposite to Rodger's Lane, Nottingham) to cut the tops of hi& 
corn-stalks, and Folsom, with his gun, went to guard him-- 
At noon they broke some ears of green corn, and \vent to the 
house to cook it for dinner. Folsom brought from a spring a 
pail of water to boil it in, and put down tw"o ears to roast 
while the rest was boiling. When thev had begun to eat 
their corn the dog growled, and Folsom caught his gun and 
ran to the door. The Indians instantly shot him, and he fell 
back into a ladder standing behind him, dead. It seems the 
ball struck near his heart, for the belt \^ hich he wore was long 
preserved in the family, and shown with the bullet-hole in it. 
At the same time thev shot JVIr. Robert Beard through the 
window. They then went to the house of Mrs. Simpson, 
having doubtless discovered that she had left the garrison and 
gone home, where she was about to bake some bread. One 
named Plasawa (or Plausawa), being the youngest, went into 
the house and stabbed her in the breast. He said "She blared 
like a calf." The other two went in and asked her if she could 
walk (intending, perhaps, to take her a captive to Canada). 
She said No ; so they killed her on the spot and left the place. 
Some years afterw^ards three Indians, named Sunda, Sabatis. 
and Plasawa, when intoxicated, told Morrill, the son-in-law of 
Folsom. that at this time they had been some time in the vicin- 
ity ; that they had lain three days under a pile of boards in 
Exeter, and prowled about in the nights ; that their object was 
to see if the whites were off their guard. They said thev did 
not know as they killed the old, grey-bearded man ; but if they 
did they had killed a bonny spry one, for he jumped over the 
bars with a pail of water in his hand, and did not spill a drop. 
They said they did not mean to kill Mrs. Simpson, but to 
carry her to Canada, hoping, doubtless, to get a large sum for 
her redemption ; but Plasawa had never been out scouting 
before, and he went in and stabbed her. As she could not 
travel after receiving such a wound, they finished their work 
by striking their tomahawks into her head and taking her life. 
Mrs. Simpson was a large woman, and also lame, so that she 
could not make a long journey through the forest on foot. The 


bodies of these persons, — Folsom, Beard, and Mrs. Simpson, — 
were buried, as I was informed by Col. Joseph Cilley, at Not- 
tingham Square, in a spot back of where the garrison tlien 
stood, north of J. H. Butler's house. An account by Mr. 
Harvey of the death of the two older Indians, by violence, 
may be the subject of a future communication. 

J. Chapman. 

an account of the death of the indians sabatis and 
sanda, who killed beard, folsom, and mrs. simpson 
in nottingham. 

Exeter, March i, iSSi. 
Editor Exeter News-Letter : — There are, as we should 
expect, when we consider the circumstances, different accounts 
of this event. There was no reporter on the ground, and we 
could not expect the men who did the deeds would put the facts 
on record and publish them. By so doing they would not only 
expose themselves to the vengeance of the Indians, but to pun- 
ishment by the laws of the land. The children of the murdered 
persons would desire the punishment of the murderers. If their 
neighbors had knowledge of the transaction, there were many 
reasons why they would not publish the facts. The tradition 
which I have I'eceived from Mr. D. L. Harvey of Epping, he 
received from the nephew and niece of Morril, a son-in-law of 
Folsom, who seems to have been the most prominent man in 
taking the lives of these Indians. Henry MotTil married, in 
Kingston, Jan. 30, 1739, Susanna, daughter of Nathaniel Fol- 
som, of Exeter. They joined the church there, and had five 
children baptized between 1742 and 1752. In 1749 he was one 
of the proprietors of Stevens town, called Salisbury in 1768. 
Those Indians who had killed and plundered the early settlei's 
in Nottingham could not he contented, but continued to hover 
about the frontiers. In 1752, some years after the murder of 
Folsom and his friends, Sabatis, with another Indian named 
Christi, came to Canterbury, and for more than a month were 
hospitably entertained. Still, when they left, they took with 
them as prisoners two negroes, of whom one escaped and the 
other was sold to a French officer at Crown Point. The next 


year Sabatis returned again, with two associates, Sanda and 
Plausawa. When reproached for his misconduct on the year 
before they became very insolent, and, it is said, threatened 
some persons who proposed to trade with them. But I will 
proceed to Mr. Harvey's account. Some men from Newbury, 
Mass., went up on the Merrimack river hunting cattle. On 
their return they informed Morril where these Indians were, 
and how hostile the}^ appeared. He said he would go up and 
see them. They advised him not to go, but he said he was not 
afraid of them. [He probably knew them, and had his plan to 
control them.] So he went up, on horseback, and when he had 
found them he proposed that they go with him and spend the 
night at his house. They accepted the invitation, and he took 
their packs on his horse. That evening they were supplied 
with liquor at his house, and with a man named Bowen, as 
fond of drink as themselves, they spent most of the night in a 
drunken carousal. They bragged of killing Folsom, Beard, 
and Mrs. Simpson, probably unaware of any relationship be- 
tween them and the family that was now entertaining them. 
At length they were overcome by liquor and fell asleep. Mor- 
ril then drew the charges from their guns, and replaced the 
powder with sand. In the morning, after eating their break- 
fast, at their request Morril took their baggage on his horse 
to carry it to their canoes. He happened to be before them, 
when one of them aimed his gun at him and snapped it. 
Morril heard it, and turning saw the smoke of the powder 
that flashed in the pan. The Indian pretended that it was 
only a joke. They came to a spring by the way, and the 
Indians, after their drunkenness, were very dry. They said 
to Bowen and Morril, "White men drink first." Morril an- 
swered, " Indian best drink first," and all three lay down to 
drink. Morril seized two of the tomahawks, and told Bowen 
to strike one of them. Bowen said, " I cannot." Morril 
said, " Strike, or I will strike you." They buried the toma- 
hawks in the heads of Sanda and Sabatis, the two older Ind- 
ians, but Plausawa, the youngest, begged so earnestly for his 
life that they spared him. Of course he was obliged to flee for 
his life to his people, and the white people may have thought 
he was dead, and thus the report was recorded by different 


writers. This was done on the bank of the Merrimack, near 
the northerl}^ hne of Boscawen. The dead bodies were buried 
under a small bridge in Salisbury, which is called "■ Indian 
bridge." The graves were so shallow that the wild beasts dug 
up the bodies, and the next spring the bones were discovered 
and buried. Morril and Bowen were arrested, the gi'and jury 
found a bill against them, and they were put in irons and 
lodged in Portsmouth jail. On the night previous to the day of 
their trial, a mob, collected from the sections of the country that 
had suffered from the Indians, broke open the jail, and released 
these prisoners, or, as one says, "carried them oft' in triumph." 
Exertions were made to detect the ringleaders of the mob, but 
without success. The public sentiment of the community, 
which had suftered so much from the bloodv hands of the sav- 
ages, was in favor of the men who put them out of the way. 
As the mob returned from Portsmouth, they found, by the road- 
side, cooked provisions. Though no person was to be seen, 
they read the invitation, " Eat and welcome." It was hard for 
those who had suftei'ed so much from the Indians to believe that 
the murder of peaceable men, women, and children was justi- 
fied by the laws of war, and that the conclusion of peace be- 
tween nations should protect individual murderers from punish- 
ment for their crimes. So, when Plausawa returned to his old 
haunts, he found his life in danger, and applied to the governor 
for a pi-otection. The governor gave it to him, and, in addition, 
a suit of clothes and a cocked hat. On his way home he hap- 
pened to call, in Exeter or Brentwood, at the house of Folsom, 
who had been killed only a few years before by Plausawa's 
companions in Nottingham. Benjamin, the youngest son, was 
soon missed, and when found was loading a gun to shoot the 
Indian. But he was kept out of the way till Plausawa was sent 
oft' beyond his reach. Mr. Harvey, who has furnished me with 
these facts, is great-grandson of Folsom who was killed. His 
grandmother was Martha Folsom, who, a few years after the 
death of her father, married Paul Ladd, of Exeter, who re- 
moved to Stratham, and soon after to Epping, where his 
mother, Lois, wife of James Harvey, was born. 

J. Chapman. 

appendix. 247 

Note C, Page 28. 


The story of Miss Folsom, the Stratford beauty, who became 
Ladv Stirling, of Edinburgh, Scotland, will perhaps lose little of 
its interest if divested of some of the fictitious additions that 
have in a hundred years become attached to it. Few are aware 
that her grandfather, and probably her father, were natives of 
Exeter. N. H. About 1723, or 160 years ago, Israel Folsom, 
of Exeter, removed to Ashford, Ct., and had a son Samuel, 
probably born in Exeter, baptized at Ashford. Samuel Fol- 
som married Ann Bingham, and in 1743 or 1744 removed from 
Windham to Stratford, Ct., where he and his wife united with 
the Episcopal society, which was organized about that time. 
He was a farmer, and had. like many other Yankees, some 
skill in handling tools. On his land was a blacksmith-shop, 
where he did his own work in iron, and perhaps sometimes did 
a job for a neighbor. In his family record I find nine children 
named, of whom the eighth was remarkable for her beautv, and 
when quite young was called the belle of the village. On the 
record her name is first Anna, and Glorianna is written after 
it. With respect to the w^ay in which she became the wife of 
Sir John Stirling, I ^vill allow her brother's granddaughter, 
Mrs. E. F. Norris, of Glens Falls, N. Y., to tell the stor}"- 
mostly in her own words. Mrs. Norris \vas bi'ought up in the 
family of Rev. John Folsom, of Glens Falls, a younger brother 
of Lady Stirling, who was well acquainted with all the circum- 
stances connected with this marriage. It took place just before 
the Revolutionary war, and so for many years she had but little 
intercourse with her relations. About 1768 the only son of the 
Baronet, Sir John Stirling, Scotland, was sent to one of the 
West India Islands to look after some property belonging to 
his mother. He was well supplied \vith clothing, etc. He 
was to write home for money, if he should need it, putting a 
private mark upon his letter. After a while he w\as taken very 
sick of a fever. When he wrote he forgot about putting the 
private mark upon his letters, and so received no answers to 


them, and was in a pitiable state among strangers, without 
funds or good health. Providentially a sea-captain, from 
Stratford, Ct., came to board at the same house where he was 
staying. He took pity on him, and kindly offered to carry him 
home, in his vessel, without any money. He told Stirling he 
could write to his father from Connecticut. He gladly accepted 
the offer, and sailed with him to a more healthful climate. Some 
time after he left, a letter came from his father in Scotland to 
some person in the town or near the place where he had been, 
inquiring for his son, John Stirling. The answer returned 
was, that he had been there, had been very sick, and they 
could not learn what had become of him. They supposed he 
must be dead. 

When the young man had reached the home of his benefac- 
tor, refreshed by the sea voyage, he did not " travel incognito," 
nor assume any other name. He had no money to expend in 
travelling ; he had given up hope of receiving aid from home. 
But he determined to make an honest living by the proper use 
of what he had kept during the days of disappointment, pover- 
ty, and sickness. The education he had received in Scotland 
now became his means of support, for the people of Stratford 
were glad to pay him for instructing their children. Among 
the pupils under his care was Miss Folsom, who, though about 
18 years of age, was more anxious to acquire an education than 
to secure a husband. It is not known whether he wrote home 
from this place or not, but he heard nothing from home. It is 
not strange that under these circumstances, when he had be- 
come acquainted with her moral character and intellectual 
abilities, he should be captivated by her beauty, and find his 
affection reciprocated. They were married in 177^' ^'^^ ^'^^ 
continued in his office as teacher. After the birth of their first 
child, Mary, a young minister who, according to the custom of 
the Episcopal church, was going to Scotland to be ordained, 
having made the acquaintance of Stirling, offered to hunt vip his 
father and family when he reached Scotland, and inquire why 
they did not answer their son when he wrote to them. Stirling 
seemed to think it was of no use. But the clergyman, having 
become interested in him, insisted upon his giving him the 
means of proving to them that he was their long lost son, still 


living. He was furnished with a list of the supplies which 
his parents had put up for him when lie left home, such as 
clothing, etc., evidence to satisfy them of his identity. 

His clerical friend sailed for Scotland. But he had deeply 
stirred up the recollections of home in the mind of the quiet 
teacher. He dreamed one night that he was again with his 
parents, in the home of his childhood, and of that private 
mark which he was to put upon every one of his letters, and 
which he had forgotten. Wiien the young clergN'man reached 
Scotland, he soon found the family. The mother and sister 
were dressed in deep mourning. When he asked them if they 
had a son who went to the West Indias, they commenced 
weeping, and said he was dead. He at last convinced them 
that their son was alive, telling them his circumstances. They 
w^ere overioyed, and at once wrote for him to come home on the 
first vessel, without waiting for his wife and child to get ready, 
and in due time they would send for them. He did so. It is 
very possible, and even probable, that the gossips, when he 
took leave so suddenly, concluded that he must have been an 
imposter, and lamented the sad condition of the deserted wife 
and her little daughters, — for she had a second daughter, Jane, 
born soon after the departure of her husband. But there is no 
proof that she heard nothing from him for two years, as the 
story savs. It mav have seemed a long period to the neigh- 
bors, but, after he had had time to prepare a home for her, and 
a large quantity of beautiful clothing was made up for his wife 
and children, the ship left and arrived safely in New York. 
She received the request to embark immediately. She left 
Stratford with her children, and found in the vessel everything 
which she needed, provided for their comfort and convenience, 
and a servant maid to aid her in tlie care of the children. She 
reached Scotland in due time, and her husband, as only son, 
succeeded to the estate and the honors of the Baronet Stirling, 
and she became Lady John Stirling. I have in my possession a 
long letter from her husband to her brother, John Folsom, 
Esq., merchant in Albany, and aftei-wards of Glens Falls, N. 
Y., an elder and a preacher in the Presbyterian church; and 
another written just after her death by her oldest daughter, 
Mrs. Mary Achison. She was not only a beautiful woman, but 


a woman of remarkable energy of character. They lived for a 
time near Stirling castle, and afterwards, by the request of his 
father, in Edinburgh, near his father's residence. They had 
eighteen children, of whom sixteen lived to be old enough to 
attend the Parish church, at the same time with their parents, 
one Sabbath. Though she only saw one of lier father's family, 
a brother, after she left, she never forgot the happy davs of her 
early life, and used to tell her daughters of the scenes through 
which she had passed in childhood and youth, perhaps the hap- 
piest days she ever knew, — for with wealth and honor came 
many trials, which she endured with Christian patience and for- 

[Note. We should remember that 120 years ago, the age of ro- 
mance had not entirely past. The excitement was beginning, which 
resulted in the separation of the colonies from the mother country. The 
Post-Office Department hm] not perfected its arrangements for the ac- 
commodation of letter-writers. After 1774, or the time when Stirling 
returned to his native land, there was little harmonious intercourse be- 
tween England and this part of America. Many events occurred in 
those stormy times which in these days would be considered improba- 
ble, if not impossible ; but few of them have been preserved in the 
records of that period.] 

Note D, Page 32. 


Lieutenant Jonathan Folsom, brother of General Nathaniel 
Folsom, of Exeter, though not so widely known as his brother, 
was not less brave or patriotic. He v^-as born in Exeter in 1 724, 
and married (i) a Oilman, (2) Deborah, daughter of Joseph 
Hall. He lived in Newmarket and in Epping, and had a large 
family. Late in life he made his home in New Durham, with his 
eldest son, Jonathan, where he died about iSoo. In 1745, at the 
age of 21, he was lieutenant in Captain Somersby Oilman's com- 
panv, which fought under Sir William Fepperel. at the first 
capture of Louisburg. Ten years later, in 1755, he was in the 
expedition to Lake Oeorge against Crown Point, where many 


of his fellow-soldiers fell in battle, and where his brother, then 
captain, acquired much honor by his bold and successful attack 
upon the French and Indians. At this battle he received a 
dangerous bullet wound through his shoulder under the collar- 
bone, the scars of which he carried throug-h life. HavinsT 
fought so often and exposed his life in defence of the English 
government, he would naturally feel reluctant to engage in 
opposition to it. So when the Stamp Act was repealed, in 
1766, and there was a prospect of peace, there was much 
rejoicing. At the celebration, May 19, 1766, he lost one leg by 
the bursting of a cannon. It is said to have been an old swivel 
which had been buried nearly twenty years, which the enthusi- 
astic citizens in the excitement of the occasion had dug up and 
had brought into use, without the precaution of testing its 
strength. One would suppose that under these circumstances 
it was time for him to retire. But when the Revolutionary 
war commenced, he set out for another campaign, and found 
his way to Bunker Hill. Here he hobbled into battle on his 
wooden leg, and took charge of a mortar It is said that at the 
second shot he threw a bomb upon the deck of a British man- 
of-war, which led her to draw oft' as soon as possible into safer 
quarters. His posterity have become numerous and Vv'idely 
scattered, many of them in the West. His son, Jonathan, was 
many years town-clerk in New Durham. Among his descend- 
ants are Captain Hawley Folsom, of the Boston police. Dr. 
James Folsom, Commercial street, Boston, Thomas J. Pink- 
ham, Esq., Lynn, Mass., W. F. Durgin, Medford, Mass. 

J. Chapman. 

Note E, Page 33. 


Of the many prominent and useful men that Exeter produced 
in the first two centuries after its settlement, few, if any, are 
more worthy of a place in the history of the town than General 
Nathaniel Folsom. 

His father was Jonathan Folsom, a farmer in the east part 


of the town, and his mother was Anna (daughter of Nathaniel) 
Ladd. When he was 14 3-ears old his father died, leaving a 
large family of children, some of them quite small. Nathaniel 
learned a trade, and became a respectable mechanic, but was 
early elected an officer in the militia. His services were soon 
required in the expedition against Crown Point. In 1755 he 
led his company from New Hampshire through the woods to 
Albany, and thence to Fort Edward, where the New Hamp- 
shire rangers were posted. On the Sth of September, at about 
4 o'clock p. M., he met a large body of French and Indians 
returning from their unsuccessful attack upon Fort George. 
With eighty New England men and about forty New York sol- 
diers, he attacked them, keeping up the battle till night, with 
great loss to the enemy. In the report, it is said " they con- 
tinued an obstinate engagement, with more than a thousand 
men, about three hours, when night came on, and the French 
and Indians went oft' and left all. They killed great numbers 
of the enemv, and recovered 1,200 packs." 

The engagement of the day, thus closed by Capt. Folsom, it 
is said, " served more than anything else to revive the spirit of 
the colonies." 

In 1767 he was major, and soon after colonel. I know not 
that the general ever claimed the honor, but a British officer, 
commanding at Portsmouth, gave him the ci'edit of leading a 
company of men who surprised the garrison at that place, and 
took away from the fort the powder and the cannon without 
shedding anv blood, or doing violence to any person. 

The arms and ammunition taken at that time proved of great 
value to the colonists, who were poorly prepared to meet the 
advance of the British army. 

He had for several vears been a member of the New Hamp- 
shire house of representatives, and in Julv, 1774, was chosen 
with General John Sullivan to the first general congress, which 
met at Philadelphia. 

Being a firm and ardent patriot, he served during the siege 
of Boston as brigadier-general. In 1775 he was commissioned 
major-general ; but in February, 177^' ^^^^ wife died, leaving a 
large family of children, and he, being relieved by Gen. Sulli- 
van, returned to Exeter. The same year he was appointed 


judge of the court of common pleas, an office which he held 
(being part of the time chief-justice) till his death in May, 

In 1777 and 1779 he was again a member of congress. In a 
letter to his friend, Hon. Meshech Weare, president of the 
council of New Hampshire, he said, — " The Sth Article of the 
Constitution gave him great uneasiness," as it gave the South 
an exemption from taxation for their slaves, who constituted 
one third of their wealth, and thus threw a larger burden upon 
the free states than was equitable. 

In 177S he was chosen councillor, and in 1783 was temporary- 
president of the convention that framed the constitution of New 

General Folsom was not brilliant, but was quiet, firm, and 
judicious — successful in business, leaving a large property to 
his heirs. He was a patriot and a brave soldier, but he was 
also " a Christian, and not swift in private battles." He was 
active and useful at home, being highly respected by his neigh- 
bors, and the community sustained a great loss at his death. 


There have been many others who have deserved more ex- 
tensive notice than I have given them in this work, especially 
those who, with a spirit of noble patriotism, responded to the 
calls of our country in the day of its need — who were willing 
to leave their comfortable homes and kind friends, and take the 
posts of danger in the defence of our homes and our firesides ; 
but I have not been able (except in a few cases) to obtain the 
information necessary for such records. Many now living have 
been too modest to tell me the particulars necessary for bio- 
graphical sketches, and the records of their deeds in the service 
of their country remain unwritten. They gladly laid down their 
deadly weapons, and cheerfully returned to the vocations of 
civil life, where there may be seem discharging the duties of 
honorable citizens. They have no pleasure in recollecting the 
sad scenes of blood and ruin through which they have passed, 


but look back upon those fearful conflicts as upon painful 
dreams, which are to return no more. 

The friends of those who have departed shrink from furnish- 
ing me the means of publishing an account of the toils and the 
sufferings through which they passed before each one finished 
his course. But we know that their record is on high. 

Those who wish to keep more extended records of their 
friends can easily insert a few more leaves in this vokmie, with 
such particulai's as they wish to preserve for future generations. 


Different families, as well as different races, have exhibited 
peculiar traits of character ; and the earlier generations of this 
family afford illustrations of this principle. 

I. It was a re/^^/'o?^^ family. Religious principles led John 
Folsom, the father of the American branch, with his relatives, 
the Gilmans, to sell most of their estates in their native land 
for half the price they were worth, and leave for the use of 
others what they could not sell ; to bid farewell to old friends 
and the familiar scenes of early life, and encounter the dangers 
of a long voyage over the wide ocean, and expose themselves 
to the treacherous attacks of the cruel and warlike savages ; to 
submit to the self-denying toils, sufferings, and destitutions 
which were then unavoidable in settling this new and unex- 
plored country, and in laying the foundations of this new state. 
When they must have known, from the experience of the 
friends who had gone before them, much of the dangers to be 
met, it required great courage and decision of character to 
enable them to face all these dangers, for the purpose of obtain- 
ing homes for their families and freedom to worship God. It 
was a religious movement ; and their religious teacher came 
with them, to share in their trials. Owing to the suspension 
of persecutions in his former parish, he returned in a few years^ 
and closed his ministerial work with the portion of his parish- 
ioners whom they had left in old Hingham, England. For 
more than a hundred years the religious element continued 



prominent in the family. When Whitefield visited America, 
many of them became his devoted followers. Their zeal in 
the new cause roused much opposition, and not a few of them 
separated from the churches of their fathers, which they imag- 
ined had become corrupted, and they were classed among the 
New Lights. The Baptists, who had been unpopular, sympa- 
thized with them, and received them with open arms; and 
many of the fiimily became preachers and prominent men in 
that denomination, passing over, in the division that followed, 
into the Freewill Baptist church, which probably has contained 
more of the famil}- than any other church. 

2. The Occupations of the Family. Most of the sons, in 
the early families, learned each some mechanical trade. Many 
were joiners, millwrights, &c. But they were not long confin- 
ed to these occupations, but became farmers, merchants, lum- 
bermen, &c. The children and grandchildren of the emigrant 
were extensive landholders, and the 4th and 5th genei-ations 
inherited lands, and were interested in saw-mills. 

John Folsom, the first, was engaged in erecting a saw-mill 
soon after he landed in America. After removing to Exeter, 
his children and grandchildren were soon engaged in business 
connected with mills. I find their names as holding property 
in the mill on the "Little river that falls into the s^reat river 
above the village," the mills at the Lower Falls, Upper Falls, 
King's Falls, Pickpocket, Crawley's, and "The Rocks" (now 
Fremont) ; upon the Piscassic river, upon Lamprev river, at 
Wadley's Falls, Upper and Lower Pawtuckaway Falls in 
Epping ; and even in Deerfield and in Meredith there were 
"Folsom's mills." in early times. They well knew that the 
value of their timber lands was much increased by erecting 
mills, where the heavy timber could be cut up into mer- 
chantable lumber, as it was needed and ordered. 

Of the great number who removed into the Province of 
Maine, soon after the Revolutionar}^ war, many engaged, at 
least for a portion of the year, in the lumber business, buying 
timber lands, and spending much of the winter in cutting and 
hauling logs to the mills, or to the streams where they could 
be floated to the mills, or working in the mills. As the fami- 
lies of the men employed in this business must have provisions. 


&c., stores were opened near the mills, and the Folsoms 
became merchants, and sometimes inn-keepers. 

Though many of the family became pi-eachers, and some 
doctors, lawyers, judges, &c., not many, in proportion to 
the whole number, have graduated at our colleges and theologi- 
cal seminaries. 

3. The Folsom family have had a decided inclination to 
engage in military affairs. The emigrant, John^, was an officer, 
and the records of his descendants are thickly sprinkled with 
military titles. In this they resembled their relatives, the Gil- 
mans, who were prominent as military men. They were always 
ready to stand in the front ranks, as the settlements advanced 
into the wilderness. One son of John^, Ephraim^, was killed 
by the Indians at Newfields (South Newmarket), and Nathan- 
iel^, a grandson, was killed at Nottingham : others suffered 
much from Indian depredations. In every war from which the 
country has suffered, this family has borne its full share of the 
toils and dangers and expenses. They have not shrank from 
any post of duty to which they have been called, in the service 
of their country. 

It is interesting to notice how the military spirit has descend- 
ed from father to son for generations. A son of Nathaniel^ was 
killed in the Indian war ; his son, an officer, was out in the 
French war ; his grandson was in the Revolutionary war ; his 
great-grandson in the war of 1S13 ; and lastly, a descendant of 
the fifth generation was a soldier in the tei'rible civil war of 
the Rebellion, together with a great many others of his kin- 
dred, of whom not a few gave their services and lost their 
lives in the defence of their countrv. 


Names of Others Connected with the Folsom Family. 

The Figures refer to the Number of the Family. The Roman Numerals to the order of 

names in the Family. 

Abbott, Nathan 
Adams, John and children, 
Sally, John F., Mary 
A., Joseph, Caleb, Da- 
vid, Benjamin F., Mar- 
tha, Nathan, Eliza, and 
Caleb G., Nath'l F. and 


Rev. Dr. George E., 
Moses and children, John 

L. and Martha 

Dudley B. S. and chil- 
dren, Lizzie A., Willie 
O., and Orissa P. 
Seth and children, Luna 
and Arthur C. 
Aitchison, Mr. 
Adgate, Susan A. 
Allen, Hattie 

Fred and Carrie S. 
Alley, Daniel 

Ambrose, Merritt 
Anderson, Cornelia M. 
Amo, Mary 
Andrus, Lucy 
Andrews, Lizzie 
Angier, A. Louise 
Annis, Sarah 
Arthur, Emily 
Ashmore. Cassie 
Arnold, Ann 
Atwood, Isaac 



















, i 





94, xii 
46, ix 












112, viii 1 


, i 






Ayer, Laura 

Ayers, John O. 

Avery, Nathaniel and chil- 
dren, Nancy, Sally, 
Betsey, Huldah, Dan- 
iel F., Mary, Hannah, 
and John 

1X2, IV 

60, iv 

57, 11 

Bagley, Anna 

102, iii 

Hannah S. 

90, ii 

Annie E. 

104, vi 

Baker, Mary 

32, iii 

Edward W. 

43, iii 

Louisa F. 

86, ii 

Ednah E. 

86, iii 

Bailey, Victoria 

loi, ii 

Baldwin, Eli 

135, iv 

Ball, Joseph and children, 

Emma and Eveline 

in, ix 

Ballard, Jeremiah D. 


children, Mary N., 


emiah D., William 


Susan S., and Lev 


63, vii 


108, i 

Bangs, Joshua 

31, vii 

Banister, Esther T. 

68, ii 

Barker, Charles V. 


child, Noah V. 

131, i 

Barlow, Eliza A. 

150, ii 

Barnum, Julia A. 

124, vii 

Barrel!, A. Eliza 

79' viii 

Barrett, Abigail 

72, ii 

Barron, Alfred and child, 

Olive S. 

114, ii 

Batchelder, Mrs. Elinor 

52, ix 


147, iii 



Batchelder, Mr. 139, iv 
Bartlet, Belknap 161, iii 
Baxendate, Jane 117, vi 
Bean. Abigail, and John 54, vi 
Elizabeth 93, xi 
Hannah 51 . vi 
Mrs. Elizabeth 45, iv 
John 54, ix 
Miriam 54, vii 
Joseph and children, Mar- 
garet. Jonathan, Dan- 
iel, Miriam, and Jere- 
miah 13, iii 
Nathaniel and son, Na- 
thaniel 16, vi 
Solon 54, V 
Beard, Hannah 159, i 
Beede, Daniel and children, 

George F., and Susan 166, i 

Mary A. 166, iii 

Belden, Mr. 8, v 

Bell, Hon. Charles H. 70, iii 

Benedict, Clarissa in, x 

Beman, Maryette O. 177, ii 
Bennet, Andrew and son, 

Andrew 54, viii 
Fanny 55, vi and (No. 113) 
Sarah 72, i 
Benson, Arad 54, i 
Berry, Sidney and children, 
Elizabeth F., Fraacis 
E., and Alida McCrea 22, ii 
James M. 60, v 
John M. and children, 
Joiin H., Samuel F., 
Catharine, Mary F., 
James, Smith T., Au- 
gusta 72. iii 
Mary Elizabeth 104, iv 
Besent, Gilman F. 53, ii 
Bickford, Alice 178, i 
Elizabeth 62, i 
Mary 167, vii 
Sarah 32, i 
Thomas 75, ii 
Simon and children, Wil- 
bur and Eva E. 146. iv 
Bingham, Ann 2, v 
Bird, Rev. William 98, iii 
Bixbv, Charles P. and child, 

EllaM. 165, ii 

Charles F. and Frank A. 165,11 

Blackey (Blackie), Sarah 99, vi 

Blackenbury, Mary 46, iv 

Blackman. Elisha F., Will- 
iam R., and Cyrus F., 'j'j, v 
Blair, William P. and child, 

William M. 162^, ix 

Blaisdell, Timothy 3, v 

Blake, Abigail 53, vi, 58^:, i 

Celina ()o, x 

Hannah 104, v 

Sarah M. 123, v 

Blanche, VictorinaE. 88, v 

Blanchard, Hon. Joseph 30, ii 

Abigail S. 168, ii 

Blazo, Capt. William 93, v 

Blodget, S. 33, vii 

Blower, Obed 19a, iv 

Blunt, Mary 145, xiii 

Boardman, Sally 28, ii 

Boas, Elizabeth 57, iv 

Bodge, Charlotte J. loi, ii 

Bodine, Elsey A. 139^; iii 

Bosher, G. F. and children, 

Gilman, Anna, Charles 

C. Albert G., J. C, 

and Mabel E. 71, iv 

Boswell, Mary 73, i 

M. A. S7' ii 

Boucher, John and Mabel 

L. 122, ii 

Bowden, John, Elizabeth, 

Sarah, and Susanna 12, xi 

Bracket, Thomas and Na- 
thaniel 30, vi 
John, William, Hannah, 

and John M., 52, viii 

Jacob, William. Elmer 

H., and Lilian M. loi, i 

Mrs. Martha (Wiggin) 11, viii 
Bradbury, Ann (No. 128) 65, ii 
Bradford, Vira 92, ii 

Bradley, Elizabeth (Betty) 9 iv 
John, Jonathan, Mary, 
Susanna, Ann, and Jo- 
siah, 9, i 

Samuel, Hon. John. Me- 

hitable, and Elizabeth 9, ii 
Olive O. (dau. of S.) 120, xii 
Bragdon, William G. 90, ii 

Bray, Mimia 40, ii 

Bret, Otis 79, viii 

Brexford, Mr. 71, iii 

Briggs. Vashti 76, vii 

Briscoe, Debbie B. 123, iv 



Britton, Thomas, Clara L., 

Burgess. Eliza 

[12, viii 

Emma M., and Lizzie 

Eddy Hall 

1 1 , iii 


168, i 

Burket. John, Isabella, 


Bridewell. C. A., Percy C, 

vanus. and Mahal. 


143^. iv 

and Robert P. 

62, V 

Burley, Mehitable 

SO, ii' 

Brooks, Mr. 

82, iv 

Sarah and Polly 

51, iii 

Capt. James 61, iii (121) 

Burleigh, Sarruel H. 


Hon. James and Eliza 


loi, ii 

A. I 

21, i. ii 

Burns, Joseph, Stella, 


Hon. Erastus 

121, iii 

rie M., and Lyman N. 

109, ii 

Dr. George W. 

121, iv 

Butler. Abigail 

67, ix 

Brown. Daniel and chil- 

Frank H. 

166, iv 

dren, George P. David, 

Butters. Mary, 

67, iv 

Charles P., Elizabeth, 

Buzzell, Ann 

1626, V 

Daniel. Jeremiah. John 

P.. Hannah F., and 

Caldwell, Alex.. Na 


Benjamin F. 

93 1 X 

and children, Eben 


58, i 

and Betsey 

53, V 

Charles W. and children, 

Charles and"P. W. 

81, vi 

Lucinda. Charles P., 

Calef, Betsev 

45' iv 

Noah F.. Sarah M., 

Calfe, Robert 

9' ii 

and Elizabeth M. 

75, ii 

Callev. Richard 

6, iv 

John A. 43, vii, 87, ii 


66, i 

Maria G. 

78, i 

Campbell. Mary A. 

no, iv 

Julia A. Philips 

78, ii 

Carr. Abiel 

13, iv 

Moses, Anna E., and 


42. iii 


94. vi 

Carrol, Mr. 

45, ix 

David F., Josiah, Mary 

Carslev, M. H. 

103, X 

J., and James B. 

94. V 

Gary, A. C. 

104, vi 

Widow Mary 

no, v 

Gary, Mr. 

III, iii 


154, iv 

Gate, Joseph 

59' X 

William, Frances, and 

Harriet N. 

80, vi 

William E. 

158. iv 

Chadbourne, Rev. and 

Brownell, Pardon 

145' ii' 


93, iv 

Brownson, Mary 0. 

108, i 

Chamberlin, Sophia 

68, vi 

Broughton, Frances 

54. V 

Mary E. 

80, vi 

Dr. Henry 

78. i 


146, ii 

Bruen. Evelyn 

171, IV 

Thomas B. 

155, ii 

Brundage, James and chil- 

Chandler, Emeline 

67. viii 

dren, Eloisa, Almira 


67, vi 

F., Zebulon P., Emily, 

Chapman. Samuel and 


63, iii 

Mary, Julia, Lewis, 

Jacob and John 

125, i 

James A., Hiram W., 

Eliza F., Samuel, Jr., 


and Susan 

20. ii 

M. A. 

125. i 

Bryant, Edward W. and 

James H. 

76, ii 

Guy F. 

177. ii 



143a. iii 

Walter, Jeremiah, and 

Joseph H. 

79, viii 


II, iii 


45, xi 

Bryer, Jane 

41. X 

Samuel, sen. 

63, iii 

Bugbee, E. A. 

13I' ii 

Chase, Anna 

3. vii 

Bunker. Sally and David 

148, ii 

Jonathan and Willie 


73, vii 

Burbank, Silas 

93a, ii 


99, ix 

Caroline A. 

67, vi 

Lydia Ann (Abr.) 

102, vi 



Chesley, Rev. Israel 60, v 

Israel R., Elizabeth A., 
Mary N.. John F., Ora 
G., and Hannah S. 60, v 

Lewis, Lorenzo, Alonzo, 

and Donna 145, ii 

James J. and children, ^ 

Betsey, Dora, Samuel 
C, Ann, and Emma 125, ii 
Thomas and children, 
Levi F., Martha A., 
Eliza A., James E., 
Thomas B., and Geo. 
E. 63, vi 

Childress, P. Henry 162^, iv 

Christian, Susan 62, iii 

Cilley, Rev. E. G. 55, v 

Clapp, W., Charles W., 

and E. P. 109, i- 

Clark, Dudley and children, 
Lydia, Melinda, John, 
and Kezia 56, viii 

Mary E. 6ga, vi, 81, viii 

Elizabeth R. C. 104, iv 

Samuel and children, 
Mary, Enoch, Anna, 
Catharine, Elizabeth, 
Kezia, Elder Peter, 
Lydia, Sarah, and Jo- 
seph 44, i 
Samuel A. and Florence 

M. 156, vii 

Bell (dau Philip) 168, iii 

Satchel W. and children, 
John O., Olive J., and 
Elba C. 99, ii 

Clay, Albert and children, 

Charles and H. W. 156^, v 
Cleasby, Lucy L. 104, iv 

Cleveland, A. 54<z, v 

Clough, Mr. 42, iv 

Cloutmau, John and chil- 
dren, Mary, John F., 
Alfred, Nancy, Caleb, 
Peter H.. and Jeremiah 
A. 29, v 

Coffin, Susannah i, v 

Charles F. and children, 
Albert, Charles F., Jr., 
Avis P., James F., 
Matthew B., Edward 
C, Sarah F., MaryE., 
and Eliza B. 67, vi 

Cobb, Tirzah and Perez iii, vii 
Cochrane, Samuel 59, iii 

Kate 72, ii 

Cogswell, Joseph G. 33, iii 

M. D. and James 107, ii 

Cole, Abraham 2, iv 

Colcord, Samuel and chil- 
dren, Samuel, Eliza- 
beth, Peter, and Mary 6, i 
Collins, Albert and Bessie 

F. 150, i 

Colt, Mary F. 60, i 

Connor, Mary 24, ix 

Conway, Mrs. C. V. 127, ii 

Cook, Augusta 72, iii 

Joseph 135, viii 

iviarshia 163, iii 

Koyai 54«, vii 

Cooliiy, Daniel and chil- 
dren. Deborah and 
I ydia 52, vii 

Cooper, Elizabeth Y. I39'^, iii 

Corporal, Lucy G. 139, iii 

Cotton, M. Firnal 19, iv 

Couden, Susan L. 104, vi 

Coville, Edward 68. ii 

Cousins, C. E. 122, i 

Susanna i, v 

Cowan, Thomas 93^^. xi 

Cox, Percy 57, iv 

Azuba F. 163, ii 

Cram, Dea. James 19, ii 

John 148, i 

Catharine A. 165, vii 

Cranch, Margaret D. 121, iii 

Cranston, Samuel and chil- 
dren, Samuel F., Sarah 
G.. Edwin, William, 
James, Jane, Mary A., 
Caleb, Adelia, Amelia iga, vii 
Crawford, Andrew 72, iii 

Crew, Jenny 164, iii 

Crimbal, Miriam 99, viii 

Crocket, Mary 68, i 

Crosby, Julia A. 157, ii 

Mary E. 157, iv 

Cross, Sarah 62, vii 

Crowell, Joseph 68, ii 

Culver, Martha 87, iii 

Cummings, Betsey 54, iv 

Currier, Mary 67, v 

Emily 83, viii 

Curtis, Mr. 39, vii 



Curtis, Ann 8, iv 

B. N. iga, iv 

Susan H. and William 89, i 

Susan B. 130, v 

Lorissa E. 175, i 

Gushing, Hannah, Rev. 

Jonathan 29, v 

Cutler, E. W. 78, i 

Curts, Emeline 124, vii 

'Dam, Sally 29, iii 

.. -Dr. Leader and children, 
Sarah, Maria A., Eliza, 
Leader, Emily, and 
Alice C. 61, X 

Damon, Isaac C. 166, iv 

Darling, J. O. B. and chil- 
dren, Emma H., Eliza- 
beth W., and Mary L. 130, iv 
Darrah, L. Frances 98, v 

Davies, Sophia 143^?, ii 

Davis, Charles and children, 
Lewis G., Charles, Ma- 
ry A., John F., Ann, 
and Esther F. 103, viii 

Hon. Charles S. 33, iii 

■ Edmund and children, 
George Edward, Ed- 
win P., Charles, and 
Annie y^, ii 

Edwin P. and Charles 

J^dmund 143, vi 

Mary 45, xi 

Moses and children, Sal- 
ly, Susan, Moses, Jr., 
and Abigail 53, vii 

Davidson, Hannah 140, ii- 

Day, Almira 83, ii 

Dean, Rev. Zacharias and 
cliildren, Samuel F., 
William P., and Ben- 
jamin F. 1431^;, ii 
Dearborn, John 57, ii 
Mr. 50, iv 
A. J., Benjamin, and 

Alva 79, viii 

J. B. 91, iv 

Martha 105. i 

Deland, Eunice B. 99^. iii 

Dennis, Charlotte 90, viii 

Dimmick, William D. and 

children, Orin A. and 

Annie B. 154, i 

Dinsmoor, W. A. 165, iv 

Doane, Albion H. 
Dockham, N. H. and chil- 
dren, Lizzie A., James 
R., Herbert H., Han- 
nah B., and Fred. D. 
Dodge, Angie 

Lucinda E. (and Will- 
Doe, Eben 
Dolloff, Jesse 
Dorman, Eunice 
Douce, S. P. 
Douglas, M. Gale 
Dove, Maria 

Dow, Noah and children, 
Sally and John 
Chandler, Fred. C, and 

Frank R. 
Downs, Huldah and Mercy 
Dozier, Mary 
Drew, Ezekiel 
William C. 
Drinkwater, Ann A. 
Dudley, Abijah 

James and children, Ab- 
igail, Samuel, John, 
Joseph, Joanna, and 

Joseph 121, iv 

Dunlap, Milly A. 
Durrell, Augusta 
Durgin, Betsey 

Benjamin and children, 
Benjamin F. and Mar- 
tha A. 
Gardner D. 

Joshua and children, Ben- 
jamin, Sarah, Joshua, 
James B., Mary A., and 

Sarah (and Francis) 
Daniel and children, 
John Y. F., Mary A., 
Mary J., Ann M., and 

168, i 

170, 11 

II I, V 

123, ii 

63, V 

73. i 
91, ix 

78, ii 

131, iv 
124, vii 

132, v 

53, viii 
96, ii 

132, vi 
63, ix 

80, i, ii 
54, iii 
109, i 

54i iv 
90. ii 
65, V 

3. VI 

45. xi 

, 61, iii 

135. V 

89, V 

61, ii 

28, ii 

63, viii 
68. vii 

99. V 
96, 11 

61, i 

120, xi 

5, i 

George W. 

138, iii 



Durgin, Mark William F. 
and children, Sarah E., 
Daniel, MarkH., Mary 
M., Ellen F., William 
F.,AnnieE.,and A. B. 138, ii 

Button. John and Betsey 79, vii, viii 
Hiram, 136. i 

Rodney and sons, Rod- 
ney C. and George N. 161, ii 

Dyer, Nellie 122, ii 

loi, u 
81, vii 

177, vi 

Earnest, Ann 135. xi 

Eastman, Huldah (No. 24) 10, 1 
Abigail and William 41, i 

Jeremiah 16, vii 

Mary (dau. of Asa) 120, iv 

Edgerly, Sally 82, viii 

Eliza O. 109, iii 

Hannah J. 162-^, iv 

Oilman L. and children, 
Rufus O , Eugenia A., 
and Lorrain G. 
Edmunds, Joseph and chil- 
dren, Elizabeth, Ste- 
phen, and Mary 
Egnar, Elvira 
Ela, Edna 
Elliot, Mary Ann 
EUingwood, Joseph 
Ellis, Anna 
Ellsworth, M. A. 

Thirza S. 
Emerson, Hettie 

Hettie (No. 172) 
Emery, Hon. Nicholas 
Enders, Marietta E. 
Ewing, Elmore E. and Jes- 
sie F. 
Estgate, Rev. James and 
children, Anna T., 
Thomas D., John I., 
and Eva E. 
Evans, George 

- Farragut, Admiral - — 
Farnham, Benjamin 
Farrow, John and Hannah 
Felker, Mattie 
Fellows, Mehitable 

103, i 

104, ii 

162^, ii 

43, iii 

132, 1 

45. X 

104, iv 

no, vii 

no, vii 

108, i 

12, vi 

35. iii 
122, i 

n2, vii 


126, iii 
73. iv 

145a, u 

145^, iii 

60, iv 

123, iv 

54. i. ii 
54. iv 

55. i 

45. i» 
8, ix 
20, i 
123, iv 

98, vii 

84, v 

75. V 

Fernald, Anna S. 

Elizabeth H. 
Ferris, Charles E. and chil- 
dren, James C., Benja- 
min F., and Clara L. 
Field, Charles and chil- 
dren, Olive M., Thom- 
as G., Abigail E., 
Annie F., James C. 
F., Mary A., George 
A., and Charles W. 
George A. 
Fields, Martha 

Dr. George 
Fifield, Phebe and Anna 
File, Elizabeth 
Finley, Martha — 
Fisk, Selina 

William P. and children, 
William H., Mary E., 
and Jennie F. 
Fisher, Airs. Mary (Sprague) 12, iv 
Fitch, Jennie and Lucy 108, i, ii 
Flagg, Catharine and Rev. 

Ebenezer 04, 1 

Edwin P. 162a, vii 

Flanders, Philena 80, iii 

Mehitable 38, iii 

Fletcher, Hon. A. and chil- 
dren, GilmanF., Fran- 
cis A., Mary E., and 
Flint, Clara E. 

Fogg, Sarah 
>^orrest, Mrs. Charles G.,-~\r 
^' Josie, Almeda M., and 

Honoria A. 
Forsyth, L. C. 
Foster, Capt. Zebulon 
Sarah W. 
Foss, Thomas and Abigail 

107, iii 

67, viii 

54^:, iv 

31, V 

79. ii 
132, 11 

1, 111 1/ Mary J. 
169, iv-^Fowler, Mary 
54, iii AsaandAlonzo 

115. 1 
142, i 
60, i 
67, viii 
78. i 
2, iv 
62, i 
29, vii 
90, iv 
46, V 
95. v 



•^ Fowler, Edmund B. 145, x 

Frazer. Lilia 108, ii 

Freeman, Eliza 112, vii 
Alonzo, Harriet, Joseph, 

Mary E., and Myra 112. xii 

French, Phebe 15S, ii 

Laura J. 114, iii 

Rebecca and Kincaid 92, v 

Mr. 45, X 

Frink, Alden 145, xi 
Frye. Silas and children, 
Benjamin, Joshua, Eli- 
sha, Hannah, Comfort, 

and Mary 46, vi 

Harvey L. 149, iii 

Fullerton, Martha 104, v 

Robert 135, ix 
[Fullonton, Agnes] ? 
Fullonton, Jeremiah and 
children, George S., 
Jacob F.. Emily, J., 

and John D. 148, i 

Mary 42, ii 

Martha 104, v 

Fuller, Wallace 54, iii 
Furber, Joseph and chil- 
dren, William, Mark, 

Mary A., and John 52, x 
Fusselman, George and 
children, Louisa M. 

and Amanda J. 135, x 

Fyfe, Sarah 164, i 

Gale, Mary 91, iii 

Gait, Ada'D. 127, i 

Gardner, Charlotte 164, ii 

Catharine 64, i 

Garland, Martha 105, i 

Gault, Nancy 127, i 

George, Abigail S. 60, v 

Gentian, Josephine 127, iv 
Gerrish, J. C. and chil- 
dren, Ellen E., Mary 

F., and William F. 84, vi 

Lucinda and Ruth 104, v 
Giddings, Nathaniel and 
children, Dolly, Eli- 
phalet, Polly, Harriet 

A., and Nathaniel 33, v 

Gilder, Bailey and children 106, vi 

Gilderslee, J. M. 108, i 

Gile, Betsey 28, ii 

Gill, Dr. D. W. 164, i 

Gillespie, Samuel P. 135, ix 

Gilman, Betsey — 57, iv 

Caleb and David 6, ii 

Catharine 6, iv 

Elizabeth and Dr. Josiah 12, viii 
Miss 12, iii 

David 12, V 

Col. David and Betsey S. 28, i 
Col. Jacob 

David and children. Mary, 
Hannah, Lydia, Calvin, 
David. Luther, Sarah, 
and Diana 

Elizabeth 12, viii, 17, 1 

Hannah 6, v, 7, vii, 57, v 

Israel and children, Sally 

and Abigail 
Dr. Josiah 
^ Gov. John Taylor and 
children, John T. and 
AnnT., Elizabath T., and 

Mary C. (No. i), 
Levi and children. Bet- 
sey F., John, and Sally 
Mary A. and Freeman 
Lucy P. 
^Col. Nathaniel and chil- 
dren, Nicholas, Sam- 
uel T., Daniel, John T. 
(m. d.), Charles E., 
IVIary O., and Joseph 
Rachel and James 
Sarah 43, 

Thomas and Sarah 
Gilmore, Miss 
Glasebrook, John T. and 

Glidden, Mr. 

Goddard, H. S. and chil- 
dren, Mary S. and Car- 
rie B. 131, viii 
Goodrich, S. P. and chil- 
dren, E. G., Ann M., 
Harriet C, Horace, 
Jane A., George, Char- 
lotte L., Helen, and 
William W. 
Gold (or Gould), Martha 

28, i 

68, ii 
3. i 

28, iii 
12, viii 

33, 11 

33- 111 

57, vu 

57, vi 
103, X 





i, 145, 





, V 





22, 1 
16, vii 



Goodwin, Hollis 
Lucy J. 

Olive and William So, iii, 
Gordon, Sarah 

Dea. Benjamin and chil- 
dren, Calvin, Frances, 
Benjamin F., and Ly- 
dia A. 
John T. and children, 
Sarah F., Emily, Mary, 
Lucv A., and John 
Levi B. 
Gould, Cornelius and chil- 

Silas and children, Chas., 

William O., and Sarah 


Mrs. Martha (Eastman) 

Gove, Mary 

Gray, Mary E. 
Sarah E. D. 
Green, Hannah 
Sarah and Mercy 
Griffin, Lucy 
Grosse, H. N. 
Grover, Josiah and 
dren, Horace E. 
ry J., Cora J. 
Freddie H. 
Sarah (Sally) 



, and 

80, iv 
80, iv 

139. V 

80, iv 

40, i 

90, vu 

98, iii 

149, iii 

69^, iv 

40, i 

III, vi 

84, iii 

16, vii 

28, ii 

18, i 

70, iii 

138, vii 

148, iii 

92, i 

44, vi, ix 

1 12, V 

III, iii 

\4Sa, i 


Hacket, Mr. 
Hackett, E. S. 

Allen and William H. Y. 
Hadley, Ulrich 
Haines, Mrs. Eleanor B. 


Hale, John 

Haley, Sarah O. 
Hall, Phaltiel and Ralph 

Deborah and Joseph 

Edgar and children, Har- 
vey and George Sam- 

Ella D. 

S3. " 
S4a, 11 

44. iii 

159, ii 

52, ix 

105, iii 

105, iii 

54, iii 

99, iii 

105, iii 

I, vii 

12, iii 




, i 














, i 




» 1 










156, IX^ 
131, i 

Hall, Samuel 
Ham, James 
Sarah A. 
Hammond, Sally 

Hamilton, H. H. 
Handy, John N. 
Hanna, Mary E. 
Hanson, Timothy 
Hardy, Thomas and chil- 
dren, Charles C, Laura 
C, Mary L., and W.W. 
Harmon, Emma C. 
Harndon, Clarinda C. 
Harper, John S. 
Harris, Nannie 
Hart, Kinsman and chil- 
dren, John, William, 
Samuel, Nancy, and 
Louisa 57, iii 

Emeline F. 168, i 

Hartford, Abigail 29, v 

Harvey, James and D. L. 13, v 
Patty 39, V 

Sophia E. 153, i 

Haskell, N. R. 108, ii 

Aretas 34, iii 

George D. and children, 
Charles A., Helena V., 
George B., Mary E., 
and Alice L. no, x 

Haskins, Rev. D. G. ;i2, iii 

Hatch, F. D. 103, viii 

Simeon 45, xi 

Haunstein, Augusta iy2a, iii 

Hawkins, Mr. 8, vi 

Hawley, Hannah 172, i 

Hayes, Anson E. and chil- 
dren, Everett A. and 
J. Orley no, ix 

Haynes, Timothy, and 9 

children (No. 134) 68, iii 

Maria, Sally, Achsah, 

Isaac, and Jonathan 134, i 

Polly Y., David ]., and 

Hannah F. 134, vi, ix 

Hayford, Lydia A. 63, i 

Haywood, Betsey 154, ii 

|) John 54«, V 

['JvHeard, Benjamin and Jo- 

^ anna 5, i 












30, viii 


, i 

Head, J. Newell and Alice 

N. 15S, viii 

Helson, M. E. 109, iii 

Hentz, Charles and James 
. Bates 158, iii 

>.Hersey, Mary -^ 1 1 , ii 

^ Betsey 60, ii 

Peter and children, Pe- X 
v/ ter, Polly, Jeremiah, y 
/ Nancy, and Jacob ■ 29, ix 
Heywood, John C. and chil- 
dren, Mary E., Lucy 
M., and John M. 117, viii 

Hicks, Angeline no, v 

Hill, B. M'. and children, 
John F., Edward B., 
Rosilla L., and Carlton 
M. 146,1 

John M., George and 


Rev. George E. 
Hiller, John H. 
- Hilton, Winthropand John 

Edward (Richard), Jo- 
siah, Betsey, Mary, 
and Love 
Hoag, George M. and chil- 
dren, George N., Lu- 
ellan R., Luella L., Is- 
abel, and John F. 
Hobart, Rev. Peter 
■^^Hobbs, J. W. F. and chil- 
dren, John F.and Liz- 
zie Mac 158, vii 
Hodge, George E. and M. 

F. 127, vii 

Hoag. Levi W. and chil- 
dren, George E , Clar- — 
ence B., David F., Al- 
bert B., Frank M., 
and Walter, 167, vi 
Hodgdon, Sally, loi, ii 
Hoffman, Catharine, 94, iv 
Holmes, Isaac, 80, ix 
Holly, Harriet, 20, v 
Holbrook, Mary G., 90, iv 
Hope, Edward H. 98, ii 
Hook, Hannah P. 89, ii 
Hopkins, Marcia A. 123, v 
Lilly 1 62(5, iii 

28, i 

163, vi 
(No. I) 

Holt, Barachias 92, iv 

Hood, Nathaniel 112, iii 

Jonathan and children, 
Elandus, O s a n d e r , 
Marcellus, Rinnaldo, 
Egerton, Alpheus, 
Warrington, Cornelius, 
Augustus, and Rosa- 
bella J. 
Hotchkiss, EJiphalet 
Houstin, Abbie M. 
Howard, H. C. and Bell A. 
Howe, Octavia 
C. O. 
Mary C. 
Lizzie C. 
Hoy, Mary C. 
Hoyt, Joseph and Daniel, 
M. Peaslee 
Hubbard, Sarah 
Wi!li;uri H. 
Hull, Sally 
Humphrey, Milton 
Hudson, T. B. and chil- 
dren, Arthur B., Ma- 
rion S., Annie S., and 
Dunbar H. 
Hunt, Elias W. (and Capt. 
Stephen and children, 
Nathaniel F., Charles 
A., and Mary Ann 44, x 

Susan B. iga, iv 

Simeon and Ruth 55, v 

Hutchins. Sarah 42, iii 

Dorcas O. 79. iii 

Huston, Mr. I43«, w 

Hurd, Rev Isaac 35, iii 

Francis P. 35, iii 

Dr. Edwin, Jr., and Jo- 
seph D. 89, iii 
-^ Anna I27,vi 
Achsa V. 168, i 

Illsley, Joseph R. and 
children, Augusta and 
Josephine, 148, iv 

Irons, Lizzie A. 162, iii 

112, X 
8, iii 

131. I 
100, iii 

63, ii 
103, X 

125, i 
151, vii 

62, V 

24, iv 
57, vii 

163, i 
58^, iv 

69, iv 

loS, i 
iga, V 

37. i 
72, iii 

i7S> 11 
139^, i 



Jackson, Joseph 



Kezar, Mark G. 

169, iii 




Nancy C. 

112, viii 

Susan C. 



Kimball, William 

50, vi 

James, iMary 




73, ii 





36, iv 




Mr. and William 

50, vi 

Jeffers, Nathaniel 



King, Asenath 

54, V 

Jenkins, Nathaniel 



78, iv 

children, Leonard 

, By- 

Klingensmith, Caroline 

^2,S^ iii 

ron, Alice, Menellie, 

Knowles. R. W. 

145, xiv 

and Emogene 



Mary Elizabeth 

153. V 




Knox, Amanda 

54, iv 

Jenness, Joseph and 


dren, Emma, Mary A , 



Ladd, A. W. and Seneca 

94, vii 

and Sarah 0. 



Anna 3, ix, and 12, i 




Ezekiel and children. 

Johnson, Rev. William and 

Lydia, John, Mary, and 





2, i 

Jesse and children. 


38, v 

George E. and Samuel 

Mr. and children, Har- 




vey, Warren, and Hi- 

John and children, Josh- 


39, ii 

ua M., John F., 



6c)a, iv 

B., Sarah A., Julia M., 

Moses H., and Daniel 

A. 94, iii 

John B. and children, 

Richard M., John B., 

Jr., Oilman D., Charles 

C, Lottie, Albert M., 

Sarah A., and Martha 155, i 
Nancy 155, vi 

Simon and children, Pol- 1 . 

ly, William F., Abbie, >v 

David F., and Simon, 

Jr., 58, ii 

Jones, Cordelia E., 135, xi 

Hugh M. and Hughly F., 108, i 
Lucy T. and Benjamin 

H., 167, viii 

Luther, Charles F. 124, ii 

Nancy J. 104. vii 

Nicholas 96, iv 

Judkins, Dea. Joseph 7, iv 

Kennard. Thomas 118, iv 

Kelley, C. 106, viii 

Kenney, Carrie, 93a, iv 

Kerke, 92, iv 

Keyes, Willard and chil- 
dren, Lucy E., Corne- 
lia, Charles W., and 
Sarah F. 98, ii 

Paul and children, Paul, 
Dudley, Lois, Simeon, 
Martha, Nathaniel, Jo- 
siah, Mercy, and Su- 

Sarah and George 
Lakeman, Moses and Mary 

.Lambert, Rev. Robert 
.Lamprey, Betsey ' ' 
Hon. Smith 
Lamson, Samuel 

Land. Alfred J. 
Lane, Sarah and Joshua 
Charles F. and children, 
George C. and Harriet 
James and children, 
William F., Elizabeth, 
Martha, Charlotte, Sa- 
rah, Lydia, Joshua 
James, Josiah, and 
Adaline A. 
Lane, Dea. Joshua and 
children, Jona than, 
Dolly, and Hannah 




, i 



57, viii 






, i 








, i 



170, IV 

47, via 
132, iii 

32, VI 



Lane, Mary 7S, ii 

Miss 78, iii 

Lilian B. 80, vi 

Lapham, George 163,! 

Lane, Mary E. and Charles 125, i 

Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth 153, iii 

Lawnev, Georgina 
Leach, John 

Leavens, Royal and chil- 
dren, John F., Addi- 
son, and Maria S. 
Leavitt. Amanda 

Capt. James and Mary 
John and children, Sa- 
rah and John F. 
Lee, Clarissa 
Leeman, Daniel 
Leighton, Elizabeth 
Benjamin F. 
Lizzie W. 
Leonard, Betsey 
Lewis, Robert and chil- 
dren, Maria, Almira, 
Cornelia, Jane A., Will- 
iam, Caroline, Cathe- 
rine, Elizabeth, and 
George R. 
Libbey, Mary (No. 115) 
Lincoln, Ann G. 
Lingham, Lucy 
Littleheld, Mr. 

Ann and Esther J. 
Nancy J. 
Livermore, Helen S. F. 
Lockwood, Sarah E. 
Julia Ann 
Long, Com. John C. 
Loomis. Chester 

Lord, Abbie K. 
Lougee, Ann 

Benjamin and children, 
Elizabeth. Susan, Ma- 
ry, Abraham, Levi, 
and Julia 

93- III 

153, vi 

68. ii 

22, V 
114, iii 
44, viii 

59. X 
29, iv 

59, vii 

45, XI 

104, vi 

83, X 

48, V 

81, ix 

156, viii 

131, i 

78, ii 

104, vii 

68, iv 

iga. 111 
58, iv 

79, viii 

104, iv 
82, iv 
148, V 

104, vii 

78, i 

153. ii 

117, VI 

163, i 
70, iii 


106, iii 

58^, vi 

13. vi 

55^ IV 

Lougee, Fannie 175, iii 

Julius and children, 
Charles F., Flora, Ina, 
and Hudson 
■' Moses 

Lovren, Ann <— — 
Low, Jacob and children, 
Sarah. Elizabeth, Ma- 
ry, Mehitable, Jacob, 
and Jeremiah 
Lowd, Abigail C. 
Lowry, Eleanor Elizabeth 

Minerva L. 
Lucas. M. A. 
Lutson, M. L. (daughter 

of William) 
Lyford, John 

Lyon. Zebulon 
Lyons. Annie 

McCormick, Elizabeth 

McCoy, James Madison 

McCrary, James 

McDougal, William and 
Robert B. and Hugh 

McFarland, Dr. A. 

McGaffy, Fluria 

Mclntire, Mrs. Mary 

McKee, Moses and chil- 
dren, Eliza, L. A., 
Mary A., John F., Per- 
sis A., Clarissa A., 
and Cyrus F. 

McKeen. Rev. Joseph and 
Susanna S. 

McLean, Allan 

McClelan, William R. 

McPherson, George and 
children, John F., Isa- 
bella, George, Harriet 
B., Matilda, Margaret, 
Elizabeth, and Will- 

McNancey, Marcy 

Maddocks, Nathaniel and 
children, Ellen, Helen, 
and Frank 

Manning, Mary 

Marden, Mary E. 

112, xi 
12, X 
94. V 


19, V 
70, ii 

1X2, V 

143, iv 

142, V 

79. viii 

173. i 

19, iii 

6, V 

no, vi 

76, vii 

72, iii 
154, iii 
135, vii 

153. iv 
153. iv 
93, Vll 
129, iii 

iga, 1 

84. V 
145, xiv 
124, i 

22, VI 
158, xi 

83, ix 

139^. i 
119, i 



Marsh, George and Hugh 
and children, George, 
John, Stephen, James, 
Israel, Sarah, Hugh, 
and Mary i, vi 

J. Lewis and children, 
Genevieve, Winfred, 
and Mildred 174, ii 

Nathaniel 121, ii 

Marshall, Effie 141, viii 

Marston, Mr. and children, 
Hannah, Betsey, James, 
and Nancy 32, vii 

Martin, Ellen 109, ii 

James 45, xi 

George H. 54, iii 

Ophir S. and children, 
Ada E., William O., 
Etta L., and Frank 
H. 175, iv 

Dr. William N. 178, iii 

Marvin, Col. N. and Mary 

M. 108, i 

Mason, Hon. L. D. and -.^ 
children, Samuel W. 
and Levi F. 126, ii 

Masters, Augusta A. 108, i 

Mather, Horace and chil- 
dren, Lewis, Mary, 
Emily, Herman, Eliza, 
Jennie, and Carrie 20, vi 

Mathes, Dea. Daniel 59, ii 

and (No 118) with 
children, Jeremiah, 
Mary A., Thomas B., 
Sarah F., Susan E., 
and Nathan F. 118, i-vi 

Jeremiah M. and children, 
Edwin N., Capt. Geo., 
Henry, Annie F., 
Frank Walter, and 
Susan Helen 74, iii 

Nathan F. and children, 
Francis A. and Ellen 
F. 74, viii 

Matherson, Martha 66, v 

Mead, Joshua S. and 
dauo;hters, M. O. and 
O. A. 115, i 

John and children, Ben- 
jamin, John, Levi, and 
Jeremiah 11, iv 

Mead, Abigail 16, iv 

Melcher, Daniel and chil- 
dren, Daniel F., James 
F., Charles H., Ger- 
shom F., Mary O., 

Lewis, and Edwin F. 90, ix 

Meloon, Orpha 47, vii 

Melvin, Mehitable 64, ii 

Merrick, Charles 67, iii 

Merrill, Luther 60, v 

Eben 167, i 

Louisa 93^;, i 

Edward N. 79, viii 

James 92, i 

Sally 41, ii 
Michener, William R. and 
children, Gertrude, 
Arden, and Winfred 

I73«, iii 
Miller, Jonathan and chil- 
dren, Lydia, John N., 

and David F. 95, ii 

Millard, F. A. 105, i 

Mills, Harriet 109, ii 

Mitchel, Benjamin F. 145, vii 

Monroe, T. H. 162, i 

Montague, Persis 8, ii 
Moody, John, Elizabeth, 

and iVIary 24, i 
Elizabeth 24, vi 
Moore. Eliza A. 104, vii 
Morrison, Capt. J. W. 60, i 
Sally 91, iii 
Hannah 16, i 
Morang, Luke and six chil- 
dren, 122, i 
Moses B. and Abbie J. 122, iii 
Morril, Judith 90, i 
Sarah 93a, ii (i62i>) 
Joseph 41, iv 
Mehitable 96, i 
Sovia 96, vi 
Henry and children, Ma- 
ry, Susanna. Miriam, 
Henry, A]jhia, Sarah, 
and Nathaniel 13, ii 
Morrow, Eben and chil- 
dren, John, Ann, Will- 
iam, and Otis 83, vii 
Morse, S. P. and Charles E. 81, iii 
Nelson 93^, x 
Mary 158, v 
Morton, Lucia D. 92, iii 
Georgiana E. 1 16, ii 



Mosher, Rufus 100, ii 

John and Samuel 79, ix 

Moulton, Newel S. and 
children, Horace W., 
Eliza Jane, Mary Ann, 
Nancy, Charles D.. 
James, Alonzo, and 
Electa A. 103, vii 

David and Mary 41, ii and vi 
Mary 41, ii 

Richard 16, vi 

Eli S. 103, vii 

Mudge, Mary S. 48, v 

Mudget, Hannah 41, xii 

Mulvane, Dr. J. K. and 
children, Albert F. and 
Bessie 143^^5 ii 

Nason, Lucia 62, iv 

Nay, John 82, ix- 

Neal, Nathaniel 48, iv, and 89, i 
Nelson, Dudley and chil- 
dren, Eben B., Josiah 
D., Rufus D., Martha 
A., Sarah F., Mary 
F., Emeline, and Jas. 
F. go, V 

Mrs. Hannah I43«, ii 

John and children, Jona- 
than, Samuel, Lydia, 
Deborah, and Molly 12, ix 

Jonathan and children, 
John, Josiah, Jona- 
than, Nathaniel F., 
Dudley, and Martha 47, ii 

Josiah and children, 
John F., Josiah F., 
Mary C. Susan B., 
Stephen S., Jemima 
Ann. and Martha O. SB, i 

Nathaniel F. and chil- 
dren, Charles, Lydia 
A., and Henry N. 

88, viii, and 90, iv 
Mary, Frances, Martha 

N. 90, ix 

Samuel F., Charles, and 

James 90, xi 

Lydia Ann 154, i 

Nevi'ell, Eliza 62, iii 

Newcomb, Miss 93^, vii 

Flora 129, v 

Newhall, George A. 115, i 

Nichols, Dr. Adam 

Dr. Ichabod 
Nightingale, James W. and 
children, E. Frances 
and Miriam S. 
Noble, Capt. J. and chil- 
dren, Mary F., Joseph, 
Elizabeth S., and Oliv- 
ia F. 
Thomas and daughter 
Norris, Betsey 
Mr. (of Epping) 

Israel and children, Shep- 
ard F., Caroline, and 
Norcross, Lucinda P. 
Northup, Levi M. and 

child, Emma M. 
Norwood, Nathaniel and 
children, George, Will- 
iam, Mary E., and 
Noyes, Abigail 
Richard and William 

Odlin, Anna '^ 

Benjamin and child, Ella 

Winthrop and children, 
Patty, Nancy, Betsey, 
and John F. 
Ordway, Philinda 
Osborn, F. 
Osgood, Leah 

Oxford, John R. and Will- 
iam F. 

Packard, Clara 

Evelyn B. 
Page, Henry F. 

Ruth and Rev. Thomas 

Paine, Catharine 
Palmer, Mary 

Stevens G. 

Viola M. 

98, iv 
33' iii 

158, vii 


















79, viii 

13s, VI 

122, 111 

95, i 

53. vi 

54. iv 
54. iv 

60, i 
158, i 

31, 11 

54, Hi 
68, ii 

57. iv 
91, vi 

71, vi 

105, iv 
168, ii 
164, ii 

S3, ix 
25, ii 

93*^. iv 
82, iv 
86, ii 
140, i 



Palmer, Mahew 68, viii 

Dr. Asher C. and chil- 
dren, Lowell M., Hel- 
en A., Anna G., Julia 
E., Charles L., and 
Frank H. 98, vi 

Mahew and children, 
Martha M., Marv Y., 
Betsey J., L. B'. F., 
and Mahew 138a, iv 

Parker, James, George, and 
Philanda P. 
Parsons, Moses 

John and children, Will- 
iam, Judith. John, Sa- 
rah, Hannah, Lydia, 
Elizabeth, and Joseph 
Lydia and John 
Parry, Hannah 
Patillo, George 
Patten, Mary 

Patterson, Isabella 
Payson, M. A. 
Pearl, Jeremy 
Pearsons, John C. 
Pease, Mrs. Susan 
John Willit 
Peaslee, Sally 

Abigail and Hannah 46, ii, vii, viii 
William and children, 
Eliza, Charles H., Han- 
nah, Charlotte, Ann, 
George L., Martha B., 
and Henry W. 93, vii 

Hannah 46, vii, 46, ii 

Peavey, Allen and Deborah 92, i 
Peirce, Abigail S. and Ol- 
ive B. 6 
Susan C. 
Peirce, Edward 
Pelton, Achsa and Elias 106. ii, v 
Julius and children, Au- 
gustus, Philena, Ly- 
sander, Hannah A., 
WinthropF., and Buel 
B. 106, vii 
Pendleton, Susan 8, iv 

62, iii 
159, vi 
gyi, ix 

45. xi 

93, xiv 

i62i5, vii 

122, iv 

162a, ii 

144. ii 

135, iii 

122, ii 

62, ii 

129, i 

91, iv 

80, ii 

83, i 

126, iii 

41, iii 

iv, viii 

108, i 

176, iii 

154, ii 

Penhallow, Ann W. 

74. 1 

Pennock, Lydia P. 164, iii 

Perkins. Abraham and Abi- 
gail I, ii 
Lt. Jonathan 44, v 
Hannah 92, ix 
Mary 37, i 
Louisa 99, vi 
Pettengil, Abbie H. 63, vi 
Peterson, Agnes 123, v 
Perryman, Mr. 162^, ix 
Philbrick, A. J. 166, i 
Nancy A. 112, viii 
Philbrook, Betsey 40, iv 
Hannah 41, vii 
Mr. 14, iii 
Mary (Polly) 14, i 
Stephen and children, 
James, Stephen, Benja- 
min, Lemuel, and Mary 
A. 40, vi 
Pike, Eliza ., 73, i 
W. W. 92. ii 
Rev. Daniel 60, v 
Pilsbury, Abigail 166, iv 
Elizabeth 82, iv 
Mrs. 82, iv 
Pine, William and chil- 
dren, Frank and Carrie 
M. 122, ii 
Pinkham, Ballard and chil- 
dren, George F., Rich- 
ard H., Thomas J., 
Benjamin F., and Will- 
iam B. 6ga, i 
Mary 6ga, vi 
John S. 62, i 
Pion, Angelica B. 124, iv 
Piper, Carrie 99, vi 
Elisha and children, Ra- 
chel, Susanna P.. Me- 
hitable, and Moses P. 75, v 
Mandania 109. ii 
. Richard W., M. D. 117, vii 
Samuel and cliildren, 
Stephen H., Samuel 
F., Richard U., Sim- 
eon F., Mary B., Anna 
B., Sarah B., Victoria 
F., and Lizzie 59, vi 
Pixley. W. H. and Ruby 142, iii 
Plummer, Jacob and Eva 

Bell 122, ii 

Sally and Nathaniel 75, ii, iv 



Plummer, John, Nathaniel 


Rindge, Olive H. 

33' i 

Sally M.. Nicholas F. 

Thomas W. 

70, i 

Polly P.. Jesse, David 

Robey. Henry and Mary- 

I, i 


7S, iv 

Roberts. Cyrus 

145, viii 

Pool, Albert R. 

135' vi 

George B. 

80, viii 

Poor. Charles 

147. i 

Marv Ann and Sarah 

80, viii 

John and cliildren 

Mary M. 

62, V 

George, Charles, an 


Robinson. Charles and 


30, V 

William B. 

59' V 

Porter. Parthenia 

76, ii 


116, 1 


66, V 

Abigail S. 

89, i 


93, iv 

John 7, 

i, 15, ii 

Powers. Frances E. 

135, vii 

John and children. Me- 

Pratt, Emily 

124, viii 

hitable, Peter, Eliza- 

Ann iM. 

67, vi 

beth, John. Jr., Catha- 

Prentiss, T. B. 

54^, ii 

rine, Daniel, Mary, 

Prescott, Ella P. 

i4Srt, i 

and Hiram 

15' ii 

Laura A. 

150. 1 

Henry E. 

92, i 

Martha P. and Violona 

91, iii 


58. i 


42, V 

Olive' B. 

73' vi 

Priest, Sarah E. 

79, viii 

Sarah 31, vi, 

124, iii 

Prince, Thirza N. 

139a, i 

Shadrach and children, 

Purget, Sidney 

124, ix 

Jeremiah, Shadrach, 

George, James 

30, vi 

Quincy, E. H. and Sarah 

59' i 


145, iv 

Quimby, Stephen and Am- 

Rockwell (Rockwood), Lu- 


39' ^'ii 


III, ii 

Lucy A. 

79' ix 

Rogers, F. P. 

145, vi 

Martha and William 

79' i' iv 


Lawrence and children, 

120, vii 

Radcliff, George K. 

138, vi 

Charles E., Lydia E., 

Randal, Elder 

52, iii 

Albert L., and Alfred 

Rand, Mary (Polly) 5, 

i' 43' iv 


123, vi 

Randolph, Mrs. Mary L. 

121, i 

Rohrer. Annie M. 

147' vi 

Ranlet. Rhoda 

73- i 

Ross, Adaline 

146, iii 

Rathbone, Mary 

1 13, ii 

Rowe, Sarah 

37. vi 

Rawiings, Benj. (Rollins) 

Sarah F. 

6ga, vi 

and children, Maria F., 


89, V. 

Sally. Charles A., Han- 

Rugg. Levi and children. 

nah F. 

57. i 

George, John F., and 

Rawiings (Rollins), Joanna 5. i 

Elizabeth F. 

22, iv 

Rawson. L. L. 

104, iv 

Rundlet, James 

10, iv 

Rollins, Miss 

105, iv ; 


57, iv 

Reed, Edwin 

136. iii 

Daniel and children, 

Rice. Mary and Fannie 

III. V 1 

Henry and Sarah E. 

84, i 

Rich, Mr. 

93^, xii 

Runnels. Nathaniel and 

Richards, Sally 

104, viii 

children, Nathaniel. L. 


III, viii 

F., John. Roxanna, 

Richardson, P. 

94. ii 

Samuel N., Josiah 

Lizzie Cora 

163. ii 


29, V 


18. i 

Rust. Rev. H. and Elea- 

Ring. P. R. 

149, iii : 


18, iii 

Rebecca B. 

163, il 


29, V 



Rust, Sarah M. 104, iv 
Nathaniel and children, 

Hannah and Lydia 104, iii 

Mary 104, i 

Rutherford, George V. 98, ii 

Sabine, Mary B. 176, iv 
Safford, J., Sarah E., Jo- 
seph H. 90, vi 
Sage, Abigail 73, ii 
Saladay, Calvin and Lemuel 72, iii 
Sanborn, Abigail 91, ii 
Calvin J. and Lucretia 91, iii, i 
Mrs. Elizabeth 7, vii 
Hannah and William 15, iii 
Mr. 18, i 
Hannah M. 159, v 
[Jeremiah and ciiildren, 

James and Hiram 50, iii] 
Lucy (No, 129) 66, iii 

Melvina 159, vii 

Polly H. 143a, i 

Polly F. 75, ii 

Samuel 6, i 
Sanders, J. P. and child, 

Sarah F. 161, i 
Sargent, Isaac 102, iii 
Martin 54, iii 
Saunders, Susan 89, i 
Warren y^^ vi 
Savage, Ruth 105, i 
Sawin, Harriet (No. 100) 48, v 
Sawyer, Deborah 124, v 
David 96, V 
Scates, Dea. 37, v 
Scott, Jane 135, v 
Scribner, Hubbard 145, i 
Scrogs, George 162, i 
Seavey, Mary Anne 74, v 
Sennet, Deborah 61, iv 
Severance, Ira 146, v 
Sewall, Rev. William 131, iv 
Mary 3, ii 
Seward, E. J. 71, iv 
Shackford, Mrs. Maria P. 59, v 
Shaw, Abigail 126, v 
Caroline F. and Rev. Jer- 
emiah 87, i 
Eliza 124, iii 
John and children, Will- 
iam, Smith, Polly, 
Nancy, Betsey, Abi- 
gail, and Sally 31, iii, iv 

Shaw, Henry, William P., 

Ann, &c. 

^37, i 

Nathaniel H. 

63, vii 

Sheafe, Hannah 

70, iv 

Shepard, Nancy (Anna) 

44, ix 

Maj. Richard 

28, iii 

Sheldon, A. W. 

81, iv 

Silsby, Benjamin 

36, iii 

Simpson, Martha 

109, i 

Sinclair, James, Benjamin, 

and Henry 

17, ii 

Sinkler, Eben and Richard 

12, xii 

Skinner. James H. and chil- 

dren. Belle, Mary, and 

James ] 

72a, iv 

Sleeper, John S. 

70, ii 

Sloan, Christie 

169, i 

Slocum, Lydia A. 

III, v 

Smart, Charles H. and chil- 

dren, Ann M. and 

Charles Ellis 

126, iii 


52, iii 


18, i 

Robert and children. 

Robert, Jr., Charlotte, 

and Jacob 

52, vi 

Smith, Abigail (and The- 


12, i 

Anna (No. 103^ 

51, vi 

Rev. B. B. and Edwin A. 

176, ii 

Catharine (Katy) 

37, iv 


12, iv 


II, iii 


29, ii 


[54, vii 

Georgie E. 

60, iv 

Dr. Henry J. 

98, ii 

Hiram C. 

168, ii 


88, iii 


145, vi 


18, i 

Leonard B. and children. 

L. F., Ada E., and 


73- V 

Martha J. 

168, ii 


32, iv 

Mary 37, vii, i 

59, viii 

Oscar H. and children, 

Ellis J. and Minerva 1 

41, vii 


54, iv 

Samuel B. and children. 

Katie, Olive, Louisa, 

and James 

73, vi 



163, iii 

109, i 

12, i 

76, ii 

155. vi 

104, iv 

92, ii 

8, iv 

176, i 
124, i 

135.. ii 

60, iv 

102, iii 

12, iv 

124, ii 

126, i 
(93«) 45, X 


Smith, Sarah 
Sarah Y 

Thomas and daughter, 
Urana A. 

Soden, Harriet 

Soule, Cordelia 

Southard, Samuel 

Spalding, Rev. Benjamin P. 
and children, Burleigh 
F., Lizzie L.. John N., 
and Phebe E. 
Reuben A. 

Spangenberg, E. J. 

Speed, Edith A. 

Spofford, Webster 

Sprague, Mary 

Stannard, Lucas K. 

Stanley, Nehemiah and 
children, Nehemiah. 
Levi, and Joanna 

Staples, Polly 

Stephens, S. B. 

Stephenson. James 
children. Susan 
DeWitt C, Harriet 
N., and William H. 124, ii 

Stedman, Matilda 123, vii 

Stein, Frank 103, viii 

-f- Stevens, Nathaniel and 
children, John, Abi- 
gail, Catharine, Sam- 
uel, Mehitable, Jona- 
than, Benjamin, and 
Caroline V. 

Samuel B. and children, 
Samuel F., Elizabeth 
E., Nancy T., and 
Solon B. 

Steward, Emily 

Stirling, Sir John and 
children, Mary, Jane, 
Elizabeth, Alexander, 
Barbara, John, Sir 
Samuel, George, Mar- 
garet, James, Ann, 
William, Robert, Jo- 
seph, Sarah, and Dun- 
das (No. 21) 8, viii 

Stockman, Robert, Johana, 

and Mary 3, v 


3. Ill 

127, ii 

35> IV 
82, ix 
67, vi 

Stockbridge, Charles and 
children, Ella E., Geo. 

H., and Mary E. 156, i 

Stone, Melissa 72, iii 

Mary and Samuel 112. iv 

Miss 93(2, iii 
Stoughton. George E. and 

Mary F. 174, iii 

Stovveli. Mary A. 137, iii 

Stoodley, Mary 33, i 

Streeter, Mary E. 100, i 

Sullivan, Jennie 80, iii 

Sutphen, Eliza 1 12, i 

Sutton, Mr. (of Northfield) 51, v 

Swazey, Hannah 43, vii 

Lucretia 47, vi 

Thomas 36, v 

Mary P. 125. iii 

Sweet. Sarah T. 124, iii 
Swett, George W. and chil- 
dren, Maud S. and Love 

Leavitt 122, ii 

Dr. Moses 931^, iii 

Sally 91, v 

Nancy 92, ii 

Mr. 45, viii 
Sydings, Susan (No. 140) 71, v 

Tarbel, Hannah 123, iv 
Tash, Mr. 59, iv 
Nancy 60, iv 
Tasker, Fannie 63, vi 
Tasker, Louise J. 140, i 
Taylor, Miss 7, vi 
Miss 66, ii 
Betsey 48, iii 
Jerusha 91, vii 
Taylor, Rev. James and 
children. Smith, John 
W., Charles W., Wil- 
bur F., and Harvey B. 72, iv 
Dr. James L. and child, 

Katie 141, iii 

Wesley E. and John B. 141, iii 

Mary H. 113, i 

Mercy 13, vii 

Tebbets, Adaline 163. iii 

Laura 144, iv 

Lois 97, i 

Tidd, E. Elizabeth 135, viii 

Tilton, Joseph 35, i 

Capt. S. D. 82, viii 

Mary (Locke) 60, iv 



Titcomb, Lydia 62, ii 

Titus, Jonah and Phebe B. 

F. 127, iii 

Eleanor 127, viii 

Thing, Mr. 58^, vii 

Anna 12. vi 

EHzabeth 15, iv 

Joseph and children, 6, iii 

Josiah and children, 
Henry. Mary, Augusta, 
and Webb •]■] , vi 

Thirston, John 16, ii 

Thomas, S. B. and chil- 
dren, Ada and Herman 164. iii 
Thompson, Abraham 49, iv 

George 120, viii 

William and Nancy J. 58, i 

Marianna 174, i 

Thomas, Mary Ann 127, v 

Nancy ' 39, i 

Susie 131, V 

Thornton, Emily 106, iv 

Phebe 106, i 

Tiiurlow, R. 118, iii 

Thurston, Daniel, Eliza- 
beth, and Mary J. 48, vii 
Mary 80, iii 
Tomlinson, Abraham, Eliza- 
beth, and Anna 8, i 
Tolherly, Samuel, Rufus, 

and Hannah 94, ix and x 

Towle, Betsey 91, iv 

Lucretia 58^, i, and No. 115^ 
Townsend, L. A. 168, i 

Tracy, Rev. C. B. and Ed- 
win S. B. 22, xi 
Treadaway. William T. 135, vii 
Tredick, Caspar Morris 74, viii 
Trundy, Lucy J. 74, vi 
Tucker, Fanny J. 170, iii 
Turner. r,Betsey 42, iii 
Tuttle, Winthrop and Car- 
rie B. loi, ii 
Catharine 104, i 
Twining. Mrs. Mary no, vi 
Twombly, H. D. 103, ii 

Underbill, D. T. 64, ii 

Underwood. H. 166, ii 

Upton, Louisa P. 70, viii 

Elias A. and children, 

Clara E., Joseph F., 

and George A. 130, iii 

Upton, Hannah (Mrs.) 

99. "• 

Vanderpool, Rachel L. 123, iv 

Varney, Anstrus 67, vi 

Elizabeth (daughter of 

Simeon) 168, iii 

R. 67, vi 

Veasey, Sarah (No. 30) 11, viii 
Stephen 76, vi 

Voorhees, Augustus and 
children, f^rancis J., 
Mary E., Laura A., 
Charles A., Gertrude 
E., and Fannie E. 175, v 

Wadleigh, Eunice 

75' ii 


Waite, E. G. 

93^» ii 

44, ii 

141, iv 

Walker. Frank E. 

104, vi 

Walker, A. Marcia 

138, i 


139^, i 

Wallace, William and Ma- 
ry M. 94, vii 
Wannemaker. Calvin 13^, ix 
Ward, Sam. D. 108, ii 
Waterhouse, Rosa 104, viii 
Elizabeth 104, iv 
Watkins, Allie 141, v 
Watson, Dolly 102, iii 
C. E. 154, i 
Sarah (Sally) and Ben- 
jamin 53, i 
Sarah A. and Hon. A. B. 86, iv 
Watts, Fred 67, vi 
Webb, Eunice 124, i 
Converse L. and chil- 
dren, Walter and John 124, i 
Nellie S. 103, x 
Webster. Elizabeth 15, iv 
Lsrael, Jr., 64, i 
Fannie E. no, vi 
Wedgewood, Harriet 43, i 
Olive 43, i 
Harriet 84, viii 
Jesse (No. 93c;) and chil- 
dren 45, xii 
Mehitable, Sarah, Eliz- 
abeth, Jesse, Mary, 
Hannah, Susan, and 
Thatcher G. 931^, i-ix 
William 58<s:, viii 
Weed, Harvey 163, iv 



Weeks, John and Joanna 


Molly (Mary) 54, 111 

Weir, John 162^, vii 

29, VI 
50, V 

Welch, M. Elizabeth 

Weld, John and children, 

Charles E., Lizzie F., 

and John H. 

Wells, Sarah 

Welts, John 

Wentworth, A. J., 

children, Charles 

and Fred P. 

West, Mary 

Westcot, Lucy 

Stephen B. and children, 
Ernest, Mabel L., Al- 
va, and Brooks 
Weymouth, George and 
children, James, John, 
George, Jr., Joseph, 
Daniel, Betsey, Han- 
nah, Abigail, Anna, 
Huldah. Mary, and 
Hannah F. 

George, 54, i, and chil- 
Miss Weymouth, 
Huldah F., Hannah F., 

and Phebe 
Daniel F., Mary F., and 
Abbie F., 
Wharf, Rachel and Isaac 
Wheeler, Miss 
Whipple, Asenath 
White, Frank M. 

Rev. James B. and chil- 
dren, Clara E., Sarah 
E., Harry H., Alfred 
A., Azariah L., Arthur 
W., and Louisa D. 
Capt. Henry 
Homer and children, 
Aurelia and Stella 
Whiting, Julia F. 
Whitney, Martha 
Hannah and Nathan 
John C. and Amos 
Whitman, Nellie S. 

88, V 




, 1 






. ii 





156^, i 

24, vu 

54. V 
54a, 11 
163, i 

54^, i-vii 
45> X 

54a, i 

S4a, vii 

116, ii 

8, iii 

126, iii 

81, viii 












, i 





Whittier, L M. and Nancy B. 149, ii 
Whittle, Thomas and chil- 
dren, William, Thom- 
as P., Joshua F.. Dav- 
id F., Hannah F., 
Martha A.. Mary E., 
and Emma J. 94, viii 

Wilding, Alice 123, ii 

Wiggin, Charles and 
Charles H. 


Anna W. 

Mary A., 


Thomas and Martha 
Willard, Sybil 
Willey, Joanna 

Daniel S. 
Williams, Helen 
Wilson, Matilda 
Wingate, John P. 
VVinkley, Mark and Mary 
Winship, Elizabeth 
Winter, Julia E. 
Winthrop, M. C. 
Wolcot, B. F. 
Wood, Henry -X. 

Maria L. ' 

Woodcock, B. M. 
Woodruf, Mary 
Woodward, Caroline 
Wooster, Aldney 
Wright, E. G. 
Wvman, Mary J. 
Wyckoff, Ella 

Yalalee, Robert 
Young, James 

Thomas, Joseph, and 

John 7, v 

Thomas and Joseph and 

children, 1 1, vii 

Benjamin, Jeremiah, 

John, and Sarah 29a, i-v 

Joseph and children, 
Henry, Nancy, and 











II, viii 



24, viii 






, i 








, i 



93. xiv 


, 1 




, i 




) * 


» *■ 












44. iii 


32, i 


103, viii 

Yeardsley, M. A. 

» 164, i 

York, John 

7. ii 


To Christian Names of Persons named Folsom. 

The Figjtres refer [to the number of the family ; the Rcrnian Nu>iU7-als to the order of 

names in the family. 







Aaron L.'^, Dr. 

Abbie L.s 

Abia^ (and Abiel) 


Abbv W.'^ 

Abbie Ann** 























76, iv 

149, iii 

41, iv 

45, X 
145^, ii 
149, i 

79' vii 
38, V 
3, i, and 7, iv 
V, and 12, xi 

8, V, 24, ii 

gaiF 28, iii, 37, v, 53, ii 

gail^ 8, iii, 46, ix 

gail*^ (Nabby) 59, x, and 105, ii 
56, vii, 78, iv, 79, V 
83, ix, 94, vi, 95, i 
106, vii 
54, i, 58^, 
67, ix, III, ix, 136, ii 
142, v 
120, xi 
96, i 
167, v 

147- i 
96, iv 
3, vi 

10, ii 
24, V 


55, ii 

56, iv 
58, iv 
112, i 

62, iv. III, viii 


gail B.' 
gail P ' 

gaii Pillsbury^ 

gail M.« 
Abraiiam^ (No. 10) 
Abraliam* (No. 25) 
Abraliam^ (No. 55) 
Abrahami^ (No. 58) 

Abraham^ (No. 115) 
Abraham', Rev. 

Abraham D.'^ 115, iii 
Abraham^, Rev. (No. no) 54, vii 
Abraham* 110, iv, 62, vii 

Abraham F.'' 1 10, ii 

Abraham Harvey^ 58, i 

Abraham W.^ 62, iv 

Ada A." T},, vi 

Ada A. 8 104, iv 

Ada Sybil^ 150, ii 

Ada V.3 127, ii 

Ada R.« 173, i 

Adalaide C.^ \6zb, vi 

Adaline*' 73, vii 

AdalineM.8 58,1 

Addie S.^ 163, iii 

Adele^ 123, v 

Adelbert** 1 11, x 

Agnes M.8 67, viii 

Alanson'' 154, i 

Aldora N.^ 104, vii 
Albert'^ 57, v, 116, ii, 141, v 
Albert^ 141, v, 13;, vii 
Albert A.e, Rev. (No. 100) 48, v 

Albert Gallatin^ 73, vi 

Albert Thomas'' 100, i 

Albert C.^ 174, v 

Albert Alonzo^ 152,! 

Albert D. 8 in, v 

Albert H.^ 163, iii 

Albert M.^ 166, iv 

Albert N.^ 163, ii 

Albert R. P.* 135, xi 

Albert M.9 116, ii 

Aldora N.^ 104, vii 

Alexander® 22, xiii 

Albion P. 8 162^, V 



Albion C.s 

Allen Perez^ 

1 10, vi 

93a, ill 

93, iv 

54. 11 

Almira'^ S7, v, 139, viii, 159, ii 

Almira H.^ 163, i 

Alice'' 142, viii 

Alice A. 8 175, X 

Alice Crosette^ 127, vi 

Alice Eugenia^ 135, xi 

Alice E.^ 131, V 

Alice Irene^ 105, 

Alice 0.8 62, vii 

Alice E.3 116, i 

Alice Maud^ 154, 

Alice S.9 178, 

Alison^ 174, i 

Alison G.8 109, i 

Alonzo William'' 104, iv 

Alpha D.** 133, i 

Alpheus L.8 ii5«, viii 

Alva'' 57, V 

Alvira M.'' 167, ii 

Alvin'' 93«, 

Amanda'' 129, vi 
Amanda^ 54, v, 150, 

Amanda B.^ 133, v 

Amanda M. 8 174, ii 

Amanda Stone^ I75ii 

Amelia S.^ 174, i 

Amos*^ 55, i 

Amos'' 149, 

Amos O.'' 79, ix 

Amy Sarah^ 151, ii 

Amy^ 151, vi 

Andrew* (No. 49) 
Andrew^ (No. loi) 
Andrew^ (And.S) 
Andrew J.^ 
Andrew P.^ 
Anna^ (Nancy) 

18, iii 

49. iii 
loi, ii 

^77.. i 
62, viii 

I72«. ii 

12, V 

44. ii 

AnnaS 25, iii, 33, v, 35, i, 49, i 

Anna^ 8, i, 52, ii. 53, vi 

Anna^ 54, ix, nja, ii, 57, ii 

Anna'' 54, i 

Anna^ 62, viii, 109, i 

Anna G.'' 84, v 

Anna S.^ 94, ii 

Anna Smith'' 143, vi 

Anna M.'' 103, x, 57, iv, 130, iv 

Anna A. 8 79, viii, 122, ii, 165, vii 

Anna Elizabeth^ 135, vii 

Anna M.** 141, viii 

Anna Wendell^ 143, iv 

Ann* II, vii 
Ann^ 24, ii, 36, iv 

Ann B.5 31, vii 

Ann^ (Nancy) 30, vii 

Ann*' 22, i 

Ann^ 176, i 

Ann Elizabeth^ 74, iii 

Ann Elizabeth'' 166, i 

Ann R.'^ 98, vi 

Ann M.'' S7 ^ iv 

Ann S.® 103, iii 

Ann Quincy'' 117, v 

Ann Oilman'' 145, iii 

Annie'' 54, iii 

Annie^ 135, xi 

Annie A.^ 153, i 

Annie L.*^ 146, iii 

Annie Maria^ 154, i 

Annis R.'^ 174, iv 

Araspus'^ (No. 20) 8, iv 

Arthur^ 33, vi 

Arthur*' and Arthur'' 70, v 

Arthur'' Rev. 127, v 

Arthur'^ 107, i 

Arthur Adams^ 100, i 

Arihur C' 81, viii 

Arthur C.^ 105, i 

Arthur E.^ 109, i 

Arthur Edward^ 153, iii 

Arthur Oilman^ 153, i 

Arthur L.^ 1 154, ii 

Arthur M.^ 162^, iv 

Arthur N.^ 163, ii 

Arthur S.^ 103, x 

Arthur S.* 90, ii 

Asa*^ 45, X 

Asa^, Capt. (No. 59) 28, ii 
Asa^ (No. 113) 55, vi, 59, viii 

Asa'' loi, ii 

Asahel Blake*' 53, vi 

Asahel Blake'' 107, ii 

Augusta^ 124, i 

Augustine H.^ 104. iv 

Austin'' 66, v 

Austin 0.3 1 14, iii 

Azuba^ iga, i 

Belinda B.'' 

loi, 11 
T05, iv 



Belle F.8 60, iv 

Betsey Smith" 

loi, ii 

Beliza H." iga, iv 

Betsey .Smith^ 

93> X 

Benjamin^ (No. 17) 6, vi 

Betsey Smith*' (Elizabeth) 63, iii 

Benjamin,^ Capt. (No. 40) 13, vii 

(No. 123) 

Benjamin^ 14, ii 


46, iii. 51, V 

Benjamin^ (No. 6ga) 32, iii 


94, i, 97, ii 

Benjamin^ (No. 79) 41, i 


104, V 

Benjamin^ 45. i 


58^:, i 

Benjamin^ (No. 96) 46, vii 

Blanche S.* 

127, ii 

Benjamin^ 48, ii 

Burton E.^ 

173. i 

Benjamin^ (b. 1761) 50. x 


III, iii 

Benjamin^ (John^) 45. x 

Benjamin^ 6ga. vi 


61, V 

Beniamin^(b. 1794) (No. 139) 69. iv 


III, viii 

Benjamin'' 65, iii 


47, vi 

Benjamin*' (b. 1778) (No. 145) 77. ii 


104, V, 145, i 

Benjamin^ (b. 1804) 78. v 


122, ii 

Benjamin^ (b. 1774) 93, iv 

Caroline F.'^ 

132, iii 

Benjamin" 93, iv. 43, vii 

Caroline S." 

79, viii 

Benjamin'' (Mk®) 93(7, vi 

Caroline P.* 

127. ii 

Benjamin"(b. 1S09) (No. 153) 87. iii 



Benjamin' (No. 177) 113, ii, 120, x 

Carrie E.^ 

119, ii 

Benjamin" 139, x 

Carrie L.* 

76, ii 

Benjamin F. W.'' 148, v 

Carrie M.* 

123, vii 

Benjamin F. 8 178^,177, v 

Carrie W.* 

79, vii, 149. ii 

Benjamin F.^ 178. i 

Carrie MJ 

109, ii 

Benjamin G ^ 89, v 

Carrol H.'' 

103, X 

Benjamin F.'^ 165, vi, 157, vii 

Carrol L.* 

103, X 

Benjamin F.'^ 79, viii 


15, vi 

Benjamin G "^ 57. iv 


22, iv 

Benjamin L." 145, xii, 81, viii 


44. ii 

Benjamin R." (No. 177) 113, ii 


58^:. iii, 81, vi 

Benjamin Mead" 166. iv 


64, i, 141, ii 

Benjamin A.* 80, iii 

Catharine E.' 

1 7 1 , V 

Benjamin P.^ 76, ii 

Catharine Houg 

hman" 165, v 

Bertha S.* loi, ii 

Catharine Elizai 

jeth* 165, vii 

Bertha Fanny^ I75. iii 


105, i 

Bertie L.^ 60, iv 

Chandler R.^ 

152, i 

Bethena^ 83, x 

Charles" 47, 

vi, 73, ix, 104, vhi 

BetseyS 24, iv, 35, iii 

Charles' 43. iii. 

67,111,90, X, 137. ii 

Betsey^ 40, vi, 52, viii 

Charles" 84, v 

, (No. 151), 90, viii 

Betsey^ 39, vi. 45, x, 57, viii 

105, iv 

Betsey^ 59, ii, (No. iiS), 60, v 

Charles" 127, 

ii, 129, iii, 164, iii 

Betsey^ 61, iii, (No. 121) 

Sga, vi 

(No. 138), 68. vii 


20, v, 123, vii 

Betsey^ 83, vi, 102, i, 106, vi 


104, viii, 128, i 

Betsey'^ 57, iv, 79, viii 


62, ii 

Betsey'^ 112, vi, 120. viii 

Charles^ (Abr.) 

no. iv 

Betsey Ann* 58. i 

Charles A." 

20, i, 108, i 

Betsey E.* 135, iii, iv 

Charles A.* 

124, iii, 167, vii 

Betsey F." 165. ii 

Charles B." 

124, viii, 131, ii 

Betsey Jane* 54, iii 

Charles B.* 

175, i 

Betsey Lavinia'^ 171, vii 

Charles B.9 

177, ii 



les C^ 
les C.^ 
les Dudley" 
les David« 
les E.'^ 
les Edwin^ 
les Edwin'^ 
les E.^ 
les E.o 

79, viii, 132, i 

ij2a, ii 

99, i, 88, _ V 

1 12, viii 

160, V 

88, V 

158, ii. 62, ii 

156(7, iii, 166, iii 

173. i 

137, iii 

Dr. 143. V 

es Fremonf^ 150, i 

es Franklin'^ 158, xi 

es H.' 89, i, (No. 156^) 104, vi 

les Edgar^ 
les F.''. 















































Clara A.« 

Clara Cornelia" 

Clara Elizabeth' 

Clara Josephine'^ 

Clara Octavia'' 

Clara P.^ 

Clara R.s 

les H.T 
les H.« 
les Joseph^ 
les Ingals* 
es Lane^ 
es M.8 
es N.8 
es E.s 
es P. 8 

es Richard'^ 
es Rogers^ 
es W.^ 
es W.3 
es William^ 
es W. H.8 
es Wells^ 
es William^ 
es William^ 
es W.« 
otte B.'^ 
otte Ellen" 
otte L.8 
otte Winship 

98, V, 104, Vll 

154. i 

164, i 

109, i 

98, i 

108, i 
163, iii 

167, ii 

163, i 

140, ii 

175, iii 

80, vi 

67, viii, 1 16. vii 

140. ii, 140, i 

124, vi 

60, iv 

Col. 151, i 

109, i 

123, vii 

39' iv 

43, vii. 87, iv 

90, viii, 145, X 

93«, xi 

158, v 

155. ii 
156. viii 

159' i 
130, iii 

54' ii 
67, iii 

I [ I, X 

1 12, vii 

123, ii 
175. iii 

130, i 
175' X 

124, vi 
151, vii 

124, i 


Clarence E.^ 

Clarence Harvey^ 


Clarissa A ^ 

Clarissa Edna'^ (No. 

Clarissa Elizabeth*^ 



Cora Belle^ 

Cora Belle^ 


Cora Malinda^ 




Cyrus Bushnel^ 

Cyrus G.6 

Daisy Elizabeth^ 
Daniel'' (No. 24) 
Daniel^ (No. 54) 

67, i-x. 

172a, iii 
164, iii 

43' iv, 54' ii 
63, ix 







Daniel E.' 

Daniel H.' 

Daniel L.'' 

Daniel W.'^ 

Daniel Warren^ 

Daniel Warren** 

Danforth T.8 


David^, Maj. (No. 53) 

Davids (No. 64) 

Davids Jr. 

Davids, Dea. (No. 81) 

David'', Dea. 




David'. Jr. 

David' (b. 1839) 


David B.8 

David Edwin' 


David M.6 

David N.8 

David P.' 

David J. e 

David S.8 

43' 111 
168, i 
164, i 
79, ix 

139' V 

154, vii 

112, viii 

150, ii 

54' i 
8, iv 

V' 93' ii 
135, V 
77, iv 

108, i 
10, i 
24, i 

54, i, s^^ i' 58^' i 
54, iii. III, V. 79, i 

54' ii' 139. vi 

135' iv 

167, viii 

163, iii 

76, viii 

116, viii 

158, ii 

ii5«, xi 

76, ii 

8, iii 

19, vi 

30, ii 

53' iv 

41, vii 

41, ii 

54. iii 

66, V, 94, xi, 106, i 

163, V 

54, iii, 66 V 

127, viii 

93^:, V 

148, ii 

167, viii 

127, viii, 163, i 

81, vii 

163, iii 

92, ix 

80, vi 

112, viii 



David W.9 



Deborah G.^ 

Deborah LJ 

De Frankus^ 





DeWitt C.^ 

Dexter E.^ 









Dorothy A.'' 

123, 11 

33, iii, 47, viii 

48, vii, 49, vii 

70, vii 

158, X 

120, xii 

82, ix 

82, iv 

2, vi 

III, viii 

130, vi, 136, vi 

173. i 

23, viii, 32, V 

1 12, ii 

112, vii, 153, V 

176, ii 

33, vii 

70, iii, 79, 11, 81, 11 

91, viii 

91, iv, 139, iv 

161, iv 

127, i 

19, vii 

47, vi 

Dorothy J.^ 

Dudley* (or Nathan) 


Dudley" (No. 169) 99, viii, 91, iv 

Dudley'' 57, v 

Dudley C." 57, v 

Dulcina^ in, viii 

Dustin A.'' 100, iv 

Earl D.9 
Ebenezer CJ 
Edith May9 
Edith L.9 
Edna G.^ 
Edmund H. 
Edmund F.* 
Edmund J.'' 
Edmund RJ 
Edwin W.^ 
Edward O.^ 
Edward HJ 
Edward H.^ 
Edward L.^ 
Edward L.^ 
Edward P.'^ 





2, ii 

2, V 

ii, 139, ii 

103, x 

^37, ii 

no, vi 

1623, iv 

164. i 

loi, ii 

117, ix 

157, iv 

157, iv 


50, i 

123, vi 

123, vi 
123, i 
123, i 
143, i 

Edwin S 



Edward Swasey^ 

Elbridge G.^ 

Elbridge Gerry'' 




Eleanor Titus^ 

Eleanor Jane^ 

















III, V, 167, vii, 143, ii 
90, X, 92, ii, 105, i 

II I, V 

153, iii 
91, 111 

89, V 

42, i, 49, iv 

18, i, loi, i 




jah^ (No. 173) 

jah E.7 

phalet^ (No. 82) 


phalet E.'' 

phalet F.'' 

phalet S.'' 




zabeth^ 28, i, 30, viii, 38, vii 31, iv 

zabeth^ 50, viii 

zabeths 35, iii, 36, v, 37, ii, 48, vi 

44, V 
Elizabeth^ 23, ii, 49, i 

Elizabeth'' 43, ii, 55, v, 22, ii, 93, xii 

61, V 

127, iii 

135, vii 

83, V 

54, iv 

157, i 

II I, i 

171, iii 

42, ii 

82, vi 

148, ii 

82, viii 

148, iii 

6, i, 7, i 

12, xi, II, iii 

15, ii, 16, ii 

Elizabeth'' 43, iv 

65, iii, 90, viii 

122, iii 


93, iv 

Elizabeth'' 126, i 

135, x, 142, iii 


60, iv, 147, iv 

Elizabeth H.e 

103, ix 

Elizabeth H.'' 

146, i 

Elizabeth Ann^ 

126, iii 

Elizabeth F.^ 

117, vii 

Elizabeth T.^ 

158, i 

Elizabeth S. (Betsey)" (No. 


63, iii 

Elizabeth S.'' 

90, ii 

Elizabeth Jane^ 

135, V 

Elizabeth Sarah'' 

157, viii 


77, iii 

Elisha^, Rev. 

112, viii 


112, ix 

Eliza F.^ 

108, ii 

Eliza H.8 

103, ix 

Eliza" 70, 

ii, 71, iii, 73, iv 


123, iv 

Eliza Ann'' 

60, i 



Eliza AJ 
Eliza A"' 
Eliza Ann'' 
Eliza C.^ 
Eliza jane^ 
Eliza F.^ 
Eliza M.8 
Eliza M.^ 
Eliza Ann^ 

Ella Adas 
Ella A.8 
Ella Frances* 
Ella L.8 
Ella J.8 

Ellen Amelia^ 
Ellen Elizabeth'' 
Ellen L.8 
Ellen M.^ 
Ellen M.8 
Ellen M.8 
Ellen SJ 
Elma A. 8 
Elma Elizabeth^ 
Elsie Baker* 
Emeline S.* 
Emery B. 
Emily A.* 
Emily J.* 143(7, 
Emily Laura* 
Emily O."' 
Emory B.'' 
Emma A.^ 
Emma B.* 
Emma Chloe* 
Emma Eliza^ 
Emma F.* 
Emma Frances* 
Emma Maud* 

102, 111 

73, i, 103, X, 60, i 

93» ii. 93«' xii 

175, iv 

155, iii 

124, i 

20, iii 

112, vii 

60, ii 

91, vii 

123, iv 

60, iv, 123, vii 

1 12, vii 

139. V 

154, ii 

80, iii 

123, vii 

156(2, V 

164, i 

67, ix, 164, i 

175, viii 

137, iv, 99, V 

109, ii 

143, viii, 158, xii 

147. V 

159' i 
132, vi 

146, v 

135, viii 

162, iv 

157, iv 
41, ii 
168, i 
108, i 

164, iii 

128, i 

20, ii, 82, iv 

20, V, 168, i 

107, ii 

ii, 148, iii, 177, iii 

175. V 
99, vi 
128, i 
31, ii 

105, iv 
178, i 

loi, ii 


112, viii 

149, iii 

158, xi 
80, iii 
29, vii 

Enoch'' 120, ii 

Enoch'' 68, i 

Enoch Leonard'' 135, iii 

Enoch W.* 133, iv 

Enos'' (No. 175) U2, iv 

Ephraim^ (No. 7) i, vii 

Ephraim* (No. 18) 7, vi 

Ephraim* 18, i 

Ephraim^ 50, ix 

Ephraim^ 8, iii 

Ernest Clinton* 127, v 

Ermenia^ 174, i 

Erastus A.* 1 10, iv 

Erwin M.* 172, i 

Estella* 142, i 

Esther^ iga, vi 

Eugene'' 74, v 

Eugene B.3 117, vi 

Eugene H.* 1 16, ii 

Eugene Watkins* 141, v 

Eunice*' (Nos. 88, 156) 99, vii 

Eunice'' 65, iii 

Eunice B.® 103, vii 

Eva* 78, i 

Eva^ 153, vi 

Eva M.5 173, i 

Evelyn A.* 166, iii 

Everett E.* 103, x 

Ezekiel^ (No. 109) 53, x 

Ezekiel** 108, ii 

Ezekiel Gilman'' 171, iv 

Ezekiel H.'' 109, i 

Fannie M.^ 
Fannie A.* 
Fannie DeForest* 
Fannie E.* 
Fannie E.^ 
Fannie M.'' 
Fannie N.'' 
Flora A.9 
Flora L.* 

Florence* 123, v, 
Florence J.* 
Floyd E.9 
Frances C.^ 

117, yi 

120, xii 

130, vi 

122, ii 

I ID, vi 

161, i 

79, ix 

78, ii 

155' vi 

112, viii 

128, iii 

164, iii, loi, ii 

I I I, V 

154, vii 


120, xii 

90, vii 

178, ii 

82, vii 

83, ii 






Francis Ayer* 
Francis B.^ 
Francis E.^ 
Francis Lynd* 
Frank A.* 
Frank C.^ 
Frank C* 
Frank D.^ 
Frank Dexter'^ 
Frank E.s 
Frank H.* i 
Frank Lyon^ 
Frank P.« 
Frank lU 
Frank P.^ 
Frank Robinson^ 
Frank William^ 
Frank W.^ 
Franklin TJ 
Franklin Weeks'' 
Fred. A.^ 
Fred. Hartley'^ 
Fred. H.* 
Fred. Collins^ 
Fred C.^ 
Fred. N.« 
Freddie E.^ 
Fred. P.* 
Frederica J.* 
Fritz Porter* 


175, vi 

152, i 

112, viii 

i, 20, V, 135, viii 

116, ii, 123, iv 

i, 159, vii, 162, V 

104, V, 135, viii 

115. vi 
163, iii 
146, vi 

169, i 

131, i, 104, vi 

ii, 54, iii, 104, iv 

no, vi 

122, ii 

139, V 

117, vi 

132, v 

124, vi 

117, vi 

116, vi 

150, i 

129, iv 

62, ii 

20, V 

131. vii 

169, iv 

122, ii, 127, iv 

154, i 

131. i 
104, vi 

144, iii 

128, iii 

127, iv 

65, iii 

165, vii 

George Basset'^ 
George C' 

124, V 

115, ii 
George DeF.'^, Rev. 130, v 

George E.* 80, iii, 170, i 

George Edward^ 

George Frank* 

145^. 1 

78, i 

George F.' 104, iv, 54, v, 167, ii 

George Franklin* 
George Frost^ 
George G." 
George H.* 
George Jones* 
George Lyman'' 
George L.* 
George Morton'' 
George Melvin* 
George McKean*, Rev 
George P.^ Maj. 
George P.'', Rev. 
(ieorge Reuben* 
George SJ 
George S.* 
George S.* 
George S.^ 


George", Hon. (No. 85) 

135, ii, 127, IV 


George, Jr.'' 

George A.* 
George A.* 
George A.* 
George B.* 
George B.'' 

6ga, V 

43, iii 

, 58«, i 

. II sa) 

63, ix 

91, vii 

, 164, i 

, 163, i 

^53' V 

104, v, 116, ii, 124, iii 

156a, vi 

145a, i 

166, iv 

76, ix 

George W." 
George W.' 

167, vii 
63, ix 

104, vii 
158, ii 

107, i 
89, y 

62, vii 
162a, ii 
127, iv 
151, vi 
62, vii 

108, ii 
168, i 

91, vii, 156, iii 

122, ii, 154, vii 

130, v 

168, i 

139a, i 

137, vni 
176, iii, 148, iii 


George T.* 

George William® (Nath'I, b. 

1824) (should be James 

William®) 74, vii 

George W.® (b. 1800) 104, vi 

George William* 62, iii 

89. i, 120, xiii 

149, iii, i39«, iii, 

169, vii 

George W.* 85, i, 149, iii, 145, ix 
George W.* 120, xii 

Georgiana May* 127, iv 

Georgie* 162^, ii 

Georgiana* 147, iii 

Gertrude^ 168, ii 

Gloriana^ (Lady Stirling) 

(No. 21) 8, viii 

Gloriana® iga, vii, 22, iii, 8. iii 

Gilbert B.^ (No. 172) 108, i 

GilmanS (No. 108) 53, ix 

Gilman® 41, ii, 104, i, 108, i 

Gilman® (b. 1805) 109, iii 

Gilman'' 107, i, 112, viii 

Gorham A.* 162^5, vii 

Grace O.* 62, iv 

Gracie* loi, ii 

Greenleaf D.® 51, i 

Greenleaf F.'' 104, iv 

Grosvener* 78, i 



Gustavus D.* 

115, 11 

Hadassa B.'^ 







108, i 

30, iii, 32, vi, 45, ix 

50, iii, 52, vii, 53, viii 

29, V, 40, i, 56, V 

57, i, 58, iii, 59, V, 68, ii 

58^:, iv 

93, vii, 96, V, 102, ii 

81, V, 106, vii 

94. X 

43. vii, 54, iv, 57, V 

58, i, 82, iv, 87, ii, 92, 1 

no, i, 135, ix, 137, iv 

148, vii 

(b. 1840) 

Hannah Calista 
Hannah E.'' 
Hannah K? 
Hannah G.'' 
Hannah P." 
Hannah MorriF 
Hannah S.« 
Harriet A.'' 
Harriet A.^ 
Harriet A. EJ 
Harriet B/' 
Harriet E.^ 
Harriet Elizabeth^ 

Harriet J.* 

Harriet N.*' 

Harriet Gracie** 

Harriet N.' 

Harriet O.^ 

Harriet Soden^ 

Harriet W.** 

Harvard R.^ 


Harry Titus^ 


Hawley^ Capt. 


Hattie B.'' 

Hattie B.9 



Helen Asenath^ 

Helen Eveline** 

Helen Fannie^ 

Helen L.'' 

58, i, 176, v 

i62<^, i 

116, iv 

93, iv 

145, IV 

148, i 
158, iv 
103, iv 

47. vi, 99. i 

58^, i, 84, ix 

98, V 

i45«, i 

100, ii, 162^, iv 

22, vi 

104, vi, 143, vi 

168, iii 

104, iv, 159, V 

81, ix 

80, vi 

88, v, 99, i, 156, i 

124, vii 

104, IV 

w^a, \ 

127, vi 
iv, 153, V 

127, iii 
69, iii 

139, iii 
128, i 
99, vi 
60, iv 
III, ii 
62, ii 

126, iii 
173^, iii 

1 10, vi 

67, viii 

Helen Mary^ 

Helen S.^ 








Henry A.'' 

Henry A.** 

Henry Asa** 

Henry Frank^ 

Henry G.^ 

Henry H.' 

Henry Herbert^ 

Henry J.^ 

Henry Lafayette'' 

Henry L.** 

Henry M.'' 

Henry M.^ 

Henry Page^ 

Henry Story ^ 

Henry W.' 

Henry Wesley'' 


Herbert C.^ 


Herbert Arthur^ 

Herbert Henry^ 

Herbert Riley* 

Herbert Thomas* 



Hiram W.^ 


Hiram P.* 



Horatio NJ 

Horatio N.* 

Horatio N.^ 

Horatio Q.'' 

Horatio S.'' 





Ida Olivia* 

I.J. B.* 



177. VI 

85, iii 

67, ix 

69, ii, 104, vii 

93«, vii 

141, viii, 164, ii 

i, 82, vi, 127, iii 

142, ii, 148, vii 

122, ii 

104, iv 

148, iii 

168, iii 

124, iii 

112, viii 

78, ii 
105, i 

104, vii 

159, viii 

116, ii 

67, viii 

151, V 

164, iii 

153. x! 

104, viii 
150; ii 

79, vii 
104, v 

105, i 
140, ii 

135. xi 

no, vi 

127, v 

139, ix 

67, viii 

88, V 

89, i, 108, i 

133. ix 

176, iii 

20, v 

123, ii 

123, ii 

123, ii 

117, X 

170, iii 

24, vii 

57. ii. 97. iv 


135. vii 

157, ii 

120, xii 

160, i 

58, i 



Ira F.T 89, V 

Ira F.^ (Jn.^, b. 1807) 99, vi 

Ira Nelson'' 163, ii 

Irene E.^ II5«, v 

Isaac*' (No. 136) 68, v 

Isaac^ (No. 162a) 92, iii 

Isaac" 92, ix, 136, vii, 162a, 1 

Isaac L.'' 62, ii 

Isabel^ 39, vii 

Isabel L.'' 145, vii 

Isabel H.8 122, ii, 176, iv 

Israel^ i, iv 

Israel^ 2, v 

Israel^ (No. 5) I, iv 

Israel* 2, v (No. 41) 14. i 

Israel^ 41, ii 

Israel^ 41, ii, 79, ix 

Irene NJ 79, ix 

Irvin" 109, iii 

Jacob^ (No. 104) 52, iii, 29, viii 
Jacob^ 29, iv, s^,, i (No. 112) 82, v 
Jacob" 62, iii 

Jacob* 126, V 

Jacob Augustus^ 148, vi 

James* 15, iv, 19. iv (No. 51) 

James^ 15, iv (No. 43) 31, vi 

(No. 67) 32, iv, 53, vi 
James^ 41, x 

James° (No. 90), 44, vii (No. 

102) 51, iv 
James" 65, ii (No. 128) 66, iii 

69^, iv 
James" 67, iv (131 ) 

James" 90, i (No. 158) 91, x 

93' ii 
James" 43, i (No. 84) 69, v 

James" 93, xiii, 102, iii, 104, iv 

James'' 84, xi, 92, i, 139, vii 

James'' 93, iv 

James'' 142, v, 160, ii, 69^;, vi 

James* 128, ii, 107, i, 176, iv 

James A.* 60, iv, I45<rz, i 

James D.' 129, v. 

James Essex'', Dr. 162a, vi 

James E/** 1 12, vii 

James Alfred'' 104, iv 

James Alexander'' 158, v 

James Smith" (No. 141) 72, i 

James L.* 

James N.* 

James William* 



Jane M." 




Jemima M.* 


Jennie A.^ 

Jennie M.^ 

Jennie S.* 


Jessie Louise^ 

Jeremiah^ (No. 11) 

Jeremiah*, Col. 



62, viii 

154, i 

158, ii 

137, vii 

176, iv 
22, xi 

no, vi 

47. i 
88, i 

133, viii 
79, ix 

112, viii 

177, ii 
78, i 

168, iii 

153, ii 
3, viii 

II, ii (No. 29) 

13. vi 
29, i 

James King 
James M.*, Col. 

Ill, iii 
62, v 

James C.'' 
James H.* 

I4S«. i 
76, ii 

Jeremiah" 39, i (No. 76) 54, vi 
(No. Ill) 60, ii 
Jeremiah" 61, v, 63, ii (No. 124) 

73. i. 93> ix 
Jeremiah'' 54, ii, no, vi, in, vii 

Jeremiah' (No. 174) 123, v, 149,11 

124, iii 
Jeremiah* I73«. ii, m, ii 

Jeremiah P.* 149, ii 

Jeremiah S.'' 159, i 

Jeremy Beard* 159, i 

Jerusha'' 93^, ix 

Joanna^ 35, iv 

Joanna" 63, vi 

Joanna Weeks' (Jere.") 124, ii 

Joanna Weeks' 126, ii 

Joanna Weeks* 126, iii 

Johni (No. I) 

John^, Dea. (No. 3) i, ii 

Johns (jn 2-) (Nq. 9) 3, ii 

John3 4, ii 

John- (Pe.2) (No. 16) 6, v 

John* (Jonathan^) (No. 31) 12, i 
John* (Nathaniel^) (No. 38) 13, iv 
John* (Pe. 3) (No. 42) 15, iii 

John* (Eph.3) 18, ii 

John*, Col. (Jere*) (No. 30) n, viii 
John5 (Isr.*) (No. 80) 41, v 

Johns cjn. 4) (Nq §3) 42, iii 

JohnS (Pet.*) (b. 1759) 45. x 

John5 (Josh.*) (b. 1753) (No. 95) 

46, v 
John^ (William*) 50, i 



John^ (Jas>) (b. 1772) (No. 103) 

51, vi 
JohnS (Dan.4) (b. 1755) (No. 57) 

24, ix 
John5 (Sam. 4) (b. 1756) (No. 22) 

8, ix 
Johns (Eph.4) iS, i 

John^, Col. (Jere.4) (b. 1745) 

(No. 60) 29, ii 
John^ (John*) (No. 65) 31, i 

Johns (jn.*) (b. 1753) 38, v 

JohnS (Josiah*) (b. 1770) (No. 99) 

47, vii 
John^ (Jn *) 45, X 

John^ (i"], iii, 51, i 

John6 (Jn.6) (b. 1786) 57, iv 

John6 (Jas.5) (b. 1777) (No. 87) 

43. vii 
Johns Qn.5) (b. 1789) (No. 150) 

83, iii 
John« (Jn.S) (b. 1805) 80, iii 

John^ 54, ii, 56, ii 

John^ (b. 1769) 60, i 

John^ (b. 1786) 61, vi 

John^, Hon. (No. 127) 64, ii 

John*^ (JohnS) 65, i 

John^ (Fet.S) (b. 1779) 93, vi 

John^ (Theoph.s) 66, ii 

John^ (Jas.s) 67, iii 

John6 (Josh.5) (b. 1782) (No. 163) 

94, ii 
John^ (Benj.5) (b. 1783) (N0.166) 

96, i 
John^ (Jacob^) (b. 1797) 104, v 
John« (Eliph.5) (b. 1783) 82, iv 
John^ (Nich.S) 75, ii 

JohnG, Dr. (Jn.S) 95, i 

John6 54, ii, 57, iv 

John'' (No. 133J 68, i 

John'' (Mk.s) 93<2, iv 

John'' (Jn.s) 104, V 

John'' (Pet.^) 120, ix 

John'' 127, i, 131, vi 

John'' 137, vi 

John A.'' (Reuben S.) 170, i 

John Arthur^ (b. 1846) 163, ii 

John Albion'' 80, iii 

John Bean'' (No. 173a) in, ii 

John B.^ 177, ii 

John B.'' (Asa^) (No. 178) 113, iii 
John B.'' (Sani.s) 142, i 

John Clark® 13, vi 

John C.'' (>"], viii 

John Clark'' 76, iii 
John Dearborn^ (No. ']']') 40, ii 

John Drew® 99, iii 

John D." (Rufus«) 132, ii 

John D.'' (Josiah S.®) 103, x 
John D.8 (b. 1844) (Levi H.') 

124, i 

John Dudley'' 169,11 

John Paul^ (Chas. A.) 124, iii 

John Dana^, Rev. 147, vi 

John Edward^ 60, iv 

John Eastman'' 79, viii 
John F.7 (Jn.6) (No. 152) 87, i 

John Fulford'' 43, vii 

John Frank^ 109, i 

John Y? (Sam. D.s) 156, ii 

John Franklin'' 82, iv 

John Fulford^ I53. i 

John Gilman® 92, x 

John G.'' 109, i 

John Henry® 74, vi 

John Howard^ 98, v 

John H.'' (Jere.®) 124, iv 

John H.'' 39, v 

John Henry^ (Lewis D.'') 139a, i 

John Ira'' 99, vi 

John Lewis'' 166, iii 

John L.'' 78, ii 

John M.8 (Jn. O.^) 119,! 

John Odlin'' (No. 119) 60, i 

John Orville* 150, ii 

John P.'' 93, iv 

John Q. h? 136, v 

John R.T (Josiah P.®) 146, ii 

John R. Jackson^ 114, iii 

John S.'' 60, iv 

John S.^ 159, V 

John Tilton'' (Nich.®) 159, v 

John Taylor'' (J as.®) 158, vi 

John T.8 (Jas. A.T) 158, v 

John T. D.'' (Levi®) 126, iii 

John Weeks® 63, iv 
John Winter'' and children, loi, ii 

John W.^ (Jn.'') 133, v 

John West^ 36, i 

John Y.® (No. 137) 68, vi 

John W.^ (Pet.®) 160, vi 

Jonathan^ (No. 12) 3, ix 
Jonathan*, Lieut. (No. 32) 12, iii 

Jonathan* 10, ii 

Jonathan^ (No. ^6a) 24, viii 

Jonathan^ (No. 68) 32, i 

Jonathan^ 33, iv 



Jonathan^ (No. 73) 37, vi 

Jonathan^ (No. 89) 44, vi 

Jonathan^ 50, v 

Jonathan® 58, i 

Jonathan® (No. 116) 58^, vi 

Jonathan® (No. 135) 68, iv 

Jonathan® (Moses^) 69. i 

Jonathan® (Eliph.^) 82, i 

Jonathan® (Jonth.^) 89, i 

Jonathan® (Nich.^) (No. 161) 91, v 
Jonathan® (Sam. 5) 
Jonathan® (Pet. 5) 
Jonathan'' (No. 1 14) 
Jonathan'^ (Jonth.®) 
Jonathan'' (Isaac®) 

92, V 

93. V 
58, i 

135, V 

136, ii 
58. i, 135. V 

Jonathan P.®, Hon. (David^) 81, viii 

Joseph* 7, vi 

Joseph^ (Eph.*) 18, i 

Joseph^ 51, i 

Joseph® (No. 122) (Pet. 5) 61, iv 

Joseph® (Jn.5) (No. 149) 83, i 

Joseph® (Nich.^) 9i,iii 

Joseph'' (Joseph®) 122, v 

Joseph'' (Pet.®) 120, vii 

Joseph^ (Stephen S.') 122, iv 

Joseph Fulford* 153. i 

Joseph G.® 40, i 

Joseph G.'' 84, ii 

Joseph H.* 153. ii 

Joseph L.8 120, vii 

Joseph L.'', Capt. 115, iv 

Joseph L.^ 131. i 

Joseph P.'' 102, iii 

Joseph M." 91, iii 

Joseph R.® (No. 130) 67, ii 

Joseph M.^ 112, vii 

Joseph Packard^ 168, ii 

Joseph Seccomb^ 38, viii 

Joseph Smith® 60, iii 

Joseph" (Joseph®) 122, v 
Joseph Robinson'' (James®) 131, i 
Joseph R.^ (George DeF.'') 130, v 

Josephine^ 112, vii 

Josie'' 90, X 

Joshua* (No. 46) 16, iv 

Joshua^ (No. 94) 46, iv \ 

Joshua® 18, i, 83. xi 
Joshua® (No. 164)94, iv, (No. 168) | 

97. il 
Joshua'' 54, iii 

Joshua'' (Joshua®) 168, ii 

Josiah* (Jn.3, Jn.^) (No. 23) 9, iv 

osiah* (Jonth. 3) (No. 37) 12, viii 
osiah*, Lieut. (Jn.^, Pet.^) (No. 47) 

16, vii 
osiah^ (Abr.*) (No. 58a) 23, ix 

25, ii 
osiah^ 41, ix, 47, v, (No. 98) 

29, V 
osiah^ (Wm.*) (No. 105) 52, ix 
osiah® 58a, ii (Jn.^) 99. v 

osiah® (Pet. 5) (No. 155) 88, iv 
osiah® (Josiah G.^) 71 . i 

osiah® (Jas.5) (No. 158) 90, ii 
osiahs (NathT) 58, i 

osiah A.®, Dr. (Josiah^) 105, iv 
osiah B.'' 62, viii 

osiah D.'' 79, viii, 116, v 

osiah Gilman® y^, iii 

osiah G.'' 73, iii 

osiah G.5 (No. 71) 27^ i 

osiah Gilman'' 71, iv 

osiah Gilman^ 140, ii 

osiah Henry® 98, v 

osiah P.® 80, i 

osiah James'' 90, ii 

osiah S.®, Dr. (Jn.^) 103, x 

osiah S.'' 103. X 

udith^ 45, vii, 51. iii 

udith^ 54, ii 

udith M.8 126, iii 

ulia^ III, v 

ulia Ann^ 82, iv 

ulia A.'' 78, ii, 145, viii 

ulia Emma^ 96, ii, 124, viii 

ulia A. R.8 1 14, ii 

ulia M.* 108, i, 124. vii 

ulia^ (Theodore^) 112. vii 

ulia Elizabeth* 152, i 

ustin N.'' 143, i 

ustus Watson* 154, i 

Kate'' 81, viii 

Kate* 105, i, 127, v, 12S, iii 

Katie Bradley* 127, i 

Katie M.* 163, iii 

Laura M.* 
Leiand W.* 
Leslie M.* 
Lester A.* 

90, XI 

135. iv 

93^ xiv 

170, i 

130, vi 

104, vii 

172a, i 

20, V 



Leonard B.'' 
Leonard S.** 

























ii6, iii 
114, i 

29, vi 

63, V 

112, vii 

120, iv 
120, xi 

168, ii 
123, iii 

123, ii 

57. iv, 135, xi 

124, i 

168, ii 

(Col. Levi^) 126, v 

69a, iii (No. i39«) 

139^, i 

5 (No. 63) 
6, Col. (No. 126) 
■^ (Dea. Jacob") 
" Dr. (Peter") 

• (Major") 






S A.8 

s Belden^ 
s Deland'' 
s Y.7 

n A.8 

e EttaS 

e May9 (Jas. S.s) 

e Mays (_Chas. B.') 

e Mays 

:lley Herbert^ 

:lley Hoag^ 
Liza E.s 
Lizzie C.^ 
Lizzie E.^ 

Lizzie E^ (Joseph R.") 
Lizzie E.^ 
Lizzie E.^ 
Lizzie Myrtle^ 
Lois Mariah'' 
Lorenzo A.'^ 
Lorrain E.'' 
Lottie W.s 
Lottie May3 
Louisa T.''' 
Louisa" (Dudley") 
Louisa'' (Peter") 
Louisa F.s 
Louisa M. A.'' 
Louisa Harriet'' 
Louisa V.'' 
Love Leavitt" 

172, u 

139^' i 

20, iv 

149, iii 

104, iv 

117, vi 

124, viii 

172, V 

168, ii 

168, ii 

104, viii 

146, iii 

128, i 

127, i 

79, viii 

131. i 

131, i 

163, iii 

168, ii 

no, X 

108. i 

79, viii 

154, vii 

103, X 

130, vi 

144, iv 

81, iv, 83, vii 

112, xi, 43, iii 

123, iv 

76, V 

91, iv 

92, ii 

162^, viii 

100, iii 

171. vi 

92, ii, 112, xi 

Love Keziah'' 

Lovilla Lovren'' 

Lucilla A.** 



Lucian M.'' 

Lucinda'' 96, ii, 



Lucy A.^ 

LucyS (William'') 

Lucy Ella^ 

Lucy Emerson^ 

Lucy W." 

Luella MayS 

Lurana A.'' 






















a' 104, \ 

a'' (John") 

a Ann'' 

a Ann'' 

a B." 

a Bartlett^ 

a Dodge^ 

a Dodge'' 

ia E.8 

ia H.^ 

ia Ramsay^ 

ia S." 

ia T.3 
Lyman Jones'' 
Lyncius A '' 
Lysander B.'' 



Mabel Abbv^ 

Mabel Hook^ 

Mabel Josie^ 

Mabel Gretchen^ 

Mac Lilian^ 

Mahala E.^ 


Major H.'' 




Maria'' (Samuel) 

161, iii 

165, iii 

ii5«, vi 

99. X 

no, viii 

99, vi 

139, XI, 163, IV 

48, viii 

73. i 
79, ix, 103, X 
172a, iv 
104, iv 
172, vi 
98, vii 
no, vi 
154, vi 

3. V, 7. iii 

12, X, 19, iii 

45, xi, 47, iii 

48, ix, 52, V 

104, iii, 61, vii 

95, iii 

1 12, iii, 160, iii 

163, vi 

93, xiv 

155, V, 156, ix 

90, iv, 94, ix 

158, ix 

126, iii 

126, vi 

62, iv 

123, vi 
168, iii 

88, ii, 71, vi 
62, ii 

109, ii 
171, ix 

171, viii 

1 10, iv 
loi, ii 

167, vii 

157, iv 

124, iii 
168, ii 
116, ii 

79, viii 

161, vi 

120, xi 

61, v 

22, V 

54, iv, 167, i 

165, i 



Maria D.* 62, v 1 

Maria B.8 164, iii 

Maria F.^ 149, ii 

Marion Elizabeth^ 168. iii 

Maria 0.« 78, i 

Marion C.^ 175. xi 

Marion W.^ 79. viii 

Mark^ (No. 93^:) 45, x 

Mark J." 145, xiii 

Mark Winkley' 136, iv 

Mark' 93^, ii (see No. 1621^) 

Margaret^ (John) 103, i 

Margaret^ 8q, ii 

Margaret Q.'^ 





Martha" (Dr. William) 


Martha Augusta^ 

Martha Ann" 

Martha B.'^ 

Martha F." 
Martha E.8 
Martha J.'' 
Martha L." 
Martha M.8 
Martha N.^ 
Martha 01ive« 
Martha Olive" 
Martha R.s 

Martha Thayer 
Martha W.s 
Mason F." 

79, IX 

13, V 

47, ii, 30, vi 

47, vi, 88, viii 

126, iv 

105, i 

20, V, 153, iv 

124, i 

158. viii 

59, vii. 98, iv 

156, vii 

loi, ii 

88, V, 145, xiv, 16S, i 

169, vi 

78, i 

90, V 

99' ix 

80, V 



165, vii 

63, viii 

108, ii 

I, vi 

2, i, 3, iv, 6, iii 

9, ii, 10, iv, 12, ii, 14, iii 

19, ii, 16, iii, 2, V 

8, vi, 29, ix, 31, iii, 33, ii 

23, iii, 45, viii 

36, iii, 41, vi, 44, i, 46, vi 

47, iv 
48, i, 50, vii, 51, ii, 52, IV 

MaryS 8, iv, iga, iii, 43, vi, 61, viii 




54, viii, 67, vi 

63, vii, 65, V, 68, viii (No. 

i38rt:) 70, i, 6ga, i 

71, ii, 72, iv, 73, V, 79, v 

81, i, 75, V 

83, viii, 90, iii, 94, viii 

95, v, 97, iii 

104, ii, 105, ii, 54, viii 

Mary'' 48, iv, 54, i, 54, ii, 54, v 

68, i, 82, iv 
93a, viii 
90, viii, 122, i, 135, vi 
141, iv 
146, iv, 57. v, 60, i, 67, iii 
67, ix 
164, iv, 1 10, ix. III, iv 
127, vi 
20, i, 159, vi 
62, i 

54, ii 

108, i 
III, iv, 116, i, 127, V 

165, iv 
107, i, 131, ii, i^Ga, 
167, ii, 178, i 
131, iv, 81, vii 
Mary Clark« (Dea. Josiah) 98, i 
Mary C.'' 145^, i 

Mary Calista^ (Jn. F.) 147, 

Mary E." 89, i, 112, xii, 169, ii 
132, iv, 162a, ix, 167, V 
88, V, 108, i, 109, 

109, i 
115^;, ix, 168, 

139a:, i, 62, iii, 151, iv 
130, V 
III, i 
158, V, 163, i, 175, vi 





Mary Ann^ 
Mary A." 
Mary A.' 

Mary A.s 
Mary A.8 
Mary B." 

Mary E." 
Mary E » 

Mary E.^ 
Mary E.* 

Mary E.« 

Mary E.^ 

Mary Eliza 

Mary E.^ 

Mary Ella^ 

Mary F.^ 

Mary Frances^ 

Mary Frances^ 

Mary G.^ 

Mary GJ 

Mary Grigs^ 

Mary H.'' 

Mary J.'' 

Mary Jane'' 

Mary J. 8 

Mary IdellaS 

Mary J. 9 

Mary Jane'' (Jacob) 148, iv 

Mary L." 78, ii, 130, ii, 145, v 

Mary L.^ 62, iv, 100, i, 166, iv 

Mary M.s 78, ii, 130, v 

Mary Olivia^ (Peter^) 157, iii 

Mary O.^ 62, viii 

Mary P.^ 166, ii 

Mary R.'' 170, iv 

108, i, 123, i 
124, v: 
74, viii, 103, vii 
158, vi 
74, i 
84, vi 
104, iv 
168, ii, 20, V 
91, iv, 109, i 
156, iv 
109, ii, 145, xii 
loi, i 





93 > IV 

Mary W.^ 

90, ii 

Mary W.^ (Levi) 

124, i 

Mary Winter^ 


Mason F.'^ 

108, ii 


no, vii 


54. iii 

Maud Eliza^ 

109, iii 

Maud Angeline^ 

116, ii 

Mary Martin^ 

130, V 

May9 (Frank E.s) 

131, i 

May S.8 

79, viii 


96, ii 

Mehitable^ 45, xii (No. 93/;) 52, vi 

Melissa® 72, iii 

Melissa'^ 141, iii 

Melville^ 76, vii 

Melville Mark^ \62b, iv 

Melvin D.' 81, vii 

Mflvin H.8 170, i 

MercyS 3, vi 

MercyS 24, v 

Mercy® 39, ii 

Mercy S.'' (Sam) 92, i 

Merril" 41, ii 

Merrit E.^ 172, vii 

Millard E^ 115^, x 

Millie M.8 109, ii 

Minerva'' 141, vi 

Minnie W.^ 112, viii 

Montgomery E.^ 139''^, i 

Miriam^ 13, iii 

Morris W.'^ 127. v 

Moses^ (No. 69) 32, ii 
Moses® 69, vi, 106, iv (No. 171) 

Moses D.® (Ezekiel) 109, ii 

Moses'' 54, iv, 139, i 

Moses^ Rev. (No. 176) 112, v 

Myron A.^ no, vi 

Mvrtilla P.^ 149, iii 

Myra M.s 78, ii 

Nabby® 59, x 
Nancy^ 32, vii, 37, iii, 41, xi 

Nancy® 29, v, 39, iii, 44, x, 53, _v 
Nancy® 59, iv, 61, x, 80, ix, 92, iv 

Nancy® 8, iii 

Nancy'' 57, v, loi, ii, 11 1, vi 

Nancy A.^ 135, iv, 144, i 

Nancy Belle^ 155, vi 

Nancy C.^ 115^, iv 

Nancy D.* 122, ii 

Nancy E.'' (Peter®) 92, ii 

90, IX 

112, viii 

162, i 

170, ii 

19, vii 

II, i 

59. i 

117, VI 


135, V 
108, i 

144, i.Y 
I, iii 

Nancy G.® (James^) 
Nancy Larona^ 
Nancy S,^ 
Nancy S.'' 

Nathan^ (No. 28) 
Nathan B.® (No. i\j) 
Nathan B.'' 
Nathan B.8 
Nathan Draper^ 
Nathan Marvin'^ 
Nathan T.s 
Nathaniel^ (No. 4) 
Nathaniel^ (No. 13) 4, iii 

Nathaniel*, Gen. (No. 33) 12, iv 
Nathaniel* 2, v 

Nathaniel^ 13, vi (No. 39) 8, vii 
Nathaniel^ 33, i (No. 70) 40, iii 
Nathaniel^ 37, vii (No. 74) 41, iii 
Nathaniel^ 38, iv, 44, x 

Nathaniel® ic)a, v 

Nathaniel® 43, iv, 58(7, v, 69, vii 
79, iii (No. I45«) 
Nathaniel®, Capt. 70, iv, 88, v 

Nathaniel 39, v 

Nathaniels 58, i 

Nathaniel C.^ 62, vii 

Nathaniel G.® 44, x 

Nathaniel S.®, Dr. (No. 143) 74, i 
Nathaniel W.^ (Lewis D.) 139^:, i 
Nehemiah^ 48, iii 

Nehemiah T.^ 159, vi 

Nellie A.* 109, iii 

Nellie L.*' 163, iii 

Nicholas^ (No. 91) 44, viii 

Nicholas. Jr.® (No. 159) (Nich.)9i,i 
Nicholas® (Samuel) 92, ix 

Nicholas'' 60, ii 

Nicholas'' 143^, i 

Nicholas Carr^ (No. JS) 38, i'i 

Nicholas D.® (James) 90, x 

Nicholas L.'', Dr. IS9, iv 

Niles R.8 177, ii 

Noah® 53, V, 106, ii 

Noah D.® (Ezekiel) 109, i 

Noah'' 75. ii 

Norman Harvey^ 153, i 

Norton^, Dr. (Dr. N. S.) 151, vii 

Obed Varney^ 
Octavia A.^ 
Olivia Ann® 

168, i 

92, ix 

149, ii 

72>^ viii 




78, vi 

Peter G.'' 

160, iv 


54, iii 

Peter Lawrence® 

93. iii 


120, xii 

Peter S.^ (No. 78) 

40, iv 

Olive Anns 

104, vii 

Peter S.® 

78, ii 

Olive Lament^ 

135. V 

Peter Wm.T 

157. ii 

Oliver S.« 

93, xi 


135. iii 

Oliver E.^ 

168, ii 


58, i 


^25^ V 

Philander E.* 

124, iii 

Omar V.^ 

168, i 

Philo M.^ 

171, i 

Omar Justin^ 

168, ii 


78, ii 

Omar White"*, Rev. 

168, iii 

PollyS (xMary) 

45. viii 


66, ii 

Polly® 29, V, 

104, ii, 44, X 


174. i 


50, ii 



1, 65, iii 

Polly® 56, viii. 

82, iii, 88, vi 

Orton W.9 

173. i 


59. vi 


178, ii 

Polly® 91, vi, 

102, V, 106, V 

Otis D.8 



155. i 

Otis WJ 

20, V 


93«. X 


20, V 

Polly A.8 
Polly M.® 

133. ii 
80, iv 


59, vii 

Paris Hill- 

143. iv 


17, ii 

Paris P. 8 

143, iv 


50, vi, 48, iv 

Paul Foster'^ 

78, i 


94. xii 

Paul Foster^ 

78. i 


112, vii 

Peaslee H.s 

58, i 

Ralf Lyles 

110, vi 


162, iii 


20, V 

Percy Nicholas* 

159, vi 

Rebecca F." 

145, V 


112, X 

Rebecca W.* 

62, viii 

Persis A.^ 

112, viii 


109, i 

Peter-, Lieut. (No. 6) 

I, V 

Renie M.* 

149, iii 

Peter3 (No. 15) 

6, iv 

Reuben D.'' 

135. xii 

Peter^ (No. 44) (son 


.3) 15, V 

Reuben E.* 

135. iii 

Peter^ (No. 45) (son 

of Jn 

.3) 16, i 

Reuben S.® (No. 170) 103, ii 

PeterS (No. 61) (son 

of Jere.) 


56, vi, 18, i 

29, iii 

Richard", Capt. 

122, ii 

Peter5(No. 88) (ofPetS Pet. 3) 


127, vi 

44- iv 

Richard Arnold* 

62, V 

PeterS (No. 93) (of Pet.*) 

45. iv 

Richard D.* 

122, ii 

Peter« (of Jas.^) 


V, 43. V 

Richard S.^ 

124, iii 

PeterS (Jn.S) 

45. X 

Richard W.s 

109, i 

Peter^ (No. 120) (of Pet.- 

, Jere.*) 


54. ii 

61, ii 


61, V 

Peter^ (Pet. 6) (No. i 


88. iii 

Robert W.*, Col. 

62, V 

Peter® (Jonth.S) (No 


89, ii 

Robert Hilcon'^ 

76, vii 

Peter® (Nich.s) (No. 


91, ii 

Robert Crosby* 

^57^ ii 

Peter® (Sam'P) 

92, ii 

Robert Lambert'' 

145. ix 

Peter® (Dan'l) (Rev., 

b. I775)'54,v 

Robert M.* 

73. i 



ii, 54, iv 

Robert S.* 

135. vii 

Peter^ (Pet.®) (No. i 


92, ii 

Rosa 0.9 

177, ii 

Peter' (Pet.®) 

120, v 


79' ix 


120, xi 


137, iii 

Peter G.® 

90, viii 

Rose A.8 

104, iv 



Rosilla A.' 


Rufuss (No 


Rufus H.T 




Ruth Weare^ 



Ruth E.8 

Ruth S.8 


154, 111 

145, xi 

67, V 

67, iii 

76, ii 

41, ii 

2, iii 

23, vi 

33, viii 

55. iv, 77. i 

93' i' 99' 11 

108, i 

103, vi 

Samuel H. 
Samuel L.'^ 
Samuel M.^ 
Samuel Nelson" 
Samuel W.'^ 


78, ii 

148, ii 

146, iii 

168. i 

108, i 

7. V, 3, iii 

Safford G.» 112, viii 

Sallie^ 58rt, vii 

SallyS 49, vi, 52, x 

Sallyfi 53, vi, 57, viii, 59, iii, 61, i 
Sally*' (Sarah) 50, ii, 80, vii 

Sally' 54, iv, 57, v, 82, iv, 120, xiv 
Sally' S8«. vii 

Sally' I43«. iv 

Sally* 141. V 

Sally T.' 115. i 

Samantha' 129, i 

Samuel^ (No. 2) i, i 

Samuel^ 2, iv 

Samuel^ 4i i 

Samuel* (No. 8) 2, v 

Samuel*, Col. (No. 35) 12, vi 

Samuel^ (No. 19^) 8, ii 

Samuel^ 29, x, 35, ii, 36, ii 

Samuel^ (Josiah) (No. 72) 37, iv 
Samuel^ (Pet.*) (No. 92) 44, ix 
Samuel^ (Josh.*) (No. 97) 46, viii 
Samuel'^ and Samuel' 19a, iv 

Samuel*^ and Samuel' 61, ix, 65, iv 
Samuel^ (Sam.^) (No. 142) 72, ii 
Samuel^ (Rev. Nich.) (No. i^^a) 

75, i 
Samuel^ So, ii, 83, ii, 89, iv 

Samuel*' (Josh.) (No. 165) 94, v 
Samuel®, Lt. (b. 1787) 92, i 

Samuel H.' 39, v 

Samuel' 39, v, 128, ii, 143^?, ii 

Samuel' 168, i 

Samuel^ 158, ii 

Samuel D.« (Pe.s) (No. 156) 

88, vii 
Samuel Dudley' 155, vi 

Samuel Fisk^ 123, iv 

Samuel G.*' 74, v 

Samuel Hilliard' 165, vii 

Sarah* 11, vi, 12, ix, 16, v, 18, v 
Sarah^ 30, v, 38, ii, 41, viii, 42, v 
Sarah^ 50, iv, 53, ii 

Sarah® 66, i, 68, iii (No. 134) 

73, ii, 83, iv 
Sarah® 45, x, 79, iv 

Sarah® 89, iii, 94, viii, 95, iv, 98, iii 

96, iii 
Sarah' 67, ix, 141, vii, 137, i 

158, iii 
Sarah' 78, ii, 136, i, 65, iii, 93, iv 
Sarah A.' 161, ii, 82, viii, 131, viii 
Sarah Ann® 70, vi 

Sarah A.* iSzd, ii, 123, iv 

Sarah B.' 135, i, 143, iii 

Sarah Celestia^ 54, iii 

Sarah C 76, vi 

Sarah Caroline* 135, vii 

Sarah Estabrook' 162a, vii 

Sarah Elizabeth* 156^, ii 

Sarah F.' 73, iii, 71, iv 

Sarah F.* Ii5«, ii, 132, i 

Sarah G.' 84, iii, 109, i 

Sarah Evelyn® 168, ii 

Sarah Hull® 71, iv 

Sarah H.* 78, i, 163, i 

Sarah Jane® 74, iv 

Sarah Jane' 169, v 

Sarah O.' 73, vi 

Sarah O.* 78, ii 

Sarah Q.' 117, viii 

Sarah P.* 165, vii 

Sarah Rust' 62, i, 65, iii 

Sarah R.® 90, vi 

Sarah R.* 146, iii 

Sarah S.® 79, iv 

Sarah Warren* 168, ii 

Saunders Carr® (see Joseph®) 83, i 
Shadrach W.' 54, v. 

Silas' 113, i 

Silas Morton' 162a, viii 

Simeon^ 29, iv 

Simeon®, Hon. (No. 62) 29, iv 

Simeon' 62, vi, 120, xii 

Simeon' (Ward W.) 123, iv 

Simeon* 120, xii 



Simeon B.^ 

Simeon Pease'' 

Simeon P., Jr.* 

Simeon P.* 




Sopliia W.^ 

Sovia Ann^ 



Stephen*' 78, iii 



Stephen Philbrook^ 

Stephen SJ 


Sumner B.* 



Susanna'' 13, 

Susanna^ 25, iv, 38, i 



Susanna Plumer'' 

Susanna S.'' 





Susan* • 

Susan FJ 

Susan O.'' 

Susan P." 

Susie L.^ 


Sybil Willard^ 

62, vii 

124, vii 

124, vii 

62, iv 

142, iv 

54. iv 
81, iii 

79, viii 
167, ii 

135. vii 

99, vi 

, 69a, ii, 54, iv 

84, X, 1 10, iv 

122, iv 

41, xii 

122, iv, 161, V 

164, iii 

76, vi 

6, ii 

9, i, II, iv 

ii, 15, i, 16, vi 

, 40, v (No. 39) 

23, iv 

145, ii 

75. ii 
151. vii 

102, iv, 75, iv 

42, iv 

80, viii 
104. vi 

20, i 

19c;, iv 

124, X 

107, iii 

104, vi 

83, ii 
150, iii 

Tabelar^ . 49, v 

Taylor'^ 66, ii 

Theresa* 11 1, iii 

Theodore* 112, vii 

Theodore C* 143, iv 

Theophilus^ (No. 66) 31, v 

Theophilus^ 66, iv 

Theron A.* 172^, iii 

Thomas*, Capt. (No. 48) 17, i 

Thomas^ 46, ii 

Thomas^ 46, ii 

Thomas^ 48, v 

Thomas^ (No. 106) 53, i 
Thomas*' 43. iii, 82, viii 
Thomas'* 96, vi (No. 167) 102, vi 

Thomas B.'^ 
Thomas C.'' 
Thomas E.^ 
Thomas E.", Dea. 
Thomas James'' 
Thomas Milton^ 
Thomas Oliver'', Dr. 
Tirzah Fox'' 
Titus Philbrick« 
Tristram S.^ 
Trueworth}* (No. 36) 

112, viii 

117, i 

167, vii 

91, vii 

89, i 

159, vii 

124, iii 

43. iv 
122, vi 

75. ii 

78, i 

40, i 

12, vii 

133. iii 

I II, X 

Uleta A. 8 

Vercilda Jane'' 


Viola E.* 


Violona Estelle* 


Wallace Leland* 
Wallis C* 

Walter Hosford'' 
Walter H.* 
Ward P.* 

166, iv 
loi, ii 

154, iv 
79, ix 

79' viii 

122, ii 
91, iii 

20, i 

130, V 

^37, iii 

76, vii, 126, V 

81, viii 

159 i, 116, ii 

123, V 

Ward Wfeks^ (No. 123) 63, i 

Ward W.'' 123, vii, 124, ix 

Wendel Burt* 
Wesley D.* 
Wilbur A.* 
Willard Keyes'' 

William* (No. 19) 
William* (Eph.) (No. 50) 
William* (Wm.) (No. 52) 
William*' 56, iii, 58, ii, 65, vi, 69 

William*', Dr. 105, i 

Willianv 57, iv, 73, i, 79, viii 

105, iv 

39. V 
120, vii 
106, iii 

90, ii 
163, iii 

131. i 

98. V 

122, ii 

142, vii 

7, vii 

18, iv 

19, v 

8, iii 



William^ 128, ii 

I, 141, i 

William P.^ 

139. V 

William^ 164, i, 

175, iii 

William Rowland'' 

157, vi 


172a, ii 

William R.^ 

178, i 

William A.' no, v (No. 172^) 

William S.« 

67, ix 


William S.' 

70, iv 

William A.^ 104, iv. 

133, vii 

William T.^ (No. 1 


76, i 

William C.^ (No. 140) 

71, V 

William Thomas'' 

140, i 

William Eastman'^ 

79, viii 

William Wallace^ 

130, viii 

W. Eliass 

144, iii 

William Ward^ 

123, ii 

William Franklin^ 

162^, iii 



ii, 155, vi 

William George'' 

84, viii 


62, ii 

William Henry'' 

loi, ii 


53' V 

William Henry'' 

158, ii 

Winthrop'^ (No. 107) 

53, vi 

William Howard^ 

90, ii 


60, iv 

William Horace^ 

124, iii 

Wyat H.T 

163, i 

William Hough^ 

175, iii 

Wyat J. 8 

163, iii 

William H.s 

12,9a, i 

Wyman X.^ 

124, vi 

William H. C.^ Hon. 

124, VI 


45, X 

William J.e 

64, i 

William J.^ 

177, ii 

Zebulon Norris'' 

109, ii 

William Nathaniel 

154, i 


135, vii 

William 0.5 119, ii 

, 144, ii 


54, ii 


In No. 3, iii (p. 23), the children of Nathaniel and Sarah (Fol- 
som) Stevens were, — 

I. Samuel, b. 17 Dec, 1704. 
3. Mehitable, b. 21 Dec, 1709. 
5. Jojiathan, b. 20 March, 1714. 
7. David, b. 30 Dec, 1717. 

2. Cattooraii, b. 9 July, 1707. 
4. John, b. 9 Feb., 1710,11. 
6. Benjamin, b. 19 May, 17 16. 
(From Stratham Town Records.) 

The list on page 23 contains names of some children of N. Stevens 
by his first wife. 

On page 108 (No. 74), 3d line, read 4 daughters of N. Folsom, Jr.^ 
On page no, 8th and 9th lines, read James William for George Will- 

N. B. Blanks are left on the pages of the volume so that persons 
receiving it may make corrections and additions as needed. 


No. of copies. 

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Charles E. Folsom, India street, " 

Channing Folsom, of Elliott School, " 

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No. of copies. 

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No. of copies 

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